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  • “Psychosis pills don’t have clinically relevant effects on psychosis.” I’m pretty certain that’s untrue.

    Since in well insured patients who are misdiagnosed with “psychosis,” the antipsychotics can create “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning.


    Not to mention, the neuroleptics can also create the “negative symptoms of schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.


    Which likely means the “psychosis drugs” / “neuroleptics” / “antipsychotics” – which can create both the positive and negative symptoms of “schizophrenia” – should be outlawed. Especially since the so called “experts,” the psychiatrists, still claim ignorance of these facts.

    Thank you, again, Dr. Peter, for all that you do.

  • “To take back the language used by medical people to write their version of my story. To write my own narrative.”

    Indeed, the psych “professionals” do want to rewrite the life stories (my entire life was literally declared a “credible fictional story,” by my former psychiatrist) of the artists. But I do believe it is the truth telling artists who will help to save our fallen world.

    Thanks for sharing your story, Stephanie. And I will say, that drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity mania can make one dance, like, at least I never thought I could. My “bipolar” misdiagnosis was meant to cover up a “bad fix” on a broken ankle, among other crimes in my family’s medical records. But that didn’t stop me from dancing like a pro, once I was weaned off the psych drugs. Woo-hoo!

    “If I could escape (Escape)
    And recreate a place that’s my own world (Own world)
    And I could be your favorite girl (Forever), perfectly together
    And tell me boy, now wouldn’t that be sweet? (Sweet escape)
    If I could be sweet (Be sweet)
    I know I’ve been a real bad girl (I’ll try to change)
    I didn’t mean for you to get hurt (Whatsoever)
    We can make it better
    And tell me, boy, now, wouldn’t that be sweet? (Sweet escape, sweet escape)

    [Refrain: Akon]
    (Woo-hoo, yee-hoo, woo-hoo, yee-hoo)”

    I know this song was playing on the radio, during my great escape, from the insanity of today’s insane psychiatric and psychological systems.

  • Definitely, it was my good friends who saved me from my former – distress caused by 9/11/2001 is distress caused by a “chemical imbalance in your brain” believing, all dreams are “psychosis” believing, gas lighting, Holy Spirit blaspheming, child abuse covering up, satanic, criminal, your entire life is “a credible fictional story” believing, depersonalizing, DSM “bible” thumping – “mental health” lunatics.

    Political and criminal abuse of psychology and psychiatry is, and has been, rampant in the US for decades, or longer. All people who don’t stand 100% in support of never ending wars and pedophiles are the sane people. Those who stand 100% in support of profiteering off of covering up rape of babies and the never ending wars – like my former “mental health” lunatics – are the insane, stupid, and delusional people.

    Ten years ago your DSM “bible” was debunked as scientifically “invalid.” How long will it take the DSM “bible” thumpers to realize that means you flush your “bible”? And get out of the pedophile aiding, abetting, and empowerment business, criminal “mental health professions,” who are still claiming to know nothing about the common adverse and withdrawal effects of their neurotoxins. What is “professional” about being ignorant and criminal, psychology and psychiatry?

  • Oh, good, so the psychologists are finally garnering insight into the fact that all distress is NOT caused by a “chemical imbalance” in an individual’s brain? Pardon my sarcasm, due my appall at the insanity of the psychological and psychiatric industries’ wildly insane DSM “bible” belief system, and their “chemical imbalance” lie.

  • “Or maybe the spirit has a chance to emerge and thrive.” As one who also had a spiritual experience misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” but once weaned off the psych drugs, also had a drug withdrawal induced manic awakening to my subconscious self and dreams, which is all about an awakening to the Holy Spirit within.

    I thank you, Penni, for sharing your story. I’m not going to give up in my belief in myself, an intelligent designer, and God, merely because the psychologists and psychiatrists believe – and unfortunately my childhood religion, and their scientific fraud based child abuse covering up psychologists and psychiatrists believe – that scientific fraud trumps God.

    “That’s me in the spotlight losing my religion.” Let’s hope and pray God judges all fairly. But I agree, death of ego, is part of the awakening journey. And I still believe, God wins in the end.

    Thank you for sharing your journey and story. And, by the way, you look an awful lot like my pharmacist cousin, who is totally ignorant of psychiatry’s fraud and crimes.

  • So true.


    And one must point out the hypocrisy of psychologists and psychiatrists – none of whom can even bill to help child abuse survivors – to claim they should be the ones who should have the right to help child abuse survivors, or that they are the “experts” on people for whom they can not even bill to help.


  • I like your title, Bob, and since “There are many in science and medicine who were seen as heretics during their lifetimes, only to have their work gain influence and acceptance after their deaths.” Let’s maintain our hope that this will be true of Harrow & Jobe’s honest research some day.

    My condolences to his family and loved ones, and I am personally very grateful for Harrow & Jobe’s work.

  • Glad to hear you’ve been slowly weaned off the antipsychotics, Daiphanous Weeping, and that the “gradual tapering has been painless.” But – as one who was slowly weaned off the psych drugs, including the so called “antipsychotics,” twice – I imagine you know, as a regular reader of this website, that a drug withdrawal induced manic psychosis can happen … even years later. So the trick is to stay off those drugs.

    And I think the trick is to tell any psychiatrist you might run into in the future that you are allergic to the anticholinergic drugs. This informs the psychiatrist that you are knowledgable about anticholinergic toxidrome, and that they should prescribe neither the antidepressants nor antipsychotics.

    At least this “trick” – slice of knowledge – helped me fend off, and embarrass, future greed only inspired psychiatrists.

    Thank you, as always, for your honesty, Dr. Peter.

  • “Overall, our findings did not support the hypothesis that areas with low standardized rates of involuntary care place patients with SMD at higher risk.”

    “Indeed, it is well documented that involuntary care frequently does more harm than good for psychosocially disabled and mad people” … and everyone else, too!

    And since forced psychiatric maltreatment also causes people to avoid all medical care, as much as possible in the future, which is bad for business for all doctors. Most definitely, forced psychiatric treatment should be made illegal.

  • “‘Deadly psychiatry and organised denial.’ The organised denial characterises this totally failed medical discipline more than anything else.”

    Indeed. And with the force drugging psychiatrists being the (should be) dying cash cow of big Pharma. Plus, understanding the (largely criminal) role psychiatry and psychology play for the mainstream religions (child abuse and rape cover uppers), mainstream medicine (easily recognized malpractice cover uppers), and governments … all of whom benefit from psychiatry’s lies and fraud.

    We do see major denial – and a desperate desire to “maintain the status quo” – from big Pharma, the psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, mainstream medicine and religions … and the governments. Not to mention, the seemingly totally bought into psychiatry’s lies, courts and judges.

    We are seemingly fighting the “Pharmakia” beast of Revelations. The good thing is, we have the real science on our side, psychiatry just has pseudoscience and “bullish-t” … the so called “big lie.”

    As always, thank you for fighting the good fight, Dr. Peter.

  • So the scientific fraud, manipulation, and continuing mass murders by psychiatry can all be overlooked … because the psychiatrists misinformed themselves, thus are ignorant?

    I’m pretty certain NOT holding the Nazi psychiatrists accountable for their Nazi psychiatric holocaust is part of why today’s psychiatrists are still mass murdering innocent people.

