Saturday, September 18, 2021

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  • I dont really believe it. I think most psychiatrists, even though they de facto are terribly misguided and incredibly harmful, pursue and foster an image, both internally and externally, of benevolent and helpful expertise.

    They need technologies and innovations to sustain their illusion of toiling and glorious technicians,, which is why they play with whatever form the technology of the time can dress up the ‘treatments’.

    IMHO most of them are not evil, just delusional. They are just humans riddled with biases (like every human) pandering to a core identity and very profitable position.

    They play their role, the way they invent themselves, the way society let them dream up, in utter impunity, most of the time at the expense of the ‘patient’, who is then enslaved to whatever madness the biases and fantasies of the delusional pseudo healer sculpt the masquerade

    One could talk about theatrical slavery. Or Labour of delusion.

    How much ironic is it that the so called doctors of madness wallow in delusional slavery, which is the pathetic circumference of their rotten priesthood.

    But the truth is that it is a delusion.
    Psychiatrists are misguided, harmful, and above all , (worse than) useless.

  • I am sorry for the double post but since it is not published already for moderation purpose I just want to point out that I made several language mistakes (I am not a native speaker):
    I meant ‘anointed’ and ‘practice’ instead of ‘ointed’ and ‘praxis’ (fourth paragraph).

    There is also a very ugly s after therapeutics (sixth paragraph)

    I will try not to repeat that kind of deformities and annoyances if I am to write again

    Sorry again.

  • ‘I do agree that much harm can be mitigated by trying to use the lowest amount of drug possible – with both dose and length of exposure.’
    ‘Cat night,
    Thank you for sharing your reflections – and your pain. I do agree that the field would benefit fro. Some sort of truth and reconciliation, an acknowledgement of past errors.’

    There is no ‘drugs’. There is no ‘field’. There is no ‘past’.

    Enlightened minimal prescribing does not exist. These people (how to call them? Minimalist nazis?) have not the slightest beginning of an idea of what those products are capable of doing to people.
    They really need to take them , get lobotomized and tortured, and then they could be taken seriously.

    The psychiatric entreprise is a strangely ointed abberation towering in the preposterousness of its conceptualization and praxis.

    These people dont understand the brain, neither the mind, and even less the people who they purport to help.
    That their primary resort consists of crude psychotropics speaks volumes about the pathetic of their achievement in helping people. A made up dictionary and neurotoxins are the incredibly pathetic extent of the ‘field’, begetting terrible woe in the present, not just in the ‘past’.

    Terribly simplistic, invalid, self-serving and harmful conceptual and therapeutics protocols are what the ‘field’ has ever been able to produce.
    In other words: a lame and absolute zero.

    Lawrence Kemelson posted a clown as an illustration of his latest article, which is an other way to frame it.

    I just find it appaling and terribly sad that progress and the only way to help people seem only to be able to be conceptualized as some kind of enlightened and soft minimalism of an incredibly destructive and pathetic paradigm.

    Drugging less is still drugging. It is still pathetic. And it is still sad