Thursday, February 9, 2023

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  • The neat thing about all of this is the fact that we are all different. We all have a story and we all have a different journey and it should be shared and celebrated. I can relate to different parts of all your experiences and it is great! After reading yours i feel inspired to share mine. Ironically as Catherine was posting the original message I was preparing for the experience of a lifetime. In the fall of 2012 I was suffering. I had gone back to school at the age of 38 to study sports psychology and ended up studying behavior analysis instead. Way more applicable on a daily basis. What I didn’t expect was how I processed the information. I started in the fall of 2011 and by 2012 things were no longer making sense. I suddenly became consciously aware that the things I was experiencing weren’t a coincidence and what I was experiencing wasn’t pleasant. Knowing that I’m altruistic by nature, I couldn’t understand why I was being treated so poorly and taken advantage of in all of my relationships (friends, family, coworkers, etc). I believed all the ugliness surrounding me was intentional and it was being caused by something I couldn’t see or understand. I got angry. I was no longer willing to live the life that I was experiencing because I didn’t believe I deserved it. So I issued a challenge to whatever was causing it. I won’t tell you how I did it but it worked and I got way more than I expected. I ended up in a couple of different psych wards on different sides of the country but when it was all over with I had the answer. Nobody could explain the events I experienced so they told me that I was bipolar and gave me pills. I gained 40 pounds and was sleeping 16 hours a day for six months until I had enough. The whole time I knew in my heart what I experienced was the truth. The best part about the diagnosis was nobody asked me how it happened or why. Nobody asked me what my background was. I just had symptoms. I have a degree in Psychology with an emphasis in behavior analysis and communications and now have an inherent ability to quickly simplify situationally. At the time I didn’t know that they couldn’t prescribe me an anti-psychotic drug without a diagnosis. Meaning they have to diagnose you with something in order to administer the drug because the insurance companies won’t cover the cost without one. WOW! So basicly, if you don’t have a mental illness but you have onset symptoms then they are going to diagnose you with a mental illness. And Catherine, getting diagnosed as bipolar at the age of 37 is unfortunate and most likely inaccurate. Sorry. They did the same thing to me at the age of 38 and when I finally got in touch with doctors who had 30 plus years of experience they explained to me that an bipolar disorder is diagnosed in early adulthood (25ish). Not mature adulthood. Anyways, what I learned was something I had really hoped for. I just felt there had to be more to life than what was happening on the planet and what I experienced was supernatural. Yes, were are talking about good versus evil. Angels and demons. We don’t die when we die if you know what I mean. It’s an amazing thing an am grateful to have the opportunity to achieve eternal life. I don’t go to church if your curious. I am spiritual and am blessed to still be in contact with both good and evil entities and that includes both visual and physical contact. Dealing with the evil is frustrating but the good Lord uses evil to teach me lessons and I’m a better human being for it. I’ve lost all that weight, I haven’t taken medication since those initial 6 months, I currently work with abused children and help the homeless with housing and I was recruited to a position that doubled my income. Most importantly, I have a relationship with my savior and creator. I encourage you to expand your mind. I am now able to process and acknowledge every feeling I have at a rapid pace manipulating the energy in my body and instantly determining whether something is good or evil. I’m also being taught lessons in my dreams and I know it sounds crazy but we are evolving. The only thing that I’ve ever known to be pure in my 45 years of life is the bible. I was extremely reluctant to accept it much less read it. Even though I knew the truth I still didn’t want to read it. I think deep down once I started reading it that my life would change and I was afraid. It did change but for the better and I no longer have any fear in my life. When I read it I can feel the calm come over my body. The peace it brings is like a high. All of the nastiness and evil that we ingest throughout the day creates tension in our bodies that we don’t realize we carry. It’s brutal. I read the New international version of the bible. Its easy and informative and reading it will only make you better. I promise. I have way more information and detail of what we are experiencing on this planet and what is to come but am looking for a platform to share it on where people are open minded and I won’t scare anyone. I know. So if you have any ideas let me know.