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  • It’s a shame that the ‘powers that be’ – who gave the psychiatric, et al industries unchecked powers – were not wise enough to know that “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    My experience with “mental health professionals” is they are absolutely corrupt – pathological liars, unrepentant attempted murders (via the medically known anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings), easily recognized malpractice and child abuse cover uppers, thieves and attempted thieves via toxic and disingenuous conservatorship contracts.

    Can you get much more ‘absolutely corrupt’ than that?

  • I ran into similarly horrendous medical maltreatment – due to medical denial and/or ignorance of antidepressant withdrawal symptoms – resulting in a “bipolar” misdiagnosis. Which resulted in a lot of anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings.

    Most definitely, the medical community needs to wake up, and garner insight into the common adverse and withdrawal effects of the psych drugs.

    God bless you on your healing journey, over my past two decades of psychopharmacological research, I’ve read and watched evidence that benzo withdrawal can be absolutely horrendous … so I most definitely believe you.

    Thank you for sharing your story, and pointing out a little about how the medical system is fraudulently set up to protect itself, rather than actually help the patients.

  • Oh, but I guess that makes me “dangerous” to the police, because I know about their/the psychiatric/psychological, and religion’s systemic child rape crimes? And the systemic fraud of the psychiatric and psychological industries.

    Yet I’m not a remotely a “dangerous” person, other than that I have – a well researched – medical knowledge, of the systemic child abuse covering up crimes, of the systemic child rape cover uppers of my childhood religion, their “partners” in the scientific fraud based DSM “bible” believers, and the police.

    Maybe the police, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, and religions should get out of the child abuse covering up business?

  • “Police Say They Are Willing to Help the ‘Mentally Ill’—But Still Seek to Avoid Them and View Them as ‘Dangerous’

    Who taught the police that classifying someone as ‘mentally ill’ is acceptable or valid behavior, as opposed to just stigmatizing? Especially given the fact that psychiatry’s DSM “bible,” of so called “mental illnesses,” was debunked as “invalid” almost 10 years ago.

    And, in much as it’s true that the psychiatric drugs can make people “suicidal” and/or “dangerous.” It is UNTRUE that those stigmatized as “mentally ill” are more “dangerous” than the majority of the public. (Look it up for yourself.) For goodness sakes, the vast majority of those stigmatized as “mentally ill” are actually victims of an incompetent police force, and child abuse survivors … NOT dangerous criminals.

    And given the fact that we’re all now living in a “pedophile empire,” due to the systemic incompetence of the police.

    Perhaps the police should garner insight into reality … and psychiatry’s – and big Pharma’s – lies and fraud. And actually start arresting the real “dangerous” criminals … the pedophiles. And those who systemically cover up child abuse … like the psychological and psychiatric industries, and their pastor and bishop child abuse covering up “partners.”

  • And those of us who chose to exercise our frustrations away – whose general happiness was misdiagnosed as “mania” – since the “mental health” workers find it unprofitable to garner insight into the reality that some people are just happy.

    What does one say? Except, thank you Peter, for continuing to point out common sense to the seemingly dumber than dirt “mental health professionals.”

    Let’s hope and pray the mainstream “mental health professionals” will stop advising their clients to stop exercising, some day soon. And start, instead, speaking and recommending truth, and what’s actually in their clients’ best interest, to them.

    Oh! … but there’s no profit in the truth … for the scientific fraud based, drug forcing “mental health” workers.

  • “There’s something healthy about resisting the demand for such a surrender of any faith in oneself!”

    And there’s something truly disgusting – and possibly satanic – about a group of scientific fraud based, DSM “bible” billing, lunatics … who believe demanding “surrender of any faith in oneself!” … is mandatory, “help.”

    I, for one, had to choose faith and belief in myself … after my psychiatrist chose to declare my entire life to be “a credible fictional story.”

    Sorry, but those who disrespect their own clients enough to “demand for … a surrender of any faith in oneself!” Honestly, I think such self proclaimed “helpers,” must be controlled by Satan.

