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  • “Agents with anticholinergic properties (e.g., sedating antihistamines; antispasmodics; neuroleptics; phenothiazines; skeletal muscle relaxants; tricyclic antidepressants; disopyramide) may have additive effects when used in combination … Central symptoms may include memory loss, disorientation, incoherence, hallucinations, psychosis, delirium, hyperactivity, twitching or jerking movements, stereotypy, and seizures.” From

    How different are the central symptoms of anticholinergic intoxication syndrome from the positive symptoms of schizophrenia? Not very. But since antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome is not listed in the DSM billing code “bible,” it is always misdiagnosed as one of the billable, but “invalid,” DSM disorders.

    Perhaps, weaning people off a drug class (neuroleptics/antipsychotics) that actually creates the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia” would be more effective than giving them more drugs? The neuroleptics create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” too.

    Given the reality that the “schizophrenia” treatments create all the symptoms of “schizophrenia,” it’s highly likely that the primary etiology of “schizophrenia” is the “schizophrenia” treatments themselves.

  • This is the third time in two days people have directed me to read “Sun Tzu’s Art of War.” I do believe we have a societal problem with lots of people feeling like there is a war being waged against them. But it is pathetic that one must research war tactics when dealing with the psychiatrists, not to say I disagree, unfortunately. Since the “mental health professionals” are waging a war against their clients, which is quite disgusting.

    I must agree, approaching your appointment as “a business meeting” is not a bad approach. I got to that basic point with my psychiatrist pretty quickly, basically only relating the good things in my life. Since I learned quickly that if I told him about the adverse effects of his neurotoxins, that he’d just up the dose or add more. Although it still took him years to wean me off his damn drugs.

    My last appointment ended with the idiot mimicking gossip from someone at me, as if he was some sort of prophet who magically knew things about me without me telling him, in the hopes I’d have a tizzy fit or something. Instead I agreed that my family had left our church (is that a psychiatric crime?), but said it happened months ago, so it was no longer even news. Then I stood up and said “Are we done yet?” His notes remark, “VERY careful style.”

    What a moron that psychiatrist was. And he was terrified, since he knew I was NOT coming back. He then had his minion try to get me to sign a sheet full of clear stickers with “I swear this is true” on them. (I had politely told the psychiatrist about all his misinformation about me written in his medical records at the prior appointment.) I politely told his minion, in front of a room full of his other clients, that if they’d like to place the stickers on the medical records in the place they wanted confirmation of the truth. I would sign, if what was written was true. They declined in embarrassment.

    Using a recorder is an interesting idea; as is keeping copious notes, I do agree with doing that, I did. Getting copies of all your medical records, as you go, which I did not get until near the end, would have been a good idea. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, I’m not a doctor, and I’m sure you’ve given your plan a ton of energetic and enthusiastic thought. Other synonyms of “manic” are “excitement” and “energetic.” You do know that withdrawal from the “bipolar” drug cocktails can result in a “drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity mania,” right?

    Your plan sounds quite ambitious, unless you have trillions of dollars and lots of people you can employ to help you. Do you? If so, I might be interested in a job. But you know we are up against a trillion dollar pharmaceutical cartel that is bribing our politicians, and bribing and brainwashing our doctors. I’m not trying to crush or diminish your well intended plans, but I’ve lived through a drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity mania, so I can recognize the signs.

    I did heal from it, so can you. But I just want you to know that such a thing exists, because if you ended up in a hospital, the doctors will claim your enthusiasm is “a return of the disease,” rather than truthfully admitting your excitement with your new felt freedom and enthusiasm is a “drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity mania.” God bless and stay safe, Krista, from someone who has been there.

  • “Perhaps they want to return to the ‘non-biological psychiatry’ of the 19th century: to lock people up because they are ‘immoral,’ not because they are ‘sick.’ Big difference.”

    Translation of “immoral”: Disagreement with the religions or government.

    Despite the reality that today our government and 501c3 government controlled religions are the bastions of immorality.

  • “The leaders in my Protestant -Episcopalian Church have outsourced the care of those of us with broken hearts, disturbances of the mind, existential despair, trauma, etc. to secular psychiatry only to have nearly all of our suffering medicalized and secularized.”

    Good point, madmom, and this seems to be a problem with many of the Protestant religions. I tried to point out the impropriety of my childhood religion sending people with spiritual queries off to atheistic, material world only believing “mental health professionals,” who hypocritically pretend to believe in God, to no avail. It’s a shame the religious leaders have chosen to stop functioning as spiritual guides, and are sending their innocent and God fearing off to be slaughtered by the “mental health professionals,” for belief in God.

    But this is for financial reasons, avoidance of liability reasons, just business, don’t you know? But this also renders the religions worthless.

  • It is sad that what I believed to be a good thing as a child, religion, must now be seen as nothing more than an “illness.” But like all corporations, the religions really only care about one thing, money. And apparently many of the religious leaders are afraid, or jealous, of those of us who God actually chooses to “move.”

    But I’m grateful the Holy Spirit was with me as I dealt with a Lutheran child abuse cover up. For of all people, someone I eventually learned was a non-Lutheran, Baal worshipping, Bohemian Grove attending, child sacrificing, “cocaine dealing,” pedophile. Although that pastor was likely compromised by that pedophile, as I’ve learned they do run in “rings,” and his church is missing a lot of money. Thankfully, I’m no longer the only one who sees that my childhood religion has lost its Way.

  • As one of the, likely millions of, people who had the common adverse effects and symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” I can say with 100% certainty that antidepressant withdrawal effects can last for decades.

    I first got brain zaps from an antidepressant, fraudulently prescribed as a “safe smoking cessation med,” in 2001. All the psych drugs harmed me, so I’ve been off them completely since 2009. But I still have the damn antidepressant withdrawal induced brain zaps in 2018.

    As to the psychologists and psychiatrists having the same mission, you are incorrect that that mission is helping people. But you are correct you do share a mission, according to both industries’ medical literature. And that mission is profiteering off of covering up child abuse.

    The DSM was even intentionally set up to prevent all “mental health professionals” from ever helping any child abuse survivors ever, unless they first misdiagnose them with the “invalid” DSM disorders, since child abuse is NOT an insurance billable disorder.

    Oh, and if you’re interested in psychiatric epidemiology, you might find it interesting to learn that the schizophrenia treatments, the neuroleptics (aka as antipsychotics), can create both the negative and positive symptoms of schizophrenia. The negative symptoms can be created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome, and the positive symptoms can be created via antipsychotic and/or antidepressant induced anticholinergic toxidrome.

  • “The psychiatric worldview is in actuality a religious one, and it attempts to supplant other belief systems.” So true, and the DSM unfortunately does not “prevent all healthcare professionals bound by that book (and others like it) from making any diagnoses based on [religious] beliefs.”

    I have proof in my medical records that my “mental health professionals” believed a dream query regarding what being “moved by the Holy Spirit” meant, was a “Holy Spirit voice” that proved I was “psychotic.” When dreams are declared “psychosis,” then all people are “psychotic,” since we all dream. And that’s blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, which is the only unforgivable sin in the Holy Bible.

    Unfortunately for the “mental health professionals,” belief in the Holy Spirit is not taken away with their neurotoxic drugs. And I now have medical proof that Jesus died for my sins 14 times, as I survived 14 different attempts at my life, via 14 different anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings.

    I had to leave the ELCA Lutheran religion because they believe more in the DSM than the Holy Bible, and because they and their “mental health professional” friends, are a bunch of child rape cover uppers and profiteers.

    I hope not all religions are so corrupted, but an ethical pastor of a different religion did confess to me that the “mental health professionals” covering up child abuse for the religions is “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.” Thank you for speaking out against the harm being done by the “mental health professionals” from a Christian perspective, Fr. John.

    And let’s hope the “mental health professionals” and the religions some day get out of the child rape covering up business, since that is illegal, and apparently been going on for way too long.

    A good first step might be allowing our “mental health professionals” to actually bill insurance companies for helping child abuse survivors, rather than forcing them to misdiagnose all child abuse survivors with the “invalid” DSM disorders, since legitimate distress caused by child abuse is not an insurance billable DSM disorder? The DSM “bible” was actually set up as a child abuse covering up “religion.”

  • Since all the antipsychotics /neuroleptics can create both the negative and positive symptoms of schizophrenia, largely unbeknownst to the “mental health professionals.” The negative symptoms being created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome, and the positive symptoms being created via antipsychotic and/or antidepressant induced anticholinergic toxidrome. It’s likely wisest to wean those labeled as “schizophrenic” off the antipsychotics / neuroleptics, rather than merely switching them to other ones or other drug classes.

    But when one is weaned off the antipsychotics / neuroleptics, one is likely to end up with a drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis.” However, as long as the extra energy is put towards exercising and other productive endeavors this is actually a good thing. Although, if the drug withdrawal induced “psychosis” is a bad thing, some sort of talk therapy may be needed. But a drug withdrawal induced “psychosis” is not always a bad thing. Mine merely resulted in a “born again” type tale, which wasn’t bothersome for me at all.

    But, of course, this was bothersome to some “mental health professionals,” who only care about their own finances, not other people’s health.

  • I do agree, the “mental health professionals” are obsessed with suicide. My first experience with a “mental health professional” included the “Have you ever thought about suicide” question. I was there because I had antidepressant (“safe smoking cessation med”) withdrawal induced brain zaps, and wanted to know why I had the brain zaps.

    I had to think about the suicide question, then said maybe once, 20 years prior, in high school? This turned into “suicidal thoughts – no plans.” Maybe, 20 years ago? What a crock of sh-t our “mental health professionals” are. And, of course, I learned what the brain zaps were from the internet, since none of the “mental health professionals” knew what brain zaps were for three more years.'Brain_shivers'_From_chat_room_to_clinic

    I must agree, it’s apparently not “safe” to confess to ever having a suicidal thought to any “mental health professional” ever.

  • “… opioids are not a suitable long-term treatment for chronic pain.” Someone educate the doctors, they believe the opioids are “safe pain meds.” And they’re passing them out like candy, under different names.

    I will say that you might want to rethink the title to this article because it might encourage doctors to prescribe the opioids in conjunction with antidepressants. Which is a really dumb idea, since combining the opioids with the antidepressants results in major-major drug interactions, according to And I know from personal experience that doctors are not intelligent enough to check for drug interactions, prior to prescribing drugs.

  • I was drugged up because a pastor I had just met “thought she was the second coming of Jesus,” according to medical records I eventually picked up. I grew up believing Jesus was a man, so I never thought I was him. But the morning after 9/11/2001 the Holy Spirit did come to me in a dream and claim I was now “moved by the Holy Spirit.” A couple weeks later I had a nightmare that 9/11/2001 would take our country to the brink of WWIII, which seems to be pretty much where we are now (prophetic dream?).

    In the end, that pastor turned out to be a psychopathic child rape cover upper, probably also a pedophile – given I’ve learned that the pedophiles function within rings, and I was also handed over medical evidence that his “soul mate” was a pedophile. I did eventually find an ethical pastor who said that being “moved by the Holy Spirit” just means “the Holy Spirit has chosen to move you” which, as a Christian, I’m fine with.

    But I agree, the “mental health professionals” are terrified by those of us who are “insightful” or “prophetic” or even believe in God. Once I was finally weaned off the psych drugs, my spiritual journey returned and turned into a magical, mysterious, musical, manic, staggeringly serendipitous awakening to my dreams. My dreams are about how we are all “one in the Spirit, one in the Lord,” within the collective unconscious.

    My awakening eventually led to a point where I was lying in Millennial Park in Chicago on a beautiful September morn, staring at the cloud formations, and the “collective” made it clear to me that I had gone and gotten “everyone else” “with love and the word of God” for God. That was the mission statement of my childhood church, so it’s not that surprising my subconscious self might have attempted to do what I was asked to do, albeit merely within the collective unconscious.

    But since I knew I was just a person, once I learned I’d supposedly gotten “everyone else,” I quickly handed “everyone else” off to God. Then Jesus supposedly handed all the Christians off to God. At which point I was supposedly made “of the bride” of God, and then God asked all the souls whether they’d like to go to Jesus, or take this world elsewhere (a word that sounds just like my last name).

    Jesus then supposedly said, “all the doctors are going to hell,” and his soul supposedly jumped into my heart. (Jesus was a Jew [or at least a believer in the Torah], and the Jews pray for a “Sharon to function as fold in the time of the atonement for the Jews,” I later learned. I’m a Sharon. And it strikes me as logical that since Jesus did not get the majority, God might send “someone else” to get “everyone else.”) Then it felt like the souls of all the dead, then the living, started pouring into my heart. Envision each soul being like a sperm, and your heart is the egg being attacked by millions of sperm. That’s what it felt like.

