Sunday, March 26, 2023

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  • Thanks Tomas for writing this. Ivor Browne has been a huge help to me in my own recovery journey and influence how I see my condition. Before meeting him I blamed genetics even though no true biomarkers have been found and I’ve never had any genetic testing from Psychiatry.

    I developed symptoms of Manic Depression after taking an antidepressant for anxiety. The mental health system caused me huge trauma when I had an antidepressant adverse reaction in 2008. A Yale study from 2001 highlights that some people can develop mania / psychosis after taking an SSRI. I was unaware of this at the time and no one in the system told me.

    I was sectioned and found the biomedical system revolved around cocktails of very powerful, sedating tranquilizers. It was traumatising and disempowering. With the exception of Occupational therapy.

    Thankfully I got to meet Ivor but it was 3.5 years later. I was off most of the drugs myself at that stage. Down to 25mg Seroquel.

    To quote Ivor “the only real, lasting change comes when we help a person to bring about the painful work if change within thrmselves”. I am still a work in progress and dealing with some bad habits that Ivor asked me to deal with over 7 years ago. This boils down to personal responsibility which is a key concept in WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan).

    An important piece of advice Ivor gave me was not to give my power away to others. We can even do that by focusing on the faults of others.

    Do not stop or change prescribed drugs without expert advice. We all have our own unique journey. Physical/ mental health requires daily work. A WRAP plan can help. Support from others is hugely important. And having some meaning and purpose in life.