Thursday, July 9, 2020

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  • One of the saddest aspects of this study to me is the involvement of Ioannidis and Turner. They signed their names on this study, though I do not know their actual level of involvement. The paper fails to discuss many of the problems with antidepressant trials that Ioannidis himself raised in past papers. And Ioannidis famously asked Cochrane if meta-analysis was doing nothing more than taking biased studies and laundering them through Cochrane’s name. He wondered if it was not doing more harm than good. And then John went and signed his name to a meta-analysis of the most biased set of studies in medicine, laundering them through his name. And the paper failed to discuss many of these biases at all.

    Ioannidis spoke to the media about the paper, and was quite vocal in his support of the result, so it seems his participation was more than token. I think this paper has done great damage to the reputation of Ioannidis and Turner, who are known for their commitment to good evidence, which they seem to have cast aside here.