Thursday, October 6, 2022

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  • Great article. I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said, as someone in a similar position. I’m a nurse and counsellor but have had to quit nursing for exactly the reasons you cite. I don’t want to be a cog in the wheel of an oppressive (and utterly unscientific) system. Most of my fellow nurses are aware that not only do mainstream psychiatric treatments do no good, they do active harm, including wrecking people’s health and relationships, turning them into invalids and perpetrating appalling violations of their human rights and dignity. This is what happens all too often to “consumers”–the dehumanising label for those unfortunate enough to get sucked onto the psychiatric merry go round.

    If I ever do a PhD it will be an academic enquiry into how lower level “health care” providers like psychiatric nurses can continue to work in a system they secretly hold in contempt (while humouring the psychiatrists of course) and which fills them with moral conflict. How do you go on doing harm, once you realise that is what you’re doing? It’s like an ongoing version of the Stanley Milgram “shock machine” experiments. In that study, experimental subjects were instructed by a man in a white coat (posing as a scientist of some kind) to deliver what they believed to be electric shocks to an unseen man in another room, whose (feigned) screams they could hear. A majority were prepared to keep dialling up the voltage, even to lethal levels, because that’s what the man in the white coat kept telling them to do.

  • Well said Eric. We’re talking human rights here. Why is it that the worst serial killer has more rights than people who think differently? The elderly are another group whose rights are routinely trampled. In any case, this is why I personally have had to escape my profession–psychiatric nursing–because what we do is morally indefensible. Many nurses in the system are moulded to operate robotically as cogs in the machinery of the psychiatric-pharmaceutical industrial complex but suffer from moral conflict about it (once they see what is actually going on). But not enough stand up and say something about it; too afraid of losing their jobs and registration. Not that anyone in power would listen anyway. There are too many vested interests and there has been too long a history of entrenched oppression. A tradition of not-so-benevolent dictatorship by self righteous and deluded do-gooders. The self-delusion of many “helpers” that they are doing good is their shield against the horror of reality. For psychiatry to admit how much damage it has done and continues to do is unthinkable. Such clear eyed self-reflection mighty bring the whole house of cards down. However it is good to read about a humanely run ward, even within the system.