Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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  • Sure, the mainstream of psychiatry is only NOW figuring out that “borderline personality disorder” is pretty much a form of PTSD resulting from childhood trauma. But because it was a female-oriented disorder they were reluctant to read the symptoms correctly- easier to diagnose with a personality disorder! They’re “crazy”! They’re only NOW offering a “new” form of PTSD- “C-PTSD”- to those suffering from long-term, chronic traumas; where in the past only war vets could get PTSD..that evolved into war vets and accident and rape/crime victims who got PTSD. Now they’re recognizing that others get it, that similar symptoms arise from repeated traumas which are lower level in intensity (slaps, verbal abuse etc) but consistent over long periods.

    This reluctance of Psychiatry to see common sense and its slowness to progress reduces its validity as a medical science more than a patient could ever reduce their validity as an important actor with a voice on the field of health. Basic human rights are basic human rights.

  • “he survivor voice, the patient experience, was seen as anecdotal besides all the “evidence” these “researchers” were gathering, and therefore something not worthy of consideration (i.e. “unscientific”). ”

    Bingo- meanwhile this “evidence” is largely comprised of BigPharma-funded studies to validate meds’ efficacy so more $$$ for them all. But the patient’s own reality and needs are placed second if at all, and even If you can GET quality insurance to begin with. Industry greed is stealing our country.

  • Perhaps but it should NOT be. They SHOULD be healers, that’s why we go to them. Criticism of the field is necessary but it doesn’t mean they all engage in this- therapists particularly in my personal experience, are overfocused on childhood experiences to the detriment of current functioning and cognitive or neurological issues which could be easily treated at least temporarily to assist our personal functioning. But the field of psychiatry is a mess considering how greedy they are, paid $400/hour plus pharma rep perks just to undertreat, overmedicate and disrespect our humanity!!

  • well you are referring I think to elitism and its effects. However did you even read the transcript? This movement is about activism FROM the inside out. So it is a good thing. From the article itself (which I actually read) “The slogan of the disability rights movement, “nothing about us without us,” contains a crucial lesson for all of us to learn.”

    That being the theme of the article, it pretty much negates your attack on mental health professionals.

    This is a good thing. Power to the people always!

  • When will people start understanding that you have a responsibility to first question the society you live in before you question your child’s adaptation to that society? And that children do not need psychiatric meds.

    A psychiatrist gets paid more if he prescribes meds than if he doesn’t and instead takes the time to consider all factors FIRST before prescribing; again here is the impulsivity and desperation of our modern era screaming at us. The profit motive is the catalyst for a psychiatrist’s actions and the fallout is your beloved child’s health.

    And yes, where do we hold these people and institutions to account? The most vulnerable of society are the most powerful, not the powerless. Don’t try to make them so.

  • Here is the problem in a nutshell, and it has nothing to do with race, gender, or identity, but everything to do with capitalist oppression:

    ““There’s no way of knowing; there are too many factors involved.””

    Then this man and the institution, founding principles or scientific model that he represents, is utterly devoid of ANY right at all to be treating anyone.


    “Do no harm.” – If a psychiatrist can not follow medicine’s #1 principle then he has no RIGHT to interact with patients. If too high a percentage of psychiatrists can not do this, then the entire industry is inherently evil as it contradicts basic humanity and constitutes a major danger to public health. Sorry kids- you’ll have to leave your egotism, elite degrees, $400/hour pay grades and Big Pharma perks behind, you are worse than the “mentally ill” patients you treat by legions. Your capitalistic greed makes you the monster we’ve always fought rather than the healer you should be.