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  • The primary reason that child abuse is associated with Borderline Personality disorder, as are all the “affective and psychotic disorders,” is because our “mental health” workers cannot bill insurance companies for helping child abuse survivors, unless they misdiagnose them with one of the insurance billable DSM disorders.

    And the reality is that covering up child abuse has historically always been, and still is today, the primary actual societal function of our so called “mental health” workers.

    I have no doubt child abuse does occur within families, however it also occurs outside the home. And I have no doubt that, since our society has a group of multibillion dollar, primarily child abuse covering up, “mental health” industries. Whose child abuse covering up crimes have also functioned to aid, abet, and empower the pedophiles and child sex traffickers for over a century now. So our society now has serious pedophile and child sex trafficking problems, even according to world leaders, and the ethical within the “mental health” industry.

    Perhaps, the “mental health” workers should get out of the child abuse covering up business, since it’s illegal anyway. And rather than making assumptions that your made up, “invalid,” and “unreliable” DSM disorders cause child abuse. Perhaps our society should get rid of the child rape covering up “mental health” industries, and go back to arresting and convicting the child abusers, pedophiles, and child sex traffickers?

    Although since misdiagnosing child abuse survivors is approximately 80%, or so, of our “mental health” industry’s business, getting out of that illegal business, will likely be a hard thing for our child rape covering up “mental health” workers to do.

  • Thank you, as always, for speaking the truth about the damage being done, and the scientific fraud, of psychiatry, Philip. I have to agree with you, Rachel, where are the death threats? It’s the psychiatrists who are defaming and poisoning (which is a form of attempted murder) their clients. Not the other way around.

  • As to the “causes and treatment of auditory hallucinations or ‘voices’” … The “cause” is the “treatment.”

    “The symptoms of an anticholinergic toxidrome include … hallucinations … psychosis … Substances that may cause this toxidrome include … antipsychotics, antidepressants ….”

    How many years will it take for the “mental health” workers to learn that the drugs they prescribe create the DSM disorder symptoms?

  • I heard “voices” when I was on the antipsychotics (due to anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning). I heard the “voices” of the people who raped my child and lied to doctors so I would be poisoned, according to medical records that were later handed over. I suppose it could have been “voice to skull technology?”

    After being massively poisoned in a hospital, during withdrawal, I also heard lots of “voices.” They were nice “voices” who wanted to help me heal, however. But I told those “voices” I couldn’t function that way, so they agreed to not speak unless all agreed something needed to be said. I haven’t heard from them since.

    But the bottom line is people do sometimes hear “voices,” although the “voices” are caused by the psychiatric drugs and drug withdrawal. So “Psychiatry will [NOT] protect us from such people.” Psychiatry creates such people.

    “The symptoms of an anticholinergic toxidrome include … hallucinations … memory loss …psychosis … Substances that may cause this toxidrome include antihistamines, antipsychotics, antidepressants ….”

  • The psychiatric and psychological professions do believe “THE PATIENT IS THE DISEASE.” I know because I’ve read my medical records. Thus I do agree this is a BIG problem with our so called “mental health” workers. They do NOT view people as people, they only judge people based upon the stigmatization they gave them.

    I agree with little turtle, from the standpoint that etiology matters, and the psychological and psychiatric industries completely ignore etiology, as even stated in their DSM.

    But we do know the vast majority of those dealing with the “mental health” workers are child abuse victims, so covering up child abuse is the number one actual function of our “mental health” workers today, and historically.

    And the psychiatric DSM was even set up as a child abuse covering up system, by design. Given the reality that no “mental health” worker today, may ever bill any insurance company for ever helping any child abuse survivor ever. Unless they first misdiagnose all child abuse survivors, with the other “invalid” and “unreliable” DSM disorders.

    Maybe it’s unwise for our society to have a group of child abuse covering up “mental health” industries, since those industries are also aiding, abetting, and empowering the pedophiles? To the point the world leaders are now having to discuss western civilization’s pedophilia and child sex trafficking problems run amok.

  • I’m pretty certain if “psychiatry has a soul,” it will find it’s soul in the lake of fire some day.

    “it will … turn psychiatrists from ‘treaters’ into ‘consultants’ who will diagnose patients in a single session, and make recommendations for others to follow, then wave goodbye.”

    I found this to be what the psychiatrists who work in hospitals do already, in the US. But these absent psychiatrists do become mad, to the point of wanting to punch their patients, when the patient’s insurance company says it won’t continue to pay for their unneeded psychiatric services, thus allowing the patient to “wave goodbye.”

    Let’s hope this is an incremental step in getting rid of all the unneeded, iatrogenic illness creating, psychiatrists.

  • “Of course I now wish I’d worked harder to wrap my head around this question of what ‘schizoaffective disorder’ was or wasn’t, or how psychiatric medications fit into all this.”

    A little about “how psychiatric medications fit into all this.” The “schizophrenia” treatments (which are today also being given to the “bipolar” and “depressed” labeled), the antipsychotics/ neuroleptics, can create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.”

    The negative symptoms are created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

    And the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” like “psychosis” and hallucinations, can be created via antipsychotic or antidepressant induced anticholinergic toxidrome.

    But since these medically known psychiatric drug induced syndrome/toxidrome are not listing in the DSM billing code “bible.” Our “mental health” workers largely know nothing about these medically known psychiatric drug induced illnesses, that mimic the symptoms of the psychiatrist’s “invalid” and “unreliable” DSM disorders.

    I do agree, “The story we hear, the story the media repeats, is largely one that industry writes.” So that’s all the majority of people are aware of, and believe. I haven’t yet read your story, but it sounds interesting. Thanks for your blog, and respecting your uncle enough to research this topic.

    The crimes being committed against our society by the psychiatric profession, historically and still today, do culminate in a shameful and tearjerking story, I agree.

  • I agree, the “mental health” workers do not have any insight into other people’s lives, in the past, present, or future. My psychiatrist was actually forced to declare my entire life to be “a credible fictional story” when I confronted him with his many delusions about who I am, written in his medical records.

    I personally have found “mental health” workers to be the worst listeners, the least insightful, and most delusional, not to mention “delusions of grandeur” filled people, I’ve ever personally met. I mean, what kind of “delusions of grandeur” does it take, to think a person will believe their entire life is “fictional”?

    But, then again, I recently had a non-clinical psychologist hand over an “art manager” contract, which was actually an I want to steal all profits from your artwork, take control of your artwork, your story, as well as all your family’s money and property, and control your accountants and lawyers contract. Eek! Of course I did not sign that contract, but the “delusions of grandeur” of the “mental health” workers know no bounds.

    And those child rape covering up “mental health” workers have no ethics either.

    Goodness, gracious, the artwork that’s all the rage with our so called “elite” today is “Spirit cooking” and pedophilia art.

    But our “mental health” workers want to steal from and/or murder all the Spirit led, anti-child abuse artists. Upside down and backwards, America. Including my child rape covering up ex-religion.

    Shame on all those who participate in “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.” Our country should be arresting the pedophiles, instead of having the “mental health” workers aiding, abetting, and empowering them, by defaming and poisoning the child abuse survivors and their families on a massive societal scale.

  • “That is why people who try to help others by talking them out of what they feel are usually no help at all.” Isn’t changing people’s thoughts and feelings what psychotherapy is all about?

    “It is also the reason why research has for decades proven that you can help desperate people immensely by giving them no answers at all, and only giving them empathy.” But this is not what our “mental health” workers do. They are required to stigmatize people with the DSM labels, in order to get paid. Which is innately doing something which “invalidates,” by stigmatizing, “desperate people.”

    Why are all our “mental health” industries ignorant of this research? Their entire paradigm of “care” is structured to “invalidate” “desperate people.” And, of course, their psychiatric drugs create illnesses that are arguably worse than “cancer.”

  • “We have a corporate owned media, and that, in large measure, must go a long way toward presenting only one side of the message, a message amenable to business interests.”

    That’s why we at MiA should be working towards ending the pharmaceutical advertising in our mainstream media. DTC pharmaceutical advertising is illegal in all but two countries, and it should be illegal in all countries, including the USA. Just like cigarette and alcohol advertising is illegal in the USA.

    This is a goal that both the medical doctors, and us critical and anti-psychiatric individuals, can and should be working on together. Not that I trust or want to work with those who attempted to murder me to cover up easily recognized iatrogenesis and the medical evidence of the rape of my child.

    But the reality is there are also good people who were misinformed, and are stuck, within the satanic Rothschild’s “competition is a sin,” medical/ pharmaceutical industrial complex, who did actually go into medicine to help others.

    Ending the pharmaceutical industry’s right to participate in DTC advertising is in both the ethical medical communities’, and the critical and anti-psychiatry communities’, best interests.

  • My heart goes out to Marci, because I know the psych drugs, and psych drug withdrawal, can make one “psychotic,” via anticholinergic toxidrome and a drug withdrawal induced ‘super sensitivity manic psychosis.’ Been there, done that. Thankfully I was never made terribly violent.

    I also have empathy for her since I had a, now FBI convicted, doctor who wanted to medically unnecessarily put me into Elgin Mental Health Center for life, to cover up his, and his psychiatric “snowing” partner-in-crime’s, greed inspired crimes.

    I’ve heard that Elgin Mental Health Center is horrendous. Thankfully, my private insurance refused to pay for a lifetime of unneeded psychiatric care, to cover up my criminal doctors’ crimes. But I do agree, IL psychiatrists are a bunch of scientific fraud based criminals.

    Please send my best to her, and I’ll say a prayer for her.

  • “Normal telling us how hopelessly sick and crazy were.” I was only forced to do group therapy for a week, but I found it a worthless experience. We were not allowed to question or disagree with our so called ‘mental illness,’ which left me with nothing to discuss. The group was nothing more than a “mental health” worker, whose goal was brainwashing the group members, into believing in their “invalid” DSM disorders. It was absurd.

  • One of the problems with the psychological/psychiatric industries is they seem to have “delusions of grandeur” they should be in charge of everything, despite seemingly not even having any success or knowledge of the fields they claim to be “experts” in. For goodness sakes, their entire DSM “bible” was debunked as fraud six years ago, yet the psychologists and psychiatrists are still using it. And they’re all now claiming ignorance of the common adverse effects of drugs they’ve been force feeding the children for decades, and they’ve got no clue how to wean people off their neurotoxins. Plus the psychologists and psychiatrists always claim everything needs more research funding.

    I agree, the children do need their “physical education, art, music, social studies, and recess.” But I think the physical education teachers should be in charge of the physical education. The schools should start hiring art teachers again, and they should teach art and music. Social studies teachers should teach social studies. And let the kids have recess.

    Why does any of this common sense stuff need to be researched by psychologists, and why should the school psychologists be in charge of any of it?

    The school psychologists are in charge of defaming and poisoning the children, that’s your job. And now you’re becoming embarrassed by the mess you’ve created, so want to pretend you are about “social justice”? No, the job of the “mental health” workers is protecting the interests of the wealthy and/or institutions, by getting rid of justice for all, outside the law.

  • We do have a controlled media, which has as its primary function propagandizing – as opposed to educating – our population, unfortunately. Which is part of why our current President is calling the mainstream media “fake news.” I absolutely agree with your last two paragraphs, but there are solutions.

    We at MiA should be fighting to make DTC (direct to consumer) pharmaceutical advertising illegal. This would take the control of our mainstream media out of the hands of the pharmaceutical industry. We are one of only two nations on this planet that allows DTC pharmaceutical advertising, and it needs to end. And even most doctors agree, from my understanding.

    There are many decent independent, truth telling journalists online. But the problem is not so much journalists not standing up for journalists. The problem is the big tech firms are silencing the independent, truth telling journalists as fast as they can. So we need to work on creating laws, apparently, to prevent the big tech firms from taking away the freedom of speech of the truth telling, independent journalists, more so than we need to blame the journalists who are feeling threatened.

    But I do agree, all these problems do cause us, “as a society [to] grow even more cynical.” So we should work to fix these societal problems. Those are a couple of issues MiA, and all who care about humanity and our US society, should be addressing. If I were a lawyer, I would be, but I’m not a lawyer.

    I’m merely a banker’s daughter, and artist, who can see the big picture. Who was psychiatrically defamed for, what was eventually concluded to be by my psychiatrist, being “insightful.”

  • “… therapists have to continually revise their understandings of clients because clients are always in process and forever changing. That’s why Kelly used the term transitive diagnosis. He said diagnoses are transitive because they are continually evolving.”

    I agree, but will point out that this is 100% the opposite of what the DSM devotees believe. The DSM deluded believe “illnesses” like “bipolar” and “schizophrenia” are “lifelong, incurable, genetic mental illnesses,” that require psychiatric drugging, forever and ever.

  • What I hear in this blog is a need for more money and respect for the providers of “services.” Services that are not helping families, because they are riddled with systemic problems. Adding money to increase systems, that are flawed at their very core, is not the solution.

