Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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  • I’ve had decent therapists just as I’m sure there were decent priests even in inquisition era Spain – but that in no way means that there weren’t quite a few burning human beings for their “spiritual illness”.

    History might not just repeat itself – perhaps things simply don’t change and get shiny new names instead. Whether priests or “doctors of the soul”, these men ad lib off our beliefs and call whatever they do “help” as it suits them and their image.

    The hypocrisy of any such individual using terms such as “delusion” can only be missed if you don’t want to see it. A person with an intellectual handicap might consider people who can perceive things they don’t as delusional – that does not mean that brain damage is any form of solution, though that’s literally what lobotomists believed.

    If the rest of us are idiots, perhaps we too are just too handicapped, desperate, and gullible to see these extremes which are effectively walking pez dispensers with hefty salaries for what they are?

  • There was nothing judicious about his prescription of drugs when I was forced to be his patient; his talk therapy involved no real conversation about anything and he made no attempt to discuss self image, problems, feelings, or anything. The man was like a parrot at best and a Pez dispenser far more often than that.

    The ways he construed many of the things I said in sessions was beyond absurd and there I have never heard anything like it – I’ve seen confirmation bias in action before but never on this level. I don’t know what I did to anger this creep, but beyond this veneer of academia lies an angry old man who seemed to see a neatly categorized, predestined Patient and possible case study in me rather than being able to see a human being who was trying to come to terms with the gaping hole where his heart used to be.

    This changes nothing of what was going on in my situation, but it should suffice as a warning to other individuals who end up in his office – just find someone else. There are plenty of doctors out there, and most are far more humble than this near Hollywood stereotype of the psychiatrist who thought he was able to “cure the incurable”.