Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • The reason there are no meaningful studies on how one can safely withdraw from anti depressants and other psychotropic drugs is because BIG PHARMA will never support such research.

    However thier are a small (but growing) number of holistic psychiatrists who have a large body of real world data in thier own practices successfully guiding patients off all of thier drugs with little to no withdrawal problems.

    My wife (age 57) is one of those success stories who was mistreated by no less than 8 psychiatrists over 2 yrs. At one point she was on 6 drugs after only one inpatient stay and zero previous history of any depression or anxiety issues.

    After being failed miserably by the system we found a kind, compassionate psychiatrist named Alice Lee, MD.

    Over the next 12 months Dr Lee successfully helped my wife withdraw (with ZERO side effects). That’s right ZERO! It can be done safely and effectively with long lasting effect.

    My wife’s story is not a unique one as this psychiatrist has been doing this kind of work for decades. My wife’s story was a extreme case (6 drugs), but it proves it can be done if patient and skilled physician work collaboratively.

    I don’t have time here to provide all the details However but anyone seriously interested in saving a love one or themselves would be well served to study her work and reach out to her via her website.

    I have tremendous compassion for people who’ve been sentenced to a life of horrible side effects and labeling. Many many forgotten and left for dead.

    Here’s the good news- there is HOPE but you need to go outside of main stream psychiatry to get it. The solutions are not coming from psychiatry but rather from renegade physicians like Dr Lee who herself was addicted to drugs early in her career.

    God bless and good luck to all who seek the truth and real life solutions without mind altering addictive and destructive drugs.