Thursday, October 6, 2022

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  • Happy birthday and thank you for sharing your experiences. I have never taken psychotropic medications, but, after losing my son to the effects of multiple medications more than 11 years ago, I became involved in efforts to ensure people are allowed to make informed decisions about taking these medications and for increased transparency and accountability in the development and marketing of these medications. Your blog and posts on social media sites are always well-informed, sensitively written, nonjudgmental, and truthful. I share your writings often. I wish there were some way to count the many lives you have positively impacted. Congratulations. You give people hope. Terry Bearden

  • pHARMa should never have killed Maria’s son. They’ve unleashed one of the most powerful pHARMacovigilantes ever to walk Earth. This is a GREAT piece that brings together all of the right pieces to show just how pervasive undue corporate influence is in domestic and international policy and politics.