Sunday, October 24, 2021

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  • Miracle cure bestowed by miracle bestowing hero…
    where have we heard that story before?

    There is no cure, let alone CURE.

    Unless you mean therapists CURE themselves of their own NTBAH “need to be a hero” disorder.

    Given chance and enough support, people do HEAL.
    Helping them HEAL, offering ways to support them in finding their way to HEAL is a good thing

    Pretending you can cure us mere delusion – and that’s YOUR disorder not ours.
    There’s much good in this approach but it – or at least its telling, lacks the vital ingredient.

    It’s never about the therapy or therapist – its always about the person whose life is upside down and the hard worth they do to find their way out and to live in a world that’s told them and still tells them they don’t have a right to.

    Anyone and everyone else can help and play a role but only ever in supporting roles.

    Drop the bollocks and find humillty and you’ll be able to help more people find their way to healing…

  • Yo Jen Constantine
    I liked the Healing Voices Movie. I really liked the bits with you in it. Dan is great too.
    You rock.

    Finding our way to stay well in a world that does its level best to convince us we can’t is an act of personal rebellion. and doing so we have already changed the world.

    You have changed the world, maybe not enough for you, but you have.

    When enough of us find our way to do that, and share what we’re doing, then it becomes revolution and the world is changes about us and we can stop the fight.

    “Resistance to change” is no mystery, it is the very function [not a side effect] of bureacracy that runs the big show. see “Voltaires Bastards” for really a long version, or Seth Godin for a much shorter paragraph length version…

    We can use all our energy fighting that or we can save some of it and use it to build the [better] world we want to be part of – and invite others to join us. The cool ones will, most of the rest will when they’re ready, and some won’t ever…

  • Hi Kenneth

    Thank you for sharing this story, and for your work.

    I especially like your reference to the movie “The Blob” I often cite it . Younger folks may remember on of the four or five dismal remakes more than the magnificent original b-movie with 17-yr old Steve McQueen.

    Of course The Blob represented all kinds of menace , notably the cold war and living on the cusp of all that M.A.D. madness but also that then-new cultural phenomenon and menace to society – The Teenagers.

    Still afraid, today we call teenagers the “mentally ill” and visit all kinds of unspeakable horrors upon them.

    Yet, in the movie it is the teenagers who come to take the lead in figuring how to tackle The Blob and so save us from the menace. Meanwhile, on set, the fearsome blob was easily contained in a single galvanized steel bucket.

  • Of course it makes so much sense – that genetically superior beings- as attested to by fact they have passed through the special forces boot camp known as “med school” – will have superior ego strength, since ego of course, is a purely biological function of a health brain organism

    Just another case of othering by those handed the brass ring and unaware of there own privileges and biases – and how that blinkers their insignt while revealing their utterly superior stupidity..

  • Thanks Sera, Tina

    I liked “wot you rote” too..
    I like the piece about predjudice and discrimination and discrimination we can [try to] legislate, predjudice is a slippery-er fish.

    Time2Change in UK is well funded and well organised-they recently very quickly raised 82,000 signatures protest against a newspaper headline in The Sun that drew an apology [of sorts] but as you’ve observed they’re mostly of the get diagnosed get drugged ilk. Rufus Mat recently wrote an article about it [I think it’s on MIA].

    Methinks its time for plain speaking round “stigma” I propose a campaign title: “cut the crap”.

    Here’s another aspect – Doctors beginning to recognize their part, perhaps, and may even get close to the nub of the problem, but hiding behind a fancy falutin’ name “diagnostic overshadowing” as if it’s less harmful – I wonder how it would go down if it were “racial overshadowing” or “gender overshadowing” etc.

  • “Stigma” is spelled with a D
    and pronounced “discrimination”.

    The link below contains strong language but I wanted to share a piece I blogged some weeks ago…

    Every event listed in the poster is a real one that has happened to me or to a friend.

    “Stigma” is just a new label invented by a system bereft of useful ideas so it can divert attention away from that fact.

    “Stigma” also serves as a tool for those running the system to blame people for not seeking for [their] help.