    And I know all doctors – including the psychiatrists – are taught about anticholinergic toxidrome in med school. Anticholinergic toxidrome is a medically acknowledged way to poison a person, with the antidepressants and antipsychotics, and create “psychosis.”

    Personally, I don’t buy into the concept that psychiatrists should get free forgiveness for their never ending mass murders of innocents, merely because they claim to be misinformed, when we know they weren’t. Since they were all taught in med school about anticholinergic toxidrome, and the dangers of the antidepressants and antipsychotics.

    Although, I do agree, your suggestion for how to reduce fraud in medical journals may help, in regards to that systemic problem. So thank you.

    And I do agree, “Making a Silk Purse Out of a Sow’s Ear,” is what psychiatry has done. And, IMHO, that was a crime against humanity.

  • “I do think that traumatic events later in life such as bullying or abuse – when they are on-going/chronic rather than acute – are often indicators of earlier developmental trauma.”

    I don’t personally agree with that, unless you are talking about it being “indicators of earlier developmental trauma” in the bully, as opposed to the bullied.

    The bully is the person in the wrong.

  • “The researchers add that more recent data indicates that the emotional numbing effect of antidepressants may also play a role, with symptoms like anhedonia, apathy, and blunted affect making it challenging to engage with the emotional aspect of sexuality.”

    Doctors destroying one’s sexuality, without first forewarning their patients, is deplorable medical behavior.

    “some clinicians treat PSSD by prescribing buspirone or flibanserin, which may provide some early relief against sexual dysfunction. However, they note that these drugs rapidly become ineffective due to desensitization of the related receptors, leading to worsening sexual dysfunction over time.”

    And as one who was “treated” with Wellbutrin, a SNRI, which was “illegally,” but truthfully, claimed to be a “happy, horny, skinny drug.” I will say, trusting in doctors, who know nothing about the common bizarre symptoms of the drugs they prescribe, which describes most the doctors today, is unwise behavior. But “treatment” with Wellbutrin, also, does lead (albeit, as does age) to a lack of interest in sex.

    “patients should be informed that untreatable long-term sexual dysfunction is a risk of SSRI – and SNRI – treatment.” Most definitely, this is true.

    “– Doctors are entitled to withhold information about risk from a patient if they reasonably consider that its disclosure would be seriously detrimental to the patient’s health.”

    But, instead, doctors today are withholding “information about risk from a patient if they reasonably consider that its disclosure would be seriously detrimental to the [doctor’s financial] health.”

    “This is a limited exception and doctors must not withhold information because they think it might cause the patient to opt for treatment that the doctor does not consider is in the patient’s best interests.”

    In the words of Allen Frances, “It’s bullshit.” And the medical community needs to wake up, and overcome your “delusions of grandeur” you’re in charge. God is, not money only worshipping doctors.

    Thank you, Harry and Peter, for pointing out problems with both the British and American medical systems. And I couldn’t agree more, systemic change is needed.

  • Thank you for sharing your insights and artwork, Elisabella … cool name, by the way. I like it. And I agree, both dancing, and the fine arts – not to mention writing – are healing endeavors.

    I will say I found “mental health professionals” to be people who make a person feel “invisible.” But that is, in part, because my so called “mental health professionals” literally declared my entire real life to be “a credible fictional story,” which was absurdly and ungodly disrespectful.

    God bless, and I hope you navigate through the insanity of the world in which we live, better than I did. But at least, hopefully, you’ve been forewarned at a young age to never innately trust a so called “mental health professional,” or any doctor for that matter. Since trusting people who get all their “information” from “fierce Pharma” is unwise.

  • “While the benefit of exercise for depression and anxiety is generally recognized, it is often overlooked in the management of these conditions.”

    Actually, “the benefit of exercise for depression and anxiety is generally” unrecognized – by the DSM “bible” billers – based upon their DSM definition of the “symptoms of depression.” Which, according to the DSM state, a sign of “depression” is, “Significant weight loss when not dieting or weight gain, or decrease or increase in appetite nearly every day.”

    A definition of “depression,” which totally ignores the concept that one may lose weight via exercise, or PA.

    “Physical activity should be a mainstay approach in the management of depression, anxiety, and psychological distress.”

    I agree. And I know this common sense must be repeatedly communicated to the DSM deluded “mental health professionals” who think losing weight, due to exercise, as opposed to dieting, makes one “depressed.” Which is the opposite of the truth, thus their belief system is insane.

    And my “mental health professionals” proved their stupidity and insanity, in regards to their denial of the benefits of exercise, when I was encouraged to stop exercising by them. Which is part of why I had to stop seeing them.

    Let’s hope and pray the DSM deluded some day wake up to the truth that regular moderate exercise is a good and healthy way to lose weight, and can help one gain higher self esteem, as opposed to making one “depressed.”

    I’ve never met more insane people than DSM “bible” billers, who think losing weight via exercise, and upon the recommendation of a doctor, is a symptom of “depression.”

  • “In about five minutes I was told I was a fit for telehealth services, which could include a few consultations with a clinician and several ketamine tablets sent directly to my home, with Zoom guidance offered before and after ingesting the drug for the first few sessions.”

    Wow, that sounds highly dangerous, and completely unscientific … but par for the course, for today’s scientifically “invalid,” fraud based, “mental health professionals,” and profiteers.

  • “The book about child and adolescent psychiatry … advises that diagnoses should be continuously assessed, re-evaluated and changed, and be considered dynamic tools with limited applicability outside of clinical and research contexts.19:36”

    I agree, the same should be true for adults, especially given the “invalidity” of all the DSM stigmatizations.

    And, as one of the few people who was (seemingly) able to get a “bipolar” misdiagnosis off my medical records. I will say to anyone who has had the common adverse or withdrawal effects of an antidepressant and/or ADHD drug misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” bring Bob Whitaker’s ‘Anatomy of an Epidemic’ to the most ethical and competent primary care physician you can find. Plus bringing a copy of this is also helpful.


    Specifically, point out the “Note” section of that document. If you were given more antidepressants and/or antipsychotics, and was made psychotic, you can freely admit to that. But explain the “psychoses” were created with the antidepressants and antipsychotics, via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning.


    And “psychoses” can also be created, via a “drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity manic psychosis.”

    So then, after the doctor calls you a “one in a million” medical researcher, and when the doctor asks you if you want the “bipolar” stigmatization removed, you can say that since your “mania” and “psychosis” were created with the drugs – via antidepressant effects or withdrawal, and/or anticholinergic toxidrome and a super sensitivity manic psychosis – none of which is “bipolar.” Thus it would be defamation of character, which is illegal, NOT to take the stigmatizing and incorrect diagnosis off your medical records.

    God bless, and good luck. Thank you for all you do, Peter.

  • “They write that withdrawal symptoms occur because the brain and body have adapted to the drug’s impact on the serotonin system to achieve homeostasis. When the drug is stopped, the serotonin system throughout the body is suddenly changed, leading to a myriad of withdrawal symptoms that occur until the serotonin system can adapt again.”

    This simple scientific explanation of why withdrawal symptoms occur is also a scientific explanation of why the “chemical imbalance theory of depression” is a blatant lie.

