Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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  • Super cool how you routinely erase the experiences of those who *have* found meds helpful, many of whom, myself included, are highly critical of traditional psychiatry. If you’re going to demand that those harmed by psych treatment not have their stories ignored and erased, and to be clear you absolutely should, then maybe don’t do the exact same thing to others?

    Beyond that, and numerous other problems in your argument, the claim that everyone agrees that other medical diagnoses are entirely homogenous with clear cut etiologies is absurd. I’d suggest you read up on the literatures in medical anthropology & sociology, medical humanities, science and technology studies and disability studies. There is a wealth of great scholarship challenging that claim, not to mention the biomedical fields themselves which, while often far too reductive, would at the very least complicate any such assertion.

    It strikes me that there is a broader problem in much of antipsychiatry today of ignoring philosophy, critical theory, feminist theory, etc, or at the very least refusing to go beyond what those fields were saying in the 90s. So instead we get a rehashing of the same stale arguments ad nauseum with little to no articulation of a coherent alternative vision. Instead there’s an implicit, and sometimes explicit, doubling down on neo-Kantian dualisms grounded in eurocentric (read: white supremacist, patriarchal, settler-colonial) ontologies. The result is far too often ableist, neuro-normative arguments dismissive of anyone whose experiences with psych & meds are too nuanced to fit into this black and white thinking.

    I really hope antipsychiatry can do better, but right now y’all bear a striking resemblance to psychiatric institutions you hate so much.