Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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  • Thank you, Tristan. I joined Inner Compass years ago. I have a lot of information. Doctors got me into this situation – convincing me I needed life-long drugs, just like a diabetic needs insulin. Where are the doctors who will help me off? Why are there no doctors who will help us get off or clinics — without saying we are relapsing and sending us to a psych ward or adding more psych meds? There is no end to the mistreatment!

  • This is the most discouraging article I’ve read for some time. I’m discouraged now and a friend just sent me many texts regarding this article, saying she gives up. She has to accept she’s just a person to be “managed”. She’ll never get off. She read my comment and wrote me a text saying that there is no hope, only acceptance. I asked her acceptance of what? She said that there is no way out. That she is not seen for who she is. That she is only someone to be managed and she has no hope. She has to accept that. How is this article helpful? I’ve always looked to MIA for hope of getting out of psychiatry.

  • So, there is no hope? We need to educate the public, yes, but when will there be any focus on helping people get off these drugs safely without further trauma by forced and torturous hospitalizations? I would like to expound on personal situation but am not able to at this time as it involves myself and a family member who does not want me to talk about it. It is beyond horrific. We need live in-person, intense help. Not the medical model. Not online information or online “support” groups. Most of who give up on me thinking I am not even trying.

    Or basically, we just need a miracle from God. There seems to be no other way. Or death. Those are our options?

    I feel no one cares and we are just alone.

  • I just need help. 24 years on at least one benzodiazepine, while they tried over 25 other psych meds in different combinations. Just woke up to truth a few years ago. Started tapering. I’m only getting worse. No support. No help. Abandoned by everyone. What makes it worse is my son became psychotic after smoking spice. Sliced his throat open with a knife, even cutting through his trachea- that was Jan 2016. Since then, he has been overdrugged, arrested, abused severely in a hospital, all his rights stripped from him. They have damaged him severely. I’ve had to advocate day and night. Now I’m barely functioning. I need help Where can I get help so I can be well enough to find help for my son. God help us. He’s on Clozapine and Effexor. I feel I am stuck in a nightmare. USA is no longer the “land of the free “. This is a holocaust. I’m tapering from Lexapro and Klonopin. Need local, in person help! So isolated. No help available in Tampa FL. Only abuse.

  • Thank you for sharing. I’m living in hell now. Along with my son who has been severely traumatized by psychiatric abuse and over drugging to point of almost death and time in ICU. I am his caregiver-advocate-payee-mother-and more. It seems I’m living from crisis to crisis with no break. I’m trying to taper off 23 years of meds. Klonopin being the most evil of meds to me. I’m suffering horribly. There seems to be no end- no meaning to my life. Please pray for me. I am where you described- I need to get better or die.

  • Dear Dr. Gotzsche- What steps can I take to ensure my son’s safety? Do I have to hide him away as I am pretty much doing right now? He is no problem – never has been for me. His diagnosis began with his immature and bad decision to smoke K2 or spice or whatever it’s called. Ever since, he’s been drugged.

    This past summer is so difficult for me to describe. I get weak and sick to my stomach still just thinking about it. I’ll try to describe in short: court ordered to a residential treatment facility where he was forced to take a high dose of anitpsychotic -Clozapine and high dose of effexor and was only supposed to be there 6-9 months. He excelled in their program – doing chores, attending groups, day programs, chores – I have records. For 10 months they documented his “compliance” and that he was respectful to all and respected by peers. Then, in his 10th month there, they received over $7000 in backpay — things happened and he began asking about the money. That very day – they instantly “ran out” of his 500mg of Clozapine. He immediately called me, scared, asking if he was going to have to go to the hospital. I assured him I would call to get his Clozapine reinstated. I called and was met with incompetent, defensive, rude staff members, blaming my son for everything. My husband, my son, and I pleaded with them for 6 days to reinstate the Clozapine. Nobody can just cold-turkey off 500mg of Clozapine. The sixth day he was Baker Acted (forced hospitalization in FL) for no reason. I still cannot get in writing the reason for the Baker Act. But the police took him to two “psych only” hospitals -both refused him. He was physically ill by now because of the abrupt cessation of Clozapine. He was taken by ambulance to a medical hospital.

