Monday, October 18, 2021

Comments by Luke A Shootingstar

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  • What an inspiring article, Lauren and David!
    Thanks for your genuinely precious
    HeartMind sharing with us ~

    I welcome anyone else who can share
    glimpses into this fascinating life
    that Janet lived. What a Great
    Legacy she was instrumental in!

    An especially intriguing interest that
    has come to my attention within
    our peer community lately is
    awareness of woman heroes,
    LeaderShips in thee Femininity–
    “herstorically” in our movement.

    It really doesn’t always have to be
    about “history,” I often point out.

    Giant is a great word, quite aptly
    used for such influential beings,
    another I often use is “Titan”
    to define meta-Champions who’ve
    heard and pursued a higher Calling…

    We are synergy
    in resonance…

    >hat’s off in reverent silence<


    "As never before, may your life call to others to find their leadership for nonviolent planetary revolution. Now!"

    ~ David Oaks