Thursday, December 9, 2021

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  • Lately these concepts have been making so much sense. Being in my 40’s now and boarded the mental health propaganda early 2000’s. It really does feel the environment AND diet are simply key factors. Environment being, was one not mentored by a healthy family? If not, struggling to adapt to adult life becomes really difficult. Then you have the judgmental aspects of old people and traditionalism. 90’s Gen X was painted as slackers and degenerates. Was it necessisarily their fault? No, This was the rise of mental health from the destructive paths Baby Boomers laid down in the 80’s for future generations ‘inheritance’.

    Now that my family is all dead, and over grief, so much reflecting has helped me understand the gossip, torment, teasing of old a** people mocking generations after was so miserable. We saw how society painted millenials for being lazy. I just eagerly adopted the role of welfare beneficiary thanks to SSI accepting I was a nutcase.

    It really turns out thats not so. Just like those Faith Healing / Charismatic movement church’s go on scamming people out of their money. Just a simple check donation and a prayer will cure cancer. Hallelujah. It’s snake oil, and that’s how I feel the whole mental health industry has been.

    Since I started to educate myself on pH Balancing the body with modern society so conscience on health. Those factors of stress, anxiety, foggy thoughts, so many factors are at the peak of an alkaline body. Then you see people find even more problems binging on that apple cider vinegar diet pushing their body into acidic. It’s simple gardening. Balance the pH balance and the body burns cleaner fuel efficiently. I feel so amazing this week it’s like heaven I’ve never experienced with any of that bipolar bullsh*t propaganda.

    It’s not just old people that stole generation’s inheritance, it’s Pharmaseutical lobbyiest companies. “Here’s your $700 monthly ‘disability’ check. Thanks for your hopes, dreams, and decades of your life. No problem, tax payers front the bill and we bill the insurance tenfold.” It’s too easy to fall into this trap. Just a decade checking out of the real world has left me with little life skills to try an reintegrate into the real world. It’s a scam