Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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  • I was given Nortriptyline as a young woman. For the first week or two I was okay. Then, some unfathomable rage. I went off the Nortriptyline and the rage lessened but did not go away. I was still angry, brutally so. I flipped people off in traffic, lost my temper constantly. I think it is because something was knocked out of balance. Think of hitting the wheel of a car on a curb and knocking your car out of alignment. Just because you stop hitting curbs doesn’t mean your car goes back into alignment.

    I got better when I did macrobiotics and did a brown rice fast but if I go off the diet, the rage returns. Part of it is that the drug influences oxytocin, which is involved in the female menstrual cycle. Ever since I took the Nortriptyline, I have had an agonizing level of depression for the week before and during menstruation. I was suicidal for two weeks each month. Before I took the N. I never had problems with menstruation.

    The effects of this drug can be lifelong and do not necessarily go away just because you stop the drug. Something knocked out of balance does not automatically return to balance.

    Young women should not take Nortriptyline.