Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Comments by scales and mirrors

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  • I don’t see why both things can’t be true-changing social paradigms will improve overall mental health, and medication improves mental health too. This country is not gonna change completely overnight, or over a decade even. It’s kind of dismissive of those of us who do benefit from medication, even if in many cases it’s just a stopgap measure and not a whole cure, to say medication is bad. Like… Your brain and body aren’t separate. Nobody would suggest that medication for any other physical disorder can and should be cured by social change. Yes, pharmaceutical companies create huge problems, but it’s more from hiking up prices of life-sustaining medications than inventing illnesses to treat. You cannot tell me that I do not have a physical illness and you cannot tell me that medication is not helping me manage it. That’s the point, medication management. Certainly some folks do not need medication but are put on it anyway. In no way does that delegitimize the experiences of those of us who do benefit from it. It’s actually… Kinda dangerous, I think, to suggest otherwise. Don’t be so quick to dismiss medication as a valuable tool, it helps many people and unfortunately is also held hostage by greed and capitalism. Saying psychiatry is a pseudoscience contrived to suck in more and more money instead of being exploited much in the way, say, insulin or HIV drugs (which you would never suggest are a ruse) are being kept expensive by artifice and a broken system is so dismissive of so many of us who deal with mental illnesses.