Sunday, September 26, 2021

Comments by HaroldAMaio

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  • So long as we, or any of our “advocates” argue (with those who say) there is a stigma to mental health issues, that we are stigmatized, they harm. We are widely discriminated against, in policies in acts, in language itself. We face prejudice from many corners, repesent the issue honestly.

    Editors please take note. You, too, need to become aware of the harm in repeating those words.

    Harold A Maio

  • Viewing Mental Differences on a Continuum 1 Reduces 2 Stigma

    You have set an interesting linguistic trap:

    1. “Reduces” means to hold onto some.
    2. Accepting a stigma means to accommodate those taught and teaching it.

    Neither makes ethical or moral sense. Nor is there is any historical model for such an approach. No one advocated “reducing” the stigma of rape, and following WW II no one advocated “reducing” the stigma of Jews. We rejected both.

    Harold A Maio, retired mental health editor