    Being from Chicago, of course this included odd delusions that Al Capone made a stink when his soul was sent into my heart. It was somewhat comical, but very bizarre, as I could literally feel the souls pouring into my heart.

    This, of course, was when a policeman came to take me to a hospital for lying in a public park, minding my own (drug withdrawal induced delusions) business. That forced $5000 physical, that I did not end up having to pay for because the doctor had broken the HIPPA laws, resulted in a “medically clear” diagnosis. Despite this, I was medically unnecessarily shipped, in the middle of the night, a long distance to a prior criminal psychiatrist, whose partner-in-crime is now in jail. She was only able to slap an “adjustment disorder” label on me this time, so I was able to escape the insane “mental health system.”

    My dreams eventually moved to the point that God called the final judgement, and He is seemingly doing the judgement in my dreams to this day. But since I’m supposed to be a “judge” according to 40 hours of unbiased psychological career testing, I’m not bothered by dreams implying I may be one of the “saints and angels” who assists Him with the final judgement. And with the internet exposing the evil of the powers that be, I’m merely one in millions now praying that God saves the decent on this planet.

    Mind altering drugs do cause mind altering experiences, but at least my mind altering experience implied a fulfillment of God’s promise some day. And I do pray that my dreams come true, and we may some day take this world elsewhere, and bring about God’s will on this planet. Having “the west … controlled by satanic pedophiles,” war mongers, and fiscally irresponsible banksters is not in the best interest of the majority. I sing instead, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”

    My “grandiose” awakening came after the psych drugs, but I was totally unaware of it prior. And only time will tell if my recent dreams are prophetic, or just hopeful dreams. But praying for a better world for all is not actually insane, or dangerous, or evil. Working within a multibillion dollar, primarily child abuse covering up, iatrogenic illness creating system is, however.

    No wonder the “mental health professionals” wanted to murder me, and one just attempted to steal all my family’s money and all my truth telling art work, via a bogus “art manager” legalese contract. The delusions of grandeur of the god complexed “mental health professionals,” and their child rape covering up religions, knows no bounds.

  • “… The most stunning statistic, however, is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year. It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US.”

    An ‘anecdotal’ example of how long antidepressant discontinuation symptoms last: I was initially prescribed a “safe smoking cessation” drug, actual mind altering and dangerous antidepressant, in 2000. The withdrawal symptoms were misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” resulting in a bunch of anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings. I’ve been drug free since 2009. But I still have brain zaps in 2019. In other words, it’s possible the withdrawal effects of antidepressants may last forever.

  • “These dangerous chemicals were invented with one purpose in mind: profit at the expense of human suffering.” I beg to clarify, according to the mental health industries’ own medical literature, and even the DSM, “these dangerous chemicals were invented” primarily with the goal of covering up rape of women and children, in addition to “profit at the expense of human suffering.”

    And this is a long run systemic medical/religious problem, due to the fact all of us have been living in an historic paternalistic society for centuries. The primary function of our paternalistic “mental health” industries, historically, and still today, has always been covering up rape of women and children.

    And partial proof of this is that today no “mental health professional” may ever bill any insurance company for ever helping any child abuse survivor ever, without first misdiagnosing them all with one of the billable, but “invalid” DSM disorders.

    That being said, I think you were rather harsh on Kelly. Because I do believe she is one of the most honest psychiatrists, who is explaining how to help the millions of American women who were wrongly prescribed the antidepressants, heal from such wrongful prescriptions.

    As to Kelly’s question, “How Long Does Antidepressant Withdrawal Last?” I’m a mother of a child abuse survivor, who had the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” which resulted in a ton of inappropriate anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings. I will say 17 years later, and 11 years since I’ve had a psych drug forced upon me, I still have the antidepressant induced “brain zaps.” So antidepressant withdrawal effects may last forever.

  • “psychiatrists know they don’t have to answer to anything or anyone and will never be held accountable,” unless the real God exists. And if He does exist, I’m pretty certain He’ll be judging all in a manner commensurate with how they treated others.

    Thus, those who thought it was their right to drug others into a
    lifelong eternal drug induced living hell, will be the ones landing in the external hell after life. As a matter of fact, I didn’t think there was a need for an eternal damnation, until after I understood the psychiatric industry’s staggering in scope crimes against humanity.

    I, too, got the “lifelong, incurable, genetic” / in reality non-lifelong, curable, iatrogenic “bipolar” stigmatization off my medical records. Kudos to you, Krista.

    I did it by pointing out that misdiagnosing the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome as “bipolar” is blatant malpractice, according to all DSMs, except the DSM5. And I pointed out that the “psychosis” I suffered from, while on the drugs, was caused by antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome. And, of course, anticholinergic toxidrome is not “bipolar,” or any of the other “invalid” DSM disorders.

    I also mentioned that the “psychosis” I experienced after the drugs was caused by a drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis.” And this “psychosis” was not bothersome to me, as a Christian, since it merely resulted in a born again type tale.

    I would guess most of those caught up in our manic psychiatric industry’s “selling bipolar” epidemic, could get “bipolar” off their medical records in a similar manner. Looking forward to hearing how you did it, Krista.

  • I agree, Lady Q, it is a well written, logic based article. Thank you, Dr. Eric Kuelker, for speaking common sense.

    Just curious, Eric, do you envision your ‘Psychological Injury Index’ replacing the DSM? If not, people in your industry should, at a minimum, be working to make helping child abuse and rape survivors billable DSM disorders. Since currently no “mental health professional” may ever bill any insurance company for ever helping any child abuse or rape survivor, unless they first misdiagnose them with one of the other “invalid” DSM disorders.

    Which, of course, is why staggering percentages of child abuse and rape survivors have been misdiagnosed with the other DSM disorders.

    And, of course, contrary to the psychiatrists’ belief system, the psychiatric drugs don’t cure distress caused by a crime, traumatic event, or other injustice.

    But when a society has a multibillion dollar, primarily child abuse covering up, “mental health” industry … that society does end up having enormous pedophilia and child trafficking run amok problems, as Western civilization has today. Because, industries that cover up child abuse, are also at the same time aiding, abetting, and empowering the pedophiles and human traffickers.

  • Thank you for sharing your story, Caleb. I, too, found healing from “depression caused by self,” which had to be changed to “bipolar” because I wasn’t depressed, but then turned into “schizophrenia” (actual antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning), then “adjustment disorder” (after getting off the psychiatric neurotoxins), via gardening in the woods of my yard, cooking for my family, journalling, regular moderate exercise, lots of volunteering, and art creation was successful.

    It’s truly shameful that our “mental health professionals” are fraudulently going around claiming their “invalid” DSM disorders are “lifelong, incurable, genetic” illnesses, with less than zero proof the DSM disorders are even valid disease entities at all. Especially since their drugs actually create the symptoms of their DSM disorders. Today’s “mental health” industry is really nothing but a gas light innocent people for profit industry, well, and also a multibillion dollar, primarily child abuse covering up, iatrogenic illness creating industry.

    Glad life is going well for you now, Caleb. Congratulations on your marriage and your new home. And thank you for pointing out to the “mental health professionals” that, even those stigmatized as “schizophrenic” can heal, when safely weaned off the psychosis, hallucination, and lethargy inducing neuroleptic drugs.

  • An example of “mere opinions masquerade as authoritative knowledge,” or worse, actually taking medically known warnings out of the DSM, because the APA has a total disregard and distain of “nonphysicians, patients, and community members:”

    The DSM used to include this disclaimer in the “bipolar” definition.

    “Note: Manic-like episodes that are clearly caused by somatic antidepressant treatment (e.g., medication, electroconvulsive therapy, light therapy) should not count toward a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder.”

    This was taken out of the DSM5, after Robert Whitaker pointed out the completely iatrogenic, ADHD drug and antidepressant induced pathways to bipolar misdiagnoses, which resulted in the American only “childhood bipolar epidemic.”

    The ADHD drugs should have been added to that disclaimer, rather than the disclaimer being taken out of the DSM5 altogether.

    Now our “mental health professionals” believe that creating “bipolar” with the ADHD drugs and antidepressants is totally acceptable behavior, despite it’s iatrogenic – not genetic – etiology.

    And the DSM neglects to include these medically known, antipsychotic/neuroleptic induced syndrome in their DSM. Syndrome/toxidrome which mimic both the negative and positive symptoms of schizophrenia.

    I’m quite certain that if those who profit from making people sick with the psychiatric drugs were not the authors of the psychiatric guidelines, and truthful information about the harms of the psychiatric drugs was actually printed in the psychiatric guidelines, we could significantly decrease the burden of “mental illness” in our society. But, obviously, that is the opposite of the goal of today’s psychiatrists, because it is not in their best financial interests.

  • So in other words, you mean our society should feel more guilt about sending tons of people to prison for victimless so called crimes? I agree, if that is what you’re actually trying to say.

    But that doesn’t mean I disagree with you that turning prisons into ‘free higher education for all institutionalized,’ is a really bad idea. Encouraging people to commit crimes, so they may get free education, is a really dumb idea.

    But I will say, there’s a really cool non-profit organization in my area that does train previously incarcerated people to do jobs that don’t require college educations, like waiting tables in high end restaurants, fine dining cooking, butchering, pastry chefs, and such.

    Although, some of those are also jobs people pay a lot of money to get educated to do. So maybe even that is unjust?

    Maybe the “mental health” professionals are now advocating for this because they understand that only the stupid criminals will soon be dumb enough to believe their psychobabble based BS, and scientifically “invalid” DSM injustice system in the future?

  • “‘The whole system’s built on trust,’ said Witczak. ‘You go to your doctor, you trust that your doctor, whatever the doctor’s going to do, you trust their advice. And the doctor trusts that the FDA has done their work, so the whole system’s built on trust.'”

    Unfortunately, it was misguided trust. And today “the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US.”

  • “You are not partner [with your psychiatrist], you are not a human being, you are an enemy – a patient, a hostage.”

    That’s pretty much what I realized, once I read my, hypocrite of a, psychiatrist’s medical records. That, and he was the most deluded, and likely most stupid, person I’ve ever met. Was I supposed to assume a doctor didn’t know the difference between a person’s head and their private parts? Dumber than dirt.

    I agree, love is the answer. But will point out that psychiatry is basically the opposite of love. It’s about defaming innocent and trusting people with make believe diseases, then massively gas lighting and poisoning people, with drugs that create the symptoms of the made up diseases.

    Then, in the end, attempting to poison the person’s child to cover up medical evidence of the abuse of that client’s child, which was just handed over, while declaring the client’s entire life to be a “credible fictional story.” I’m not certain how much more hateful, criminal, and evil psychiatrists could get. Psychiatry = hate = criminal child rape cover uppers and profiteers = satanic.

  • The DSM should have been flushed in 2013, or better yet, never have existed at all.

    “It must categorize problems, not people;” I definitely agree, attempting to talk to a therapist, whose sole goal is picking out a DSM stigmatization rather than actually listening and assisting one with their real life problems, is the opposite of helpful.

  • Thank you for telling your story, Karey. I agree you were fortunate to have come from a family of strong woman, who had historically challenged our paternalistic medical authority. I had the misfortune of being blindsided by the societal problem that our current “mental health” community is primarily a child abuse covering up and profiteering industry. Since I came from an ethical, non-child abusing family, that was brainwashed into believing that our medical community should be trusted. But my family was forced to deal with the fact my child was abused, outside my home.

    “Why don’t abusers get a label immediately? Why wasn’t there a system to protect my children and mothers and our relationships from harm?”

    We apparently live in a much more evil and paternalistic society than that in which I was raised to believe we live. An ethical pastor, who was kind enough to read my chronologically typed up medical records, with my medical research organized alongside. Confessed to me that my family had dealt with the apparently common, medical/religious child abuse covering up “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.”

    I’ve since learned that the number one actual function of our “mental health professionals,” according to their own medical literature, is covering up child abuse. Over 90% of those labeled as “borderline” today are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors. Over 80% of those labeled with the “psychotic and affective disorders” (“depression,” “anxiety,” “bipolar,” or “schizophrenia”) today are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors.

    And all this misdiagnosis of child abuse survivors with the made up and scientifically “invalid” DSM disorders is by design. Since child abuse is listed in the DSM as a “V Code,” and the “V Codes” are NOT insurance billable disorders. So all “mental health professionals” that want to help any child abuse survivor must first misdiagnose all child abuse survivors with the “invalid” DSM disorders, in order to even get paid by any insurance company.

    And I eventually found that covering up rape and child abuse was also, historically, the function of the psychologists, back when they were in charge of the “mental health profession.”

    “Why didn’t my ex-husband ever once think he had a problem? Why diagnose the traumatized instead of the traumatizers?”