    I never understood your back story, Ron … until now. You and my son have a lot in common, thus I hope you will understand why loving moms stand against child abuse, and the industries that systemically cover up such crimes, by DSM design.

    If you can’t bill for a systemic problem, then the problem doesn’t exist? No! The problem of child abuse does exist … even though no “mental health” worker may EVER bill ANY health insurance company to properly help a child abuse survivor EVER.

  • “You snatch babies,” indeed. Beware of pathological lying social workers, if your well behaved child gets 100% on his state standardized tests. In the words of a psychologist – who rationalized such maltreatment by a social worker – “we want to maintain the status quo.”

    Murdering the best and brightest children in a country, so we may “maintain the” “pedophile empire”? Humm. Perhaps, that’s unwise?

  • “I think people don’t know … that we strap people down in four-point restraints and pull their pants down and stick a shot in them.” Chemical rape.

    I think you’re right, most people don’t know how violent, criminal, and evil the psychiatrists are. But the judges should be aware of this … what’s their excuse?

    Rob, your upcoming book sounds like it may help to awaken the public. And thanks for pointing out the psych workers use of the abusive guardianship contracts. Those things should most definitely be made illegal.

    “For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.” Let’s continue to shed light on the evils of psychiatry, and all DSM “bible” believers, who behave in evil and abusive manners.

  • “you witness providers who seemingly assume no one around them has had lived experiences of psychic distress speak about—sometimes brag about—and teach others to treat those with lived experiences in disparaging ways. They boast about maligning, punishing, and generally dehumanizing us. I have witnessed this at every level of my training and in other professional settings.”

    Thank you for confessing to the fact that this ungodly disrespect of clients is a systemic problem amongst the psychological and psychiatric industries. I could not have been more appalled at my psychologists and psychiatrists – who’d gotten all their misinformation about me from child abusers, I learned, once my medical records had been handed over – and in the end, they literally declared my entire life to be “a credible fictional story.”

    So, yes, this is a systemic problem.

    But enjoy raising your child, Laura. It goes so fast, but raising one’s children is such a wonderful experience. No doubt my love for my children helped save me from the ungodly disrespect, lies, and torture of my former, scientific fraud based, “mental health professionals.” God bless.

  • In as much as I – as an expert, by experience, in being weaned off the psych drugs – will say weaning people off the psych drugs can appear “scary,” to the “mental health” workers. And I will say, a drug withdrawal induced manic psychosis – or awakening to my dreams, in my case – which, thankfully for me, was a staggeringly serendipitous and enlightening experience.

    But during the initial drug withdrawal issues, I suffered from what I called a head banging disease. Now this was not too problematic for me, since I just banged my head against my pillows, for several weeks. It’s called tardive dyskinesia. But this would appear “scary” or a “return of symptoms” to someone weaning people from the psych drugs. It’s a normal withdrawal symptom.

    And since weaning people off the psych drugs can create a super sensitivity manic psychosis, confinement in a hospital – or possibly even Long-Term Care Facilities – is about the worst thing you can do. Letting someone dance, sing, spend time in nature, garden, bike, create art, have a sense of freedom … that’s how you would most effectively wean people off the psych drugs.

  • So true, too many of the so called “mental health,” social worker, CPS, FBI, et al, and the mainstream medical and religious industries most definitely conspire against child abuse survivors, and their legitimately concerned mothers.

    But this is all by the “invalid” DSM “bible’s” design.

  • This is weird, this MiA article shows up on my phone on 9.22.2022, but not yet on my computer.

    But it does largely describe how I raised my children. And I do agree short time outs, lots of praise, mutual respect, and love is how to take – even a victim of child abuse – from an abused child to a Phi Beta Kappa winner.

    Stigmatizing and neurotoxic poising trauma survivors – as the “mental health professionals” recommend and do – harms innocent victims of trauma.

    Glad to see an honest recommendation for how to help properly raise one’s children.