    DAY OF BAKER ACT: while suffering WD’s from Clozapine, he was forcibly injected with Haldol X2, Ativan X3, Versed X2, and Geodon X 1 to my knowledge after receiving his records. ER admitted him to medical because labs were horrible. I informed ER he cannot tolerate haldol and geodon and to never give it to him. I was ignored. Labs continued to get worse, yet

    DAY 2: forcible injection of Haldol and Ativan even though he was not a danger nor combative.

    DAY 3: taken to psych, labs even worse, he was in restraints and in respiratory distress. YET, they forcibly injected him with Haldol X 3, Ativan X 3, and Benadryl X 3 (were they trying to kill him?) — it was documented that he was experiencing extreme EPS, yet they stuck him in isolation to suffer their forced cessation of 500mg of Clozapine and 250mg of Effexor now, plus their forced overdose of drugs. He suffered in isolation alone for 14-16 hours! I do not know how he is even alive. He fought death. I saw it later. I received a phone call that he was in isolation because he was spitting on the med techs. NO! I found him later with white foam pouring out of his mouth and every time he tried to speak, it flew out! That is what was happening!

    DAY 3 continued: My husband and I show up for visitation. A nurse says my son is in “crisis” and we cannot see him. I finally convince her to set up a private room visitation because I heard his agonizing groans and refused to leave.

    This is what my husband and I saw as we entered the room: my son, seated, rigid, back arched, head thrown back, skin beet red, sweating profusely – pouring off like water, eyes rolled back completely in his head, white foam pouring out of his mouth. Every time he struggled to breathe, I heard gurgling sounds. He struggled so hard just to get air. I held his hand and told him I was there. He desperately tried to talk as white foam and agonizing groans came out of his mouth – every muscle tensed – struggling. This is when I noticed his jaw was tightly clenched shut. He could not talk. A med tech sat in front of him with a towel to constantly wipe up the foam pouring out of his mouth. Then, as I looked at my son, his right eye began to spontaneously bleed in two places, filling his eye, and the skin around his eye, with blood. I asked the nurse what what happening. She told me to leave. I refused to leave. I insisted they get medical help for him because he was dying right in front of me. She finally agreed to have an ICU nurse assess him. He was immediately transferred to CV-ICU. If I had not seen him – I know he would be dead.

    ICU documentation: patient arrived “with respiratory failure, kidney injury with rhabdomyolysis, leukocytosis, dehydration, clozapine withdraws.” More ICU documentation “A total of 48 minutes of direct delivery of medical care (excluding time for procedures) involving decision making of high complexity needed to assess, manipulate, and support vital organ system failure and/or to prevent further life threatening deterioration of the patient’s condition…” He stayed the night in CV-ICU with Ativan and Precedex IV drip.

    In medical for next 4 days. His WBC count was 20,000 and CPK 4000. All psych wanted was clearance from the infectious disease doctor, which they received and he was thrown back in psych after only 4 days in medical. He was receiving accuchecks and insulin even though he is not diabetic. The infectious disease doctor told us the WBC was to high because his body was reacting to whatever it was he was experiencing. I still do not have anything in writing. I heard talk of EPS, malignant neuroleptic syndrome. I suspect forced overdose – especially of haldol – a drug that he has not been able to tolerate in pill form in the past. He lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks. Not documented. But we weighed him.

    Back in psych for the next 7 days, he is still physically ill. The psychiatrist restricts all visitation, the med techs beat him many times daily, put him in restraints multiple times daily for hours at a time, and the heavy drugging continued with thorazine, restoril, vistaril, depakote, ativan, clozapine restarted and more. Meanwhile, the psychiatrist, who knows nothing about my son, completely assassinated his very character badly and mine somewhat (even though she never met me!). I feel this was done to justify their attempted murder and abuse. Blaming the victim of their crimes against him. They assigned a stranger to make medical decisions for him, forcing the family away.

    An advocate issued a memo via fax early morning his 7th day back in psych (2 weeks total in hospital), to QI, attorneys, administration and all involved of the fact that the hospital had violated the Baker Act law in many ways and it needed immediate remediation. I received a call by 1PM letting me know my son was being discharged back to the residential facility.