    Our medical/religious hospital, child abuse and rape covering up, “mental health system” is a multibillion dollar industry today. And has been a way for the religions to cover up their “zipper troubles” for likely over a century. And neither the paternalistic religions, nor our greed only inspired medical community, wants to get out of the business of profiteering, in the tune of billions, off of turning millions and millions of child abuse survivors, into the “mentally ill” with the psychiatric drugs, for profit.

    The existence of this multibillion dollar, paternalistic, scientifically “invalid” “mental health” industry is why your ex-husband never once had to think he had a problem. And trust me, I know, our police are not arresting the child rapists today. I was actually told to talk to a psychiatrist when I reported to a policeman that I’d been handed over medical evidence of the abuse of my child, and he refused to file a police report.

    I agree, it is morally repugnant for our “mental health professionals” to be diagnosing the traumatized, rather than the child rapists and abusers being arrested and convicted.

  • We should get rid of all coerced and forced psychiatric treatment. This includes the “mental health professionals” lies about their “chemical imbalance theory,” which they have used to coerce people onto their neurotoxic drugs for decades. As well as their forced in-patient maltreatment of people, to cover up their prior iatrogenic harm of those people, with their neurotoxic drugs. Forced and coerced treatment should be made illegal.

    But, of course, if they got rid of forced and coerced psychiatric treatments, then the “mental health professionals” wouldn’t be able to maintain their multibillion dollar, primarily child abuse covering up, system.

    And maintaining that multibillion dollar, primarily child abuse, as well as prior malpractice, covering up system. A system which is of utmost importance and benefit to the medical professionals, as well as the child abuse covering up religions that own the hospitals. If for no reason other than that, profiteering off of turning child abuse survivors into the “mentally ill” en mass, is a multibillion dollar industry today.

    But the majority in society would be better served if, instead, our society returned to arresting, convicting, and incarcerating the pedophiles and other child abusers. Rather than our “mental health professionals” continuing to defame and poison millions and millions of child abuse survivors, merely because they can’t bill insurance companies for actually helping child abuse survivors.

    How charming that the DSM was actually designed as a child rape covering up “bible.” Got to commend the seminaries that are teaching belief in the DSM “bible” in their seminary schools today, huh? (sarcasm) How low can our religions and medical communities go? Rumor on the internet is that my childhood religion “hit bottom” recently.

    But I don’t think that will actually be true, until their “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” the fraud of their child rape covering up and profiteering DSM system, is understood by the masses. But the doctors and religions really don’t want to get out of the child rape profiteering, iatrogenic illness creation business. As one pediatrician said to me recently, “It’s just too profitable.” And here’s a couple examples of how hard my childhood religion works to cover up rape of children. It’s not just a Catholic problem.

    It’s truly shameful that the Christian religions have adopted belief in the fraud based DSM “bible,” given that the DSM bible’s primary actual societal function is covering up child abuse, and Jesus stood directly opposed to child abuse. The hypocrisy is staggering.

  • The problem with that, Frank, is that if one chooses to be an artist, and ends up being a critical or anti psychiatry, anti-child abuse artist, in this world where the psychiatric industry is functioning as an iatrogenic illness creating, primarily child abuse covering up, industry. And pedophilia and ‘Spirit cooking’ art is all the rage with the current ‘powers that be.’

    The psychiatrists will consider you “unemployed,” as you’re working on your portfolio, because they haven’t yet seen your work. Then once they see your work, they will initially consider your work to be “insightful.” Until you’ve truthfully medically explained the work as visually describing iatrogenic harm, as opposed to a “genetic” illness.

    At which point, the “mental health professionals” will then try to steal your work, and the rights to your story, not to mention all your family’s money – via a BS legalese contract. Because your work quite poignantly, visually describes the massive in scope, child abuse covering up, iatrogenic illness creating crimes of the psychiatric industry.

    In other words, only “work” that pushes the propaganda, lies and sick desires of the ‘powers that be’ would be allowed, if there were a universal basic income.

    But since we don’t have a universal basic income, and there are lots of artists who have been attacked by our pharmaceutically deluded medical community. There is now lots of art visually describing our run amok, greed inspired only, and murderous medical community’s crimes against humanity. And the job of artists is to visually describe what is going on in a society, at the time in which that artist lived.

    Will the art history books some day only include the current ‘powers that be’s’ satanic pedophilia and ‘Spirit cooking’ art? Or will the art history books some day also confess that our society at this time in history was a very divisive society, and include the artwork of the decent masses? Including the artists who were attacked by our pharmaceutically deluded, child abuse covering up and profiteering, medical and religious industries? I hope the history books will some day record the reality of our very divisive, unjust, to the point of being sick, society.

    I do agree with Will that the Democrats and Republicans are two wings of the same corrupt bird. And I agree with MLK, Jr. that our goal should be “to overturn the anti-democratic control of our political system by elites and put power back in the hands where it belongs — with us, ordinary people.”

    But I also see today’s “mental health professionals” as the “omnipotent moral busy bodies” hell bent on maintaining the current satanic status quo, for today’s war mongering and profiteering, bailout needing, fiscally irresponsible, human and drug trafficking, globalist “elite.”

  • “Some researchers should be subject to a criminal investigation, not only a scientific investigation.” All the “mental health professionals” who’ve misdiagnosed the adverse and withdrawal effects of the antidepressants as “bipolar” “should be subject to a criminal investigation,” too. But to prevent this, the psychiatrists just changed their DSM5, so such DSM-IV-TR malpractice is now acceptable “standard of care.”

    “You can not trust psychiatrists.” I guess we can trust them to behave in a manner that benefits themselves, while ensuring ever increasing iatrogenic harm of their clients.

    Thanks for pointing out some, no doubt just the tip of the iceberg, of the scientific fraud in the psychiatric literature, Sylvain.

  • “Better Outcomes Off Medication for Those Recovered from First-Episode Schizophrenia…” You mean the neurotoxic antipsychotics/neuroleptics, that create the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome, and the positive symptoms of schizophrenia, via antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome, aren’t beneficial for those stigmatized as “schizophrenic”? No, it couldn’t be.

    Thanks for pointing out the long run problems with the antipsychotics/neuroleptics. We do need to educate the “professionals” regarding the short and long run adverse effects of their neurotoxic “wonder drugs.” But, it is ironic that those who go around declaring other people to be “delusional,” are the most deluded of all.

  • “Antidepressant Withdrawal: An Unknown Disorder?” It was unknown to, or at least denied by, all my doctors. My PCP functioned as the “exclusionist.” She misdiagnosed the antidepressant withdrawal induced, flu like symptoms as other illnesses, and inappropriately prescribed drugs for the flu, a non-existent pneumonia, etc. for months.

    My second opinion doctors, a couple of whom were from outside my insurance group, all functioned as reductionists, and misdiagnosed the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome as “bipolar.” Despite the fact this was blatant malpractice according to the DSM-IV-TR at the time:

    “Note: Manic-like episodes that are clearly caused by somatic antidepressant treatment (e.g., medication, electroconvulsive therapy, light therapy) should not count toward a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder.”

    And I know with 100% certainty that since this disclaimer was taken out of the DSM5, many “mental health professionals” now believe misdiagnoses of the ADRs and withdrawal symptoms of the antidepressants as “bipolar” is acceptable, rather than malpractice. So I’m sure this type of iatrogenic pathway to “bipolar” misdiagnoses will only increase.

    And, of course, trying to cure the adverse effects of the antidepressants, by adding an antipsychotic, is not going to help the clients. Because combining the anticholinergic drugs is likely to cause anticholinergic toxidrome, which can make the clients psychotic, and mimics the other symptoms of the “psychotic disorders.” And since anticholinergic toxidrome is not listed in the DSM billing code “bible,” this will always be misdiagnosed as one of the billable disorders. Thus resulting in further iatrogenic harm.

    I agree with you, Fiammetta, and “George Engel” that “medical doctors, including psychiatrists,” should “observe and listen to their patients and develop a program to treat withdrawal and restore health.” But, unfortunately I don’t see this as the direction they wish to pursue, given the DSM5 changes, and because this is not financially in their best interests.

  • This blog is evidence of the historic, and continuing, intergenerational and egregious harm doctors are doing to our societies. Our societies need to garner insight into the reality that the doctors are nothing more than tentacles of our of controlled governments, who are controlled by a fraud based banking system, and the “corporations that will grow up around them,” like the pharmaceutical industry.

    As a society, we are being forced by these miseducated morons, who didn’t learn from history, to relive the worst of history as a society.

  • Yes, my parents subjected me to “the clean plate club.” I didn’t do that to my children, I knew it was BS. But this is kind of sick. After my PCP, and her mass drugging psychiatrists, massively tranquilized me. My 3 year old daughter immediately gained a lot of weight, likely because her mother had largely been taken away from her, at least mentally.

    I asked my PCP why my daughter had gained a lot of weight at the time, while I was still massively tranquilized, and thus largely unable to think straight. She actually had the gall to say to me that she’d blame my cooking, if I didn’t have one skinny child and one chubby one.

    Gosh, are doctors brainwashed into blaming their patients? And how respectable are such doctors?

  • Congratulations on saving your baby, Adrian. Wow, how hard it is to find financing to provide alternatives to the current, monopolistic, scientific fraud based, multibillion dollar, mainstream “mental health” system. Best wishes on the continued success of 2nd Story. Since alternatives to the current failure of a “mental health” paradigm for it’s clients, despite it’s extreme profitability for its practitioners and their Pharma misinformers, system are most definitely needed.

  • I agree, “Facebook’s suicide risk scoring software, along with its calls to the police that may lead to mandatory psychiatric evaluations, constitutes the practice of medicine.” And let’s be real, all of us here know the psychiatrists ALWAYS find a “diagnosis”/stigmatization.

    And how lovely, “There is no way of opting out, short of not posting on, or deleting, your Facebook account.”

    Perhaps it’s time to delete my Facebook account? Although I’ve never been big on posting or reading Facebook anyway, it strikes me as too voyeuristic. But this is downright intrusive, and creepy.

  • Sadism is “the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.” I must say, apart from the sexual gratification part of the definition, that word does describe the sadistic psychiatrist I had the misfortune of dealing with in two hospitals.

    And both times it was for “medically unnecessary” reasons. That sadistic psychiatrist’s partner in crime, the first time, was convicted of Medicare/Medicaid fraud eventually, for a whole bunch of “medically unnecessary” crimes against lots and lot of patients.

    And the second time had nothing to do with me being a “frequent flyer.” But it had everything to do with that sadistic psychiatrist illegally and incorrectly listing me as her “outpatient” at a hospital I’d never been to before, I eventually learned from an insurance company. So she could convince a doctor, who broke the HIPPA laws, to medically unnecessarily ship me in the middle of the night, and based upon a “medically clear” diagnosis, back to that sadistic psychiatrist.

    Once I’d learned about these crimes of this sadist psychiatrist, I called and asked her to stop incorrectly listing me as her “outpatient” at a hospital, that agreed with me, that I’d never been to before. So she then started incorrectly listing me as her “outpatient” at the first hospital.

    Her lackeys from that hospital were rather embarrassed when they called me to ask why I had missed an appointment. I told them I had not missed an appointment. I did not have an appointment with that sadist psychiatrist, and would NEVER choose her as a doctor. And then I told them that I no longer even lived in that state, so that sadist psychiatrist is going to make them all look like fools, if they continue to fraudulently list me as her patient.

    Sound like a sadist psychiatrist to you? I’m quite certain behaving in a sadistic manner is an integral part of being an American psychiatrist today.

  • Indeed, the psychiatric profession learned less than zero from their crimes of the Nazi era. So they are in the process of repeating the worst of history, thus we are living through another psychiatric holocaust of innocents, as well.

    And it’s mostly children, particularly child abuse survivors. How sick and evil can the psychiatric industry get?

  • kindredspirit, I’ve read a big part of the problem with the massive number of people locked up in the jails in the US is that our prison industry was privatized. Thus, removing the incentives to rehabilitate people, in preference for making sure the prisons are filled to capacity, thus resulting in maximum profits. The prison system should not have been privatized.

    And I have no doubt that many of those in our prisons are “damaged humans worthy of love and care and investment with tax dollars toward the goal of rehabilitating them because our current system of locking them up indefinitely is too expensive and also isn’t working.”

    I will mention that two days ago I went to a rather cool restaurant, which actually helps people who have previously been incarcerated. The restaurant takes people from jail and teaches them trades, like fine French cooking, waiting tables in a fine dining restaurant. The non-profit just opened up a butcher shop last week, so it will also be teaching them how to be a butcher. And they plan to open a bakery, thus will also soon be teaching them the art of being a pastry chef as well. I think it is a wonderful way to help previously incarcerated people.


