Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • Hello Lori, I came across your article and definitely I will be reading your book.
    I was diagnosed with cronique lyme disease a few weeks back. My brother and my grandpa both have it.
    I had anxiety constantly, fatigue, back and neck problems, cervical lordosis and most importantly for 10 years I suffered from functional dysphagia (difficulty to swallow solid food due extreme anxiety, OCD sensorimotor, etc.).
    I was wronly diagnosed with depression and anxiety due “psychological” problems that caused my dysphagia (I never had a trauma experience or depression before my dysphagia started). But It passed a point where there is no explanation for my dysphagia or where does the incredible amount of anxiety comes from.
    I’m investigating on my own the possible relation between functional dysphagia and Lyme disease. So far is have been found in horses with lyme.

    I would love to hear if you met some patiences with dysphagia due Lyme disease.
    Also treatments focus on the neurotransmisors may help? (beside the known medicines and treatments for lyme) I quit my antidepressives and I’m taking CBD oil and tried DMT but I would like to know more if you have information about this point.