    Thank you for reporting on this update to British GPs, Peter. (Twenty three years too late for me, but better late than never!) Is there any agency in the US that is updating the US doctors about the ills of the psychiatric pills? All I’ve noticed lately is a ton of censorship by the NIMH.

  • Thanks, Max, for pointing out the stupidity and lack of ethics.

    “… even simply not taking care of their physical health.” How is this defined? Staying away from hospitals, during a pandemic, in a time where bad hospital protocols have turned the hospitals into killing fields? Avoiding healthy, outside exercise, in a time when everyone was told to stay in their homes?

    And the reason we have so many homeless people is because the banks, with the help of the “bought out by the banks” – according to all the lawyers I spoke with years ago – judges have been outright stealing homes for the banksters, since the 2008/9 “banking crisis.”

    A return to the rule of law is most definitely needed in America.

  • I would consider psychiatry as more similar to Russian Roulette, than Spin the Bottle, or science. Since we all know “Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun,” but it’s still a deadly game.

    I hope she is able to get her son out of the deadly psychiatric system. But it’s good she has done her research, and is looking for viable alternatives. My best to her family, escaping the system isn’t easy, but it is possible.

    Maintain the hope, “psychosis” is NOT a “lifelong, incurable, genetic disease.” It’s a stigmatization. And “psychosis” can be created, with the antidepressants and antipsychotics, via anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings.


    Not to mention “psychosis” can also be created, via a “drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity manic psychosis.” And, based upon my experience, this type of “psychosis” can occur even years after being weaned off the psych drugs. But if you can stay out of the hospitals, and off the anticholinergic drugs, healing is possible.

  • I also agree, Brett.

    Steve, the psych “professionals” can’t make money off of prescribing exercise, like they do off of prescribing the anticholinergic drugs.

    But I will say I find it rather amazing how many times we must tell the psych “professionals” that exercise is good for you. Yet I know we do need to do this, since my psychiatrist tried to get me to stop exercising.

  • Well, according to this test, which I took. If you have 0/27 signs of depression, you have “minimal depression.” Which means this test states that there is no such thing as not being “depressed.” 0/27 means you’re not depressed.

    I did find it interesting that some of the 9 questions related to the common adverse effects of the anticholinergic drugs, like the antidepressants and antipsychotics.

    And I do wonder who this test was automatically – and unbeknownst to me initially – sent to, merely for wanting my results.

  • Those English translations don’t work too well, unfortunately. But my understanding is that the recovered “professionals,” including the peer workers, tend to be better at actually helping people.

    Which is logical, since they are experts by experience. As opposed to just being brainwashed DSM “bible” believers, who have bought into psychiatry’s and big Pharma’s lies.

  • Medical professionals also hold innocent people against their will, for profit, by forging people’s signatures on voluntary consent forms, according to my expunged court records. And that doctor was eventually convicted by the FBI for fraud, and because he was having lots of patients medically unnecessarily shipped long distances to himself, “snowing” them, then performing unneeded tracheotomies on people, for profit.

    Medical professionals also break the HIPPA laws, I have evidence of this in my medical records.

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Forced “treatment” should be made illegal. But instead, big Pharma and the medical “professionals” are trying to force “vaccinate” the planet. Upside down and backwards, America, and doctors.

  • “I cope with all of my problems by writing. For me, writing is an environment in which I can safely process my emotions and experiment with new ideas without consequences or accountability.”

    A slice of wisdom, Madeline. Thank you for sharing you art and wisdom. And it would be interesting to see a comparison between so called “mental health care” vs. mere journalling. I’m quite certain journalling would beat any of the “treatments” of the DSM deluded. If for no other reasons, than that both the DSM stigmatizations and the “mental health” workers’ psych drugs, are harmful.

  • I agree with the author that awakening and spiritual experiences have not been just “neglected” – but downright denied – by psychology.

    And I will say being weaned off the psych drugs, which resulted in my case in two different three month long “awakenings,” (which would be dismissed as a “super sensitivity mania” and “a return of your mental illness.”) But they were awakenings very similar to those described in this article. I had no idea I could dance that well!

    And I agree, “it is actually natural and normal for us to be ‘awake.’” Let’s hope others will garner insight into the importance of awakening, and wake up.

  • Thank you for all you do, Peter, including making recommendations for how to improve “the system.” But we should also look at the bigger picture, and ask ourselves whether or not the “psychiatric system,” historically and today, benefits or harms society as a whole.

    And if the answer is repeated harms, as I believe is the case with psychiatry. And since the medical evidence does seem to show that the psychiatric and psychological industries’ only primary job is silencing the legitimately “distressed” – which is mostly child abuse and rape survivors – which is illegal behavior. We should also ask ourselves whether or not these scientifically “invalid” industries / systems should even continue to exist.

  • “It felt like someone stripped me from my professional and academic titles and punched me directly in the stomach.”

    That’s largely how it feels when you’re defamed with a DSM stigmatization.

    It was “full of factual mistakes as if it was written by an angry child who had his favorite game taken away from her.”

    Yes, that’s largely what my medical records read as. Albeit, that’s because I was dealing with doctors who wanted to profiteer off of covering up easily recognized malpractice, and medical evidence of the sexual assault of my very young child.

    “The complaining expert did not provide any substantiative response to the scientific gaps I raised in my articles. Instead, she distorted contents from my writings and put words in my mouth, which I never said. It was really unbelievable.”

    That’s who and what the psychological and psychiatric industries are, and what they do. It’s called gas lighting.

    “They are being led to believe that their children have a biochemical imbalance in their brain, which should be managed medically every day.”

    It’s appalling.

    “When immense forces are directed at silencing scientists, it is often a sign that those should-be-silenced scientists have something terribly important to tell us. And if some scientists are willing to risk their good name and fly over the consensus’ nest, it doesn’t mean that they went crazy. It probably means that freedom of thought is in danger, and that it is our sacred duty to restore and cherish it.”

    And destroying independence and freedom of thought is exactly what psychology and psychiatry are all about.

    But good … some scientists are finally garnering insight into the scientific fraud, lies, and games so many psychologists and psychiatrists play.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and insights, Dr. Shir-Raz. I think we’re all on an awakening journey. And we all need to work together to bring about a better world.

  • I did not know that NSAIDs are “some of the deadliest drugs we have.6:155” No wonder why my attempted murdering doctor refused – for years – to let me stop taking them.

    Thank you for all you do, Peter. And please include in your book that both the antidepressants and antipsychotics can create “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. And the antipsychotics can create the negative symptoms of ‘schizophrenia,’ via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

  • “Perception of others is never the full picture.” Wise words that all “mental health workers” – who frequently stigmatize people with “invalid” disorders in minutes – should heed. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” was my thought, as I was leaving the insanity of today’s “mental health” system.

    Thank you for sharing both your music and visual art with us, Aurora.

  • “’The analyst asks neither that the subject get better nor that he become normal,’ wrote Anny Cordié. ‘The analyst requires nothing, imposes nothing.’”

    Gosh, I wish that was the case with the psychologists who attacked me.