    I think this is just more psychobabble double-talk to rationalize psychiatric harm of innocent people for profit.

    “Because of its proved strong negative effects on patients, it is a paramount goal of the local authorities to limit as much as possible the recourse to this practice.” If the local authorities actually wanted to “limit as much as possible the recourse to” force treatment, they should make it illegal.

    And forced and coerced treatment should be made illegal. Forced treatment is used to defraud insurance companies out of payment for unneeded “treatment” by criminal doctors like this psycho.

    Yes, 135 lb, non-violent, innocent mommies must be forced treated, when they have been handed medical proof of prior malpractice, because this is a “danger” to her former doctors.

    Is proactive malpractice suit prevention what the “danger to self or others” clause is supposed to be used for?

  • “Now I’m left with a lot of questions. How do places like Methodist become possible?”

    An ethical Methodist pastor confessed to me that covering up child abuse, via psychiatric and psychological misdiagnosis, is “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.”

    “What is the real goal of inpatient psychiatric care?”

    To paternalistically cover up the reality that child abuse and rape happen.

    “Especially for underserved populations, what is the difference between the ‘inpatient psychiatric unit’ and a prison?”

    Those in prison were judged as guilty by our judicial system, at least theoretically. Those in “inpatient psychiatric care” are likely innocent people, unjustly imprisoned in hospitals, whose families had dealt with some form of child abuse. Since the vast majority of those mislabeled with the “invalid” DSM disorders, are actually misdiagnosed, then neurotoxin poisoned, child abuse survivors.

    And the DSM is a child abuse covering up system, by design. Since NO “mental health professional” today may EVER bill ANY insurance company for EVER helping ANY child abuse survivor EVER.

    “How has an over-reliance on medication promoted unethical, weak medical practices and even compromised safety?”

    Well, since the medical evidence does show that the ADHD drugs and antidepressants create the “bipolar” symptoms, as Whitaker pointed out.

    And the bipolar and schizophrenia treatments, the antipsychotics (aka neuroleptics), can create both the negative and positive symptoms of schizophrenia. The negative symptoms (lethargy, et al) are created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. And the positive symptoms (psychosis, hallucinations, et al) are created via antipsychotic and/or antidepressant induced anticholinergic toxidrome.

    This now medically claimed ignorance of known medical facts, and “over-reliance on medication,” has “promoted unethical, weak medical practices and even compromised safety.”

    “And most importantly, are these places recreating the illnesses they purport to treat?”

    Yes the psychiatrists are actually “creating the illnesses they purport to treat,” and I’m pretty certain I just medically pointed out how.

    Although the psychiatrist’s crimes against humanity should be seen as much more egregious, once one understands the magnitude of their now claimed ignorant, unrepentant, misdiagnoses of the common adverse effects of their own drugs.

  • A sane confession that “the insane are running the asylums,” was my initial takeaway from reading Jessica’s piece too, Alex. Thank you for sharing your story, Jessica.

    And it’s also my personal belief, in general, about forced psychiatric treatment. After being force treated for a non-existent “chronic airway obstruction” that magically turned into “bipolar.” By this now FBI convicted criminal doctor, and his psychiatric “snowing” partner in crime, who has yet to be arrested.

    At least pretty much all who’ve dealt with this not yet arrested, criminal psychiatrist, agree with me that she’s a piece of greed only inspired sh-t, according to patient reviews.

  • I agree, kindredspirit, “It’s so important, for change to occur, that the professional staff witnessing these abuses speak up and voice the outrage these injustices should elicit in all who hear about them. Your courage is commendable,” Jessica.

    Although, YouTube videos are good too, The_cat and oldhead.

  • “The treatment for victims of [forced psychiatric] treatment … isn’t medical, its called restorative justice … Restorative justice will help individuals and families tap into the inner voice that never went away, the voices that are silenced but never stopped saying ‘This is wrong!’ ‘This is a horrible way to support people in distress!’ ‘Labeling and forcibly drugging people is wrong!’ ‘Isolating people even more who are already marginalized in society, by secluding them in cells and restraining them is idiotic and cruel!’

    I agree, madmom. Especially since all the doctors, the psychiatrists included, are raping our entire economy for their malpractice insurance. Justice is the cure for injustice.

  • “Alarmingly, the authors highlight that among adolescents treated for depression across multiple intervention-types, only 30-50% experience relief from symptoms.” Isn’t this evidence that the current psychiatric and psychological methods are not effective? So maybe the intrusive, “omnipotent moral busy body” “mental health professionals” should stop attacking, stigmatizing, and neurotoxin poisoning little children?

    What’s rather sad is the general public is largely unaware of the ineffectiveness of our “mental health professionals” current paradigms of care.

    But I do have a suggestion. Perhaps, if our “mental health professionals” changed their DSM, so that they could actually get insurance reimbursement for truthfully addressing matters such as child abuse.

    Rather than denying this societal problem, and stigmatizing child abuse survivors en mass as “depressed” etc., due to your inability to bill insurance companies for actually addressing such crimes, you’d see better results if you actually helped people with their real life problems.

    Because, let’s be real, symptoms of child abuse are not a brain disease, they are symptoms of a crime. And the psychiatric drugs don’t actually cure people from distress caused by a crime. I know this is a difficult concept for the “mental health professionals” to grasp, however.

    Trust me it took countless “mental health professionals” and a quote from an orthopedic surgeon, “antipsychotics don’t cure concerns of the abuse of one’s child,” to finally embarrass one psychiatrist into weaning me off drugs that were making me ungodly ill.

    I had no idea at the time, that the primary actual societal function of our “mental health” industry, both historically and today, is silencing child abuse survivors.

    And the “mental health professionals” have spent that last several decades turning millions and millions of child abuse survivors, into the “mentally ill” with the psychiatric drugs. Which, by the way, is illegal since you’re all mandatory reporters. Not to mention, pretty much so evil, that most people wouldn’t be able to even believe our “helping professionals” are actually doing this.

    I’m quite certain our society as a whole would be better served if the police started arresting the child rapists, rather than our society perpetuating a multibillion dollar, primarily child abuse covering up, group of scientifically “invalid” “mental health” industries.

    But at least if you made helping child abuse survivors a billable DSM disorder, this would be a step in the right direction. If our “mental health professionals” actually want to help “depressed” children with their real life problems.

  • I think much of this entire conversation is about a child who was so insanely brainwashed with “a different world view based on the experiences I had growing up with a social worker mother.”

    Which, of course, speaks to our societal problem of the miseducation of our “mental health professionals,” with the scientifically invalid DSM billing code belief system in our universities.

    And this miseducation of people is still a problem in our universities, and for a disgusting reason, also in our supposedly Christian seminaries. And that disgusting reason is that “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions” is that the number one actual function, both historically and today, of today’s “mental health system,” is covering up child abuse for our religious leaders and their wealthy.

    And it’s not just 92% of the “borderline” who’ve been misdiagnosed. It’s also over 80% of those labeled with the “psychotic and affective disorders” (“depression,” “anxiety,” “bipolar,” and “schizophrenic”), who are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors.

    In other words, the primary actual function of today’s “mental health profession” is, in fact, misdiagnosing people to cover up child abuse. And, you do confess you grew up in a highly dysfunctional family, and are a child abuse survivor in this blog log, Abrianna.

    Contrary to our “mental health professionals” belief system, drugs don’t actually cure symptoms of child abuse, because the symptoms of child abuse are NOT a brain disease. They are symptoms of a crime.

    God bless you in your drug withdrawal journey, and I’m glad you already know that withdrawal from the psychiatric drugs can cause a drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity induced manic psychosis. Thus a gradual withdrawal is recommended.

    But never give up, because today’s medical community will always misdiagnose the common withdrawal symptoms of the psychiatric drugs as “proof of your original mental illness.” Don’t believe them. You can do it.

    I do also, however, agree with Steve’s synopsis of the problems with the entire psychiatric system.

  • “We can really take the time to listen to somebody; hear what they’re going through; help them feel a little bit understood… like they have somebody who just cares about them … It can make a big difference.”

    Wow, what a concept! That was the opposite of my experience with police when I was minding my own business, watching the clouds, peacefully lying in a public park, trying to mentally come to grips with the reality that I had found the medical proof that the antipsychotics can create psychosis, via anticholinergic toxidrome.

    I was medically unnecessarily taken to a hospital by the policeman, given a $5000 physical against my will, which resulted in a “medically clear” diagnosis. I had refused to sign HIPPA forms, since I did not need a physical. I was held until midnight in that hospital, then medically unnecessarily shipped a long distance to a psychiatrist that was NOT my last psychiatrist. But a psychiatrist who was a “snowing” partner in crime with this now FBI convicted criminal doctor.

    The good thing was that once I’d pointed out to the hospital that medically unnecessarily shipped me to that criminal psychiatrist, without having signed HIPPA forms. That hospital did stop requesting payment. When you point out the crimes of the doctors, the hospitals do tend to get embarrassed.

    Let’s hope the police and paramedics stop behaving like insane people. Medically unnecessarily, illegally, and willy nilly dragging healthy people out of the comfort of their own beds, or for lying in a public park, and taking them to criminal doctors in hospitals. Have the police and paramedics been getting kickbacks from the criminal doctors for this type of illegal behavior? One has to wonder.

  • “… even a brief ancestral exposure to a common antidepressant modifies the stress response and critical coping behaviors for several generations.”

    Charming we’re just now hearing this.

    “The future discussion should take into account that such medication have longer-term effects than we ever imagined.”

    Good thing the self proclaimed “experts” know nothing about the short or long term effects of the neurotoxins they prescribe.

  • Ketamine is “best known as a psychedelic club drug that makes people hallucinate…” “Ketamine is most commonly classified as a ‘dissociative anesthetic,’ and its adverse effects include numbness, depression, amnesia, hallucinations, and potentially fatal respiratory problems. Termed ‘Special K’ on the streets, at high doses, ketamine users experience an effect referred to as ‘K-Hole,’ an out-of-body experience. Since the ketamine user can find it difficult to move, it has been used as a date-rape drug.”

    So, similar to the SSRI antidepressants, ketamine creates the symptoms of the more serious “mental illnesses,” contrary to the claims of the “mental health professionals.” They believe their drugs are “wonder drugs” which never have any adverse effects.

    But since the antidepressants are the drug class that the medical community uses to reel healthy people into their disempowering “mental health system,” I see why they’re promoting this drug. But is it wise, from a societal perspective, to mass produce and prescribe a known date rape drug? Especially since we already live in a rape culture, at least according to the many #MeToo rape survivors.

    This is an excellent point, Bruce. “Specifically, a society that relies totally on medicine to fix suicide is one that has abdicated power to transform itself into a more humane society that does not breed suicide. The increasing medicalization of suicide enables a society to relinquish responsibility for creating genuinely caring communities.”

    Maintaining the current, flawed, perhaps even evil, status quo, is the primary function of the “mental health profession.” And let’s be real, “creating genuinely caring communities” is NOT in the financial best interest of the mental illness creators.

    “Has psychiatry established the track required for such a claim to be trusted?” No, any research into the history of psychiatry shows their “invalid” industry always ultimately brings about psychiatric holocausts. And this is exactly what they’re doing to all of Western civilization today.

  • By the way, I too, had the common ADRs of the antidepressants misdiagnosed by psychiatrists, and because of their hypocritical blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, according to their medical records. So I can empathize with the common illegal, at least in the US, issue of hypocritical psychiatrists drugging people up for belief in God in this country.

  • Abrianna, many people who write on this website agree with the former head of the National institute of Mental Health, that ALL the DSM disorders are “invalid.”

    And the truth about those labeled as borderline personality disorder, is that 92% of them are actually misdiagnosed, discredited, and disbelieved child abuse survivors.

    Why such huge percentages of misdiagnosed child abuse survivors? Insurance billing problems for actually helping child abuse survivors were built into the DSM.

    And, of course, most people with brains in their heads, which does not include the DSM deluded, understand that drugs do not cure the symptoms of child abuse. This is at least part of why people who write here politely request you not shame “one group of patients by using the weaponized labels and definitions of psychiatric diagnoses against them while trying to gain sympathy for the ‘good’ patients.” Having empathy for mislabeled child abuse survivors is appropriate, don’t you agree?

    Plus we did have a favorite blogger on this website, who was a man who had been abused as a child, that was stigmatized as borderline, who eventually committed suicide. So many of us here still miss him.

    Hope that at least somewhat explains the situation. That being said, thank you for your story, Abrianna. Wow, did you start a business when you were just 13? That’s great! Hope you can keep it going, and it doesn’t go bankrupt. Congrats on your recent marriage. Ten hospitalizations in three years is pretty sad, your outpatient psychiatrist(s) during that time must have been pretty pathetic?