    I could write pages about what happened at this facility for the following two months – they were trying everything to get him baker acted, arrested, or put in a state mental hospital, but they failed because I was there constantly and they could not lie about him. Although they threatened, harrassed and intimidated both him and me daily, my son never once reacted violently. He was never violent in the medical wards of the hospital. Only in the psych ward where no one could visit him, was it documented that he was violent! I think they were documenting the behavior of their med techs. He lived in that residential facility/home with 10 other men and staff for 10 months with no violence. No violence before or after. At the home he was still physically ill from his hospitalization and suffered: light sensitivity (had to wear sunglasses all the time), no peripheral vision, migraines, nausea and vomiting, insatiable thirst, confusion, mumbled speech at times.
    I constantly asked for medical evaluation and they threatened to send him back to the hospital. They told me he was faking and that he was non-compliant.

    I was finally able to get him home. But he is traumatized as am I. What can we do? He does not even fully understand the gravity of the situation. He cannot even bring himself to read the medical records. I can barely read them myself. I read your article and am now upset again and staying up too late to write this. We need help. I have been seeking help for him for years now. How is any of this even legal? I could even write much more. I have my own notebook of daily, hourly documentation of events and conversations. I am dealing with the mafia and it is scary. This is so wrong and I do not know how to fix it. I research – but need to keep my mind together – I can’t get so overwhelmed. I pray for answers and healing and help.

  • God help us. I’m scared. I have seen this and am traumatized. It’s scary. For the first time ever in my 53 years, this past summer I realized that I no longer live in “the land of the free” USA. I’m reeling and shocked and still do not know what to do or where to find help. I have no words to describe the horror and abuse- and dehumanization, abuse and violation of civil rights. Psychiatrized people have zero rights and it’s frightening. What can I do to protect my loved one and me? They attacked me after I stopped my son’s death from occurring. And they further abused him and traumatized him after he got out of ICU from their previous forced overdose. And the psychiatrist restricted all visits while he was physically ill after near death, he was being beaten by med techs, put in restraints and drugged even more. The psychiatrist documented awful things regarding my son’s very character to justify their attempted murder and abuse. I don’t know what to do. I was in a fight for his very life daily— up agains lions (administration) for three months. I had to be there every day to ensure my son didn’t die and to get him home. But he’s severely traumatized as am I (he much worse) I feel blacklisted and that I’m up against the mental health mafia.

  • Thank you. I have found no one in person to support me or help me support my son. I have been on at least one antidepressant and one benzodiazapine for the past 23 years, but they have switched me around on over 25 different psychiatric drugs in different combiniations – which was scary. I never liked any of them. I guess that’s why they kept trying different drugs. Now I am done and still tapering lexapro and klonopin without help from any doctor. They refuse to help me. I do not know how I will help my son, but am trying to get healthy myself first.

  • Thank you, Mr. Moore. I just want the world to be right again. I never feel well (it is tough to just get out of bed or to shower) and seeing my son suffer is just beyond traumatic. Anything I do, I feel I am dragging my body to force it to do what I really would like to do or have to do. No way to live. I suppose this journey takes a lot of patience and keeping hope alive that we will feel alive eventually as our bodies and brains repair. I look everywhere for help.

  • “I am fatigued beyond words and dispirited beyond belief” I’ve copied this from your article. It describes me. When will this nightmare end? I’m still tapering lexapro and Klonopin. But they’ve had me on over 25 different psych drugs in past 23 years. I haven’t been able to taper as fast as you. I feel I will never be free. Plus, psychiatry has tried to destroy my son and I’m having to advocate fiercely for his very life and freedom which is extremely difficult. They almost killed him last summer through forced overdose in a hospital. He’s finally home, yet ill and on a neuroleptic and an antidepressant. Ugh. I’m so overwhelmed. The fatigue and depression is debilitating. I understand having to watch everyone else go on with their lives. I’m living a nightmare and have been abandoned by friends and family. They are living their lives and my son and I have been left, reeling from severe injustice and psychiatric injuries. My son only has me as a safe person and he relies entirely upon me now, but I need help myself, but have none. It would help for someone to clean or cook or just visit us. I feel so alone. We need miracles. Thank you for sharing your story. They say it helps to know you’re not alone, but it doesn’t seem to help me. I’m suffering horribly every day with no relief. And must try to be a caregiver and support—I’m failing miserably.