Sunday, August 14, 2022

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  • Dr. Kelmenson, if that is your assessment, then what do/did you do as a practicing Psychiatrist since all those problems are deemed by you to essentially be “normal” behavior? ANY “treatment” you would have given would then be a farce, unethical, potentially harmful, or at best a placebo.
    I actually agree with you that these behaviors are not necessarily rooted in a physical defect of the brain in many cases, but are more based in the needs of the human animal in conflict with our construct that is modern society, and as society moves to a more and more inhumane model – or not even human at all – our disassociation with its core tenets shatters into often violent reactions of either self-harm or an attack on the larger civilization in general. If this is reinforced by a peer group, or religion, it can be national or international in scale like Oklahoma City or 9/11.
    But there are also very influential environmental agents, the prevalent chemicals and poisons ingested in our bodies from the air, water, food we eat and other invisible dangers such as radiation. These do cause physical, biological alteration of our brain function over time and generations and the treatment – other than prevention or a realignment back to the natural order – would seem to be more chemicals to counter the effects, like baking soda in a fridge of rotting meat. Not a cure, but a mask. Iodine after Chernobyl.

  • It’s a great piece.
    I would disagree with another Comment that psychiatry itself is the problem. I would say there are, as with all systems, examples of abuse – the MK Ultra being the most notorious, as well as many court cases involving so called “repressed memories”.
    But psychiatry HAS helped people. Adopting a new perspective, often with the use of drugs, can be necessary for those with organic dysfunction. Or severe cases of emotional disturbance where psychology is ineffective. As for the drugs themselves, the general public self-medicates all the time for largely the same reasons.