    “The analyst does not [have the answer]; there is no answer to be had. Instead, the terms of the problem must be redefined;”

    So they defame the person with an “invalid” DSM disorder and force neurotoxins on the person.

    “A better question may be: what enables someone to assume their own authority?”

    Getting weaned off the neurotoxins is what helped me.

    “One can suffer and think; indeed, the power to do so deserves far more attention than projects to reduce the pain of thought.”

    I agree, and in as much as it was heartbreaking to have medical evidence of the sexual assault of my very young child handed over, it is the truth that shall set you free. My childhood religion is “partnered” with the DSM “bible” thumpers, and my initial psychologist – and a second one that later attacked me – wanted to cover up the abuse of my child, and the abuse of all the bipolar misdiagnosed children.

    Hey, a good new documentary from one of our psych survivor friends.


    Thank you for speaking the truth, Charlotte.

  • “A new study challenges the notion that electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) can prevent suicide.”

    Out of curiosity, why would anyone in their right mind think, “electrocuting the brain to induce seizures deliberately” would benefit anyone?

    “electrocuting the brain to induce seizures deliberately” is evil. So, of course, maltreating a person in such a manner is not going to prevent suicides.

  • I think it’s a great idea! And I agree with your predecessors, it is real life human interaction and cooperation, that will help save humanity from the systemic, scientific fraud based crimes, of the psychiatric and psychological industries.

    I hope I can make it, but if I can’t, I would like to donate. Can MiA set up a fund to be donated to you, as a 5O1c?

  • “Among my people are the wicked who lie in wait like men who snare birds and like those who set traps to catch people.” That’s a good description of at least some ELCA Lutheran psychologists, I painted one as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, after he tried to steal from me.

    “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” And why did that psychologist set a trap to catch me? Because my earlier work was “too truthful” for “the wicked … who set traps to catch people” … the psychologists “set traps to catch people” for the psychiatrists.

  • Given the fact that no “mental health” worker may ever honestly bill to help a child abuse survivor, according to their DSM billing code “bible.”


    And given the fact that the psychological and psychiatric industries, and even some mainstream doctors, have been covering up child abuse on a massive societal scale, for decades or centuries.


    When it comes to ACEs survivors, keeping child abuse survivors as far away as possible from the “mental health” system, is the best course of action.

    But we should fund someone willing help child abuse survivors. And our society should start to arrest the pedophiles … maybe that’s finally starting to happen? … out of embarrassment? Let’s hope.

  • Thank you for your series, BBC. Keep it coming, please. As an American, who knows first hand how FUBAR … how scientifically “invalid” … the US DSM deluded “mental health professions” are. I appreciate you utilizing your power, to speak out against our current “mental health” system. Many thanks.

  • Thank you for speaking the truth, John Read.

    “Research also tells us that if the 8.3 million people prescribed antidepressants in 2021-22 in England (one in seven of us, but even higher for women, older people and people living in deprived areas) do try to stop using these drugs, perhaps on discovering they can’t feel anything at all, or have orgasms, about 4.6 million (55%) will experience withdrawal effects.

    “The principle of informed consent dictates that people must be told all this when first offered these drugs.”

    And most certainly, the public has been outright denied informed consent for the past several decades, by the (greed only inspired) psychological and psychiatric industries.

  • Nicely stated, Christopher, from another person who was abruptly taken off an antidepressant by a doctor. Who then had the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome misdiagnosed, and mistreated, over and over again. Albeit, in my case, with the anticholinergic toxidrome inducing psych drugs.

    Thank you for your activism. And I believe the right to force – either ECT or the psych drugs, or any other drugs – on people should most definitely be made illegal.

  • Indeed, today’s “psychotherapy” is all about denying, and forcing clients to deny and forget about, child abuse. And that comes from a mother who was not abused as a child, but who dealt with systemic child abuse denying and covering up psychologists and psychiatrists.

    And all this child abuse denying and covering up is by DSM design, since no so called “mental health professional” today may ever bill to honestly help any child abuse survivor ever, by DSM design.


    And since denying and covering up child abuse does seem to be – by far – the primary actual societal goal of both the psychologists, and their neurotoxic poisoning partners, the psychiatrists.


    And since the scientific fraud based “mental health industries” are in “crisis,” in part due to the fact that their DSM “bible” is “invalid,” and their drugs create the symptoms of their “disorders.”


    I do absolutely agree, academic psychologists and psychiatrists are teaching “Poisonous Pedagogy,” which not only aids in promoting our “culture of violence,” but has also left us all now living in a “pedophile empire.”


    Perhaps, at some point in time, we should have a societal discussion about the improprieties of what the “mental health” workers are being taught, and actually doing in practice? Especially given the fact that their industry is destroying the lives of, and murdering, millions of innocent people – the majority of whom are innocent child abuse survivors – annually.

  • As one who dealt with the exact type “evil” mentioned in this article (a pastoral and psychological cover up of child abuse). And as one who learned all about “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” the hard way. (Decades later some employees of my childhood church confessed to me that the employees of their church were “partners” with the “mental health” workers.)

    I’m quite certain ending the (unseen) “partnership” between the religions and the “mental health” system, and making it possible for the “mental health” workers to honestly bill to help child abuse survivors, which they can NOT do today.


    The “evil” really is the systemic “dirty little secret” “partnership” between the “mental health” system and the clergy, plus a bad and scientifically “invalid” DSM billing code “bible.”

    But I will say, my former psychologist did NOT “Unknowingly, ignorantly, carelessly and unintentionally” collude “with evil” child abusers. Her medical records show proof she did it on purpose. So I absolutely agree, “mental health” workers do systemically “collude with evil more often than not.” And it is by DSM design.

    I also agree, however, that “the truth will set you free.” Once the medical evidence of the abuse of my child was finally handed over, my pastor’s and psychologist’s prior insane behavior (including a bunch of anticholinergic toxidrome attempted murders of me) made perfect sense, sadly.

    And I will say, the psychologists of the ELCA not only attempt to murder people to cover up child abuse; they also steal, and attempted to steal everything from innocent widows, to cover up child abuse.

  • Pointing out the lack of “’separation of church and state’ and so psychiatry is able to use the power of the state to impose its views on people” is a good point, Ron.

    And definitely, misinformed religions “can lead societies into destructive action.” And when you research into the mainstream religions, it becomes obvious that most of the religions claim to believe in some form of the Golden Rule (treat others as you’d like to be treated) – which is largely the opposite of psychiatry’s force treatment beliefs – but many of the religions have also fed us a lot of misinformation, according to the Holy Bible itself.

  • Thank you for sharing your story, Beata. And absolutely you are right, if you speak out contrary to the beliefs of the DSM “bible” thumpers … well, if your a patient, you are subjected to many attempted murders. In my case, all via egregious anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings. And, if you are not a patient, then the “mental health” system will attempt to steal everything from you. And I do have legal proof of such attempted thievery, in the form of a conservatorship contract, disingenuously dressed up as an “art manager” contract.

    Since you plan to try to help those labeled as “schizophrenic,” you should know that the “antipsychotics” / neuroleptics can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. And they can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

    Thank you for sharing the truth. Especially since the truth about psychiatry is being censored, it appears by the US NIMH itself. For example, NIMH took Insel’s confession about the “invalidity” of all the DSM disorders off the internet, so you have to get it from psychrights.org now.