  • I’ve got one hell of a state of IL case of 14 attempted murders, by psychiatrists and psychologists, all via various anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings – to cover up a “bad fix” on a broken bone and the medical evidence of the sexual assault of my very young child, for a religion. I’d be one of the many “widows” mentioned in the Preface of this book.

    And one of the criminal ELCA hospital doctors I had the misfortune of dealing with was even eventually convicted … well, only for crimes against the state … by the FBI. But he did commit similar, but even worse crimes against other innocent patients, than i dealt with.

    Are there actually ANY lawyers in IL who take cases against the psychiatrists?

  • Well, hopefully our activism is starting to bring about the drastic changes that need to occur within our “mental health industries.”

    “The overprescribing results from a ‘lack of understanding of the effects of childhood trauma'” … or a desire NOT to understand. And, since no “mental health” worker may ever bill to actually help any child abuse survivor, ever … well, that’s a problem, too.

    “‘caregiver demand for medication to manage disruptive behaviors'” … Shame on the “caregivers,” and the government agencies that made them “caregivers.”

    “lack of pediatric mental health resources” … or too much scientific fraud based “pediatric mental health resources”?

    “‘and misdiagnosis of trauma symptoms as mental health disorders,’ Nunes and his coauthors wrote.” Yes, misdiagnosing child abuse symptoms is the number one actual societal function of both the psychological and psychiatric industries today.

    Let’s hope and pray – at some point – our activism, truthful research and reporting, will end the “mental health professionals'” systemic child abuse denying and covering up sins.

  • “… modern psychiatry is certainly mainstream.” And I agree, “It’s a religion.”

    And, at this point – given the million plus children that the DSM “bible” thumpers have turned into “bipolar” stigmatized, with the ADHD drugs and antidepressants.

    It’s most definitely a child abusing / “torturing” “religion.”

    Not to mention it’s also a systemic child abuse covering up “religion,” by DSM design.

    But I will say, any psychiatrist who claims to not have been taught in med school … that both the antidepressants and antipsychotics can create “psychosis” and “hallucinations,” via anticholinergic toxidrome … is a liar.

    But since “telling stories they know are or may be untrue has become standard practice in psychiatry.” Well, I guess we should all now just start assuming the DSM “bible” thumpers will lie to us.

    “it has become quite clear to me that the judges who control legal proceedings also tend to be true believers of the dominant [DSM] religion.” Yes, same is true for the lawyers.

    “I believe that in the end the truth will prevail.” Let’s pray for the day.

    You did a nice job of making Robert Whitaker be seen as the one who took the high road, and I do personally thank him for his truth telling.

    And since we are fighting against those who utilize psychological warfare against their “clients.” It’s wise for us to be familiar with, and utilize those same tactics, when calling out the scientific fraud of their industries.

    My son noticed, when he was seven, that Jesus’ theology – “as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them” – “has a trick to it.” And when some industries want to fight dirty (like utilizing psychological warfare against those they call their “clients,” after they’d first promised to “do no harm”).

    It is morally acceptable, to point out the incorrectly assuming, gas lighting assholes, for being the scientifically “invalid” asses they chose to become.

  • “The authors say their results provide evidence that training therapists in relationship skills will improve the therapeutic alliance, and therefore their treatments will be more effective.”

    Most definitely, this is needed.

    And all “therapists” – who are “partnered” with the religions, who function to benefit their religion, like to cover up child abuse for that religion – rather than work to help their actual paying client. Well, obviously, those therapists will always fail at building a “therapeutic alliance.”

    So those “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” faustian “partnerships,” should be ended.

  • As one who was handed a derivation of one of these appallingly abusive contracts – who, thankfully understood the mind bogglingly deplorable nature of the contract, so I didn’t sign it – I do thank you for bringing these appalling legal human rights abuses to light.

    I do also hope that, as a psychologist, you will also work to make it considered ‘unethical’ or illegal for both the APA members to hand these evil contracts out. Since it was an evil psychologist, who wanted to cover up prior psychological and psychiatric malpractice – malpractice perpetrated to cover up child abuse, from decades prior, for a religion – who gave me that appalling contract.