    The solution is changing these flawed systems. For example, CPS is a hot mess. The CPS workers are actually given financial incentives to steal children from families.

    Google CPS, tons of heartbroken families are speaking out about these systemic problems. Adding money to increase this “legalized kidnapping” system, without fixing the problems inherent within the system, will only make matters worse for families, not better.

    I don’t hear you concretely pointing out how to fix these broken and misguided systems, just asking for more money to increase these bad systems, and more respect for those who work within these horrendous, family destroying, systems.

    And I will tell you CPS does not address real cases of child abuse, that happened outside the home, once medical evidence is handed over. Because child abuse that occurred outside the home would not allow CPS to steal one’s children. But the school social workers do want to steal well behaved, intelligent children from their parents, once a child heals from child abuse.

    And, of course, we’re overlooking the elephant in the room, by neglecting to point out that all these social service workers believe in the, now debunked as scientifically “invalid” and “unreliable,” DSM “bible.”

    The systems are satanic, adding money to them will not help. They need to be dismantled, and rebuilt in a manner that actually helps families. And certainly people who are “legally kidnapping” children, do NOT deserve more respect or power.

  • The clinicians believe their own “antidotal reports” are valid, because they’re “professionals.” But they believe all client descriptions of the psych drugs are invalid “antidotal reports,” since they come from mere clients. An example of this is the systemic psychiatric denial of the fact that antidepressant withdrawal causes “brain zaps.” Read all the way to the “Conclusion” of this piece, the lack of respect for the clients is blatant.'Brain_shivers'_From_chat_room_to_clinic

    The reality is “the clinicians [are] not being entirely honest,” and sometimes they’re outright pathological liars.

    Which may be the case for the majority of clinicians given that the “long-term data demonstrate better results from no treatment at all, throwing into question much of the research base of psychiatric interventions.”

  • I found in the US that the psychologists, social workers, school social workers, and even the so called pastoral counselors all fall in the “compromised” and “colluding” with the medical model catagory.

    And they all seemed to have as a goal, according to their medical records, destroying “good external support networks.” One of my psychologist’s first statements, in her medical records, was something to the effect of “what to do w/ 4 yr old girl,” implying she was hoping to steal my daughter from me?

    One of her last comments, when she had to stop seeing me, since she was incabable of discussing the etiology of my psychiatric drug induced illness, was something related to the fact that at least she destroyed my marriage. But all her medical records do indicate she had “conspired” with a pastor and some child molesters to cover up the abuse of my other child.

    I found the schools to be not remotely concerned that a child went from a “school for gifted children,” into remedial reading in first grade, after the child abuse. However, once my child had largely healed from the abuse, and got 100% on his state standardized tests in 7th grade, by 8th grade the school social workers wanted to get their hands on my child.

    I found the social workers to be the criminals, left to cover up prior malpractice for doctors, by medically unnecessarily shipping patients to now FBI convicted doctors. Whose MO is having lots and lots of patients medically unnecessarily shipped to them, “snowing” them until they couldn’t breathe, so those doctors could perform unneeded tracheotomies on people for profit.

    And I found that the pastoral counselors in the hospitals do not believe in God, or the concept of “treating others in a manner that you’d like to be treated,” which is a main tenant of Jesus’ theology.

    So I’d definitely say in the US, most the counselors are in the “compromised” and “colluding” with the medical model mode. To the extent I’m not certain that it is possible “for practitioners critical of the medical model to find ways of surviving and making a difference within our current, medically dominated mental health system.”

    I know some MiA commentators are former practitioners who didn’t want to continue working within the US mental health system, constantly having to battle that corrupt, “invalid,” and “unreliable,” system.

  • Thank you for sharing your story, May May. As one who was psychiatrically poisoned – and made “psychotic” – for disgust at 9/11/2001, and because I knew in my gut back then, that the never ending wars that would result from that day, would lead us towards a WWIII. And because my former religion and PCP wanted to cover up medical evidence of the abuse of my child and easily recognized iatrogenesis committed against me, by my PCP’s husband. Although I did not know this until the medical evidence was handed over years later.

    I will say that all people, who have ever been put on an antipsychotic or antidepressant, have a “vulnerability to psychosis and mania.” Because both those drug classes are anticholinergic drugs, and the anticholinergic drugs can make a person “psychotic” or “manic,” via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning. And this is true, I’m pretty certain for most people, both when put on these drug classes, as well as well after being weaned from them. The psych “profession” largely claims ignorance of this reality, but you should be informed of this.

    Nonetheless, my psychotomimetic “psychoses” were also quite spiritual in nature. And I absolutely agree, God does not support all these never ending wars. He does not stand in support of the NWO, although that’s not to say He will not allow biblical prophecy to be played out, as it appears numerous religions and governments are now doing.

    I agree, God is Love, although I was reminded of His omnipresence and omnipotentance as well. Thus, I believe in Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the God of the Old Testament. I don’t believe “Jesus would be offended” that you learned of His love while dealing with psychotropic poisoning, many indigenous religions use psychotropics for “enlightenment.” Although, I do agree with oldhead that maintaining the “mental illness” stigmatizations does more harm than good for most.

    Nonetheless, I do believe God will judge all fairly, and that His goal is to bring about peace and justice on earth. So kudos to you for turning the iatrogenic harms of psychiatry into a fight for peace and justice on this planet. Keep fighting the good fight, May May, and God bless.

  • I did finally find a doctor with a brain in his head, who took the SMI label off my medical records. But after what I was put through, and all the medical research I’ve done, I’ve largely lost all respect for our allopathic medical community. The system is bad.

    “Hell no! They won’t let us go.” I agree, that’s their goal. I had one psychiatrist spend years fraudulently listing me as her “out patient” at a hospital I’d never been to, according to an insurance company. When I asked her to stop doing that, she started fraudulently listing me as her patient at the hospital that I had the misfortune of meeting her, despite the fact I’d moved out of state.

    Her partner in crime was eventually arrested by the FBI, because he’d defrauded Medicaid/Medicare out of millions for medically unnecessarily harming many patients for profit. The shrinks have less than zero ethics, and do not want to let anyone escape. They’re unscrupulous lunatics.

  • You are correct, the “mental health” workers do judge people solely based on their perception of socio economic class, but sometimes their illegal nosing into people’s finances does not give them a clear or accurate picture of one’s socioeconomic status, or anything about that person’s life.

    Plus, I’m quite certain judging people based solely upon their finances and insurance has nothing to do with health care. But I do know this is what the psychiatrists and psychologists are doing, since I’ve read their medical records.

    Now I have “mental health” loonies scrambling, because as an artist, I painted my former “mental health” loonies’ crimes. And my portfolio is “too truthful” for the child rape covering up religion, that had me poisoned to cover up the abuse of my child. Books are even being written about these systemic child rape covering up crimes.

    And covering up child abuse is the number one actual function of our “mental health” workers, both historically and today.

    Catch a clue, “mental health” workers, your drugs do not help victims of a crime, or their legitimately concerned parents. And the “mental health” workers must still not want to help trauma survivors, since they have yet to ditch their “invalid” DSM billing code “bible,” thus still can’t bill insurance companies for helping child abuse survivors, or their family members.

    Justice is what helps one heal. Having a multibillion dollar, primarily child abuse covering up, group of scientific fraud based “mental health” industries, destroys a country. Because those industries are also aiding, abetting, and empowering the child molesters and child sex traffickers. Dah!

  • “It is often impossible to convince a person under a delusion that he or she is delusional. Such a person is more likely to suggest that the sane person is delusional. This is why our venerable and God-bearing Father Anthony of the Desert (251–356 CE) said: ‘A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him saying, ‘You are mad, you are not like us.’’”

    I do agree, this is where today’s DSM believing “mental health” workers are. They want to murder and steal from everyone who doesn’t believe in, or even know about, their “invalid,” “unreliable,” and insane DSM “bible.” Today’s DSM deluded are quite similar to the psychiatrists in Bolshevik led Russia and Nazi Germany. And thus we are seeing our very own, on going, banned from the mainstream media, psychiatric “holocaust” in America today.

    “The soul functions through the body, and if the body is damaged, say in its higher brain centres, then the soul cannot express itself, without for all that having been lost.”

    As one of the many who was drugged up for belief in the Holy Spirit, God, and belief in the real Bible, by today’s psychiatric establishment for a former pastor, I absolutely agree the soul functions through the body. And the psych drugs do change how one expresses oneself. But I will say, as an artist, I now have a portfolio of artwork, of which my child rape covering up childhood religion is terrified, because it’s “too truthful.”

    So I would say the psych drugs do hinder the way a soul expresses itself (chaos in the brain = chaos on the canvas), but do not prevent a soul from expressing the crimes committed against one’s family, especially once one is weaned off those drugs. I, thankfully, never experienced ECT, so can not speak to the horrors of that personally.

    An ethical pastor did confess to me, once given a medical synopsis of the crimes committed against my family, to the “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.” Did the Orthodox not make this child rape covering up faustian deal with the psychiatrists? Or did you learn from buying into it in Russia, and are now speaking out against it?

    The primary actual function of the “mental health” workers, both historically and today, has always been the paternalistic job of covering up rape of children for the Christian religions, and the wealthy they worship.

    The problem is, the wrong banksters took over the world, including America. And in my case, my childhood religion now worships Bohemian Grove attending, Baal worshipping, “cocaine dealing,” child sacrificing, wealthy pedophiles. And this seems to be a systemic problem, even according to world leaders.

  • Yes, what I was psychiatrically poisoned for innately knowing in late 2001, that the wrong people were in charge, and were planning on taking this world towards a WWIII (to cover up the fraud based monetary system), is what the “awakened” are now all seeing come to fruition.

    Good thing the ignorant, fraud based money worshipping, “mental health” workers are here to maintain the status quo for the war mongering and profiteering, fiscally irresponsible, bailout needing, home stealing, globalist banksters, who are seemingly hell bent on destroying America.

    I agree, those “screaming RESIST!” are “today’s” heroes.

  • I agree, “Excellent article Bruce. Glad to see you slowly approaching the conclusion that psychiatry must be abolished; nothing built on fraudulent principles can be ‘reformed.’ Psychiatry is not a branch of medicine, it is a tool of law enforcement and social repression.”

    This is true, as is it true, that the primary actual function of both our psychological and psychiatric industries, historically and today, is covering up child abuse and rape. Despite the reality that legitimate distress caused by a crime is not a “brain disease,” as our “mental health” workers believe, since they can’t bill insurance companies for helping child abuse survivors.

    Perhaps our “law enforcement” officers should start arresting the child molesters, and our psychiatrists and psychologists should get out of the business of covering up child abuse and rape on a massive societal scale? Especially since all of this empowerment of the pedophiles and child sex traffickers, by the “mental health” workers, is destroying western civilization?

    Our society would be a better place without the scientific fraud based, primarily child rape covering up, “mental health” industries.

  • “It is important for primary care clinicians to discuss discontinuation symptoms with patients at the time of initiation of an antidepressant. Doing so will allows patients to make more informed decisions about whether they want to start an antidepressant in the first place.”

    So true, all this mass drugging of the population, with lies that the psychiatric drugs and opioids are “safe meds,” was a huge betrayal of the population by the medical community.

    I’m not certain more psychological supports are what is needed, however. I think support by knowledgable people who’ve gone through the process of withdrawal, thus understand it, would be more beneficial.

    Withdrawal symptoms can be very bizarre, and mimic the symptoms in the DSM, a book our psychologists still believe in. Thus the psychologists are likely to end up misdiagnosing the withdrawal symptoms, as the DSM disorders, which happened in my case.

    It truly is a shame our “mental health professionals” know so little about the effects of the drugs they were fraudulently claiming to “know everything about” decades ago.

  • “According to researchers, withdrawal symptoms from psychiatric drugs ‘may include anxiety, depression, mania, and psychosis, in addition to nausea and vomiting, tachycardia, lightheadedness, and diarrhea.’” It’s my understanding the patients have been saying much of this for decades.

    “The researchers note that, according to previous literature, if returning psychiatric symptoms occur quickly after drug discontinuation, it is likely to be due to withdrawal effects, whereas if symptoms return more slowly, they are more likely to be due to relapse.”

    That was not my personal experience. Is there actual proof of this, to even use this as a basis of scientific research? Not that it may not have some semblance to reality, it may, or may not.

    My so called “return of the illness,” actual first time ever experiencing a drug withdrawal induced “supersensitivity manic psychosis” happened, the first time, according to “mental health workers,” 9 months after withdrawal.

    The second time it happened, according to the same idiotic and criminal (some eventually convicted by the FBI) “mental health professionals,” was 21 months later. This second time the idiot psychiatrist couldn’t even convince anyone I was suffering from anything greater than “adjustment disorder.” So she couldn’t force drug me again. And I’ve been “illness” free ever since, which is now 10 years.

    I’d do some research into your assumption that “if returning psychiatric symptoms occur quickly after drug discontinuation, it is likely to be due to withdrawal effects, whereas if symptoms return more slowly, they are more likely to be due to relapse.”

