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  • they started with a lower dose to make sure no adverse reactions. Then a follow up dose, then monthly maintenance. They told us that the dose can be adjusted &/or the doses can be spaced out further. I think everyone has a different story in what will work best for them. My son & I speak openly about potentially one day trying to be med free. This is very new for him, only 2 months on meds. I think it will be a process & see how he does. If he insists on coming off the med, that will ultimately be up to him. But he will have to own his decision whatever the case may be.

  • Rossa, the past was literally 2 months ago before meds & hospitalization. And his lack of insight was hindering his ability to hold a job, have friends, leave the house, pretty much do anything productive at all. I am all for people being drug free, if they are able to be 100% accountable for their actions, finances, etc. But my son was not only dependent on us fianancially, he also harrassed us daily wanting to know where is fortune was that he said we were hiding from him. So, I understand the argument of live & let live, focus on what is there, but what about getting a job, paying his own bills, having some independence? are these things I should not encourage & give up on? Because without the meds, he was going nowhere fast. I didn’t see how things were going to improve for him without the meds.

  • my son said he was 100% fine. He also said he was the richest person in the world, the descendant of Putin, we were hiding his fortune. Because he thought he was rich, he didn’t need to work, wouldn’t eat most foods, definitely no food we prepared because he might be poisoned. He was becoming reclusive, pushed away most family & friends. The only person he was okay with was me, and only to an extent. We were 100% financially supporting him. Yes, I will admit, he was making me miserable. He would brow beat me daily about his money. He would always be here & never leave the house. I was heartbroken watching this ensue. He is now working, taking classes, eating, gained 15 lbs, socializing, visiting family. I don’t want or expect perfection. I just want my son to be happy & see if he can be self sufficient to some degree. Paying his bills, not doing anything, I felt I was enabling him. This has been going on for 5 years, btw. So for me and my husband, we felt the younger we try to get him help, the better chance he may have of living independently, being able to have relationships where he doesnt feel everyone is out to get him.

  • Rachel, also thank you so much for sharing your experience. I often wonder what my son is thinking, is he holding in all of these delusions that he had. Another thing I didn’t mention is that before meds, he thought he could be poisoned & would not eat much. The meds are obviously making him hungry & he no longer withholds eating. He has gained about 15 pounds, eats what we cook. I do believe his anxiety level is down. His energy levels have definitely picked up since the first month on the med. He vacationed with us last week & is just so quiet. I hate that the med may be suppressing his natural instincts & personality. It’s just such a double edged sword. As a parent, this has been my worst nightmare. To see your child struggling & not being able to reach them. I can only imagine how those suffering must feel.

  • Before the meds, he was unable to hold a job & thought we were holding his fortune against his will. He thought he was the descendant of Putin, he was a super hero, He was the richest person in the world. He was consumed with these thoughts that we were keeping something from him. He wasn’t leaving the house, isolating himself. Slowly but surely he had convinced himself that family members & friends were in on this & were against him. Did I want to my son on meds? No. I know the long term potential side effects & feel like it is a last resort. My son 100% refused to talk to anyone, he felt he was 100% fine. If he was happy in his own world & could support himself & his decisions, then I would be fine with NO meds. But I was 100% financially supporting him which I felt was just enabling him. We ended up having a therapist come to the house. He opened up to him some & agreed to be committed. Ended up on Invega injections. He is on his 3rd. He drove himself to his appointment last week unprompted. I do believe that he feels better on the meds. He is working, taking classes, socializing, visiting family that he had once blocked out. So I do feel thankful for the med at this point. I worry about long term. I would love to see him off the med & able to hold a job. Is this possible? I dont know. I only know what was happening before the med.

  • thank you for sharing your experiences with these different drugs. My son is a newly diagnosed, newly medicated young man. I would love to think that he could manage himself as some others point out, but I don’t think he is capable at this point. He suffers from anosognosia, so having delusional disorder with absolutely no insight. Although I’m a nurse, I often feel like doctors are so quick to prescribe meds as a quick fix. For example, they really push antidepressants in lieu of encouraging exercise first. I think meds serve their purpose in many cases, but often they are overprescribed. I feel guilty because I felt like my son absolutely needs to be on meds. He is doing so much better, BUT he is very sleepy & his reflexes are just much slower. Only on meds for 3 months so I know it may improve a little. My question is, what advice would you give to your younger self? I feel like I’m making these decisions for my son, because he isn’t capable. I don’t want to make bad decisions for him, I don’t want to have regrets. Loaded question, I know.