    I’d be one of the many “widows” mentioned in the Preface of this book, if you doubt the systemic child abuse covering up crimes, of the ELCA religion.

    And, let’s be realistic, both the psychological and psychiatric industries are paternalistic, systemic child abuse covering up industries, as are all the Lutheran social service workers … and it’s all by DSM design.

    If you can’t bill to help child abuse survivors, or their legitimately concerned family members. Then to “help” them, you must systemically misdiagnose them, with your DSM “bible” disorders … which have less than zero to do with mutual respect of your fellow human being. Since the DSM “bible” disorders have nothing to due with sciencfic validity, and are merely stigmatizations.

  • I can agree, “Child Frustration [likely] Breeds … Hatred.” And I am aware of historic societal racial injustices.

    But I’m not quite certain – other than for reasons of propaganda and societal division – why race is invoked, as of paramount importance in this psychological discussion, about child abuse.

    Perhaps it should be pointed out that abusing children – irregardless of race – but including not properly loving and raising our children, is problematic for society. Thus, a return to properly raising children, and a renewed respect for the traditional role of mothers, might be a solution to this societal problem?

  • Seems true, given our government leaders closed the churches a couple years ago, by declaring them “non-essential” … while coercing and forcing “vaccines” on the populace.

    One must wonder if the public will ever start listening to us, well researched, long time pharmaceutical ‘canaries in the coal mine’ … who’ve been warning about the criminality of big Pharma for decades?

  • “The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry advocates for state legislatures to ban the practice [of corporal punishment].”

    In as much as I agree hitting and bullying children is bad, I do NOT agree psychiatrically stigmatizing and drugging children is better.

    As the mother of two children, both of whom are doing reasonably well at this time … and when they were young I was regularly told they were the best children, by their teachers. And my eldest did graduate from high school as the valedictorian, and from college Phi Beta Kappa, even winning a psychology award. My youngest graduated with honors, too, and is now working on his audiology doctorate.

    Thus, I can say from motherly experience, that properly raising children is important. I must admit, I did give my eldest child a spank. I spanked him once, when he was three, and only because he was trying to move his new born sibling, prior to me explaining to him how careful one has to be with a newborn’s head and neck. After that quick spank, I quickly apologized to my child, and explained my concern.

    I will say, I believe the proper way to raise children is as if they are small humans, deserving to be treated, as you yourself, would like to be treated … because that’s what children are. All people, including children, deserve respect and love.

    But when money – and the psychiatric and psychological industries and government, who only worship money – get involved in raising children … their greed causes them to do pretty much everything wrong.

    With love, and mutual respect as a fellow human, is how to properly raise children.

    Those governmental institutions – like psychiatry and psychology, who only worship money, and want to control others – have zero knowledge in how to properly raise children. Stay away from our children, psychology, psychiatry, CPS, social workers, et al.

  • Thank you so much, Mr. Whitaker, for speaking the truths about the harms of the antidepressants, and pointing out the iatrogenic etiology of my “bipolar” misdiagnosis.

    But the truth that the antipsychotics – which are the “schizophrenia” and “bipolar” treatments – can create both the positive and negative of “schizophrenia, via anticholinergic toxidrome and neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome, does also need to be exposed.

  • “‘You can very cogently argue that we don’t have evidence about what it means to be on multiple psychotropic medications. This is a generation of guinea pigs.’

    This is horrifying. This is a travesty. This is a very old, known problem.’”

    And it is. You cannot “very cogently argue that we don’t have evidence about what it means to be on multiple psychotropic medications.” Given the fact all doctors are taught in med school about anticholinergic toxidrome, which is a medically known way to neurotoxic poison people with the psych drugs.

    Instead, the historic, child abuse and rape covering up religious leaders and psychological and psychiatric “thought leaders” need to confess to their “dirty little secret,” faustian, “partnership” … which is a pedophilia aiding, abetting, and empowering “dirty little secret of the two original educated professionals” “partnership.” Which has resulted in America becoming a pedophilia run “empire.”