  • How would you address a woman whose trying to overcome her denial and fear that her small child might have been raped? Like all psychologists and psychiatrists throughout history? Deny, defame, and drug?

    The “mental health” workers need to stop profiteering off of denying and covering up child abuse, and face reality. Because your systemic child abuse covering up crimes have resulted in empowering the pedophiles and child sex traffickers, which is destroying our country.

  • Perhaps the fact that the antipsychotics/neuroleptics create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” according to the medical evidence, might be relevant to this discussion? The negative symptoms of “schizophrenia” are created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. And the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia” are created via antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome.

    If these psychiatrists garnered insight into this medical reality, then they might garner insight into why their clients don’t want to take their antipsychotics. In a rational and just world, it would be illegal for the psychiatrists to make people “psychotic” with the antipsychotics.

    But no doubt, taking away the psychiatrists ability to make healthy people “psychotic” with the antipsychotics would greatly decrease the number of “psychotic” people, thus greatly decrease the psychiatrists’ client base.

    The antidepressants can also make people “psychotic” via anticholinergic toxidrome, not to mention make people suicidal and homicidal. And the ADHD drugs can also make people “psychotic.”

    Getting rid of all these “psychosis” creating psychiatric drug classes would greatly reduce the burden of “mental illness” in our world. But that would be bad for business for the “mental illness” creating psychiatrists, whose only function on this planet is pushing these neurotoxins onto innocent others.

    Oh, but everyone who disagrees with the fear mongering psychiatrists “lacks insight,” of course. Fear mongering like, “Some patients will die or kill other people … we will have more violent acts …We will have more mentally ill people disturbing in the local community ….”

    Fear mongering despite the reality that “the majority of people who are violent do not suffer from mental illnesses. In fact, people with a mental illness are more likely to be the victims, rather than the perpetrators of violence.”

    And the medical evidence does show that the vast majority of those who are psychiatrically “diagnosed” are, in fact, child abuse survivors – victims of a crime – not violent people.

    Fear monger and defame your clients with lies and “invalid” disorders, child abuse covering up, psychiatrists and psychologists.

  • I, too, had a problem with a pastor who I had just met. I didn’t understand why he was behaving so rudely at the time, my father had been in charge of his religion’s pension funds for years and had made that religion millions. I ended up agreeing to talk to a therapist about our interpersonal problems. I had hoped she’d help us work out the problem. I didn’t know at the time that the religions had entered into a faustian deal with the “mental health” workers long ago.

    The “mental health” workers’ job is to “blame” any person who has interpersonal problems with a pastor, for any reason. But especially when, as it turned out in my case, that pastor wanted to cover up the sexual assault of my child by his best friends (and likely also that pastor, since child rapists “often share their victims”).

    That therapist denied the problem, blamed me for my child’s new found difficulties, misdiagnosed me, and had me massively poisoned, via anticholinergic toxidrome. The medical evidence of the abuse of my child was finally handed over by some decent and disgusted nurses in my PCP’s office, three and a half years later. My PCP and her husband were then kicked out of that medical practice, since everyone in that office had become aware of their malpractice.

    None of the mandatory reporters (psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, pastors, school social workers, etc.) reported the abuse. The police and CPS refused to investigate, when I reported I’d been handed over medical evidence of the abuse of my child. I was able to terrify the school, who had the child molester on their school board, into closing it’s doors forever, out of fear of a lawsuit. Ironically that school closed it’s doors forever on 6.6.06.

    A subsequent ethical pastor eventually confessed that my family had dealt with “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.” And there is medical evidence of the truth of the systemic child abuse covering up crimes of our “mental health” workers.

    The role of our “mental health” workers is to “blame” the wrong person. The child molesters should be blamed, arrested, and convicted for their crimes. The “mental health” workers should get out of the business of blaming the child abuse survivors and their families, misdiagnosing them, poisoning them, and attempting to murder them.

    I do so hope to see an end to this “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions” soon. And I will just mention that one of the flaws in the logic of betraying an artist in this manner, is that artists get their frustrations out via their paintings.

    And so they will end up with a “too truthful” portfolio of work poignantly – and frighteningly for the child abuse covering up “mental health” workers and the religions – describing the crimes committed against that artist’s family. “A picture paints a thousand words,” after all. And a portfolio of paintings tells a very compelling story.

    In this insane and very divisive world in which we live, where Spirit cooking and pedophilia art is all the rage with our self proclaimed “elite.” I would imagine the work of us Spirit led, anti-child abuse artists should have a place in the art history books as well. Since I do not believe the majority of people in this country think raping children is a good thing. Only time will tell, however.

    In the “culture war,” of good vs evil, that is going on in our country. In which our religions have chosen to be on the side of evil, which is shameful.

    We all need to hope and pray that good eventually overtakes the evil. It’s a shame our religions and the “mental health” workers have chosen to be on the side of evil. Anyone dealing with any kind of child abuse should stay as far away from the “mental health” workers as possible. Since today NO “mental health” worker may EVER bill ANY insurance company for EVER helping ANY child abuse survivor EVER.

    And today’s “mental health” workers will not just deny your legitimate concerns. They will misdiagnose you, since they cannot bill to help you, then they will attempt to murder you with their neurotoxic drugs. A toxidrome is a medically known form of poisoning, and poisoning a person is a form of attempted murder. And both the antidepressants and the antipsychotics can create anticholinergic toxidrome.

    We also need to start blaming the religions and “mental health” workers who are committing these systemic crimes against millions and millions of child abuse survivors, and their families. The, primarily child abuse covering up, “mental health” system is not just scientifically fraudulent and “invalid,” it’s a downright satanic system.

    And I for one, think it’s insanely stupid to believe that an industry that has spent over a century profiteering off of covering up child abuse, will all of a sudden change their ways 100%, and start actually helping child abuse survivors.

  • “’… [R]ecent increases in suicides and drug-related deaths result from an inter-generational deterioration of economic and social conditions with roots in the labor market,’ write the authors.”

    Are you “mental health” workers now claiming suicides are not caused by your theorized DSM disorders, and “chemical imbalances” in individuals’ brains, which can be “cured” with your drugs? As you’ve been fraudulently claiming for decades.

    You know, your “wonder drugs,” that have had a black box warning on them since 2004 that states, “Antidepressants increased the risk compared to placebo of suicidal thinking and behavior (suicidality) in children, adolescents, and young adults in short-term studies of major depressive disorder (MDD) and other psychiatric disorders.” Do you believe drugs are cognizant the age of the person taking them?

    “’This study suggests that increasing the minimum wage could represent a strategy for addressing worsening trends in suicide rates,’ conclude the authors.”

    Perhaps we should also start arresting all those banksters, lawyers, and “bought out” judges who’ve been stealing “$trillions worth of houses” from the American public, too? Since banks stealing “$trillions worth of houses” could be detrimental and distressing to the members of a society?

    Perhaps a return to the rule of law would be a good idea? Which, of course, cannot exist in a society where we have fraud based “mental health” workers – who operate outside the law – playing judge, jury, and executioner to anyone who speaks out against our lawless society, and the current “powers that be.”

    Oops, did the “mental health” workers function to betray the decent American families, in their “quest” to aid, abet, and empower an “elite,” who are actually thieves and pedophiles?

    Yes they did. You all may thank “Rockefeller medicine,” and your worship of Rothschild’s worthless paper money, and we must not forget the war mongering and profiteering Nazi Bush family (et al), for turning the “mental health” workers into a bunch of unrepentant torturers, mass murderers, and attempted murderers.

    May we end the ongoing, modern day, psychiatric holocaust of the decent, innocent, and ethical people within Western civilization yet? And I believe we are at a point where a large percentage of the so called “professionals” belong in jail. And we must not forget this includes all those pedophile pastors, priests, bishops, rabbis, etc.

    Upside down and backwards, America. I live in an insane society that has given “omnipotent” status to those who create “mental illnesses” in innocent people on a massive societal scale, those who’ve made a mockery of our monetary system, and the pedophiles. While those “omnipotent” “mental health” workers, work as hard as they can, to attempt to murder the Americans who actually create and sell goods. Upside down and backwards, America, I painted that painting in 2005. Murder the “insightful,” intelligent, and ethical people, “mental health” workers! That will destroy America and all of Western civilization, which seemingly is the goal of psychiatry.

    I’m quite certain merely raising the minimum wage, misses the big picture root causes of the problems within our society, that might lead to suicides. We need a return to the rule of law, and we need to start arresting the real criminals.

  • But those of us who know doctors and psychiatrists are not God, are not interested in a diagnosis from one of the lunatic, god complexed, “omnipotent moral busy body” “mental health” workers. I think it’d be more accurate to say people subconsciously feel they need to be properly judged by God in order to get to heaven.

    And the real problem is that our society has given the “mental health” workers “omnipotent” status. The right to – outside the law – play judge, jury, and executioner of innocent humans … with no consequences for their actions. Which has led to the “mental health” workers becoming god complexed, society destroying, lunatics.

    We need to bring back the rule of law, and take away the “omnipotent” status of the fraud based, primarily child abuse covering up, “mental health” workers. But since our country has apparently had child rapists in charge since Regan and “poppy Bush” …

    “Omnipotent” status was inappropriately given to the historically and still, primarily child abuse covering up, “mental health” industries.

  • Wow, a psychiatrist that actually confesses to the truth! The psychiatric drugs “reliably perpetuate or even cause the symptoms that they are marketed to treat.” So true!

    As Whitaker pointed out, the ADHD drugs and antidepressants create the “bipolar” symptoms, not to mention suicidal and homicidal thoughts and actions. And the antipsychotics/neuroleptics reliably create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.” The negative symptoms are created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome, and the positive symptoms are created via anticholinergic toxidrome.

    And some of us consider being stigmatized with a “mental illness,” then poisoned … defamation of character and attempted murder. Not all patients want to be defamed to our loved ones, poisoned, and tortured via anticholinergic toxidrome induced “psychosis” for the rest of our lives.

  • So true, kindredspirit. And the number one actual societal function of our psychologists and psychiatrists, for over a century, has been covering up child abuse.

    Despite such behavior being illegal. I absolutely agree, “The people doing the traumatizing are the ones whose pathology needs to be addressed. The victims need restorative justice.” The rule of law is non-existent when a society has a bunch of child rape covering up, scientific fraud based, “mental health” industries.

    By the way, your psychiatric drugs create the symptoms of your “invalid” DSM disorders. The ADHD drugs and antidepressants create the “bipolar” symptoms. And the antipsychotics/neuroleptics create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.”

  • My psychologist and psychiatrists believed distress at 9/11/2001 was “a lifelong incurable genetic mental illness,” according to their medical records. How insane can people be? Someone, obviously, needs to educate the “mental health” workers that such insane misdiagnosis behavior is “political abuse of psychiatry.”

    And obviously they do need to be taught that watching “‘[r]epeated bombing-related media exposure was associated with higher acute stress than was direct exposure.’ Being exposed to the media was more stressful. […]”

    I ended up having to turn the main stream news off long ago because of all that “terror, terror, terror.” But now that lots of people are finally figuring out that the news is “fake news,” many are following suit. Which apparently is resulting in the mainstream “fake news” now claiming everyone who does not believe their worldview is “psychotic.”

    “It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.”

  • I think so, Steve.

    “The CRPD marks a paradigm shift in the understanding of and attitudes towards disability, by changing the status of a person with a disability from a passive recipient of care to an active subject with rights.”

    How, in a country where “all people are created as equal, with certain inalienable rights,” did that paradigm of care ever even become legal in the first place? (Money talks.)

    And the way the current psychiatric paradigm functions is the “mental health” workers have been given the right to play “judge, jury, and executioner” to all people, outside of the rule of law. Thus eliminating the rule of law in America.

    The “mental health” industries, as they currently function, are extraordinarily un- and even anti-American. But the DSM based “mental health” system was set up by the globalist banksters. And it is supported 100% by the child rape covering up mainstream religions, who own the hospitals.

    So it’s not all that surprising to anyone who was not miseducated by those globalist bankster families. Banking families who own and direct our education system, who deluded millions into believing in the anti-American DSM “mental health system.” Especially if one has researched history and understands the goals and “delusions of grandeur” belief systems of the globalist banking families, who miseducated all our DSM deluded “mental health professionals.”

    Follow the money. Shame on “Rockefeller medicine,” the war mongering and profiteering Nazi Bushes, the Rothschild’s, and all other globalist banking families, who have set up satanic systems within America, to destroy America from within.

  • I was never helped with any of these drugs, but I didn’t have a mental illness. These drugs are used by doctors to gaslight people, in order to cover up medical evidence of prior malpractice and the abuse of one’s child. And to silence, discredit, and cover up – for profit – the sexual assault of millions of child abuse survivors.

    Thank you, Joanne, for this critical analysis of these neurotoxic drugs. I agree the medical community’s now claimed ignorance of the harmful effects of the psychiatric drugs is “shameful.”