    Your story is a little hard to follow, but does express the reality of how horrendous today’s “mental health system” truly is. And I understand cohesively explaining one’s life, during the time one is being made “mad as a hatter” with the psychiatric drugs, is a challenge. Best wishes, and I hope you’re working on becoming neurotoxin free.

  • “Going to cultural venues is a way of reducing sedentary behavior, which is associated with depression, partly through increased inflammatory responses. Furthermore, the emotional response to cultural activities such as music has been found to involve brain regions critical to the processing of positive emotions and reward,”

    I’m so glad you’re teaching the “mental health professionals” this, since my “mental health professionals” had insanely told me to “quit all your activities” and to stop listening to the music I like. I was shocked by my “mental health professionals” insanely stupid advise.

    “A growing body of literature suggests cultural engagement, activities such as singing, dancing, doing art, and visiting a museum, can aid in the recovery and treatment of depression.” Regular moderate exercise, volunteering, a healthy diet, time in nature, journaling – all these things are things the “mental health professionals” need to be educated are good for people.

    One psychiatrist thought my love of painting was “bipolar”????? Another one, ironically named after an Indian dance, thought dancing was “mania”????? I had no idea that there was an entire industry of people who were so completely lacking in common sense, until I had the misfortune of dealing with the completely delusional “mental health professionals.” “I declare you’re life is a fictional story!” Bye, bye, insane psychiatrist.

    But I now have an entire, shockingly descriptive portfolio all about painting iatrogenic “bipolar,” then healing from iatrogenic “bipolar,” by going off the psychosis inducing psychiatric drugs. And, how disgusting, I live in a society with an enormous, completely iatrogenic bipolar epidemic. Ick! to our satanic “mental health” professionals. I’m not certain why my “mental health professionals” wanted my work to be about their malpractice, however. I think they would have been better off if they had left me alone, rather than attacking me and my family, so they could profiteer off of covering up the abuse of my child.

    Because after a recent show of my work, a psychologist apparently was concerned about the truthfulness of my work. So he disingenuously handed over an “I want to manage your art” contract, that is actually an I want to steal all your artwork and all your money contract. Apparently he’s terrified my artwork might end up in the art history books some day.

    But in this very divisive society in which we live, we not only have Spirit cooking and pedophilia artists that are all the rage. But we also have Spirit led, anti child abuse, and shame on the “mental health professionals” for profiteering off of covering up child abuse on a massive societal scale, artists as well.

    It’s a shame that covering up child abuse is the number one actual function of our “mental health” industries. Especially since such illegal “mental health professional” behavior aids, abets, and has empowered the pedophiles. So we now have human trafficking and pedophilia run amok societal problems.

    But I did see Psychiatric Times is finally starting to do more than just deny the reality that human trafficking is a reality, so hopefully they will soon stop advocating turning child abuse victims into the “mentally ill” with their psychiatric drugs, en mass. Or at least, I do so hope.

  • I think some research should be done on the percentage of adults diagnosed as “bipolar.” Because I think most “bipolar” is misdiagnoses of the common ADRs and withdrawal effects of the antidepressants and ADHD drugs, just like Whitaker found with the “childhood bipolar epidemic.” At least I’m one more who had the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome misdiagnosed as “bipolar.”

    Craig, I agree, great infographics. But I’d recommend you add to the problems with the antipsychotics for “bipolar,” anticholinergic toxidrome. Since I’m guessing most “bipolar” is actually misdiagnoses of the ADRs of the antidepressants, which is then wrongly treated with the antipsychotics, resulting in anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning.

    Especially since this is no longer a misdiagnosis, according to the DSM5. Although, I guess such a change to the DSM is evidence that the primary goal of the mainstream psychiatric industry is to harm their patients for profit, rather than help them.

  • You mean to tell me that when all my doctors proclaimed with 100% certainty that the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome were “bipolar,” that was malpractice? (sarcasm)

    I now know it was blatant malpractice, even according to the DSM-IV-TR at the time. It’s a shame the psychiatrists aren’t intelligent enough to even read their DSM “bible.”

    “Note: Manic-like episodes that are clearly caused by somatic antidepressant treatment (e.g., medication, electroconvulsive therapy, light therapy) should not count toward a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder.”

    I’m pretty certain this disclaimer was taken out of the DSM5 to spite Robert Whitaker for pointing out America’s completely iatrogenic “childhood bipolar epidemic.” And to prevent malpractice suits due to all this massive in scope psychiatric malpractice against children, and likely millions of adults.

    But I do know my doctors were ignorant of at least one, very disconcerting physical symptom of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome in 2002, because this doctor points out the ignorance of all the doctors about this common symptom of antidepressant discontinuation in this 2004 article.'Brain_shivers'_From_chat_room_to_clinic

    I love the conclusion of that article. But that article is a confession that none of the doctors knew brain zaps were a common symptom of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome in 2004. How embarrassing our “mental health professionals” must learn about the common withdrawal symptoms of the antidepressants from the patients online, and they’re scared of their clients researching online “without our control.” Can we say our “mental health professionals” are control freaks? The satanic “omnipotent moral busy bodies” that C.S. Lewis forewarned us about?

    But I agree, we should not be silent about “the impoverished state of psychiatry’s withdrawal research.” Because “Where such research exists it is scattered and minimal (and, by design, minimises withdrawal effects).” Which has resulted in massive in scope psychiatric malpractice, especially in the United States.

    “And where such research exerts influence it appears to do so less on behalf of patients (whose withdrawal often lacks proper recognition and support) than on those who promote, defend or evermore widely prescribe this class of psychopharmaceutical.” And, no doubt, removing that disclaimer about the antidepressants from the “bipolar” definition in the DSM5 will result in a lot more psychiatric iatrogenesis = malpractice.

    It’s a shame the American psychiatric DSM writers thought the solution to massive societal psychiatric malpractice – the completely iatrogenic “childhood bipolar epidemic” – was to change their DSM to make that blatant iatrogenesis acceptable harm of their clients. Truly the American DSM5 writers are disgusting human beings, whose goal is to harm their clients for profit, not help them.

    Especially since trying to cure the common adverse and withdrawal effects of the antidepressants by adding the “bipolar treatments,” the antipsychotics, will likely make the clients “mad as a hatter,” via anticholinergic toxidrome.

    And our DSM5 writers still have not included this known antidepressant/antipsychotic induced toxidrome (and a toxidrome is a known way to poison a person) into the DSM, so it will always be misdiagnosed as one of the billable, but “invalid,” DSM disorders.

    Especially since anticholinergic toxidrome mimics the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.” And the antipsychotics create symptoms that mimic the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia” too, via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. Which is also conveniently left out of the DSM billing code “bible.”

    Psychiatry is just one gigantic iatrogenic illness creation system. This medical betrayal, on such a huge societal scale, is appalling. And to create a DSM that intentionally encourages poisoning people, in order to make them “mad as a hatter,” is disgusting.

    Thank you for pointing out these problems with the psychiatric lack of knowledge base, Drs. Read and Davies.

  • A lovely blog about the importance of love, Peter. And I do agree, love and mutually respectful treatment of others is imperative. I just wish those in your field were wise enough to “build loving relationships and a life based on mutual respect, reason, and sound ethical behavior.” Unfortunately, I found “mental health professionals” to be people who behave in 100% the opposite manner.

  • Clinicians don’t listen because they harbor odd and false delusions that all distress is “caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.” And when they do listen, like when something good has happened in the client’s life, the doctor writes in his records, “not believed by Dr.” In the end, out of terror, because they never garnered any insight whatsoever into their client’s life, they declare the entirety of their client’s life to be “a credible fictional story.”

    Today’s “mental health professionals” believe 9/11/2001, and all the subsequent wars against the concept “terror,” rather then a real enemy, are wonderful. And all who stand against the never ending wars have a “chemical imbalance in their brain” and must be drugged forever. This is political abuse of psychiatry, in America today.

    Today’s “mental health professionals” believe child abuse is a wonderful thing, and all who stand against child abuse have a “chemical imbalance in their brain,” must be drugged forever, and have all their money stolen from them. Although, profiteering off of covering up child abuse is the number one actual function of our “mental health professionals,” both historically and today, according to their industries’ own medical literature.

    Today’s “mental health professionals” believe Chappaqua, NY is Chippawa, NY. Despite the fact there is no Chippawa, NY.

    Today’s “mental health professionals” believe Miami University is a “fictional” university.

    Today’s “mental health professionals” believe driving from the suburbs of Chicago, into the city to get a haircut from the hair stylist one has been going to for over a decade, is a “sign of mania.” I presume this means they believe all who commute from the suburbs of Chicago into Chicago for any reason are “manic” too? That’s millions of “manic” people in the Chicagoland area alone. Hurry, hurry, “mental health professionals.” Drug them all!

    Today’s “mental health professionals” believe that when a banker’s daughter donates $400 to a children’s charity, this is a “sign of mania.”

    Today’s “mental health professionals” believe that losing 30 lbs by regular moderate exercise, rather than dieting, and upon the recommendation of a doctor, is a sign of “depression caused by self.” Even when the person is pleased with the weight loss, says she’s not depressed, and is discussing interpersonal problems with some, what turned out to be, child rapists.

    Today’s “mental health professionals” believe all thoughts, dreams, and gut instincts are “voices.”

    Today’s “mental health professionals” know less than zero about the adverse effects of the drugs they prescribe. They don’t know that opioids are mind altering, dangerous, and addictive drugs, they think opioids are “safe pain meds.” Congrats on your opium epidemic, doctors. And the doctors believe the antidepressants are “safe smoking cessation meds,” too.

    Today’s “mental health professionals” believe their drugs are “wonder drugs.” When in reality the ADHD drugs and antidepressants create the bipolar symptoms. And their antipsychotics create both the negative and positive symptoms of schizophrenia.

    Today’s “mental health professionals” believe that when one doesn’t have “voices” this is “disturbing” for the doctor. I guess that psychiatrist should have drugged himself up for his distress at that point?

    Today’s “mental health professionals” believe that when their drugs create “voices” in a person’s head, this is a good thing, so even more neurotoxins should be forced onto that client.

    Today’s “mental health professionals” threaten their clients, “If you don’t take all the drugs as prescribed, all the doctors will call you paranoid.” When in reality it was my paranoid of a non-existent, but deserved, malpractice suit doctors, and my child abuse covering up doctors, who were the paranoid people after all.

    Today’s “mental health professionals” believe that the best way to help an abused child, four years after the abuse, but once the medical evidence of the abuse was finally handed over, is to massively drug the child.

    Today’s “mental health professionals” are war mongering, child abuse covering up, insane, delusional, Holy Spirit blaspheming, thieving, criminal deadbeats.

    But thanks for pointing out that “the black-or-white thinking of professionals is a fallacy.” And that “The term ‘contributory injustice’ refers to this type of refusing to listen to,” the people that the “mental health professionals,” and only the “mental health professionals” and their child raping friends, try incessantly to marginalize.

    Marginalization the “mental health professionals” do, because they do not want the world to know that profiteering off of covering up abuse of children is the primary actual function of our “mental health professions.” And this marginalization of millions and millions of child abuse survivors has helped to aid, abet, and empower the pedophiles and human traffickers in the West, even according to world leaders today.

    Thank you so very much to our child rape covering up and profiteering “mental health professionals,” for collectively and systemically working so very hard to destroy Western civilization. Given the reality that most of your clients today are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors, and covering up rape of children is illegal, most of you likely belong in jail. But you wouldn’t know, since you don’t listen to your clients and believe their lives are a “fictional story.”

    And you are seemingly very proud of your “mental health system,” whose primary actual societal function today is whacking the hell out of child abuse survivors when they’re down. While you make believe, and are fraudulently claiming to the world, that you are “helping” people. Pardon my disgust that I dealt with a, by design, systemic child rape covering up “mental health system.”

    But the world should be educated to the reality that NO “mental health professional” may EVER bill ANY insurance company for EVER helping ANY child abuse survivor EVER, unless the “mental health professionals” first misdiagnose the child abuse survivors with any one of the plethora of “invalid” but billable DSM disorders.

    Western civilization’s multibillion dollar, iatrogenic illness creating, primarily child abuse covering up “mental health system” is satanic. I must agree with the “evil Russian,” Putin, and disagree with our satanic, Holy Spirit blaspheming, child rape covering up, DSM “bible” thumping, material world only believing, “all distress is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain” believing “mental health professionals.”

    But I will say one of the abusers of my children was an “evil Russian.” So I’m quite certain, there are good and evil people within all nationalities. Although I’m not certain that is true of all professions, since I’ve never met a “mental health professional” who didn’t want to profiteer off of covering up rape and abuse of children personally.