  • “I had just lost 20 years of my life and everyone and everything I held dear, including myself, due to psychiatric medicine.”

    Absolutely, I agree, prescription of the psychological and psychiatric drugs to innocent mothers does destroy families.

    Thank you for sharing your story, Shiloh. And I will say, I do find hope in the fact that the nurses are now finally losing respect for the entire medical edifice. I hope your story is some day published.

    As one who also dealt with the antidepressant induced “bipolar epidemic” – who did heal from this iatrogenic epidemic harm. I will say healing is possible … contrary to the lies of the “mental health professionals” … but it’s not easy, and weaning from the psych drugs is the cure.

    God bless you on your healing journey, Shiloh.

  • “Can we be in pain without having been traumatized? Can we suffer without trauma? I have been known to ponder such questions. You seem ready, Confused and Traumatized, to join me. I hope so.”

    My experience implies that those who hear about others’ “pain without having been traumatized,” don’t want to suffer from the truth that trauma exists. At least that was my experience with dumbf-ck, systemic child rape covering up psychologists, psychiatrists, and their criminal religious “partners.”

    “Psychiatry and psychology have so altered our experience of human emotions that it is exceedingly difficult to feel, understand or talk about nearly any aspect of human life outside of the medicalized and illness frameworks we have been socialized to.”

    Yes, this is a societal problem … at least for the DSM deluded.

    “I wish I had also asked her if we can live our lives without diagnosing ourselves.”

    It’s not the majority of Americans who are “diagnosing ourselves.” It’s the minority of DSM deluded “mental health professionals” – whose entire DSM “bible” belief system has been debunked as “invalid” – who are doing the misdiagnosing.

    In as much as you may try to be helping others, Lois, which I do respect. I hope at some point, you are able to overcome the scientific fraud based “biases of psychology” that “permeate our everyday live[s].”

    And make no mistake, those of us who are psycho-pharmaceutical researchers, who were never brainwashed into believing into the “bias of psychology.” We do see the extreme errors of your ways.

    I hope and pray that some day both the psychologists and psychiatrists will repent, and change from their evil, primarily child abuse covering up, ways.

  • How many “decades of failure” must we put up with, prior to apologies being made, and there is a changing from psychiatry’s “ignorant” ways, instead?

    “They do not mention any potential impact of social, cultural, or interpersonal factors, including trauma, on human emotion or behavior. Instead, they write that the best way to understand human distress is as a malfunctioning computer program.”

    The stupidity and insanity never ends. Distressing events cause distress, duh. And why and when did distress become a disease anyway? Distress is NOT a disease, it’s a normal human reaction to a distressing event, or a group of distressing events.

  • I couldn’t agree more that those with lived experience of “psychosis,” and healing from such, should be considered the “experts.” As opposed to those who force and coerce treat people with drug classes that can create “mania” and “psychosis” – drug classes like the ADHD drugs, antidepressants, and antipsychotics.

    Too many of the so called “mental health professionals” now claim to know zero about the common adverse effects of the drugs they force onto innocent others. Thus they most definitely should NOT be considered the “experts.”

  • Thank you, Jay, for all your truthful research and writings regarding the scientific fraud of the psychiatric industry. I hope and pray you are able to destroy psychiatry’s fraudulent claims of genetic etiology.

    Especially given the reality of the iatrogenic etiology of – likely most of the DSM disorders – including “schizophrenia.” The positive symptoms of which can be created with the antidepressants and antipsychotics, via anticholinergic toxidrome. And the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia” can be created, via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

    In Allen Frances’ own words, “It’s bullshit.” Thanks again for all your truth telling, Jay.

  • I’m glad that some psychologists are finally awakening to the “big lies” of the psychiatrists, and the “BS” nature of your DSM “bibles.” And I’m glad you had success – it sounds likely due to your common sense – in helping people wean off the antidepressants.