    But I’m quite certain “naivety” is too generous, since all doctors were taught in med school that both the antidepressants and the antipsychotics can create “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. It’s downright evil to mass drug a population’s children with amphetamines. And all people, except today’s doctors, know opium is a dangerous, mind altering, and addictive drug. Unfortunately I’d have say disingenuous, unethical, avarice at the expense of other humans’ lives inspired, hypocritical, or insanely stupid would be a better description of today’s medical community.

  • Thanks for sharing your story, Jane. Absolutely there has been an attack, by the “mental health” workers, on middle aged and slightly younger women, especially women who’ve dealt with some sort of crime. In my case, I was attacked by doctors because I’d dealt with a “bad fix” on a broken bone they wanted to cover up, and my child had been abused.

    I was attacked prior to my even mentally coming to grips with the fact my child had been abused, since it happened outside my home. And I didn’t really come to grips with the reality of that crime, until the medical evidence of the abuse of my child was finally handed over years later, by some decent and disgusted nurses. How pathetic is it that a mom is actually relieved to be handed over medical evidence of the abuse of her child, since it explains why she was attacked by insane “mental health” workers?

    It’s a tremendous shame our “mental health” workers, who fraudulently claimed decades ago to “know everything about the meds.” Who are now claiming ignorance of all the adverse effects of their drugs, as well as the withdrawal symptoms of their drugs, with no acknowledgement that since these doctors have been raping our entire economy for their malpractice insurance, proper amends and compensation is the appropriate course of action, to those they are now unrepentantly, somewhat confessing, they ignorantly harmed.

    I agree, healing from the crimes and injustices being perpetuated against humanity by our DSM deluded “mental health” workers “is another kind of PTSD: the ongoing trauma of realizing” the staggering in scope, systemic crimes, fraud, and injustices of what the “mental health” workers have been doing to millions of people, including millions of children, for decades, a century, if not longer.

    “Ambushed” by “mental health” workers is a good way of describing the behavior of our modern day, drug pushing, disingenuous DSM deluded “mental health” workers.

    “1. A sudden attack made from a concealed position.
    2…. Those hiding in order to attack by surprise…”

    I’m sorry about what happened to you and glad you were successfully able to get off the psych drugs. Thank you for sharing your story, and I hope and pray for justice for all.

  • Yes, I know about the mass drugging of the black people. I see it too, I volunteer with a church which is working to help underprivileged children. I’ve been recommending Whitaker’s books and even sending youtube videos with black psychologists speaking out against this mass psychiatric drugging of the blacks to the leaders of the group with whom I volunteer.

    It breaks my heart to see all the blacks who are suffering from severe dyskinesia when I go to their church. And I know the psychiatrists are not honestly confessing to their iatrogenic harm of these individuals. There was even one lady from that church who was so insanely over drugged that all she could do was scribble in a notepad, I don’t think she could even speak. It just breaks my heart.

    A social worker I spoke with just yesterday even said she goes to black neighborhoods, and entire neighborhoods of black children are drugged. She said she thought she might go talk to her alma mater about this problem. I said please do!

  • Absolutely correct, Fiachra. From a more medical perspective, the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia” can be created via antipsychotic / “neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.” And the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia” can be created via antipsychotic / neuroleptic, not to mention antidepressant, induced “anticholinergic toxidrome.” Meaning “schizophrenia” is largely an iatrogenic illness, created with the so called “gold standard schizophrenia treatments,” not a “genetic” illness.

    Just like “bipolar” is an iatrogenic illness created with the antidepressants and/or ADHD drugs, as Robert Whitaker so poignantly pointed out.

    But since neither of the above mentioned, medically known psychiatric drug induced syndrome/toxidrome are listed in the DSM. Well, out of sight, out of the minds of all our billing code “bible,” DSM obsessed “mental health” workers.

    As to “Nothing has changed.” I agree, Noel, and thanks for your blog. Both sides of our “mental health” industry, the psychologists and psychiatrists, are primarily child rape cover uppers and profiteers. Our “mental health” industries have been primarily child rape covering up industries for over a century.

    Part of why this is the case today is because NO “mental health” worker may EVER bill ANY insurance company for EVER helping ANY child abuse survivor EVER. Without first misdiagnosing ALL child abuse survivors with one of the scientifically “invalid” DSM disorders.

    An ethical pastor confessed this to me to be “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions” way back in 2011. But I did have to do the research to find this to be the truth of this systemic betrayal of our society by our “mental health professionals.”

    A systemic betrayal of our society, which has unfortunately, but not understandably, resulted in the pedophiles and child sex traffickers controlling all of western civilization, according to our current world leaders.

    And I’ll say as the mother of a child who was abuse outside my home, according to medical evidence that was eventually handed over. Who was proactively and unjustly defamed with one of the theorized “you have bad genetics” DSM disorders, who was not given any “genetic” testing, which is available today.

    And as one with both a father and an abused child who largely healed (because I kept my child away from our insane “mental health professionals”), who both graduated university Phi Beta Kappa (which puts those individuals in the top 1% in intellect in this country, theoretically). And as one who personally got in the top 99.95% on my math SATs, and who also only missed one on the last IQ test I was given by an employer, even after the anticholinergic poisonings. And as a person with multiple Olympic athletes in my family.

    I’m quite certain it’s highly inappropriate for our “mental health” workers to be defaming people with their make believe “life long incurable, genetic mental illnesses” when there is less than zero proof any of the DSM disorders even exists. And us independent psychopharmacology researchers have already medically proven that the psychiatric drugs create the symptoms of the “most serious DSM disorders.”

    Change the staggering fraud within your industry, Noel. But, unfortunately, there will be no business for the fraud based “mental health professionals,” if your industries get out of the child rape covering up business, given the current medical literature.

    But that doesn’t mean our, primarily child rape covering up, “mental health” industries shouldn’t be taken down. We need the police to start arresting the child abusers, because if they don’t, the pedophiles will destroy humanity. Think about it, as the intelligent mother of an abused child, I know they will. A society cannot survive, if it attacks it’s own children, which is what the pedophiles and their child rape covering up “mental health” workers are doing.

  • “We hope for a science that would make us more, not less, mindful of how our brains fit into this bigger picture.”

    Sounds a little, tiny bit like a confession, that you “mental health” workers don’t have a scientific clue about how our brains actually function. Which all of us here know is the reality. Oh, but it’s all wrapped up in your newest fad. So as to cover up your enormous crimes against humanity, including your ongoing modern day, psychiatric holocaust of Western civilization.

    But primarily its just a modern day psychiatric holocaust of child abuse survivors, children, women, blacks, and the elderly.

    Good God, if you’re killing 500,000 65+ and older adults a year, plus you’ve created a completely iatrogenic “childhood bipolar epidemic,” which no doubt also applies to all the “bipolar” misdiagnosed adults. How many people are you “mental health” workers actually killing a year with your psychiatric drugs?

    Was it in the ballpark of 783,936 per year, as of the turn of the century?

    Plus we know the mass psychiatric drugging, including the opioid drugging, and resulting medical murders have increased staggering since the turn of the century. So how many are you murdering now a year, “mental health” workers, and all doctors?

    Our society is dealing with a modern day, ongoing, iatrogenic illness creating, psychiatric holocaust that the “mental health” workers have yet to confess to, make proper amends for, nor have you even changed your evil ways. Despite your BS DSM “bible” being declared “invalid” in 2013 by many, including the head of the National Institute of Mental Health, and more than one prior DSM chairperson.

    The “mental health” workers must get rid of their BS Diabolical Stigmatization Manuel (DSM). And since you’ve all been raping the entire US economy for your malpractice insurance, you likely need to also repent, and properly compensate all those you’ve harmed, if you want the judge of your soul to ever believe any of you actually wants forgiveness.

    Our society had (has) rules, and you “mental health” workers didn’t abide by them, and instead chose to betray all of Western civilization. Wake up, you “delusions of grandeur” filled “mental health professionals” are NOT actually God.

  • ” That which negatively impacts one person in the family impacts all of us — we are connected, like it or not.” Absolutely true, and I’m sorry your son is being held against his and your wills, and is being poisoned with antipsychotics. It’s shameful that the psychiatrists have been given to ability to do this to anyone. And their attacks on individuals absolutely are attacks on that person’s entire family. My “mental health” workers destroyed my marriage, and strained all my familial relationships.

    I wish I could help, but agree the satanic psychiatric system is … I guess it’s a dragon, like dragon slayer used to call it. And what’s really sad is that dragon is even hanging out in the churches. I guess that’s at least part of why many of my paintings show the dragon in the churches, and the churches as upside down, just like Chagall used to paint. When psychiatrists are given control, they always end up creating holocausts. Why are our leaders so stupid as to not learn from history, and to never give any group, especially the psychiatrists, the power to play judge, jury, and executioner to other human beings? My prayers for healing to your family.

    If you want to anger your son’s psychiatrists, do remind them that the antipsychotics can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome, and they can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia” via anticholinergic toxidrome. God bless.

  • “’Breakthrough’ Treatment for Postpartum Depression: Game Changer or Misguided Magic Bullet?” “Misguided Magic Bullet” sounds more like the proper answer, given the evidence. And “diagnostic creep,” or “’selling sickness,’ which blurs lines between normal situational human experiences and those which truly merit pharmaceutical intervention” is absolutely what this is.

    IMHO, as a mother of a preemie, who needed to be fed every hour and a half for four months, which of course was highly exhausting, and left me greatly sleep deprived. Thankfully, I knew enough to know I couldn’t do that alone, and my husband agreed to get up every four hours and feed our child with breast milk that I’d pumped and put into bottles, so I did not become totally sleep deprived.

    I do recommend that all new moms get either their husband or a friend to assist them in this manner, since sleep deprivation can cause “psychosis,” or postpartum depression. This is the advise and common sense medical knowledge that medical professionals should be giving, but they’re not. Instead the doctors are apparently wanting to drug new mothers, for profit.

    Attempting to come up with ways to drug mothers of new born children, so they may not even breast feed their children and worse, is definitely “diagnostic creep” or “’selling sickness.”

    I have no doubt this may prove to be really profitable for the medical and pharmaceutical industries in the future, which seems to be their current thinking. Upside down and backwards, American medical community and pharmaceutical industry. But allowing this to happen is a staggeringly stupid direction for the moms in our country to go, so as a mom, I’ll speak up.

    The medical industry should be giving the new moms good advice to set up social systems, which require the assistance from their families and friends when dealing with new borns, as apparently have always existed within human society until recently. Rather than having our medical and pharmaceutical industries spewing more bad advice and pushing new drugs to young moms, for profit.

    Shame on our medical professionals and their pharmaceutical masters for this crap.

  • Don’t forget the psychiatric holocausts in Nazi Germany and Bolshevik led Russia, Rachel. Today’s American psychiatrists believe all who are disgusted by 9/11/2001 and stand against never ending wars are “mentally ill.” Despite this being “political abuse of psychiatry.”

    Psychiatry never learns, likely because psychiatry has yet to be punished. So we now have an ongoing, modern day, all Western civilization psychiatric holocaust, primarily of child abuse survivors, children, women, and the elderly, according to their medical literature.

    The psychiatric industry’s “War on the weak” continues on, merely changing the word “eugenics” to the word “genetics,” when in reality the appropriate word to describe the psychiatric illnesses is “iatrogenic.”

    But I agree, “Soon, the members of the APA will be reminded that they too are but men and not God.” Absolutely, our “omnipotent moral busy body” “mental health” workers do have god complexes. But I do share your belief God will judge all fairly, and treat all in a manner commensurate with how they treated others. And since the psychiatrists have as their goal, defaming and torturing their clients forever.

    Well, I guess that means there may be a need for an eternal hell or “lake of fire.” It’s a shame the “mental health” workers are “incurable” and unrepentant deadbeats, even when their blatant malpractice is pointed out to them.

    I mean could you get more diabolical than – when it’s pointed out that the ADHD drugs and antidepressants create the “bipolar” symptoms, and over a million American children have been misdiagnosed, resulting in a completely iatrogenic “childhood bipolar epidemic” – taking this disclaimer out of your “bible”?

    “Note: Manic-like episodes that are clearly caused by somatic antidepressant treatment (e.g., medication, electroconvulsive therapy, light therapy) should not count toward a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder.”

    Psychiatry does have seemingly “incurable hubris.” And obviously they want to continue to defame, torture, and murder as many American children as they possibly can. How sick can an industry get?

  • It’s rather staggering that MiA is having to educate the entire “mental health” field that understanding the cause of a person’s distress is helpful, and I would say even mandatory, if the “mental health” workers want to actually help their clients.

    How an entire industry could be so staggeringly stupid that none of them know that when helping another person one needs to listen to that person’s concerns, and help them deal with their real life problems.

    But absolutely it is true that the “mental health” workers have been ignoring and denying their clients real life concerns. Then they defame their clients with “invalid” disorders, and poison their clients with neurotoxic drugs. This paradigm of harm, fraudulently claimed “care,” does need to end.

