Sunday, April 11, 2021

Comments by Dennis Dodson

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  • Sera,
    You’ll be amazed at the content on the NAMI Policy Research Institute website. It’s shows their true “mission”. Actually NAMI was at the table when the prescribing algorithm was first launched originally in Texas and which has caused so much more prescribing and harm. They also were aligned with Teen Screen which dissolved thankfully. Teen Screen wanted to screen “all” students across the nation. NAMI has never met an atypical anti-psychotic they didn’t like.

  • To see what NAMI is really about go to their NAMI Policy Research Institute website. They spend most of their effort on making sure the pharmaceutical industry is able to get as many Medicaid dollars as possible. I’ve yet to find a NAMI member who even knows the NAMI Policy Research Institute exists. NAMI exploits the unsuspecting people who show up at their meetings seeking help. NAMI gets them to push for unlimited access to the “medications”. Members don’t realize they are most often killing their relatives with the medication treatment.
    The Treatment Advocacy Center is actually a spinoff of NAMI
    Check out the Stanley Medical Research Institute also. They fund the Treatment Advocacy Center. They are the big money and Dr. Fuller Torrey is right in the middle of this org also. He has an article currently on their front page.
    Great article Sera.

  • You so eloquently say what I feel. I thank you. In the words of a high school grad who is now a full time mental health advocate….To hell with recovery. I have nothing to recover. I’m whole now that I broke free from the medications. I have my emotions back…I have my life to live like never before. Recovery??? What they talking about. Recovery and the peer specialist system here in Tennessee is a trap. Another trick to enslave those who believe the lie. I feel what Martin Luther King so pointedly stated…..Free at last!!!!!Free at Last!!!!! Thank you my lady and keep up the great blogging.

  • Matt,
    Thanks so much for your story of healing and wellness. i like you have freed myself from the medications and the system and am living a wonderful balanced and fulfilling life. I’ll never visit a psychiatrist again. After 30 years of their medications and harm I “fixed” myself in about 4 years. It’s a wonderful life and again I say Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!