    As one who had the common antidepressant withdrawal symptom of “brain zaps” misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” (I’d unknowingly been prescribed an antidepressant under the fraudulent guise of a “safe smoking cessation med,” not for “depression”). I hope you will add “brain zaps” – an odd, real, physical symptom of antidepressant withdrawal – to your knowledge base.

    It used to be included in Wikipedia’s description of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome, but no longer is … no doubt due to all the truth telling censorship going on, on the internet today.

    Thanks for writing a book about “psychiatry’s failure as a medical science.” As one who found medical evidence for the iatrogenic etiology of “the sacred symbol of psychiatry.” The positive symptoms of “schizophrenia” can be created, via anticholinergic toxidrome. And the negative symptoms can be created, via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

    I do hope you will consider properly educating your fellow psychologists, et al with my medical research findings as well. Since those of us who speak the truth about big Pharma’s lies are being censured, big time, on the internet.

  • My anticholinergic toxidrome induced “voices” bragged incessantly about raping my very young child. Four years later, after I’d been weaned off of the anticholinergic toxidrome inducing drugs (antidepressants and antipsychotics); the nurses in my PCP’s office finally handed over all of my family’s medical records. And unfortunately there was, in fact, medical evidence of the sexual assault of my child in his medical records.

    So maybe it is wiser to believe, rather than ignore, the “voices”? Even if the “voices” are distressing, because they’re discussing a mother’s worst nightmare.

    But everyone should be made aware of “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.” Which is that the “mental health professionals” have “partnered” with many or all of the mainstream religions. And too many of the “mental health” and social workers function as the child abuse covering up arms of the religions … and this is all by DSM design.

  • ‘You can very cogently argue that we don’t have evidence about what it means to be on multiple psychotropic medications,’

    Well … as one from ‘affluent and middle-class families,’ who dealt with egregious poly pharmacy over two decades ago, I can argue that we do have medical evidence of the dangers of being ‘on multiple psychotropic medications.’

    For example, combining the antidepressants and/or the antipsychotics – two of the anticholinergic drug classes – is well known to all doctors to create ‘psychosis’ and ‘hallucinations,’ via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning.

    Although, I do agree, all doctors do deny being taught this information in med school, especially now that psychiatry’s systemic, intentional poisoning sins are being exposed.

  • After I was whacked out of my mind with antipsychotics, my three year old daughter gained a lot of weight. I now have no doubt this weight gain was the result of my young child having her loving mother stolen from her at a very young age.

    But at the time I did not realize this, since I’d been made ungodly sick. So I took my child to our PCP in the hopes she would refer us to a dietician. But instead of simply making an appropriate referral, our PCP said she would blame me and my cooking, except my other child was thin.

    No doubt, whatsoever, there is a “blame the patient,” or their legitimately concerned parent, problem with the medical community. When in reality the medical community noses themselves into people’s lives, force drugs people with mind altering neurotoxins, adamantly denies the common adverse effects of their drugs (anticholinergic toxidrome), and does their best to destroy the lives of their clients and their families.

    And when the medical malpractice I’d dealt with was much later pointed out … wah-la! … a subsequent doctor attempted to force me to hire him disingenuously – so he could attempt to steal absolutely everything from me – according to the appalling contract he harassed me unsuccessfully, but incessantly, to sign. So there is also a serious – to the point of downright criminal – “white wall of silence” problem within the medical community as well.

  • Gotta love the God believing JT. My favorite of his is “Up on the Rooftop,” since that’s the first song I noticed related to my life. But all the God and Creative Designer respecting artists deserve respect … love always, JT.

  • “Close collaboration between services when assessing the need for involuntary admissions might identify less restrictive alternatives or contribute to finding good solutions if a person is referred but not admitted,” as was I, when I was medically unnecessarily held and force treated by the now FBI convicted, greed only inspired, criminal Dr. V. R. Kuchipudi.