    Although I don’t see how the ongoing paradigm of “error” and “terror” will ever end, until the “mental health” workers get rid of their Diabolical Stigmatization Manual (DSM).

  • Evidence of this psychological betrayal of America is here.

    As to a talk I’m listening to on this topic, at the moment, take it for what you will:

    But I’m quite certain Western civilization has satanic systemic systems set up, when it comes to dealing with the societal problem of covering up child abuse. And these satanic systemic systems are our “mental health professionals.” Perhaps the “mental health” industries should get out of the child abuse covering up business, and actually start helping their clients?

  • I know it’s important to teach the “mental health” workers to return “the idea of causation to therapy,” because I had a psychologist who refused to discuss etiology. But the fact our “mental health” workers collectively have ignored causation for decades or forever (???) is pretty pathetic.

    I mean how collectively stupid can an industry be to completely ignore and deny the real life causes of their clients’ distress? Such maltreatment of one’s clients is ungodly rude and, of course, harmful to their clients.

    But I guess since the primary actual societal function, historically and today, of the psychological profession has always been covering up child absuse and rape, for the rapists. I guess ethics and common decency have never actually existed within the “mental health” field.

  • “The outcome was psychosis severe enough to require a diagnosis and prescription of antipsychotics.” Do doctors not have brains? If a drug causes a problem, take the child off the drug, don’t just prescribe more drugs.

    Oh, this explains it. “One limitation of this study is that they required both a diagnosis and prescription of antipsychotic medication in order to count the person as having experienced psychosis. If the person experienced less severe psychotic symptoms or was not prescribed medication, they would not count for this survey. Thus, it’s likely that the rate of psychotic symptoms was actually much higher than reported.”

    Absolutely, any patient who had a doctor with a brain in his head, was excluded from the survey. And when research only includes patients who have stupid doctors, this will of course result in studies “on stimulants … being ‘of very low quality’ and at ‘high risk of bias.'”

    One has to wonder what actual percentage of people become psychotic from these drugs. And if, prior to prescribing them, the patients and their families are being given informed consent that these drugs can cause psychosis?

    I know all my doctors denied up, down, left, right, and backwards that the antidepressants and antipsychotics could cause psychosis, despite all being taught in med school that the anticholinergic drugs can cause psychosis.

    It seems our medical community needs some classes on ethics, and should probably stop prescribing the drug classes that create psychosis.

  • I do agree, “pharmakia” based psychiatry has replaced the religions, as our state “religion.” Wish someone had made the announcement sooner, however. I didn’t realize that the mainstream religions had ended their belief in the Holy Bible and God, and gone off worshipping the DSM and psychiatrists, while hypocritically pretending they were still believers in the real Bible and God.

    But I do now know why. And today’s “mental health” workers do absolutely believe all dreams, gut instincts, thinking and even belief in the Holy Spirit and God are “psychosis.” I have proof of this in my medical records. I had no idea that’s what today’s non- “holistic Christian talk therapists” believed, how counter intuitive.

    We do need to get those “illogical” lunatics that are teaching “fictitious dogmas about chemical imbalances and defective brain-hardwiring” out of our schools. Psychiatry is the wrong religion to believe in, America. Both psychology and psychiatry are child rape covering up religions. So this goes especially for all the mainstream religions that are now espousing belief in today’s, highly DSM delusional, largely child abuse covering up, “mental health professionals,” who are actually mental illness creators.

    Our society would actually be better served, if the religions believed in financially supporting the actual creators, rather than those who, with scientific fraud, cover up your child abuse crimes.

  • “why do you suppose mainstream religions have embraced psychiatry instead of regarding it as a threat?” Because the “mental health” leaders made a faustian deal with the religious leaders long ago. The “mental health” workers promised to cover up the child abuse and rape issues of the preachers and their wealthy, for the preachers. While both the “mental health” workers and the religious hospitals profiteer off of turning millions and millions of child abuse survivors into the seriously “mentally ill” with the psychiatric drugs.

    This was confessed to me, by an ethical pastor, to be “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.” And these “mental health” worker, child abuse covering up crimes, have been going on for a very long time.

  • You brought up the issue of child abuse and psychiatry. The DSM does NOT allow ANY “mental health” worker to EVER bill ANY insurance company for EVER helping ANY child abuse survivor EVER, unless they first misdiagnose them with the billable DSM disorders.

    This has resulted in huge percentages of child abuse survivors being misdiagnosed with the DSM disorders. Today over 90% of “borderline” stigmatized are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors. Over 80% of those stigmatized as “depressed,” “anxious,” “bipolar,” or “schizophrenic,” are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors.

    And profiteering off of covering up child abuse has, historically, always been the primary actual societal function of the “mental health” industries, I eventually learned.

    As the mother of a child abuse survivor, who was attacked by child rape covering up and profiteering “mental health” workers, prior to even mentally coming to grips with the fact my very young child had actually been sexually assaulted. I do hope the “mental health” workers will get out of the business of profiteering off of covering up child abuse, by poisoning millions of child abuse survivors, and their concerned parents.

    Especially since all this poisoning of the child abuse survivors also functions to aid, abet, and empower the child rapists. Leading Western civilization to the point that we now have huge child sex trafficking and pedophile “epidemics.”

    Reign of Error, and terror, is correct. But the good thing is that if a mother is able to get her child away from the child rapists fairly quickly. And keep her abused child away from the insane “mental health” workers, who believe that once the medical evidence of the abuse is handed over, the way to help that child – four years after the abuse, once he’s well along in his healing journey – is to have him psychiatrically poisoned. Bye, bye crazy psychiatrist!

    And if the mother is able to keep her child away from the insane school social workers, who want to get their hands on her child – ten years after the abuse, once he’s largely healed – because he went from remedial reading in first grade, to getting 100% on his state standardized tests in eighth grade.

    If a mother can protect her abused child from the insane, child rape covering up “mental health” workers, the child can largely heal and eventually graduate from university Phi Beta Kappa, just like you.

    Reign of Error, and terror. We need the “mental health” workers out of the child abuse covering up business, and our country needs to start arresting and convicting, and maybe even castrating, the child rapists. A society cannot survive when the elder generations are literally attacking the children, and that is what both the pedophiles and the “mental health” workers are doing. This needs to stop.

    Thank you, Dr. Coleman, for speaking out against “pharmaceutical psychiatry.”

  • “Establishment psychiatry has historically been supported by the ruling elite in return for meeting the elite’s needs to maintain the societal hierarchy and political status quo….” Apparently this has always been the function of the “mental health professionals”?

    And this means the “mental health” workers are not performing a “medical” function, but an unjust, outside the law, sociopolitical function. Which means they are NOT actually medically “diagnosing” people, they are merely stigmatizing people with “invalid” labels, for people who claim themselves to be the “elite.”

    Someone needs to educate the “mental health” workers, since they have delusions of grandeur they’re real “counselors” and “doctors” participating in “real” medicine. When in reality, they are nothing but the “omnipotent moral busy bodies” that C.S. Lewis forewarned us about. And I do agree, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.”

    And I will say, since America was founded on the belief that “all people are created as equal, with certain inalienable rights ….” Writings which deny the existence of some sort of “elite” class, who has the right to behave outside the law, or have “mental health” workers do such for them. I still believe today, what I believed in late 2001, the wrong bankers are currently in charge of America.

    And I still don’t understand why the “mental health” workers think 9/11, and the never ending wars that resulted from that event, are good things. Except those wars are bankrupting and destroying America, which is apparently to goal of the globalist “elite,” thus also the goal of their US “mental health” minion.

    Lucky for me, lots of people now know that banksters who needed bailouts, then went off stealing “trillions worth of houses,” who have made a mockery of our monetary system, are not good, nor should they be considered the “elite.”

    As to the left-right paradigm to which you refer, it strikes me that’s nothing but a divide to conquer, war against the people, confuse and misinform the people, tactic of these bad banking globalist “elite.” Who want a one world banking system, which is a requirement in the communist manifesto, meaning these globalist banksters are actually communists, or leftist, not the traditional right wing. The whole left-right paradigm is misinformation and messed up, IMHO.

    But it is these never ending war mongering and profiteering, fiscally irresponsible, bailout needing, home stealing, communist, globalist banksters who today’s “mental health” workers have been working for since at least 2001, in reality since 1913. Meaning our “mental health” workers are actually extreme leftist communists, not “right wing psychiatry.” Since the “elite” globalist bankers they work for are actually communists, despite their claims to the contrary.

    Rule and control with deception, fraud, and lies, is the tactic of the globalist “elite,” as well as their “mental health” minion.

  • Rachel, we’ve medically proven that the two most “serious mental illnesses” are iatrogenic, not ‘genetic’, illnesses. The head of NIMH confessed to the “invalidity” of all the DSM disorders six years ago. So it’s a complete waste of money to continue to research for genetic markers for illnesses we’ve already medically proven have iatrogenic, not genetic etiologies. And looking for such was always a waste of money.

    As to “bipolar,” Whitaker did a good job of pointing out the iatrogenic etiology of the “childhood bipolar epidemic” was created with the antidepressants and/or ADHD drugs. And since drugs are not cognitive entities that can determine the age of the person taking them, that’s likely the case for most “bipolar” misdiagnosed, in all age groups.

    Especially since the psychiatric industry is still claiming to be unaware of the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome, and the adverse effects of their drugs in general. And given this claimed ignorance on the part of the psychiatric industry, it’s highly likely most “bipolar” (type I and type II) was likely created with the psych drugs.

    And when even the so called experts on the psych drugs claim ignorance of the adverse effects of the antidepressants, then none of the “mental health” workers, or misinformed mainstream doctors, can abide by this disclaimer in the DSM-IV-TR. And even you mention their systemic, delusional “unmasking bipolar” theology.

    “Note: Manic-like episodes that are clearly caused by somatic antidepressant treatment (e.g., medication, electroconvulsive therapy, light therapy) should not count toward a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder.”

    And when the fact that the antidepressants, and antidepressant withdrawal, can create the “bipolar” symptoms was pointed out by Whitaker worldwide, what happened?

    The psychiatrists took that disclaimer out of the DSM5. Proof of the complete and total lack of ethics of the psychiatric leadership, and all “mental health” workers who are grateful for that change. Which includes the “mental health” workers that work through my childhood church.

    Bye, again, unrepentant child rape covering up Lutherans, and the iatrogenic illness creating “mental health” lunatics who profiteer off of covering up child abuse for that religion, and the wealthy society wide.

    The “mental health” workers are nothing but industries who work contrary to the law, to unjustly protect the now globalist “satanic elite,” who now seemingly control all of Western civilization.

  • I don’t know that the pharmaceutical corporations are “ignorant of the biological consequences of these supposed treatments.” For goodness sakes, they intentionally named drugs known to cause suicides “antidepressants,” and drugs known to cause psychosis “antipsychotics.” Coincidence? Not likely given the legal mandate of those corporations to make a profit for their share holders. And the character of the banking families who largely financed and miseducated our medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex.

    But excellent point, bcharris, “It isn’t biological psychiatry, but pharmaceutical psychiatry.”

  • “… it’s useful that these people were around, but how come I need to go to peer support websites for this, when there are so many doctors and psychiatrists and professors around? Why is this? Why is the best information around on a peer support network?”

    Psychiatrists tend to not listen to, hear, or believe their clients, and I found them to be the most ungodly disrespectful, delusional, and delusions of grandeur filled people I’ve ever personally met. Most normal people are mutually respectful, listen to, believe, and care for other people. That is why the best information around is on peer support networks.

    It is rather a shame the psychiatrists, who claimed way back in 2002, that they “know everything about the meds” are still, in 2019, just starting to learn about the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome. And it’s even more of a shame that they went out mass drugging the population, fraudulently claiming they had knowledge they did not have, and have killed and destroyed the lives of millions.

    Just an FYI about the antipsychotics/neuroleptics, they create what appears to the DSM deluded to be the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. And the antipsychotics also create what appears to the DSM deluded to be the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome. Both of these medically known psychiatric drug induced syndrome/toxidrome are missing from the DSM.

    It took this “peer” three years to learn medical lingo, and find the actual medical evidence of how the antipsychotics create psychosis. Why does it take the psychiatric industry so long to garner insight into reality? “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

  • I agree, “The right ‘mothering’ and/or ‘fathering’ is really the only answer to all these disheartening statistics, which represent lots of suffering.” In other words, “mental health care” will never actually “help” our children.

    I don’t agree, “The instincts to provide for the rising generations have been lost,” in all parents. But I will say our “mental health” workers and mainstream doctors are attacking the stay at home mothers who do want to properly raise our children, big time.

    But us stay at home moms, and active volunteers, know our children are doing head and shoulders above the other children. So I absolutely agree, proper parenting, and respect for those who do such, should be respected. Rather than those who want to properly raise our children being attacked by our greed only inspired “mental health” and medical communities.

