Thursday, May 26, 2022

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  • I’m sorry for your sleep troubles. I’ve suffered my entire life. For me I found sleep meds, over the counter or prescribed only created more issues in addition to affecting my liver. There is another way. I still don’t sleep well but I learned that I won’t die from it. I did learn that if I stayed awake all day even if I was up all night that I did get more sleep the following night. Over time, even if it doesn’t work the first couple nights your body will eventually fall into a rhythm and fall asleep. There are ways to calm the nerves without psychotropics or illicit drugs. I wish you only best and hope you find ways to cope. 🙂

  • I don’t think that people always know what’s best for them. Although I am totally against psychotropics I am also against drugs that alter the brain. I’ve seen too many clients( former substance abuse counselor) die from substance abuse, clients who believe they know what’s best for them. My family member who is addicted to heroin has track marks and abscesses all over his arm, we are waiting for him to get his tests from the health department which he’s known he needed to get for months but has not, has been in and out of jail, he dropped out of college at 19 and he’s very bright, he’s missed most holidays, stolen from his father, has broken the hearts of his mother and grandmother- the two people who are still there for him but can’t seem to help even though thousands have been spent on the best treatment facilities and his care. Watching someone you love more than anything systematically destroy themselves bc of an opiate addiction is horrific and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. The family is aware of past traumas and have paid for therapists and have never forced psychotropics- we hate them. We have offered to get him into any kind of hobby that may bring back that spark of life into him or motivate him. Help him have some kind of purpose but the addiction is too great and until HE get sick and tired of being sick and tired no one can help him. This article is irresponsible. As someone who has watched the masses believe everything they see on tv instead of thinking for themselves this article is just another tool to breakdown our families and society as a whole. I’m very very sad…