    “The dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” our multibillion dollar, medical/religious, primarily child abuse covering up “mental health” system, does die hard though. Just like me. Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to survivor 14 distinctly different anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning attempts at my life, by satanic, child abuse covering up and profiteering “mental health professionals.”

  • Given that the primary actual function of both the psychological and psychiatric wings of our “mental health professions,” historically and today, is paternalistically discrediting and turning child abuse and rape victims into the “seriously mentally ill” with the psychiatric drugs.

    I agree with others here, that ending the psychiatric fraud and iatrogenesis, of today’s scientifically “invalid,” DSM deluded, “mental health professionals” needs to end.

    I appreciate, and hope, the decent educated people of our society will some day start pointing out the problem of our society having a multibillion dollar, primarily child abuse covering up, group of “mental health industries.” Which can’t EVER help ANY child abuse survivor EVER, without first misdiagnosing ALL child abuse survivors with the “invalid” DSM disorders, because child abuse is NOT an insurance billable DSM disorder.

    I do hope the philosophers will garner insight into this societal problem with our “mental health” industries, and realize it is NOT in the best interest of ANY society to have a primarily child abuse covering up group of “mental health” industries. Since a society that has a primarily child abuse defaming, iatrogenic illness creating, and covering up group of industries, which is what America’s “mental health industries” are today, by DSM design, will destroy our society in the long run.

    A little insight into this societal destruction, by our child abuse covering up, “mental health” industries, that is already being pointed out by world leaders.

    So, yes, thank you to the philosophers, who are finally starting to point out the scientific fraud of our paternalistic, child rape covering up “mental health professionals.”

  • “Perhaps it is time to come up with a more valid explanation for what people are doing when they use ‘medicine’ as an excuse to meddle in social relations on a wide scale basis.” I do agree with this, Frank. And I like C.S. Lewis’ terminology. He discusses the societal problem with “omni-potent moral busy bodies,” which is what I believe describes the “mental health professionals” role in our society. C.S. Lewis’ quote:

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    Today’s “mental health professionals” are the globalist “robber barons'” “omnipotent moral busy bodies.” As mentioned would be their role, even according to those globalist bankers’ historic writings.

  • You are correct, the DSM does need to be “relegated to the trash heap of history.” And this should have happened over five years ago.

    And if the truth about the “mental health” industry’s actual primary function in our society were to be acknowledged and widely disseminated, empathy for those stigmatized with the “invalid” DSM labels would be the norm. Since the primary actual function of our “mental health professionals,” both historically and still today, is profiteering off of covering up child abuse and rape, which is illegal.

    And most people, I think, have empathy for those who have had the misfortune of dealing with criminals, including criminals who cover up child abuse and rape.

    As to “mental health professionals” trying to integrate those they’ve labeled with the bogus DSM stigmatizations into society. My experience is that the “mental health professionals” do the opposite. My “mental health professionals,” once they’d poisoned me via anticholinergic toxidrome, told me to “quit all your activities and concentrate on the meds.”

    I ignored that insane advice, and escaped those lunatic “mental health professionals.” However the religions, who utilize the “mental health” professionals to cover up their “zipper troubles,” are relentless. A little about my problems, and others’ problems, with a seemingly satan-led, child abuse covering up religion.

    And I’ve now got another Lutheran psychologist on my ass, who just attempted to steal all my artwork, my story, and all my family’s money with a bogus “I want to manage your artwork” contract. Out of disgust, I am not likely returning to that seemingly satan-run, unrepentant, pedophilia covering up religion.

    But I now sadly know it’s not just the Illinois bishops and pastors who are satanic child abuse cover uppers. Our society apparently has a nationwide, systemic “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” child abuse profiteering “medical/religious conspiracy.”

    But do tell me, how does such psychological, child abuse covering up, and attempted thievery behavior, help foster connectivity and inclusion? When it means I must, once again, walk away from that apparently nationwide, sicko religion? Although, I’m not the only one who sees the insanity, thus likely soon demise, of that highly misdirected religion. Although it’s sad my childhood religion has sunk so low.

    My experience has been that the psychiatrists and psychologists do every thing in their power to destroy people’s marriages, and attempt to ostracize people from communities. So they may cover up their industry’s crimes, and the crimes of the pedophiles within their religions. And this is apparently a nationwide, systemic societal “medical/religious conspiracy” against millions of child abuse victims, and their concerned families, according to the “mental health” industries’ own medical literature.

  • In general, combining the antidepressants is unwise, since the antidepressants are anticholinergic drugs. And all doctors are taught in med school that too much of any of the anticholinergic drugs can result in anticholinergic intoxication syndrome. The “central nervous system-depressant effects may … be additively or synergistically increased when these [anticholinergic] agents are combined.” These “Central symptoms may include memory loss, disorientation, incoherence, hallucinations, psychosis, delirium, hyperactivity, twitching or jerking movements, stereotypy, and seizures.”

    I agree, “the recommendations of Horgan and Malhi (2018) to start two antidepressants to prevent suicide is at best empirically unsubstantiated and at worst conflicting with the literature and thus potentially dangerous.”

  • As an artist, and art teacher, mother, designer, manager, sales professional, planning commissioner, financial manager, art program coordinator, psychopharmacology researcher, etc., etc. A woman with a “fascinating” life, including a staggeringly serendipitous “spiritual journey.” A life which was, indeed, declared to be a “credible fictional story” by a delusional psychiatrist. As well as being a person who was misdiagnosed with a “mental illness,” then made “mad as a hatter” with the antipsychotics, via anticholinergic toxidrome.

    I can tell you that when chaos is created in a person’s brain with the “antipsychotics,” chaos comes out on the canvas. That is the story of a large part of my oeuvre. And I’ve found I can tell when children are on drugs with major drug interactions, just by looking at their artwork, prior to doctors figuring this out.

    And I do agree, “madness is never boring. And it shouldn’t be boring. By reducing it to purely biological explanations (for which psychiatry has failed so far to provide any concrete proof), it removes the personal narratives behind it.” But that magical, mysterious, lyrical libretto of a love story does show up in an artist’s work, especially once she’s been weaned off the drugs.

    As to your question, “Would these marvelous people leave us the works of their genius minds if under a heavy dose of ‘antipsychotics’?” I would say the answer is definitely no. But I’ve learned from a recent art show of my work that a visual journey starting before, then through “painting iatrogenic ‘bipolar,'” then after, is a much more shocking and controversial art show than I had expected.

    So controversial that I have a church up in arms, and was recently handed over an “I want to manage your artwork” contract. That, upon reading the contract, was actually an “I want to profit from, and eventually steal all your artwork, your story, and all your family’s money” contract, by a psychologist. Bummer for him, I wasn’t dumb enough to sign it.

    But the lengths the “mental health professionals” will go to silence us quiet little artists, whose pictures paint a thousand words, are staggering. Although we do not paint good words about today’s pedophile covering up psychiatric and psychological professions. We paint the shocking, truthful, harsh reality about the failure and crimes of today’s “mental health industries.”

    But since “madness is something that is still very mysterious, unique, and belonging to the other world, a world that only few of us have access to.” Us artists also share that magical, mysterious, seemingly “prophetic” or “insightful” other world, with the rest of the world as well.

    And the art world does like controversy, doesn’t it? I mean, the popular artists today are the “Spirit cooking” and pedophile artists. But since we live in a very divisive society, where I think most people are not into that satanic and sick stuff. Isn’t it only logical that our society should also have Spirit led, anti-child abuse artists as well? But belief in that etherial, untouchable, unprovable Holy Spirit is a sin, to the material-world-only-believing “mental health professionals” of today.

    Thanks for the creative blog through the art world’s view on madness and psychiatry, Ekaterina. And let’s hope the art world will some day show the other side’s take on reality. Apparently, the truth is shocking to the masses still.

  • I know from personal experience that school testing is greatly flawed, in part because our “mental health professionals” have been profiteering off of denying child abuse on a massive societal scale, likely largely because they can’t bill insurance companies for helping child abuse survivors.

    My child went from a private school for gifted children, that I eventually learned had a child molester on their school board, to a public school in first grade. My child had tested as gifted to get into the private school when he was three. But since the private school had a child rapist working out of that school, my child had reverted to being in remedial reading by the time he entered the public school in first grade, due to being abused.

    My family was attacked by a bunch of pedophilia covering up “mental health professionals,” doctors, and teachers, who denied and denounced my concerns of the possible abuse of my child. I dealt with 14 attempted murders, all via various forms of anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings, to cover up the abuse of my child, and medical evidence of a “bad fix” on a broken bone of mine, at which my PCP’s husband had been the “attending physician,” I eventually learned from medical records.

    Finally, some decent nurses handed over the medical evidence of the abuse of my child, and kicked my PCP and her husband out of their practice. This terrified the private school, who did quickly announce they were shutting that school down forever. Ironically, that school shut it’s doors on 6.6.06.

    I asked a psychiatrist how to best help my child, once the medical evidence of the abuse had been handed over. Rather than reporting the child abuse, as that psychiatrist even mentioned in his medical records he was legally required to do, he claimed that psychiatrically poisoning my child was how to best help my child. That’s when one runs away from the insane and psychopathic psychiatrist.

    By eighth grade my child largely healed from the child abuse, and surprised the school social worker, by getting 100% on his state standardized tests. She called me, not to congratulate me. But instead the insane school social worker wildly proclaimed, “you keep your child up late nights studying and are pushing him too hard.”

    I told her I was a “mean mom” who had my children in bed by 9:00 every night. I told her my son rarely had homework, and I hadn’t done homework with my son since 5th grade. I had handed over helping my son with homework to my husband in fifth grade, because my son had been refusing to memorize his math facts.

    My husband and son were forced to ask me to help them with some math by seventh grade. I answered their question in a New York second, which shocked my son. He asked me how I knew the answer so quickly. I told him it was because I knew my math facts. My son finally decided he didn’t want to be dumber than his mother, so he finally memorized his math facts.

    After the school social worker should theoretically have garnered some insight into reality. I then had a parent teacher conference, where all my child’s teachers attacked me with the social worker’s delusional belief system. I was forced to explain that high intelligence can be a genetically inherited trait, and went through my family history of people with high IQs, including the fact that I had just been given an IQ test by a new employer, and had only missed one on the IQ test.

    Finally, the science teacher ended the insane attack. We went down to the principal’s office where I was apologized to, and told that I’d need to find a different school for my child for high school, because our school district was “not equipped to deal with the most intelligent children.”

    Absolutely, children can perform differently on cognitive assessment tests in schools. A child can test as gifted at the age of three. He can test as needing remedial reading, after child abuse, in first grade. And he can heal, because a mother got her child away from the rapists fairly quickly, and kept her child away from the mass drugging “mental health professionals.” Resulting in a child getting 100% on his state standardized tests by eighth grade, then going on to graduate as the valedictorian of his high school class. Then he graduated Phi Beta Kappa (with highest honors) from university, while also winning a psychology award.

    Pigeonholing children, based upon how a child tested at one particular point in time, is highly unwise for the school psychologists and social workers to do. Especially since the number one actual function of our “mental health professionals” both historically and today – according to their own medical literature – is ignoring, denying, and covering up our society’s apparently massive in scope child abuse and human trafficking problems.

  • “… who cares about (non-productive) old people?” Spoken like a true doctor, Steve. But whatever happened to respecting the elderly, and learning from the wisdom they’ve garnered over their lives?

    My dad was misdiagnosed with dementia. After he died, the neurologist figured out that the two main arteries to his brain were blocked. My dad’s body helped him heal in time, by sprouting many new small arteries to his brain, which was also visible to the neurologists. They thought it was cool.

    And I thought it was kind-of cool to find out the truth of what happened to my dad, rather than him dying with just some stupid old person medical stigmatization as an explanation.

    My guess, however, given the massive number of drugs being given to the elderly these days, is most “dementia” is likely caused by ADRs and drug interaction problems. And since I’m quite certain the dementia screening tools don’t take into consideration the potential iatrogenic causes of dementia. I have no doubt the “Dementia Screening Tools Often Misdiagnose Patients.”

    Personally, I think dementia is likely only as a valid as a disease entity, as the “invalid” DSM disorders are. “Dementia” didn’t exist in previous generations. It’s just a medical stigmatization, used to push unneeded drugs on the elderly.

  • I do agree, “It is important … that the circumstances that have given rise to distress should be formally recorded alongside the distress itself.” Rather than the cause of the distress being denied, which is what our modern day mental illness creators/”mental health professionals” have been doing for decades.

    Especially since today’s US “mental health professionals” believe distress at 9/11/2001 is a brain disease within a person’s head. Despite the reality that today, lots of people question, and are still disgusted by 9/11/2001, and the never ending wars that are still being waged, due to that event.

