Thursday, May 13, 2021

Comments by Poly

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  • For the love of all that is good in this world, and the hope for helping these kids, please don’t encourage the state to intervene in the lives of traumatized kids any more than they already do. As someone with firsthand experience of the state’s juvenile justice and child welfare agencies (and who has also heard plenty of firsthand experience from friends and colleagues), and knows the beatings, the neglect, the rape, the harassment, the drugs, and the threats of prison these organizations are all too often rife with, I can only say this is bad news. They talked the same “trauma-informed” language when I was a kid getting trauma-informed beatings, in the heart of the state’s trauma informed juvenile jail, and perved on by trauma-informed staff. Their depredations were written off as behaviors resulting the so-called Secondary Traumatic Stress they caught by being in proximity to us. Any response to childhood or adolescent trauma should not involve forcing the kid into a situation that makes them more vulnerable.