    I agree, “Somebody should write something to the effect, turn on the light, let’s see where we are, really.” I think this is largely being called the “great awakening” or becoming “woke” or “aware” or “red pilled” online. Lots of people online see the societal problems, if you know where to look.

    But it isn’t in looking for solutions from the well funded, mainstream media globalist propagandists. It’s looking for the wisdom within, the now frustrated and censored American patriots.

  • Wow! Great job of not discussing the elephant in the room. None of these problems could possibly relate to the mass drugging of our children with the psych drugs, could it? You know, like that black box warning on the antidepressants that warns the antidepressants can cause suicides? Or that problem that the antidepressant and ADHD drugs can create the “bipolar” symptoms, which has resulted in a completely iatrogenic “childhood bipolar epidemic.” No, the “Increasing Prevalence of Mood Disorders Among Teens and Young Adults” couldn’t have anything to do with the mass drugging of American children with the neurotoxic psych drugs (sarcasm).

  • It’s medically called projection. And, yes, most my former doctors projected their own “mental illnesses” onto me. My PCP who, by lying to me claiming psych drugs were “safe … meds,” started me on psych drugs, was a dangerous paranoid “schizophrenic.” She was paranoid of a non-existent malpractice suit because her husband was the “attending physician” at a “bad fix” on a broken bone of mine, I later learned from picking up medical records.

    My outside my insurance group, second opinion doctor, was a manic lunatic, because she was hell bent on profiteering off of covering up the rape of my child for her pastor and some pedophile friends of hers, so I was mislabeled as “manic.” Medical evidence of the child abuse was eventually handed over by some decent and disgusted nurses in my PCP’s office.

    Yes, doctors do have projection problems.

  • She was an absolute loon, Rachel. She fraudulently listed me as her “outpatient” for years afterwards, according to health insurance companies.

    After I learned about this, I called and asked her to stop fraudulently listing me as her outpatient at a hospital I’d never been to before, according to me and that hospital. So she switched to fraudulently listing me as her outpatient at the hospital I’d had the misfortune of meeting her.

    Her lackeys called me and asked why I’d missed an appointment. I told them they were going to make themselves all look like fools, since I’d moved out of state, so obviously I was NOT making appointments with that insane psychiatrist.

    But since that psychiatrist was the psychiatric “snowing” partner in crime, for this now convicted doctor, she no doubt wanted to cover up her prior malpractice and crimes.

    She belongs in jail, along with her partner. And absolutely, “the inmates are running the asylums.”

  • “exposure to childhood trauma and recent trauma notably increased one’s risk for depression.” This is the cause of most “depression,” as well as most “anxiety,” “bipolar,” “schizophrenia,” and “borderline.”

    “the prevalence of childhood trauma exposure within borderline personality disorder patients has been evidenced to be as high as 92% (Yen et al., 2002). Within individuals diagnosed with psychotic or affective disorders, it reaches 82% (Larsson et al., 2012).”

    “It is Time to Abandon the Search for the Genetic Underpinnings of Depression.” It is also time to abandon the search for the genetic underpinnings of “bipolar” and “schizophrenia.” Since it’s stupid to search for genetic underpinnings for illnesses we already know have iatrogenic etiologies.

    And we already know the ADHD drugs and antidepressants create the “bipolar” symptoms. And that the “bipolar” and “schizophrenia treatments,” the antipsychotics/neuroleptics, create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.”

    Just think of how much money our country could save if we could get the doctors to stop prescribing these neurotoxic drug classes, and stop making millions “mentally ill” with these drug classes. And if we stopped wasting money looking for genetic underpinnings, for environmentally caused or iatrogenic illnesses.

    But this, of course, would mean the psychological and psychiatric industries would have to get out of the child abuse covering up business, which has always been the “mental health” industries’ primary actual societal function, despite this being illegal.

    Maybe, just maybe, having the psychiatric and psychological industries systemically aiding, abetting, and empowering the child rapists on a massive societal scale, to the point we now have pedophiles and child sex traffickers ruling Western civilization, was a bad idea?

  • “What does not ‘cure’ DTD”/early childhood abuse:

    “Love alone (without effective and early intervention), ‘good parenting,’ time,”

    I do NOT agree. As the mother of a child who was sexually assaulted at the age of three, who had to walk away from an insane psychiatrist who wanted to drug my child, once he learned that the medical evidence of the abuse had been handed over. I also had to fight off an insane school social worker who wanted to get her hands on my child, because my child had largely healed, and gone from remedial reading in first grade to getting 100% on his state standardized tests in 8th grade. The loonies of the “mental health” industry want to drug child abuse victims once they’ve largely healed, but denied the abuse occurred right after the abuse, with zero proof, and poisoned the concerned mother.

    I will also say that most the psychology professors, at the university my child eventually graduated from, who gave my child a psychology award, while gushing incessantly about how psychologically well adjusted and brilliant my child is. Would also likely disagree that a concerned and loving mother, who provides love and proper care for her abused child over time can help her child heal.

    I do agree that “institutionalized care (residential treatment centers, psychiatric hospitals, incarceration), traditional therapy, behavior modification techniques” do not “cure” early childhood abuse. Nor do the psychiatric drugs help child abuse survivors or their concerned parents. Since of course, as all people except our “mental health” workers know, crimes are cured with justice, not drugs.

    I am glad the reality that children are getting abused on a massive societal scale, is finally being recognized, rather than denied and covered up by our “mental health” workers, as has been happening for over 100 years.

    In part, because child abuse is listed as a V Code in the DSM, and the V Codes are not insurance billable disorders. And since the “mental health” workers all want to get paid, they’ve been misdiagnosing child abuse victims on a massive societal scale.

    I do think it’s progress that someone from the “mental health profession” is finally calling for a way to bill to help child abuse survivors. But I personally think it’d be wiser to start up some other kind of organization to help child abuse survivors. Since trusting the exact same people who’ve been covering up child abuse for over a century, to now change their ways 100%, and start helping child abuse survivors is unlikely to happen, IMHO.

    As to the cause of these issues, I do agree our society’s attitudes are misguided. And I agree, there do seem to be lots of bad parents. But the “primary cause of Developmental Trauma:” is NOT “DISORGANIZED ATTACHMENT.” The real problem is the ABUSE or RAPE that caused the trauma in the first place.

    The real problem is we need to start arresting and convicting the child molesters, rather than continue to have the “mental health” workers cover up this societal problem. And the truth of the matter is helping to bring about justice in response to child abuse crimes does help in healing, injustice results in anger and other issues. I don’t see this mentioned anywhere in these discussions.

    But at least we agree nothing in the current “mental health” workers’ arsenal is helpful to child abuse survivors or their families. Today’s “mental health” industry’s current paradigm is all about profiteering off of covering up and harming child abuse survivors, and has been for over a hundred years.

  • “…it is a generally accepted standard of care that effective treatment requires treatment of the individual’s underlying condition and is not limited to alleviation of the individual’s current symptoms.”

    First of all, a great deal of allopathic medicine is about treating symptoms, rather than treating the underlying condition.

    Second, the DSM itself confesses that there are no known etiologies/underlying conditions for any of their made up diseases, disorders which have all been confessed to be “invalid” by the head of the National Institute of Mental Health already.

    He added: “…the appropriate duration of treatment for behavioral health disorders is based on the individual needs of the patient; there is no specific limit on the duration of such treatment.”

    Since the “mental health” field has wrongly been given the right to force “treat” their clients, “the appropriate duration of treatment for behavioral health disorders is” NOT “based on the individual needs of the patient,” it’s based upon the greed and lack of ethics of the force “treating” provider.

  • Well said, Sylvain, both the psychological and psychiatric “professions” should be weaned out of existence. Especially since Rachel is correct, both the religions and the “mental health” industries do exhibit sexual predation and cover up behavior, both historically and today.

    Why is covering up child abuse the primary actual function of today’s “mental health” workers? They can’t bill insurance companies to help child abuse survivors, unless they misdiagnose them with the billable, but “invalid” DSM disorders.

    Our society would be better off without any of these child abuse covering industries. We’d be better off if our police would start arresting the child rapists, rather than our “mental health” workers continuing to turn millions and millions of child abuse survivors into the “seriously mentally ill” with the psychiatric drugs.

    This systemic societal problem is called “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” according to an ethical pastor.

  • “as far as ‘mental health, inc.’ goes up here, it is in the toilet, doing all harm and no good, a runaway train of gross incompetence, delusional self-aggrandizement, and rampant power abuse.” I’m pretty certain that’s the case worldwide. Because the “current mental health treatment standards stray far from notions of meaningful and lasting changes to a person’s overall social and emotional well-being.”

    Quite to the contrary, the current “standard of care” calls for drugs, drugs, and more drugs. And the ADHD drugs and antidepressants can create the “bipolar” symptoms. And the “bipolar and schizophrenia treatments” can create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.” The “standard of care” is the problem.

    I will mention, Alex, when I had my first antipsychotic induced “psychotic break,” these lyrics were speaking loudly to me:

    “… It seems no one can help me now
    I’m in too deep
    There’s no way out
    This time I have really led myself astray
    Runaway train never going back
    Wrong way on a one way track….”

    “Wrong way on a one way track,” psychiatry and “bait and switch” psychologists.

  • I worked in retail management for a while as well, Alex. Apparently, or at least I got the impression, from a psychiatrist who was partners-in-crime with this now arrested and convicted criminal doctor.

    A psychiatrist who was pissed because she was unable to medically unnecessarily institutionalize me forever for profit and to cover up her crimes, that the psychiatrists do despise those of us who work in retail management. As that psychiatrist was being held back, by other doctors due to her fury, her defamatory departing comment to me was “I’ll see you in the malls.”

    Although that psychiatrist didn’t know I do a lot more than just retail management. Apparently the psychiatrists believe they can illegally look at one’s finances and judge a person’s worth, or lack of worth, to society as a whole, without knowing anything other than that person’s short run income being generated at one point in time.

    I was a mom of two young children at the time, plus a very active volunteer. Including being a village planning commissioner, co-chair of a 250+ member strong creative arts program, charter rep of a Boy Scout pack, as well as doing many, many other volunteer activities. While also working on my art portfolio, since I’m also an artist. And, of course, I became a psychopharmacology researcher who found the medical proof that the “schizophrenia treatments” do, in fact, create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.”

    Someone should educate the “mental health professionals” that you can’t judge people merely by illegally looking at their short run financials. I’ve now got a huge art portfolio poignantly visually describing America’s completely iatrogenic “bipolar epidemic,” that is terrifying to the “mental health” workers, due to it’s “truthfulness.” Not to mention, terrifying to the child rape covering up religions, for whom the psychiatrists drug people.

    I’ve noticed lots of contemporary artists’ work is about the mass drugging of the American public, as well. I would imagine our art history books will some day include, not just the sick “Spirit cooking” and pedophilia artwork that is all the rage with today’s so called “elite.” But also the artwork of the Spirit led, anti-child abuse, anti-mass drugging of the population artists.

    Those who claim to be experts on the brain, who only bothered to develop the left side of their brains, should be educated to the fact that those who bothered to develop both the left and right side of our brains, will be the more “insightful” and able to see the big picture.

    Murdering all those of us who are actually creating works and documenting reality, rather than merely creating “mental illnesses” in other people, is not going to be beneficial to our society. So let’s hope the “mental health” workers do some day get out of the “mental illness” creation business.

  • “they’re not very good listeners, either, they don’t hear a word we’re saying. And it seems as though when they do hear, it gets translated into something else by the time it reaches their brains.” Absolutely true, my psychiatrist was required to declare my entire life to be a “credible fictional story,” once I confronted him with all his delusions about me, written in his medical records. That’s pretty pathetic.

    “It really is like we’re in two different worlds speaking two different languages. It’s weird. That is not my experience with the world, only with mh-related clinical or social service people.” Same here, I’ve never met dumber, more disingenuous, more delusional, and more ungodly disrespectful people in my entire life, than the “mental health” workers.

    I think they’re actually brainwashed in school to ‘keep a professional distance’ or something. But this prevents them from treating their clients in a mutually respectful manner. And, of course, you’re not actually going to help your clients, if you are not interacting with them in a mutually respectful manner, are you? No, you’ll render yourself “irrelevant to reality.” And your clients will walk away.

    As one who has worked in sales, I have had lots of repeat customers. Because I know enough to treat my clients in a mutually respectful manner, and I refuse to sell anything but beneficial services and products.

    The “mental health” workers have neither beneficial services (how is defaming people with “invalid” and stigmatizing diseases beneficial to one’s clients?), nor beneficial products (let’s be real, the psych drugs are all neurotoxins). But the “mental health” workers are apparently too stupid or unethical to stop trying to force these harmful services and products onto other people. Forced “treatment” should be illegal in a so called “free market economy.”

  • Cute, Steve. I did it differently than those unethical parents. I think USC is one of the schools that just gave my child a full ride offer for grad school. And he did get basically a full ride for his undergrad degree, graduating with highest honors, Phi Beta Kappa.

