Thursday, July 9, 2020

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  • Lol your comment made me chuckle but don’t be deceived. I took a high dose of Effexor and it made me manic as well. I was just good at hiding it. When you’re manic, you’re brain is basically hijaking you and your ability to make good decisions. There is nothing funny about it. It’s terrifying when you can’t trust yourself. The worst part is if a person hasn’t experienced mania they don’t understand so they judge quickly. So you feel alone, terrified, and judged at the same time. It made me suicidal. I have recovered since coming off of the medicine thankfully. I was an honor student, highly recommended upon graduating college. Effexor ruined my life!!! I know you didn’t mean anything disrespectful I’m just saying don’t be tricked into thinking there is anything fun about it.