    Plus, today’s “mental health professionals”/mental illness creators believe concerns of the abuse of one’s child is a brain disease within a person’s head. And that, once the medical evidence of the abuse is finally handed over, a psychiatrist who knew he needed to properly address this problem did not. But instead suggested the best way to help a child who had largely healed from child abuse, was to have a child psychiatrist massively psychiatrically poison that child. At which point, of course, I said no thank you, and had to walk away from that satanic psychiatrist.

    That psychiatrist behaved in a completely inappropriate and insane manner because, as it turns out, today’s DSM psychiatric system, was set up as a child abuse covering up system by design, long ago. Child abuse is listed as a “V Code” in the DSM, and the “V Codes” are NOT insurance billable disorders.

    This DSM “flaw” has resulted in huge percentages of the DSM stigmatized, actually being misdiagnosed child abuse survivors. Today over 90% of those stigmatized as “borderline” are actually misdiagnosed child abuse survivors. Over 80% of those stigmatized as “depressed,” “anxious,” “bipolar,” or “schizophrenic” today, in other words with the “psychotic and affective disorders,” are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors.

    All this misdiagnosis of child abuse survivors, due to this flaw in the DSM, is why I absolutely agree, “the circumstances that have given rise to distress should be formally recorded alongside the distress.”

    As to, “within the World Health Organisation’s ICD-11 (or ICD-10, for that matter) we could move away from pathologizing illness labels and instead use clear, scientific, descriptions of our problems. It’s a companion piece to an earlier article explaining how we could – and should – also record the psychosocial adversities that lead to such problems.” Great idea, but ….

    I’m not certain about the ICD, but I do know that in the DSM “the psychosocial adversities that lead to such problems,” like child abuse, are not insurance billable disorders. Thus, our “mental health professionals” ignore and deny “the psychosocial adversities that lead to such problems,” precisely because they can’t get paid for addressing them. This flaw in the DSM billing code “bible” would need to be corrected.

    Not to mention, the iatrogenic illnesses that can be created with the psychiatric drugs – like “bipolar” and “schizophrenia” – should be replaced with truthful descriptions of these iatrogenic illnesses, like antidepressant or ADHD drug induced “bipolar,” or neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome (negative symptoms of “schizophrenia”), or antidepressant and/or antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome (positive symptoms of “schizophrenia”).

    But if you took both “bipolar” and “schizophrenia” out of the DSM/ICD, this would go a long way in helping our “mental health professionals” “move away from pathologizing [stigmatizing] illness labels and instead use clear, scientific, descriptions of our problems.”

  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Gøtzsche, for your honest medical research and your speaking the truth. It boggles my mind the levels to which not just doctors, but the religions (whose hospitals profit from the doctors’ iatrogenesis), will stoop to cover up the medical industry’s crimes against humanity.

    I’m glad to hear you and Dr. Peter Breggin are starting up the “Institute for Scientific Freedom,” as I know our world is in dire need of truthful medical education. The current, sad state of affairs of, particularly our psychiatric community, is truly staggering. Although understandable, given the undeserved power the psychiatrists have been given, and the money involved.

    What very few of the doctors seem to understand, however, which us ethical American banking families understood, right after 9/11/2001, is that the wrong people are in charge, and our world’s monetary systems are a satanic joke.

    And a whole bunch of anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings don’t change that insight. But they do help a banker’s daughter understand the systemic crimes of “the two original educated professions,” in addition to the bankers’ crimes against humanity.

    The systems are satanic, and need to be changed. Thank you for speaking out against the crimes being committed against humanity by today’s medical systems. And thankfully, I’m no longer the only former economics major who knows the banking system is screwed, and our monetary systems are going to fail.

    Lots of economic bloggers are now also pointing out the financial fraud, which will result in the coming failure of our world’s current banking system. But this does mean the doctors continued worship of money only, to rationalize their harm of millions of children (and adults), is stupid.

    We’re living in an insane world, controlled by the wrong people, unfortunately. The decent people do need to take control instead. Thanks to you, Dr. Peter Breggin, and Robert Whitaker for doing your part. God bless, and best wishes for wisdom and success in your future endeavors.

  • I saw the movie not long ago, and thought it was quite good. I didn’t remember the part about ETC being covertly approved for all those who don’t respond well to the neurotoxic antidepressants. I guess it likely wasn’t in the movie since the movie came out prior to Christmas? But wow, that’s appalling news.

    I agree, Rachel, the psychiatrists do enjoy functioning as “Judge/jury/torturer/executioner” all “rolled into one.” And they definitely are “A menace to freedom.” I don’t think America can achieve a return to the rule of law and justice for all, without taking away the psychiatrists undeserved power to torture and murder at will.

    But instead of our government ending today’s American psychiatric holocaust. Our government is giving the psychiatrists even more power to cover up their crimes against humanity. Upside down and backwards, America … still. Our government is repeating the worst of history.

  • But, unfortunately, gas lighting people is what today’s psychiatric and psychologic industries seem to be all about. Especially when it comes to gas lighting child abuse or rape victims, according to the “mental health” industry’s own medical literature.

    What a shame the “mental health professionals” have turned themselves into a bunch of child abuse and rape covering up mental health “abusers.” As Wiki used to properly describe gas lighters, rather than “mental health professionals.” Now Wiki just describes the “mental health professionals” gas lighting crimes as “psychological manipulation.”

    Anja, as another person who had the common adverse effects of an antidepressant misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” according to all DSMs, except the current DSM5. I do truly recommend you read Whitaker’s “Anatomy of an Epidemic.”

    When one’s symptoms are caused by psychiatric drugs, and the antidepressants are known to cause suicidal thinking, one’s problems likely have an iatrogenic, not genetic, etiology. As today’s “mental health professionals” incorrectly theorize, and fraudulently claim as fact, to all their patients.

    I hope you wake up to the likely iatrogenic (doctor and their psych drug induced cause) of your suicidal feelings. And get on a real healing path. God bless, and thanks for sharing your story of the harm of today’s fraud based, and iatrogenic illness creating, “mental health” system.

  • As to the “traditional notions of professionalism which had held that professionals were schooled in bodies of knowledge that lay people were not equipped to access.” I believe this is more of a paternalistic, than “professionalism,” attitude. But suffice it to say, now that we all live in the internet age, we are all “equipped to access” the medical literature.

    I agree “that practitioners must be upfront about the field’s ‘socially constructed state of knowledge. This includes the impossibility of drawing clear distinctions between constructs such as sanity/insanity and normality/abnormality.” But I do not agree that “the largely unknown, poorly understood etiology of mental disorders as they are currently defined,” has a largely unknown or poorly understood etiology.

    I think Robert Whitaker did a fabulous job pointing out the iatrogenic etiology of America’s “bipolar epidemic.” The ADHD drugs and antidepressants create the “bipolar” symptoms, and millions of people – including over a million American children – have had the adverse effects of these drug classes misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” a misdiagnosis according to all DSMs, except the DSM5.

    And the “schizophrenia” treatments create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.” The negative symptoms are created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome and the positive symptoms are created via antipsychotic and/or antidepressant induced anticholinergic toxidrome. So the primary etiology of “schizophrenia” is likely also iatrogenesis.

  • Thank you for this interview. Not long ago I started on a new grouping of oil paintings, and the basic premise of them is that ‘the systems are satanic.’ I agree, the mainstream Christian religions have totally lost their way, at least my childhood religion has. But, absolutely, I still believe in spiritual experiences, and God. Great talk.

  • Madmom,

    I tend to agree more with Sera. My case may, or may not, be typical. Since my “voices” were created with the psychiatric drugs (via antidepressant and antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome).

    What percentage of voice hearers’ “voices” are created via antidepressant and/or antipsychotic (or other drug) induced anticholinergic toxidrome, is currently not even a subject of research. Despite the fact I personally believe it should be studied.

    Although I do understand why it’s not been, or being, studied. How embarrassing it would be for the medical field if it was learned that most of the evil “voices” that people are subjected to, are actually created with the supposed psychiatric “cures” … as was my experience.

    Nonetheless, I agree that teaching others to believe that “voices” are irrelevant to one’s personal experiences is unwise, and does not allow others to truly garner either true empathy, or insight, into the experience of hearing “voices.” My psychotomimetic “voices” were 100% in sync, and relevant, to what I later learned to be true.

    In 2005 I was handed over medical evidence of the abuse of my child. My psychotomimetic “voices,” of which I suffered from 2002 to 2005, were the “voices” of the alleged rapists of my child, and their pastor. Those satanic “voices” bragged incessantly about abusing my child. My psychiatrist told me not to believe them, so I ignored them, until the medical evidence of the abuse of my child was handed over.

    As it turned out, my psychiatrists’ belief my “voices” were not relevant to me or my family’s life were 100% incorrect. What he initially claimed was a “delusional religious conspiracy,” did become a real life medical/ religious “conspiracy” to cover up the abuse of my child in 2005. A real life medical/religious “conspiracy” that is oddly still on-going, and was in part confessed to by an ethical insider of my former religion’s synod offices in his 2007 book. I’d be one of the likely many “widows” mentioned in the Preface of this book. And I’ve learned recently that the seminaries are teaching, not just belief in the real Bible, but they’re still teaching belief in the now debunked as “invalid” DSM “bible.”

    And the research that Sera points out, that people do eventually develop a way to deal with the “voices,” or go from a “’startling’ phase (during which voices tend to be most surprising), the ‘organizational’ phase (during which people come to better understand and make meaning of the experience), and the ‘stabilization’ phase (where balance — often in living with the voices — is regained).”

    By 2005, I’d already gone through these phases, and with not just the original three “voices,” or souls, who I personally heard. But also supposedly with all those within the collective unconscious with whom I’d befriended during my lifetime.

    My many beloved friends within the collective unconscious were seemingly harassing the satanic pedophile “voices” by 2005, which did seem to minimize the satanic “voices” for me. And, thankfully, once I was finally weaned off all the psych drugs, once the anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings ended, so also ended the satanic pedophiles’ “voices.”

    So to teach people that “hearing voices” is totally irrelevant to one’s own life, as today’s psychiatrists believe, and as these “voice hearing simulations” do, is unwise. Because there is a chance the Jungians, and other psychologists who believe in a collective unconscious, may in fact be the wiser people within the “mental health” field. At least that is now my personal take on my odd, psychotomimetic “voice hearing” experience.

  • I think I need to read this a couple more times to truly understand all that’s trying to be stated, maybe that’s because of a couple glasses of wine during the holidays. Although maybe that’s because I tend to find medical literature to be particularly fact concealing and/or misleading, at least at times.

    Nonetheless, this comment in you blog stuck out to me. “The result is consistent with other evidence showing that stopping antipsychotics brings forward risk of relapse but may not influence risk in the long-run.” My thought was that the term “risk of relapse” was likely misleading, since it is fairly well known that withdrawal from the neuroleptics can result in withdrawal effects, which are almost always misdiagnosed as a “relapse,” rather than as a withdrawal issue.

    You do conclude by pointing out, “how researchers define ‘relapse’ will have major impacts on outcome,” which may relate to my concern that when doctors write in medical terminology, which has a lack of properly defined terms. This does lead to, intentionally or unintentionally, obfuscating literature. Have they defined “relapse,” and specifically and accurately delineated that from drug withdrawal? Just curious.

    Nonetheless, Happy Holidays to all! And thanks to Drs. Moncrieff and Steingard for hopefully working to bring about the truth, some day … maybe … at least we can hope for the best.

  • So loneliness will soon be a “mental illness,” it sounds? Is there ever a point at which the “mental health” industry stops pathologizing all aspects of being human?

    But once loneliness becomes a “mental illness,” the mental illness creators will be able to drug up almost half of the population! Hurray for the mental illness creators! Maybe drugging up all the lonely people is a bad idea? No, definitely that’s a bad idea. Our “mental health professionals” have lost their minds.

  • Someone needs to teach the doctors that the opioids are not “safe pain meds,” the doctors are highly delusional people who believe they are. Plus, it should be illegal to prescribe opioids, under different names, and without mentioning they are opioids. I’m quite certain such misinformation to patients, and inappropriate prescribing by doctors, is a big part of the cause of today’s opium epidemic.

  • It seems our “mental health professionals” were encouraged to develop only the left side of their brains. And they have been attacking those of us that bothered to develop both the left and right side of our brains, the artists who also have a bachelor of science degree. Because the “mental health professionals” seemingly have delusions that the artists only utilized the creative side of our brains, and the universities where we earned our business degrees are “fictional” universities. This attack of those of us who utilize our entire brains, by those who seemingly only utilize the left side of your brains, should end.

