Monday, July 26, 2021

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  • ODD symptoms include “often actively defies or refuses to comply with adult requests or rules” and “often argues with adults.”

    Isn’t this the definition of a Teenager? Are you serious? You can put every child and teenager on this list. That is a teenagers job to test the boundaries, argue with authorities, and disobey the rules. If one of my kids hadn’t done any rebelling as a teen, I would have thought something was wrong with them. As far as ADHD & ADD goes. ADHD stems back to tribal times. When we had hunting tribes and agricultural tribes.

    Every characteristic of a hunter are the same as they are for ADHD people. The small noises that distract us, we need to hunt our prey in the woods. Our detailed orientedness, helps us see small details in order to track our prey like broken twigs, animal droppings, and animal tracks. Our impulsiveness, the ability to turn and run on the spot if we happen upon a bear or something. The more we progress in society, the less we need these skills. It doesn’t mean we’ve lost or instincts thou. We still have them, only we don’t really need them in situations like sitting in a classroom, in a meeting, etc…

    I don’t see my short comings as a label. I them as obstacle to overcome. Example: I look at the criteria for ADHD in the DSM. Each criteria listed for ADHD or the ones that are true for me are obstacle’s in my life or my short comings. I work on one obstacle at a time till I find a way to overcome that obstacle in my life. When I hear people or doctor’s say that adults out grow ADHD, thier wrong. How can a person outgrow their instincts? We haven’t outgrown ADHD, we have simply learned to adapt.