Monday, March 27, 2023

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  • Yeah it’s already helping me. I agree. It’s all about how we deal with the world in all the time frames – near, intermediate, far. Taking a drug just masks the ability to do so – well in my book anyway. I totally agree. Even today I can feel better as I work on the CBT things my therapist provided to me. That’s with my late mother’s brother passing away on July 4th. U rock. 🙂

  • TY for sharing this story. I was on antidepressants for 30 years and recently within the past 6 months tapered off. I am feeling “blue” however seeking therapy and CBT – my therapist is awesome. I felt like the drugs masked my issues and would shortcut my ability to deal in life. I feel like it basically set me back rather than brought me forward. While I am not feeling as well as I was while on them – I am feeling better over time – and with therapy and support structures in place – will conquer this. It’s great to read about your experience – even though the experience was more or less dreadful for a long time. But it goes to show that a pill for every ill is just not a good solution and many of us have either endured it or are enduring it. Your story gives us hope that there are alternatives.