    I tried to introduce my children to the various sports when they were young. But when my son was in fifth grade and said, stop it mother, I said fine. We stopped the sports. I respected his wishes.

    I tried to combat the BS in our public schools, which teach our children they don’t need to memorize their math facts, but my child didn’t want to listen to me by fifth grade. So I said, fine, now you get your homework help from your father.

    By early seventh grade, they were stuck, and came to mom with a math problem they couldn’t figure out. As a gal who learned her math facts in NY, I gave them an answer, to their unanswerable question in a New York second. My son was shocked. He asked me, “How did you know the answer off the top of your head?” I said, “It’s because I bothered to memorize my math facts.”

    Sometimes a mother must use reverse psychology. Guess what happened? My son decided he didn’t want to be dumber than his mother, so he bothered to memorize his math facts. And by eighth grade he got 100% on his state standardized tests.

    Which, for bizarre reasons, now seems to get the delusional school social workers to want to blame the mother for “keeping your child up late nights studying” and “pushing your child too hard,” despite this not being remotely close to reality.

    Lucky me (sarcasm), I already knew by then the fraud and iatrogenic harm being committed by our “mental health professionals.” So I agreed to send my intelligent and well behaved child off to a private school for high school, since my child’s principal did eventually confess our “school district is not equipped to deal with the most intelligent children.” My child had been forewarned since he was young that this might happen.

    I guess the good thing about all this bribery of the “elite” universities, which by the way I discouraged my child from attending (not that the university he attended wasn’t among the top 10% who award the Phi Beta Kappa award). Because I’d researched them and learned that their undergrad programs were not actually that good. Since most the undergrad classes were largely being taught by grad students, since the actual professors were so tortured with their “publish or perish” problem, that they couldn’t give a sh-t about the undergrads.

    But the good thing is all this bribery of the “elite” universities may be allowing them to offer full scholarships to the actually intelligent American youth. Whose parents treated their children with respect, as oppose to pushing, torturing, and bribing universities to get them into these universities.

    My son’s got a couple full scholarships for grad school offers so far, and is waiting to see if he gets full scholarship offers with fellowship stipends. He’s wise enough to understand he doesn’t want his future research and life to be controlled financially by the unethical “powers that be.” Or at least a mom can hope.

  • “Western societies generally perceive hearing voices as negative, except under a ‘limited range of circumstances,’ such as in certain religious situations.” This is not actually true in the USA. All my “mental health” workers blasphemed either the Holy Spirit or God. They believed that a dream query about what being ‘moved by the Holy Spirit’ means, is a “voice” proving “psychosis.” And they even believed the mere belief in God was a “delusion.” Despite the fact that force drugging people for belief in God is illegal in the USA. Not to mention that definition of “psychosis” means all humans are “psychotic,” since we all dream.

    Nonetheless, when you force a person, who is not actually “psychotic” to take the antipsychotics, it will make the person “psychotic,” via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning. And anticholinergic toxidrome induced “voices” do relate to one’s real life circumstances.

    In my case I got the “voices” of the sickos who had abused my child in my head, incessantly bragging about their crimes. The medical evidence of the child abuse was eventually handed over, so the abuse did actually occur in real life.

    There was even one point, as I was being weaned off the antipsychotics, where the evil child abusing lady’s diminishing “voice” (since the evil “voices” did go away as the medications went away). A “voice” who’d also been claiming she was the Holy Sprit, did concede she was not the Holy Spirit, and conceded defeat. And what was bizarre is the real life lady associated with that “voice” did lie down on the floor in front of me, as if she were crazy, in a church. Seemingly as if the real lady also conceded defeat. Who knows? I guess it could have been “voice to skull technology”? Or just a bizarre coincidence?

    I can’t say for certain, however, I am of the opinion that forcing the antipsychotics onto people does likely leave them vulnerable to attacks by evil spirits. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit stayed with me the whole time, and got me through it. But an antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome “psychosis” is like living in hell on earth.

    And absolutely, drugging people for belief in God or the Holy Spirit is illegal for good reason, so the “mental health” workers should stop doing this. I know it’s happened to lots of people other than just me, because there are online groups of people who’ve had spiritual experiences misdiagnosed with the “invalid” DSM disorders.

    So as to whether there is reliable “meaning,” in “context” to one’s life, and spoken in understandable “language” when it comes to “hearing voices.” If those “voices” were created with the antidepressants and/or antipsychotics, via anticholinergic toxidrome, the answer is yes. The psychiatrists are 100% incorrect. But that’s not actually “news” any longer.

  • “I just don’t think psychotherapy is safe.” That was my experience, “downright cruel” could describe her, too. Pathological liar is another good description, as is “terribly invasive.” Not to mention she quickly defamed me with a fake “lifelong, incurable, genetic” disease, which I did not have.

    I’ll never trust another psychologist ever again, personally. I think the psychologists are really nothing but people who “bait and switch,” in other words pretend they’re there to do talk therapy, but then defame you with a DSM disorder, and demand you be poisoned by psychiatrists.

    As to being investigators, since it’s us non-“mental health” people who did bother to investigate, do our research, and find the iatrogenic etiology of both “bipolar” and “schizophrenia.” I’d say the psychologists aren’t very good investigators.

  • Thanks for sharing your story, Megan. Especially since it does point out the reality that the religions and “mental health” workers are in bed with one another. And, absolutely, both the mainstream religions and the “mental health” workers are corrupted at this point, unfortunately.

  • Covering up trauma, particularly child abuse, has been for a century, and still is, the primary societal function of the “mental health professions.”

    And the need to misdiagnose all child abuse survivors was intentionally built into the DSM. Today, no “mental health” worker may ever bill any insurance company for ever helping any child abuse survivor ever, unless they misdiagnose them with one of the other billable, but “invalid,” DSM disorders.

    This is why over 90% of those labeled as “borderline” are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors and over 80% of those labeled as “depressed,” “anxious,” “bipolar,” and “schizophrenia” are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors today. The “mental health” industry has historically always been, and still is today, by design, a child abuse covering up system.

  • “If anything, we should wonder why the massive investments in research, that should have uncovered these factors, have not pushed back the prevalence of common mental disorders by a single percentage point.”

    Not only has all this wasted research money not decreased the “prevalence of common mental disorders,” the prevalence has increased. But this is because the “serious mental illnesses” are created with the psychiatric drugs. And we live in a society where these neurotoxic drugs are being forced, and coerced with lies, onto millions and millions of people.

  • That’s what all our “mental health” professionals need to be doing. As apposed to DSM defaming and torturing people with psych drugs, resulting in the perpetuation and covering up the crimes of the religious leaders, which is what our “mental health” and “social workers” have been doing for over a century.

    This is known as “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” according to an ethic pastor. But you’re a man, and our society’s “mental health” systems are set up for men, and set up to destroy harassed or abused women and child abuse survivors, for the religions and their wealthy donors.

  • Absolutely true, Frank. You’re given a drug, complain about being made ungodly sick, so the psychiatrist wants to double the amount of the drug that made you sick. You walk away from that insane psychiatrist. He documents this as a “Foul up!” but tells no one, despite having HIPPA forms signed stating he is supposed to share his mistakes with your other doctors.

    But you are forced to go to another psychiatrist by your “holistic Christian talk therapist.” That psychiatrist gives you different drugs, which make you even sicker. But when you tell your “mental health” workers you just got “voices” in you head from the drugs, they deny this is possible, and secretly think this is wonderful (according to medical records). And the psychiatrist increases the amount of the drugs and gives you new drugs. When those drugs only make you worse, you’re switched to even more drugs, multiple antipsychotics at above recommended levels. At which point a family member finally complains about the grotesque “over medication,” resulting in a slight reduction.

    So how does a client, who the psychiatrist refuses to listen to, convince the idiot psychiatrist to wean you off the drugs? Stop telling him about how sick his drugs are making you, and switch to telling him you’re doing much better. Tell him that you’re pleased to be back to functioning on a “high level” with your “peers.” Tell him you’re being very productive in your work. Show him your work, which he concludes is “insightful,” since he thinks you’re painting his “disease,” rather than painting his malpractice. Although, your work is “insightful” from the stand point you knew the banking system should be represented as an empty cornucopia, and America was upside down and backwards, way back in 2005. Something most are only awakening to now.

    Inform your psychiatrist about your new volunteer activities, like the fact you are co-chairing a 250+ member strong organization (which will get you a “not believed by doctor” comment in you medical records, despite it being true). Ignore the doctors’ ungodly depersonalizing, ‘I believe this person is a disease, not a person’ attitude. As well as most of their bad advise, like “quit all your activities and concentrate on the meds,” and “stop exercising.” Keep insisting to find the etiology of your illness with your therapist, who will eventually tell you, “you no longer need to see me,” and your only problem is a “chemical imbalance,” because she doesn’t want to honestly confess to the etiology of your illness.

    Just continue to tell the idiot psychiatrist how much better you’re doing, but that you’re still sleeping too much and exercising is a challenge. Keep requesting he reduce the “meds” – if he thinks it’s okay. Always allow him to believe he’s in charge! Have scheduling difficulties for frequent appointments, resulting in appointments at greater and greater intervals, like six months apart, so you’re weaned slowly off the neurotoxins. And finally, you’re down to only one drug.

    At which point you’re feeling much better. And can confront your PCP about her overseeing all this mis-medication, and the fact it was one of her drugs that resulted in you seeing the psychiatrist in the first place. Which results in the nurses and other doctors in that practice getting paranoid about a potential malpractice suit. So they hand over your families’ medical records, and tell you to find a new family physician. Prior to kicking that doctor and her husband, who was the “attending physician” at a “bad fix” on a broken bone of yours, which you find out from other medical records you go pick up, out of that practice.

    Then you can read the psychiatrist’s correspondence in your medical records. And you find you now have in your possession the medical proof that the psychiatrist never listened to a word you said. And there’s tons of incorrect information about you in his medical records.

    So you politely confront your psychiatrist with all his misinformation about you in his medical records, but in a diplomatic and slightly deceptive manner, since remember, he always has to be made to believe he is in charge. You tell him you’re writing a book about a highly delusional psychiatrist who covers up medical evidence of child abuse and easily recognized iatrogenesis …. Resulting in the psychiatrist writing in his medical records that you’re writing a “credible fictional story.”

    But this will result in him quickly becoming a “dangerous paranoid schizophrenic,” who thinks drugging up your child is how to help a child, who had been abused four years prior. You politely decline, since your child is doing better already, (and you’re not about to allow your child be poisoned by a child psychiatrist, don’t mention that to him, however.) Then he demands you come back very quickly with your husband. Again, have scheduling difficulties so “very quickly” can’t be too quickly. You need time to mentally digest all the medical betrayal.

    Confront the pastor who recommended the “Christian talk therapist” who initially misdiagnosed the adverse effects of your PCP’s drugs with the fact you’ve been handed over medical evidence of the abuse of your child. If he doesn’t go with you to report this child abuse to the police, as is legally required, then leave that church knowing that pastor was likely involved in the abuse of your child.

    This will result in the pastor telling his child rapist buddies about the medical evidence of the abuse being handed over. Which does result in the school, that had a child rapist on their school board, and where some of the abuse likely occurred, closing it’s doors forever, out of fear of a lawsuit. But that’s good, because there were “rumors of odd sexual behavior on the part of many boys from that school” swirling around at that point. But don’t bother going to the police or CPS, because they don’t investigate real cases of child abuse, even once the medical evidence of the abuse is handed over.

    At your last appointment with your now “dangerously paranoid schizophrenic” psychiatrist, he will try to convince your husband that you need to go back on all the drugs that had made you sick previously. Have your husband not respond to these insane recommendations by the doctor, requiring you to remind the psychiatrist that each drug had made you sick, and you are doing much better off his drugs. Comments with which your husband agrees. The “dangerously paranoid schizophrenic” psychiatrist will finally chime in with gossip, since his “paranoid schizophrenia” resulted in his going back to talking to the other doctors, for gossip he can use against you. “You left your church! Wow! That’s big news!”

    Roll your eyes, and look to your husband, but have him not respond. Then tell the “dangerously paranoid schizophrenic” psychiatrist that you’d left your church months ago so it was not even “news.” Then stand up, ask “Are we done,” and walk out. This will be recorded in his medical records as “VERY CAREFUL STYLE!”

    The “dangerous paranoid schizophrenic” psychiatrist will then ask his receptionists to get you to sign a sheet full of clear stickers that state on them, “I declare this is true.” Tell those receptionists that if they’d like to go through the medical records and place the stickers in the medical records where they want confirmation of the truth, you will sign them, if the information in the medical record is true. They will decline, because the entire office is filled with other patients watching what’s going on. And you walk away forever, well except to come back for copies of your medical records, to “give to your next doctor.”

