Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • Hi Sara just want to say what an inspiring story and congratulations on surviving!

    I’ve had a lifetime of mental symptoms too that started as childhood ocd/depression symptoms and ended up as schizoaffective bipolar! I didn’t get the label till 8 or so years ago when I was 38 years old.

    I found out that I was better off off medication than on it. I still get signs of “illness” like voices but they’re in the background now and mostly don’t bother me.

    In the end I realized the pills weren’t helping my depression and they weren’t helping me become any more motivated or focused. They weren’t helping me with self-care they weren’t helping me put my life together they weren’t helping me undo the damage of years of unhappiness and confusion…

    BTW you mention that in the 70s ADHD and autism didn’t exist. They did but they weren’t talked about anything like as much as today.

    ADHD was a lot rarer back then and they used to call it hyperkinesis. I’ve had attention and focusing problems for years but in my case they said it was to do with my mood problems and not ADHD.

    Autism was fairly well known but they didn’t talk about an autistic spectrum back then. At one point my mum says she thought I was autistic. I wasn’t but I did have problems like hair pulling and then hand washing and depression.

    I hope one day that I can be cured and recovered too. Thanks for posting your inspiring story 🙂