  • “Sexual abuse does not cause schizophrenia.” No it doesn’t, but the “mental health” industries’ inability to bill to help child abuse survivors – and their faustian “partnership” with some of the mainstream religions, to function as their child abuse cover uppers – does result in a lot of misdiagnosis of innocent child abuse survivors, and/or their legitimately concerns mothers, with the scientifically “invalid” DSM disorders.

    “if your siblings (or your identical co-twin) have schizophrenia, the behavior that brought you to my office makes me think you probably have it too.”

    Yes, such genetic assumptions are a big problem within the “mental health” industries. To the point that when one’s mother tells a psychologist that one’s grandmother was made ungodly ill on an old antipsychotic, and quickly taken off of it. That psychologist will turn this into a lie to her client’s psychiatrist, that “her grandmother” – who none of my “mental health” workers ever met – “was psychotic.” And even my grandmother’s former doctor wrote me a note pointing out that my grandmother was “never psychotic.”

    Not to mention, I’ve even been defamed as having a family history of “mental illness,” by researchers, who I’ve volunteered to be interviewed by. The ass-U-Me-ing about genetic causes of “mental health” etiologies, by the “mental health professionals,” is out of control.

    “he described psychiatric candidate gene studies, which cost hundreds of millions of dollars, as being based on ‘guesswork,’ and that his ‘field was pretty bad at guessing.'”

    I do agree, there’s way too much “guessing” and assuming going on within the psych fields. But I’ve got an idea, since our country’s broke, maybe our government should stop spending “hundreds of millions of dollars” on researching into this “bullish-t”?

    “The disconnect between researchers’ private ‘blistering disappointment’ and public discovery claims and dauntless optimism is stunning, as the issue now seems more related to institutions maintaining government and corporate grants, individual researchers protecting salaries and corporate ‘consultation fees,’ the possibility of striking it rich with drug patents and direct-to-consumer and other types of tests, reputations, and being published in prestigious journals.”

    Yes, I agree, that’s pretty much where we are. It’s all about the money. And as we all know, “It Is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When His Salary Depends Upon His Not Understanding It.”

    “Rosenthal’s 1968 negative-result (failure to reject the null hypothesis) study discredited the idea that genetics ‘created the disease.'”

    Yes, and as to the real etiology of “schizophrenia” … since the “schizophrenia treatments,” the “antipsychotics”/neuroleptics, can create both the positive and negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome and neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. I’d say the primary etiology of “schizophrenia” is most likely iatrogenic, not genetic.

    “Others might see the ‘genes for schizophrenia’ story as a half-century-long train wreck.” My anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning story began with me, “on a run away train, never coming back.” And now it does seem it is time for the incorrectly assuming “mental health” industries to be “on a run away train, never coming back.”

  • “Phelps and colleagues suggest that a standardized approach to tapering be adopted as a way to address the needs of patients who may be at risk for severe withdrawal alongside the need for a straightforward, routine method of tapering. They emphasize the need for the first dose decrease to go smoothly, without any withdrawal symptoms or adverse effects on mood, so that patients will be motivated to continue to taper and ultimately stop taking their medication. Therefore, they recommend that the first taper consists of the smallest reduction possible.”

    Since when has it been the goal of the force drugging psychiatrists to encourage “patients [to] be motivated to continue to taper and ultimately stop taking their medication”? Uh, never.
    It’s the patients politely demanding to get off the neurotoxins that is forcing this research.

    But this means their recommendation “that the first taper consists of the smallest reduction possible” has no logic to it. And based upon my understanding, those who’ve been helping wean people off the antidepressants for decades, are saying the opposite. They’re recommending hyperbolic withdrawal, and taper strips.


  • “And most think you’re ‘sick’ if you’re not punching someone else’s time clock.”

    Yes, the “mental health” industry is very talented at neglecting to timely tell the public about what their insane beliefs (or laws or bizarre definitions of words) are.

    * I was never informed that being self employed was proof I would never be able to “recover” from the “mental health” workers’ iatrogenic illnesses … good thing I happened to take that job working for someone else. And that 30% raise after my first year there, probably helped me, during my second hospitalization – by a foreign psychiatrist who seemingly just checks her patients’ tax records to find out whether they are employed, rather than actually talking to her clients. But the ethical head of family medicine, at one of the most well respected hospitals in the nation, who I medically explained how I was made sick, did take the prior psychiatric defamation off my medical records … so people can heal.
    * I learned the hard way, that my “mental health’ workers believe that all who partake in legal activities – like moderate smoking or drinking – are considered “mentally ill.”
    * I was never told that losing weight, upon the recommendation of a doctor, via exercise – as opposed to dieting – was a symptom of “bipolar.” I learned this from reading my medical records and the DSM.
    * I think it was at least a year into my “mental health” treatment, prior to being told to stop exercising, by my psychiatrist. And to this day, I’m still shocked the “mental health professions” are only now learning that regular moderate exercise is healthy.
    * I was never told the “mental health” workers couldn’t bill to help legitimately distressed individuals, like child abuse survivors; so any mother with concerns of the abuse of her child should stay as far away as possible from the systemic child abuse and rape covering up “mental health” criminals.
    * I wasn’t told, until I was picking up my former psychologist’s medical records, that she believed distress caused by a distressing event – in my case 9.11.2001 – was distress caused by a “chemical imbalance” in my brain alone. WTF?

    Personally, I think the beliefs of the “mental health” system are intrusive, insane, and void of common sense.

    But as to the debate at hand, since the “mental health” system attacks both the poor and the wealthy. And since full time employment by others may be neither a need nor desire for the wealthy, nor the self employed. I don’t think one’s employment status, nor tax records, should have any relevance to the medical definition of the word “recovery.”

    Definition #2, “A return to a normal or healthy condition” should be the definition of recovery that all health professionals use. But it does seem the “mental health” industry wants to utilize some sort of bizarre distortion of definition #3, “The act of obtaining usable substances from unusable sources,” as their definition of “recovery”?


    But that is just because they are Big Pharma neurotoxin forcers, who want to put all smokers on antidepressants, under the false guise they’re “safe smoking cessation meds.” And their goal is seemingly also to DSM defame, and neurotoxic poison, anyone they can get their hands on, for profit.

    But the bottom line is, for those who hope to actually “recover” from psychiatric iatrogenesis, the daunting and dangerous task of slowly weaning from the psychiatric neurotoxins, is likely your best bet.

  • Just an FYI, my first drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis” didn’t happen until 6 months after I was weaned from the psych drugs. But it did result in a hospitalization, misdiagnosis as “a return of the disorder,” and brief re-drugging.

    My second, and last, drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis,” did not happen until 25 months after I was weaned off the psych drugs for the second, and last, time.

    Possibly, IMHO, because I was too busy with my full time kitchen bath designer job, and my research into anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning. Which, of course, is the real etiology of the “psychotic” illnesses, that are created with the antidepressants and antipsychotics.


  • “we highly welcome a debate regarding a future consensus definition of clinical recovery in psychotic disorders.”

    “many participants did not meet the functional criteria due to a lack of full-time employment.”