    Don’t go to another psychiatrist, go to a different doctor, and ask to be weaned off the last drug. That doctor will want you to go to another psychiatrist, politely decline that recommendation. That doctor will then refuse to treat your family, recommend you change insurance groups, but also refuse to prescribe that last drug. And, you’ve finally been weaned off all the psychiatric drugs by doctors. Change insurance groups and find another new doctor, but do not hand over your medical history this time, and avoid medical care as much as possible.

    If you are dealing with a medical/religious “conspiracy” to profiteer off of covering up the rape of your child, your religion will sick more “mental health” workers on you, seemingly endlessly. Like this now arrested and convicted one.

    And ethical pastors in your religion’s main synod offices will write books about the disgusting child rape covering up and profiteering hobbies of the head bishops within your religion.

    Other religions will warn their employees about these systemic child rape covering up crimes of your former religion.

    Do your medical research, make sure you find the medical evidence of how you were made sick. Thankfully, Robert Whitaker pointed out the completely iatrogenic etiology of our society’s antidepressant induced, “bipolar epidemic,” which is how I was made sick. And I found the medical proof that the antipsychotics can create “psychosis,” both while on the neurotoxins, via anticholinergic toxidrome, and when weaned off of them, via a drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis.”

    With this information in hand, it limits the options for the psychologists from your child rape covering up former religion. So a psychologist from that religion will try to give you an award, after seeing your “truthful” artwork, and hand over an “artist manager” contract. Which is actually a gross profit collecting, “I want to take all the profits from your artwork, eventually steal all your ‘too truthful’ artwork about our religion’s crimes against your family, plus take control of all your family’s money, your accounting affairs, and take away all your legal rights” contract. Don’t sign the contract.

    The religions, and their way too intrusive “mental health” workers, are staggeringly persistent in wanting to maintain their “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” scientifically “invalid,” primarily child rape profiteering, iatrogenic illness creating, now multibillion dollar, fraud based “mental health” system. Which, of course, is bringing in big profits for the religious hospitals.

    I’ve got a better idea, I think our country should start arresting the child rapists and child traffickers. Especially, since our “mental health” workers’ systemic child abuse profiteering system also aids, abets, and empowers the child harming criminals to the point we now have “epidemic” levels of child abuse and child sex trafficking.

    I think the “mental health” workers should stop aiding, abetting, and empowering the child rapists, by turning millions and millions of child abuse survivors, and their family members, into the “mentally ill” with the psychiatric drugs. I think now that we all live in the information age, it’s time “the dirty little secret of the two educated professions” should end.

  • Absolutely true, Steve. Our “mental health” workers fraudulently claim, with zero medical evidence or proof, that people have “lifelong, incurable, genetic mental illnesses.” How could one steal more hope and respect from a client, by spewing such lies to their clients’ families, than that?

  • Well, that doctor said that because I can brain zap away headaches. I think he was pretty embarrassed, in general, that some nice lady was coming in medically explaining all the malpractice she’d dealt with, so he was looking for anything potentially positive in all the medical mishaps.

    I have never read about anyone else whose brain zaps have lasted this long, so yours likely will not. Keep positive.

    And my situation was largely seemingly a Holy Spirit led spiritual journey, a staggeringly serendipitous one at that, quite amazing. So my ongoing brain zaps could relate to that? A Mormon lady I knew, through an art program I ran, did come to my door with a bouquet of flowers and a book of Mormon, just after I had left a church that had satanists in it. Despite the fact I didn’t tell any of my friends that my family had left that church, so it seemed bizarre timing. Then later a friend from the next church we went to gave me a pamphlet that said that the Mormons believe that God talks through people via electric like emanations. And eventually the pastor of that church told me “some people can’t pray in private.”

    It’s a long story, but all those comments did actually relate to the story I was awakened to once I was weaned off the drugs. Which was basically one of the existence of the collective unconscious, how we are all one within it, leading to a born again type story, and eventually to God doing the final judgement. Who knows? You can’t prove spiritual matters anyway, and it’s a story of God and the good guys win, so I’m fine with that. Are the electric shocks, as the Mormons apparently believe, how God talks through people? Or are they just a convenient way to get rid of headaches in a second, and an annoyance when sleeping? The world may never know.

    Just curious, when did you first get your brain zaps?

  • Add to that, that the counselors are there to “bait and switch” and send you to psychiatrists, who will destroy your life with their psychiatric drugs. Since it’s now known that the ADHD drugs and antidepressants can create the “bipolar” symptoms, as Whitaker pointed out.

    And the “bipolar” and “schizophrenia” treatments, the antipsychotics/neuroleptics, can create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.” The negative symptoms can be created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome, and the positive symptoms (like hallucinations and psychosis) can be created via antidepressant and/or antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome.

    But next to none of the “counselors” know this, or they are there to deny this, because neither of these medically known psychiatric drug induced syndrome/toxidrome are listed in their “invalid” DSM.

  • And, of course, Bad_Gateways_and_a_Silly_Rabbit is obviously justifiably angry that MiA is erasing all his work from the Internet. Are all the comments on MiA articles going to be erased some day also? If so, please give us more than a week’s notice. And please make sure it’s possible for all MiA commenters to be able to get a hard copy record of all their comments. I went to my comments, and couldn’t seem to see all of them. They stopped midway through a 2014 comment. I’m curious when I first posted on MiA.

  • Yes, the doctors knew nothing about brain zaps until 2005. The arrogance in the Conclusion of this article is pretty disgusting.'Brain_shivers'_From_chat_room_to_clinic

    I don’t know when you started getting the brain zaps, but knowing when the medical community started to be educated about them will give you a frame of reference for whether your doctors were disingenuous or just plain misinformed.

    I had a similar story, only my doctors ended up misdiagnosing the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome as “bipolar.” Despite that being blatant malpractice, according the DSM-IV-TR at the time. Be grateful that didn’t happen to you!

    My brain zaps still haven’t gone away, it’s been 19 years and counting now, but I’ve learned to live with them. And they do have one possible benefit. If I do get a headache, I can usually brain zap it away in a second.

    The only ethical doctor that I found, the one who finally took the “bipolar” misdiagnosis off my medical records (because I medically explained all the prior malpractice), was thrilled with that potential benefit of the “brain zaps,” he called it “neuroprotective.” He even had me intimidate one of his students at my second physical with him, with the potential vast medical research skills of her potential new clients. Now that we all live in the information age, and can all research medicine online.

    Thank God for the internet, let’s hope they don’t destroy it. I heard they “came for the vaccine truth” just today.

    Thanks for sharing your story, Melody. Hope your brain zaps don’t last as long as mine, or at least if they do, they end up becoming “neuroprotective,” like mine are claimed to be. Trust me, I’d still rather not have them.

  • I’ve got a niece struggling with the anxiety drugs and antidepressants too. It breaks my heart. Drugging millions and millions of children will destroy Western civilization, I agree. But apparently destroying Western Civilization is the goal of the “mental health” workers, and their satanic NWO masters.

  • Thanks for sharing your story, Varun. It’s not just the university counselors who work, hand in hand, to railroad people off to the psychiatrists. It’s many or most of the “mental health counselors” and psychologists, unfortunately.

    I went to a “holistic Christian talk therapist” psychologist, and on my second appointment with her she convinced my husband that it was mandatory I see a psychiatrist. For of all things, according to her medical records, belief in the Holy Spirit, and disgust at 9/11/2001, in late 2001. Wasn’t the whole world disgusted by 9/11 at that time? And all, according to her medical records, based upon lies and gossip that she had gotten, without my knowledge, from people who had raped my child (according to other medical records that were eventually handed over).

    So I agree, “mental health professionals” are really nothing but traitors to their clients, gossips, defamers of their clients to their families and all who will listen, forgers of people’s signatures, liars about the adverse effects of the psychiatric drugs, as well as liars about the supposed “chemical imbalance” etiology of the DSM disorders, and iatrogenic illness creators. Hope you got off the horrendous antipsychotics. Thanks for sharing your story and cheer up, buttercup!

  • “Post proposes that outcomes may be worse than before the introduction of treatment….” That was my experience, my only two “manic” episodes occurred due to drug withdrawal.

    “the withdrawal effects of lithium could be accounted for by a rebound from its toxic effects, resulting in excitability of the nervous system.” That was my experience, a “drug withdrawal induced manic psychosis,” or awakening to my dreams.

    “The authors propose that ‘rebound’ mania following lithium withdrawal may be a result of this persistent effect on monoamine uptake.” That was my experience.

    “This study provides support that withdrawal of lithium, in this case following either short-term or long-term treatment, does not lead to a return to normal states in central catecholamine systems in the rat brain.” Isn’t this evidence of long term harm from 1984? Thus an indication lithium shouldn’t be prescribed to humans?

    “Results of this study suggest increased uptake of dopamine during lithium treatment across observed brain regions, whereas withdrawal resulted in decreased uptake below control levels.” Again, evidence of long term harm. And evidence that the current “bipolar treatment recommendations” are stupid, since they recommend both giving people lithium, which “increased uptake of dopamine,” in conjunction with the antipsychotics, which decrease the uptake of dopamine.

    “The authors discuss the possible relationship between these results and ‘rebound’ mania phenomena after lithium withdrawal.” It’s a shame none of my doctors were aware of this 2001 known issue in 2001, or after.

    “The authors point out that the incidence of manic episodes after lithium withdrawal, and thus rediagnosis to bipolar disorder, is greater than would be expected than would be expected statistically. These results suggest that manic episodes experienced after discontinuation are withdrawal-related rather than relapse.” A truthful researcher, although you can tell when the psychiatrists don’t want to speak the truth. They repeat things multiple times, like “is greater than would be expected than would be expected.” My psychiatrist did that in his medical records because he found it “bothersome” that I didn’t get “voices” immediately after he anticholinergic toxidrome poisoned me. It took a couple weeks for the neurotoxins to “kick in.”

    “This study found that the ‘rebound’ of bipolar disorder symptoms after discontinuation of medication occurred in the majority (74%) of cases reviewed and included those discontinuing all medications in this class.” In other words, withdrawal from the bipolar drug “classes” does create the “bipolar” symptoms. But a drug withdrawal induced “manic psychosis” is much better than an “bipolar” drug cocktail anticholinergic toxidrome induced “psychosis.”

    “the authors provide support for their hypothesis that gradual discontinuation (over 2-4 weeks) reduces risk of relapse versus more abrupt discontinuation (2 weeks or less).” I was gradually weaned off the “bipolar” drugs over a period of three years. I still suffered from horrendous withdrawal effects, like I banged my head against my pillow for a while – I called it head banging disease – and I became manic. Although, the mania wasn’t bothersome for me, it felt like “Godspeed.”

    “The authors did not find evidence of significantly increased risk of relapse after the increased period of risk immediately after discontinuation.” That was not my experience, I was weaned off “bipolar” drugs twice. The first time I had a “drug withdrawal induced manic psychosis” six months after drug withdrawal, the second time I had a “drug withdrawal induced manic psychosis” 26 months after withdrawal from the drugs. In other words, withdrawal symptoms can happen long, long after one is weaned from these neurotoxic drugs. And it wasn’t a “return of the illness,” as an idiot and now arrested and convicted doctor claimed, because I didn’t have mania or depression prior to being put on the psych drugs, and I’ve been drug free, and mania free, for ten years now.

    The “bipolar treatments” create the symptoms of “bipolar” and “schizophrenia,” both when one is drugged and when one is weaned off the drugs. But the withdrawal induced “mania” does eventually go away.

  • “Why don’t they try to figure out their homeless FAMILY problem instead of targeting kids.” Targeting children is easier, profitable, and more satanic. But I’d say arresting the bankers who are stealing “trillions in houses” might help. I agree, the so called “help” is the opposite of “help.”

    As to ACES, “think sexual abuse, emotional neglect, a mother’s mental illness, a father’s alcoholism ….” What if, instead of covering up sexual abuse of children – by DSM defaming and poisoning the child abuse survivors or their mothers – on a massive societal scale, our “mental health” workers got out of the business of profiteering off of covering up child abuse and destroying families? What a concept, start arresting the child molesters instead.

    The so called “mental health” workers, and their create money out of nothing globalist bankster masters, have historically always been, and still are, the primary cause of our society’s problems. Our society wouldn’t even have “mental illnesses,” if we got rid of the neurotoxic poisoning and stigmatizing psychiatrists, as well as their DSM deluded “mental health” minion. And our country wouldn’t have out of control pedophilia and child sex trafficking problems, if the “mental health” workers had not been profiteering off of aiding, abetting, and empowering the pedophiles for over a century.

    They’ve put the people who caused our societies problems in charge of trying to figure out how to fix our society’s problems. Despite the reality that that is an insanely stupid idea since, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” And these DSM deluded people still haven’t figured out that the DSM disallowing insurance reimbursement for helping child abuse survivors is the reason we have such huge percentages of child abuse survivors misdiagnosed with the “invalid” DSM disorders.

    A society that has “mental health” industries, hell bent on attacking all the children in that society, will not survive. Shame on our DSM deluded “mental health” workers.