Saturday, May 28, 2022

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  • I’m going to ramble a little. During some research on narcolepsy, I came across some interesting information concerning the use of OTC NSAIDS resulting in improvements in mood disorders. An oddity, but interesting so I went further down the rabbit hole. There are University papers that seem to suggest this to be true. Further along, I find protein HMGB1 playing a critical role in inflammation. (obviously, mood disorder might be exacerbated by physical pain, but that couldn’t be it entirely). Found the various workings of this protein to include the reduction in the production of SRT1 which then reduces the production of hypocretin. There are other factors that involve potential metabolic functions of ADP-ATP cycles. It seems the exact reason is elusive, but many people are producing too much HMGB1, which could result in mood disorder but also contributes to other health issues including cancer. Finally, the question is, is this dysfunction a result of an autoimmune issue and if so, is there a better method of detection to predetermine and treat the underlying root cause before cellular functions are compromised or apoptosis results in permanent damage.?