    Particularly since the “mental health workers” I encountered consider being an active volunteer and stay at home mom (not to mention, also an artist working on my portfolio) to be “w/o work, content, and talent” and “unemployed” … w/o ever looking at my work or asking me what I do.

    I do think a better definition of “full-time employment” is needed. Since declaring all “woman’s work,” volunteer work – not to mention all artists’ portfolio creation – to be “unemployed” … as the “mental health” workers have been doing for decades … is a staggeringly paternalistic attitude. Not to mention ungodly disrespectful to all artists.

    And I will say, withdrawal from the psych drugs can take years. So expecting all people … including those who can afford to not go back to work full time … to have to be “employed full time” within a year, is absurd.

    Especially since the “mental health” workers usually do not even tell their clients about this made up definition of “recovery.”

  • Lisa, frequently psych survivors are NOT approved for SSDI, as was my experience. When I applied for SSDI, and medically explained to the non-medically trained SSDI psychologist, how I was made sick with the psych drugs. She denied me coverage, and told me to go pay to study public health. Although, I do confess, I applied for SSDI more out of curiosity than need, and did not fight the denial.

    “Never mind the fact that, for the less than ten minutes I was sitting there, I was rocking from side to side, backwards and forwards, my feet tapping, squirming because my buttocks muscles were squeezing and releasing and I was wringing my hands while sitting in the chair.”

    Head shifting too? But yes, most definitely, those are common symptoms of akathisia – been there, done that.

    “I can’t help but think, knowing what I know now, that I’ve been betrayed and abused by an inept mental health system.”

    You are correct.

    “Now, finally off the drugs, I have no hope for health.” Oh, maintain the hope, please, Lori. Since God created us in His own image, so our brains are “neuroplastic,” thus have the ability to heal themselves over time.

    Although, I can’t say some of the common adverse effects of the psych drugs, may be healed. But I can say, I have learned how to use their antidepressant induced “brain zaps” to eliminate almost any headache, in a NY second.

    “When I think about what has been done to me and what has been taken from me, I can barely breathe.” Yes, I agree, the psychiatric industry’s systemic betrayal of their “patients,” and all of humanity, is mind boggling, and staggeringly appalling in scope.

    But please maintain hope on your healing journey, Lori, you can do it! Because God gave you a neuroplastic brain, that can help heal itself, over time.

  • Thank you, Peter, for your truthful reporting on the crimes of the psychiatric industry. And it is truly sad that most psychologists – who bill via the scientifically “invalid” psychiatric DSM “bible,” but who have no actual medical training – went off … delusionally … believing in the psychiatrists’ scientifically “invalid” DSM “bible.”


    I’m so grateful for the former psychology majors, who saw through the deception and lies, and became truth telling scientific journalists instead.

  • Kudos to the Yalie “mental health” activists. But the systemic problems that the “incomplete” “mental health professionals” have created for society … and the universities … with their decades of mass psych drugging children, does deserve an accurate cost/benefit analysis.

    And as an independent psychopharmacological researcher, I’m quite certain that ending the psych drugging of children is needed.

  • Thank you for sharing your story, Yael. I like your name, by the way. Yael, it sounds just serene. I’m glad madmom mentioned the akathisia, which of course makes one anything but serene, because that’s definitely what your description sounded like to me.

    It’s interesting, since many psych survivors disown their psychiatric label, that you still consider yourself to be “bipolar.” I assume you read Robert Whitaker’s “Anatomy of an Epidemic,” which pointed out that the “antidepressants” can create the symptoms of “bipolar”?

    Out of curiosity, I was wondering if you have weaned from the psych drugs, or if you still take them? (But if you’d prefer not to say, that’s definitely your right.) And I will say, your seeming lack of anger at the psychiatric fraudsters, does display remarkable serenity.

    I just looked up the meaning of your name, and thought the meaning was ironic. “The name Yael is primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means Mountain Goat.” I find it ironic, since I felt like a scape goat – and represented myself as such in one of my paintings – when I was being psychiatrically defamed and neurotoxic poisoned, for a case of antidepressant withdrawal induced (and misdiagnosed) “bipolar.” Yael should mean remarkable serenity, instead. And I pray that for you in the future.

  • “I would suggest a monument honoring the persons with mental problems and disabilities who have been victims of marginalization, stigma, discrimination, abuse, and neglect.

    “We have monuments celebrating famous doctors but we have no monuments honoring the thousands of people who were discriminated against and ill-treated because of their mental conditions.”

    I am a graduate of SAIC, and I’ve got a whole bunch of paintings (and a couple small soapstone sculptures) that visually describe psychiatry’s iatrogenic “bipolar epidemic” (actually, in my case, egregious anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings). My work also visually documents the circus that abusive psychologists and psychiatrists make of one’s life, as well as my musical, mystical, mysterious escape from psychiatry and my healing journey.

    My work has been described by child abuse covering up “mental health professionals” as “w/o work, content, and talent” (prior to them ever bothering to look at any of my work). Then after my psychiatrist finally bothered to look at my work, he described it as “insightful,” “work of smart female,” and he weaned me off the drugs. At a later showing of my work, it was described as the work of a “Chicago Chagall,” and “too truthful” for for some “mental health professionals.”

    My work consists of mostly two dimensional works, which tell a story over time, or in the fourth dimension. When one is being anticholinergic toxidrome poisoned (which can result from the current “bipolar” drug recommendations) abstract expressionism was the art style that best visually documented the drug induced chaos in my brain. And Mark Chagall seemingly painted my drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis”/awakening to my dreams – as if I were one of his muses – so I found getting inspiration from his works the best way to visually document my healing journey. And the ongoing iatrogenic “bipolar epidemic” has harmed and killed millions of adults and children.

    I would love it if the UN would consider supporting psych survivor painters as well as sculptors, Dr. Saraceno. Since as we all know, “a picture paints a thousand words,” so a lot of paintings do tell a “too truthful” story for the abusive and unethical “mental health” workers.

    Thank you for the interesting interview, David.

  • Torrey apparently forgot what he was taught in med school. The “schizophrenia treatments” can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. And the antipsychotics / neuroleptics can also create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

    So, just as Robert Whitaker pointed out about “bipolar,” “schizophrenia” is also an iatrogenic illness, created with the psychiatric drugs.

  • “The new policy also requires 988 Lifeline call centers to ‘investigate alternatives to emergency service interventions within the community,’”

    What’s sad is that the scientifically “invalid,” DSM deluded, psychological field is so incompetent, and corrupted, that setting up an appointment with them is not considered the first alternative “to emergency service interventions within the community,” by suicide hotlines.

    “Yes, putting more attention on alternatives to emergency service interventions is a good thing. But as long as involuntary hospitalization is on the table, suicide hotlines remain unsafe.”

    Indeed, forced treatment needs to be ended.

    “You can’t coerce someone into wanting to be alive. Force just doesn’t work. People must be invited to live while supporters (healthcare professionals, social workers, loved ones) make their lives and world more habitable.”

    Unfortunately, most of the so called “healthcare professionals, social workers,” et al, were deluded by the scientifically “invalid,” big Pharma misinformed, but controlled, DSM “bible” creating psychiatrists … so they’ve been making the lives of legitimately distressed individuals less “habitable” for decades.

