Friday, May 14, 2021

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  • I should clarify that it is sexually abusive when a person is forced, coerced and/or manipulated into any unwanted sexual activity. For example, a person being manipulated into a different sexual orientation (unwanted sexual activity) under the guise of trauma informed care is something that I consider to fall under the umbrella of sexual violence.

  • I think trauma informed understanding is critical, and I commend those who raise awareness on this so I thank the writer/activist for that. I am however deeply concerned about potential unintended consequences around this, and mean no disrespect to the writer/activist through expressing constructive concern. The writer/activist is not to blame for the abuse that occurs in these systems and our culture as a whole.

    That being said, child welfare agencies employ abusive tactics under the guise of trauma informed care and set children and adolescents up for further abuse by the mental health system and therefore additional and compounded trauma. The abuse of the mental health system includes psychological/emotional, physical, and sexual violence. Trauma informed care is already being coopted and perverted by this system. For instance, psychological and emotional assault occurs through gaslighting, (ie: bogus trauma related diagnoses, and subsequent “trauma informed treatment”). Sexual abuse occurs through pathologizing or demonization of human sexuality (i.e.: pathologizing of sexual/romantic preferences and expression). I knew someone who’s “trauma therapist” told her that her bisexuality was simply a manifestation of childhood trauma because she was attracted to a woman 15 years older than her. Physical assault through the gratuitous use of physically injurious chemical substances. Many “trauma informed therapists” use these “treatments” in addition to attempting to resolve trauma without providing true informed consent.