    Because I agree, “’the right brain knows that it needs the left brain, the left brain doesn’t know what it doesn’t know.’ In consequence, when the right hemisphere is not functioning at its best, the left hemisphere tends to dominate our consciousness with dire results.” For example, the left brain only belief system of the “mental health professionals” has resulted in them losing an understanding of “primal wisdom,” which the rest of us consider common sense. In exchange for their belief in the DSM, and belief that “empirical science, [is] the only source of information the Western cultures trust.”

    Those of not brainwashed into believing in the DSM, know the DSM is a scientifically ‘invalid’ belief system – but of course our “mental health professionals” want to murder and steal everything from those of us who do not believe in their myopic DSM belief system. They believe all who do not believe in the DSM “mental illnesses” suffer from “anosognosia!” Right?

    Thus, the “mental health professionals,” who believe it their right to attack young mothers/artists, due to your greed and desire to profiteer off of covering up rape of small children, on a massive societal scale. Mothers who are trying to properly raise our children in peace, those greed inspired and criminal child rape covering up “mental health professionals” are traitors to humanity.

    l’m quite certain the “mental health professionals” should stop attacking as many young mothers as you possibly can, and especially stop attacking and misdiagnosing the child abuse survivors, because you worship money and believe in the material world only. The left brain only utilizing “mental health professionals” should learn to live and let live instead. Go away, leave us alone. But I will say it’s staggering the levels the “mental health professionals” go to attack the intelligent, truth painting artists, so as to cover up the fraud, pseudoscience, and massive in scope, child abuse covering up crimes of your industry.

    Pardon my disgust, I was recently handed a – I want to steal all your artwork, take control of your story, and your family’s money – legalese contract, under the guise of an I want to manage your artwork contract, by a seemingly god complexed psychologist. When will the “mental health professionals” attempted crimes against me and my family end? Their god complexes, staggering delusions of grandeur, and ungodly disrespect for other human beings’ intellect, boggles my mind.

    People with business degrees were taught in business school to never enter into a business contract with someone wanting to take a percentage of gross profits, ignorant psychologists. And, yes, the artists already know that unethical people attempt to utilize legalese to steal the artwork of ours that they want. What a concept, if you like – or are afraid of the truthfulness of someone’s artwork, thus don’t want it on the market. Offer to pay for the artwork, don’t just try to steal it, via legalese. How satanic can people get? Oh, and oops! When the “mental health professionals” attack visual artists, they’ll paint the story of the “mental health professionals” crimes against their families, and similar child rape covering up crimes against humanity at large, according to your own medical literature.

    Absolutely I agree all people should learn to live in a mutually respectful and cooperative, rather than a competitive – or abuse of power – manner, with all others. And this is especially true for our “mental health professionals,” who regularly and repeatedly abuse, and attempt to abuse, their power.

  • Given the reality that the ADHD drugs and antidepressants can create the “bipolar” symptoms, as shown in Whitaker’s research. And given the reality that the antipsychotics/neuroleptics can create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome and antipsychotic and/or antidepressant induced anticholinergic toxidrome.

    And, of course, there are zero medical tests which can be used to make sure people are initially properly diagnosed with either of these “serious mental illnesses.” Since the psychiatric drugs can create the symptoms of both “bipolar” and “schizophrenia,” it is highly likely that the primary actual etiology of both these “serious mental illnesses” is iatrogenic, not genetic.

    I agree, “Assessing the validity of psychiatric twin research is very important because it relates directly to the question of whether the main causes of psychological distress and dysfunction, and socially disapproved behavior, are located inside of the human body and brain, as mainstream psychiatry claims, or outside of the body and brain, as many critics argue.”

    Given the reality that the vast majority of those labeled as “borderline” or with the “psychotic and affective disorders” (“depression,” “anxiety,” “bipolar,” or “schizophrenia”) are actually misdiagnosed child abuse survivors. And child abuse is a crime that occurs outside of an individual’s brain.

    All this misdiagnosis of child abuse survivors is due to the fact that helping child abuse survivors is NOT an insurance billable DSM disorder for any “mental health professional” today.

    This is evidence that the primary actual function of our “mental health” industry today is silencing and turning child abuse survivors into the “mentally ill” with the psychiatric drugs. And covering up rape was historically the primary function of the psychological industry as well.

    Since profiteering off of silencing and covering up rape and other child abuse is the number one actual function of both extremes of our “mental health system.” And since this is actually illegal behavior, perhaps it’s time to get rid of our scientifically “invalid,” criminal “mental health” industries?

    Especially since covering up child abuse, on the massive scale at which our “mental health professionals” are collectively doing such, either wittingly or unwittingly, does also function to aid, abet, and empower the child abusers and human traffickers. And living in a society controlled by “satanic pedophiles” and “human traffickers,” as our world leaders are describing Western civilization today, is not actually in the best interest of the majority within humanity.

    The “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” that the number one function of our “mental health professionals” is rape profiteering and covering up, does die hard though. How sick that America has a multibillion dollar, primarily child rape covering up, group of “mental health” industries.

    This should end, and America should start arresting the child molesters and traffickers instead. But, of course, pointing these disgusting societal problems out is “socially disapproved behavior.”

  • I have not listened to the entire talk, so don’t want to comment on that yet. But do want to point out that I do personally know people who do believe the antidepressants help and/or helped them. Despite me personally having the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome being misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” which was harmful, not helpful, to me personally. And I will mention it’s a tremendous shame that this type of misdiagnosis, is no longer considered malpractice, according the the DSM5.

    I do believe that those that believe in the efficacy of the antidepressants are likely people who have benefitted by the placebo effect, rather than actual antidepressant benefits. But, I do believe we should be respectful to all.

    I don’t know, other than it’s a shame our medical community seemingly doesn’t know anything about the common adverse and withdrawal symptoms of the drugs they prescribe. It is shameful the doctors are so brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry. The doctors should not be doing pharmaceutical drug testing on the masses, rather than proper drug testing being done, prior to the masses being force drugged by miseducated doctors.

    The whole situation is largely proof that none of our governmental organizations are doing their job. Instead these governmental organizations are all seemingly functioning in a manner that works to destroys humanity, for the benefit of the corporations, who control our government officials via our fraud based monetary system, including the medical community.

    Medicine should still be viewed as an art, as it historically was, not a science. “’It is far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.’― Hippocrates.” The pharmaceutical and insurance industry’s fraud based claims of “evidence based medicine” are just that, scientific fraud based medicine. How sad, and sickening, so many doctors have fallen into the belief system of today’s fraud based, pharmaceutical and insurance industry’s medical guidelines.

    Especially since it was known by medical researchers, since the turn of the century that, “It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US.”

    This scientific fraud, of the for profit only motivated, misdiagnosis of psychiatric/medical child abuse covering up “mental health” industries, that currently exists, within Western civilization’s paternalist religions and medical industry’s needs to end, not be exported.

  • “… interventions that fail to take into account local knowledge and agency in response to global social injustices.” Don’t all of psychiatry’s interventions “fail to take into account local knowledge,” even in America? I mean, how often do we see blogs on this website, which claim common sense concepts are “news?” Because what is common sense to the majority of people is “news” to the highly delusional psychiatrists. And psychiatry is all about taking away “agency.” If psychiatry’s primary goal weren’t taking away “agency,” forced treatment wouldn’t exist.

    “’nearly a third of the boys living at CCI’s shelter were under mandatory psychiatric and pharmaceutical care.’ Although they often resisted this form of treatment, the psychiatrist reports convincing them to comply, believing they suffered disproportionately from conditions that could lead to violence. This complex approach to clinical care was understood as a ‘viable, although limited’ solution for the context of ‘trauma and homelessness.’”

    What’s “complex” about drugging trauma survivors and homeless people? Stigmatizing and massively tranquilizing trauma survivors is psychiatry’s simplistic solution for silencing and discrediting millions and millions of American child abuse survivors. And since drugs don’t cure people of trauma or homelessness, it’s just evil to drug trauma survivors and homeless children, in any country.

    Let’s hope that “movement for global mental health” loses steam. Especially since psychiatry’s entire DSM “bible” belief system was debunked as “invalid” over five years ago in the US.

    And exporting a failed paradigm of care is dumb, if not evil, just like psychiatry’s belief drugs cure people of trauma is dumb. Psychiatry is just a multibillion dollar, iatrogenic illness creating, child abuse covering up system. And such an industry only aids, abets, and empowers the child abusers and traffickers. Which is not good for anyone on this planet, except the “mental health professionals” who profiteer off of covering up child abuse, and the drug companies.

  • Grown adults, ganging up and attacking little children; then defaming the children with “invalid” DSM disorders.

    So they may “torture” the children, by forcing them to take mind altering, neurotoxic drugs that are chemically identical to cocaine, is deplorable. All children are forced to take their “medicine.”

    The psychiatrists didn’t learn from their mistakes in Nazi Germany, or Bolshevik led Russia – other than to change the word “eugenics” to the word “genetics” – and they are destroying America, and seemingly hell bent on destroying the entire world.

    And they’ve brainwashed not just millions of “mental health professionals,” but also the mainstream medical community, school teachers, religious leaders, and much of our population with their DSM lies. It is disgusting that the material world only believing, all distress is caused by a “chemical imbalance” in the brain, bio-bio-bio DSM “bible” is being taught in our once Spirit led seminary schools today.

    And the number one actual function of the “mental health professionals” in our society today, and historically, is profiteering off of covering up child abuse. Today’s psychiatrists are doing this by turning millions and millions of child abuse survivors into the “seriously mentally ill” with the psychiatric drugs.

    The DSM “bible” is actually designed to function as a child abuse covering up system, since it doesn’t allow any “mental health professional” to ever bill any insurance company for ever helping any child abuse survivor, without first misdiagnosing them with the billable DSM disorders. It’s so disgusting and downright evil, it’s almost unbelievable.

    And, of course, all of this “mental health industry” child abuse covering up does aid, abet, and empower the child abusers and child traffickers. So we now live in a society controlled by “satanic pedophiles” and “human traffickers.”

    And what is one of the saddest parts of this is that “the two original educated professions,” our doctors and religious institutions, do not want to get out of the business of turning millions and millions of child abuse survivors into the “seriously mentally ill” with the psychiatric drugs, because “it’s just to profitable.”

    Unfortunately, I live in a disgusting world. Shame on “the two original educated professions” and their multibillion dollar, primarily child abuse covering and profiteering, industries. I dealt with a medical/religious, real life “conspiracy” to cover up of the abuse of my child, which was actually just a part of a nationwide, systemic medical/religious “conspiracy” to silence all of the child abuse survivors in this nation. This betrayal of our society’s “weakest members,” by our medical and religious industries, is satanic. How do we put an end to this “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions”?

  • Don’t forget adding antipsychotics, if the antidepressants don’t work, or makes the children manic, too. As the DSM-IV pointed out was medically inappropriate, but the DSM5 no longer acknowledges as morally repugnant.

    Just think, the NHS can create a completely iatrogenic childhood bipolar epidemic, just like the NIMH, APA, and US medical doctors did in the US. Wouldn’t that be great for England?

    And they’re trying to take this iatrogenic illness creation “mental health system” to the entire world. Wow, wouldn’t that be great for the world? NOT!

    By the way, “Young People Are Being Prescribed Dangerous Antidepressants,” is that really “news”? Or is it the same old, same old, “olds.”

    This is a pretty interesting video that just came out, about the satanists who want to control, “the minds of men.”

  • Good question. And I do believe you are correct, the fraud based, wildly over-utilized in practice, bio-bio-bio only believing, all distress is caused by a “chemical imbalance” in your brain, resulting in a “life long, incurable, genetic mental disorder” lie, was the “rationale for prescribing SSRI’s” to millions of people, I do believe.

    And when it comes to today’s new psychiatric/psychological theology that adverse childhood experiences create “mental illnesses,” since over 90% of “borderline” blasphemed are in reality mislabeled child abuse survivors. And over 80% of those stigmatized as “depressed,” “anxious,” “bipolar,” and “schizophrenic” today are mislabeled child abuse survivors.

    I’m quite certain the real problem leading to all this misdiagnosis of child abuse survivors, with the DSM disorders, is that the “mental health professionals” can not bill insurance companies for helping any child abuse survivor ever, unless they first misdiagnose the child abuse survivors with the billable disorders. Because child abuse is not an insurance billable DSM disorder.

    Perhaps this systemic problem with the DSM should be addressed? And our “mental health professionals” should get out of the business of turning millions and millions of child abuse survivors into the “mentally ill” with the psychiatric drugs? Especially since covering up child abuse is illegal, as well as morally repugnant, behavior.

    Or better yet, perhaps it’s time to finally flush the DSM altogether. Given the reality that all the DSM disorders were confessed to be “invalid” over five years ago, by none less than the head of the National Institute of Mental Health.

    How long will it take?