    “Garcia questions how ‘voluntary’ even so-called consensual emergency interventions are, especially when the threat of an involuntary response looms ever-present on the crisis line.”

    And because it’s really easy for a doctor to forge a person’s signature on a consent form, as one of my former, now FBI convicted, forced treatment doctors did, according to my expunged legal records.

    “’Coercion and violence are not always right in your face,’ she says. There’s the gaslighting, the manipulation—that’s also part of the violence and coercion in the psychiatric system and crisis care system.”

    Definitely, in a system that claims to be a “metal health” industry … the gaslighting – which is known to be “mental abuse” – needs to end.

    “In order for us to have actual change, this entire thing will have to be erased. It will have to be dismantled. Reform is not enough. Abolition is what’s needed.”

    I have to agree. The scientific fraud based “mental health” industries are corrupted to the bone.

  • But psychology and psychiatry have succeeded in both becoming systemic rape and child abuse cover uppers, while turning their religious “partners” into systemic child abuse cover uppers too.


    And the proof that their goal of being a systemic rape and child abuse covering up “religion” is written right into their DSM “bible.”


    If the DSM “bible” billers’ belief system is a “religion,” it’s a very sick, twisted and disgusting, systemic child abuse covering up “religion.” Which would technically make it an illegal “religion” in the US, since systemically covering up rape and child abuse, are still illegal behaviors in the US.

  • “Recovering from religion abuse, you are applauded. To recover from psychiatry, you are ostracized.” Unless the religion abuse you dealt with – because your former religion is “partnered with” the DSM “bible” thumpers, as in my case – came via psychological and psychiatric malpractice and abuse. Then you are repeatedly attacked by the psychologists of your religion, until “that’s me in the spotlight losing my religion.”

    “So psychiatry can make all the claims it likes about ‘useful fictions,’ but in the end, it’s not OK for ‘doctors’ to use ‘fictions’ of any sort to manipulate people into using drugs they don’t need or want,…”

    Unfortunately, that’s exactly what all doctors who prescribe the psych drugs do, while they fraudulently claim they were never taught about the harms of the psych drugs. Which is a blatant lie, since all doctors were taught about anticholinergic toxidrome in med school. So all doctors know, full well, about the systemic sins of the psychiatric system.


    Thank you, as always, Bruce, for all your truth telling.

  • “Or do we see those kids as medical cases to be drugged?”

    Well, right now that’s what the ‘powers that be’ have people doing. But when the ‘powers that be’ think mass neurotoxic poisoning children with amphetamines is a good idea, and they are literally running a bunch of scientific fraud based “mental health” industries, which all systemically work to cover up abuse of children, and disgustingly, also function as child traffickers (CPS). It does seem evident that we have a problem with the ‘powers that shouldn’t be.’


    I must wonder, is Covid only a thing, since us independent psychopharmacological researchers have proven the “BS” of all the DSM disorders? … especially given the historical crimes of the psychiatric industry.

  • Do any psychiatrists actually inquire into the nature of a person’s “psychosis”? My former psychiatrist always just told me to ignore the “voices,” and he most certainly didn’t want me to explain the “voices” to him. We just had 15 minute “med checks,” and I think that’s largely as it is for most psychiatrists.

    What my psychiatrist refused to confess to me, and what all doctors are taught in med school, is that his “antipsychotics” were what created my “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning; and the neuroleptics can also create the “negative” symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via “neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.”

    Let’s hope we can some day reeducate the psychiatric industry, about these deplorable psych drug induced iatrogenic illnesses, that they were all taught about in med school, so our society may hopefully soon end our modern day psychiatric and psychological holocaust.

  • Gosh, I wish I found you when I was looking for a lawyer, after dealing with the now FBI convicted IL force treating doctor, V.R. Kuchipudi.


    Are there actually any IL lawyers who help people deal with easily recognized malpractice, and medical evidence of child abuse covering up psychologists’ and psychiatrists’ attempted murders of me? Via the medically known toxidrome, anticholinergic toxidrome. I’ve got medical proof of 14 attempted murders of me, via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning.

    My understanding of the law is there is no statute of limitations for attempted murder. And I do have quite definitive proof in my and my family’s medical records that I dealt with 14 psychiatric attempted murders, to cover up a medically confessed “bad fix” on a broken bone – by the “attending physician” at the “bad fix”‘s dangerous and paranoid of a nonexistent malpractice suit wife – and a bunch of child abuse covering up ELCA criminals, including the systemic child abuse covering up ELCA bishops. I’d be one of the, likely, many “widows” mentioned in the Preface of this book.


    Are there ANY lawyers in IL who actually take, basically an iron clad case of many psychiatric attempted murders, via a medically known toxidrome. To cover up easily recognized iatrogenesis, and what also turned out to be a religious/psychological cover up of the sexual abuse of my very young child?

  • I have a similar story – I was involved, in the ballpark of 60 or 70 class action lawsuits, by criminal corporations – due to mind boggling corporate corruption. I understand that’s known as being a “targeted individual,” based upon my subsequent research. Although my story also has a hopeful side, of God judging all fairly in the end, so I am still a hoper and believer in maintaining the faith.

  • “one can at least know that one lives in a society that recognizes that rape is a grave injustice and does not tolerate it.” Unfortunately that is NOT the society we live in today, and both the psychological and psychiatric professions are systemic child abuse cover uppers.


    I know from personal experience, and my beloved child’s medical records finally being handed over. And when one does speak out – like by doing a show of artwork that depicts the living nightmare that is psychiatric “treatment” – one absolutely does get attacked by another, God complexed, attempted child abuse covering up psychologist trying to steal all my money, work, and story with his classic thievery/conservatorship contract, disingenuously dressed up like an “art manager” contract.

    That’s likely why people are hesitant to speak out. Psychologists and psychiatrists will literally break tons of laws (at least my former doctors, one of whom was eventually convicted by the FBI, and the psychologist I refused to hire, did), when they are attempting to cover up child abuse for their religions. And this has turned the bishops of my former religion into nothing more than systemic child abuse cover uppers, too.


  • As a woman who got in the top 99.95% of my math SATs, I agree women are capable of mathematics, and any studies. Plus I agree we have a way, way, way too “paternalistic,” big Pharma deluded, thus stupid (and/or completely unethical) medical community.

    I haven’t looked into your research yet, Julia, but I have used an “Alaska Northern Lights” light in the winters for well over a decade. And I have never really had a “depression” problem, but I am affected by a lack of sunlight and Vitamin D, so I agree, light therapy works.

    I agree, “bipolar” is a “bullshit” blasphemy, used to defame intelligent women, especially women who stand against child abuse, and believe in God, and His stance against harming children.


    And, hurray for the “mental health” system – who defame women as “bipolar” – your entire “bible” was debunked as scientifically “invalid” almost a decade ago.


    Your ADHD drugs, antidepressants, and antipsychotics can create “psychosis”, via anticholinergic toxidrome.


    And your “antipsychotics” can also create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.


    Oh, and over 80% of your clients are actually legitimately distressed child abuse survivors – who you could NOT bill to help – so you misdiagnosed them. Meaning they’re not actually “mentally ill” people, you satanic, systemic child abuse cover uppers of the so called “mental health professions.”


    Sorry, Steve (moderator), just trying to point out the problems with the system, since it’s the system, and all those trying to maintain it, that are the problem.

    Thank you for speaking out against the staggeringly paternalistic – to the point of being downright misogynistic – “mental health” industries, Julia. And please pardon my disgust at the paternalistic and systemically child abuse covering up industry, Julia.

  • As most psych survivors know, big Pharma has been false advertising for decades. I know I was taught, when getting my marketing degree, that false advertising is illegal.

    I’m pretty certain we’re all now witnessing big Pharma’s gas lighting of the entire world, possibly since they’ve lost the scientific debate on the psych drugs, and psychiatry’s and psychology’s “invalid” disorders.


    Be afraid of Covid now! Since the powers that shouldn’t be, no longer have psychiatry’s two “most serious mental illnesses” to defame people with.


    When do we start arresting the criminal liars, attempted murderers, thieves, pedophiles, and other powers that shouldn’t be?

  • The pediatricians are guilty too. I pointed out the fraud of psychiatry to a very nervous, embarrassed, and literally shaking pediatrician, and politely requested she work to stop having children psychiatrically stigmatized and drugged. She told me “No, because it’s too profitable,” and she literally said that to me … in a church.

    “the love of money is the root of all evil”

    Psychiatry and psychology’s net is very wide, it’s literally destroying the scientific validity of the entire medical industry and big Pharma. Not to mention their systemic child abuse covering up crimes, for the religions – “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions” – have destroyed my former religion. Now the psychologic industry’s “partners,” the pastors and bishops of my former religion, are nothing but systemic child abuse cover uppers, too.


    It’s shameful what psychiatry and psychology are doing. As one who still will claim, “that’s me in the spotlight losing my religion,” I’m quite certain psychiatric and psychological “diagnoses” and druggings “only invite more stigmatization, ostracization, and [dis]ableism.”

    Stop psych drugging the children! Especially given the fact that over 80% of psychology’s and psychiatry’s clients are actually legitimately distressed child abuse survivors, who the DSM “bible” billers can NOT even bill to help.


  • The real “myth of mental illness” is that the ADHD drugs and antidepressants create the “bipolar” symptoms, as Robert Whitaker explained in ‘Anatomy of an Epidemic.’

    And the “schizophrenia” treatments, the antipsychotics/neuroleptics, can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning. And the neuroleptics can also create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

    Now that psychiatry’s two ‘most serious mental illnesses’ have been proven to be iatrogenic illnesses, created with the psychiatric drugs. It does strike me that there should be an end of psychiatry.

  • “In Switzerland, the suicide rate among women has roughly doubled since 1998 when Dignitas, a specialist facility, was founded, and Belgium now has the highest female non-assisted suicide rate in Europe, based on OECD Suicide Data, leading to the conclusion that women are far more likely to take their own lives in regions with assisted dying laws.”

    Or the paternalistic medical community is more than happy murdering any and all legitimately distressed women. Which would be commensurate with the “mental health” industries’ track record of defaming, discrediting, and attempting to murder all women who stand against child abuse. Which is, according to the medical evidence, the primary function of all the scientifically “invalid” so called “mental health professions.”

  • One of the newer songs on the radio that makes me smile … once I understood it … is the Victoria’s secret song.

    “God I wish somebody would have told me
    “When I was younger that all bodies aren’t the same
    “Photoshop itty-bitty models on magazine covers
    “Told me I was overweight”

    “If I could go back and tell myself
    “When I was younger, I’d say, psst”

    “I know Victoria’s secret
    “And girl you wouldn’t believe
    “She’s an old man who lives in Ohio
    “Making money off of girls like me
    “Cashing in on body issues
    “Selling skin and bones with big boobs
    “I know Victoria’s secret
    “She was made up by a dude (dude)”

    The irony of it all is that, as a kid, I used to babysit in the summers for four little boys, whose mom was related to the very same Limited owners, who own Victoria’s Secret.

    But the bottom line is the song is right, we live in a way too paternalistic society. And psychiatry and psychology are a huge part of the problem, within our way too paternalistic – to the point of being downright misogynistic – society.

  • I agree, “Very extraordinary people have always been misunderstood, but only extraordinary people can do great things.”

    Although in the US, this means we have a problem. I asked a US psychologist why a school social worker would lie to me, and attempt to get her grubby little hands on my brilliant child, who’d just gotten 100% on his state standardized tests.

    That psychologist had the gall to tell me such social worker’s misbehavior was acceptable, because the goal of “mental health” industry is to “maintain the status quo.”

    I’m quite certain neurotoxic poisoning the best and brightest American children is NOT good for America. And, since we all now live in a “pedophile empire,” I’m quite certain maintaining the “status quo” is bad for everyone … except the pedophiles, and the systemic child abuse and rape covering up “mental health” system… and their child abuse covering up pastor and bishop “partners,” who profiteer off of owning the hospitals.


  • I largely agree, Iva. And I must say the psychologists I have met, et al, most of whom went off worshipping the “BS” and “invalid” psychiatric DSM, are among the most delusional people on the planet.

    And they, in partnership with the psychiatric profession, have been mass murdering millions – for profit – and for other nefarious reasons. Gosh, yes, such systemic crimes against humanity are, no doubt, going to be difficult for all the completely DSM deluded to garner insight into.

    “It seems that the overcoming of the idea of a rigid, genetically modified brain has been replaced by” common sense, and truthful psychopharmacological research. But your belief it’s been “replaced by the idea of an immutable reality that we can do nothing to change, the inevitability of capitalism, and the end of history,” does strike me as overly pessimistic, and evidence of the need of the DSM “bible” billers to really do some soul and truth searching.

  • Psychology can wax poetic about all sorts of theologies. But based upon my experience, and the experiences of many … all they’ve actually done in practice for the past several decades, is defame people with their “invalid” DSM disorders, then have their clients neurotoxic poisoned by the psychiatrists.

    But I do agree, there is absolutely nothing “authentic” about covering up a client’s real life concerns, by defaming and poisoning the client. That’s just acting like a criminal, since both defamation and poisoning people are crimes.

  • No doubt, CPS is a hot mess, and by design. RIP, Nancy Shaffer.


    And I know from personal experience that when a mom is handed over medical evidence of the sexual assault of her beloved, and very young, child … CPS refused to even investigate.

    This is an interview, which kind of touches on the magnitude of evil, to which we are all awakening.


  • “’The forces generating homelessness don’t come from ‘failed’ Housing First programs,’ he told Mad in America'”.

    No, they come from the fiscally irresponsible globalist banking thievery system, that “stole trillions of houses,” from innocent American families.


    “You’re basically putting your foot on the neck while they’re down, that’s your solution” – and that is largely psychiatry’s systemic “solution,” to all of life’s inevitable and systemic problems, and injustices.

  • The best way to reduce stigma would be to get the DSM “bible” billers to stop stigmatizing (defaming) other human beings, with their scientifically “invalid” stigmatizations.


    And as to “schizophrenia,” let’s hope the “mental health” workers all learn some day that the “schizophrenia” treatments can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome; and the antipsychotics / neuroleptics can also create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.