    “Putting prevention of involuntary admissions on the agenda in primary health care settings has the potential to readdress structurally embedded patterns and promote collaborative efforts to decrease the use of involuntary admissions across health care levels,”

    Let’s be real, taking away the right of any doctor to force treat someone is the solution. Merely “Putting prevention of involuntary admissions on the agenda in primary health care settings” isn’t going to help us innocent individuals who had dangerous paranoid PCP’s, whose goal was to cover up her husband’s easily recognized malpractice.

    The incompetent and unethical PCP’s already know how to utilize the psych drugs and psychiatrists against their innocent patients.

  • Personally, I found psychologists – one of whom I made the mistake of hiring, and another who attempted to trick me into hiring him – to be pathological liars, incorrectly assuming asses, and the most disrespectful people I’ve ever met.

    Perhaps some ethics classes and an education into how to treat others in a mutually respectful manner are needed by the “mental health professionals”?

  • Indeed, dismissing and denying child abuse has been the primary business of psychology, since Freud’s day.

    And I know, first hand, that when one tells a psychiatrist that the medical evidence of the abuse of one’s small child was handed over. The psychiatrist thinks the healing child abuse survivor should be neurotoxic poisoned … this is a systemic problem, and this systemic child abuse covering up is by DSM design.

  • I have to agree, in as much as Bruce makes some comments that make no sense to me – as an independent – Moncrieff’s research into the invalidity of the DSM disorders should NOT be politicized.

    Since the invalidity of the DSM disorders is a reality, and should not have to become a political discussion, other than that the political and religious classes need to recognize that they’ve lost their child abuse and rape cover uppers, which is what the “mental health professionals” are.

  • Absolutely, the “mental health professions” are the “omnipotent moral busy bodies” of our society. They nose themselves – and repeatedly try to nose themselves – into your life under the guise of “help” … but do nothing but lie, defame, gas light, discredit, silence, and poison you.

    Thank you, Karin and Marnie, for speaking out about the justified anger one has at being repeatedly lied to, silenced, defamed, and neurotoxic poisoned – by people who had promised to “first and foremost, do no harm.”

    I pray some day that the crimes and lies of the “mental health professions” – especially against the artists – some day is truthfully told in the art history books. In part so psychiatry, and everyone else, can learn from history … instead of repeating the worst of history over and over and over again.

    Marc Chagall, a Jew who survived the Nazi psychiatric holocaust of the Jews, painted the war within, that psychiatry wages against the people of every country. But he also painted the love story that exists within the collective unconscious of all of humanity.

    I pray that some day, we may bring to fruition the love story that exists within the collective unconscious, and end psychiatry’s and psychology’s ongoing war against the people of their own nations.

    I pray for a mutually respectful society some day. And a book of scientifically “invalid” stigmatizations has less than zero to do with a mutually respectful society, it promotes the antithesis.

  • My condolences on the death of your daughter, Russell and Carol. I agree, the pictures speak a thousand words. Psychiatrists truly should be ashamed of themselves and their so called ‘treatments,’ merely based on those two photographs.

    As one who survived and escaped our modern, satanic, psychiatric system – and painted the entire ungodly disrespectful and appalling experience – I do know the power of artwork, too. My “too truthful” artwork now turns the child abuse covering up, “maintain the status quo” desiring psychologists into God complexed, delusions of grandeur filled, misogynistic, attempted thieving, thugs.

    Just an FYI, you might be interested in my medical research findings in relation to the “antipsychotics.” That drug class can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. And they can also create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. Plus, going off of them can result in a drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity manic psychosis.

    Thank you for sharing your family’s heartbreakingly “too truthful” story, Russell and Carol.

  • It’s possibly good to know that the WHO is garnering insight into the staggering human rights violations, crimes, and the psychiatric holocaust of our modern day psychiatric and psychological industries.

    I’m glad you are working with MiA, Michelle. I hope you actually garner insight into the fact that forced or coerced treatment of anyone, with any drug, is a human rights violation. Although the WHO’s Covid coerced and forced treatment recommendations, for all of humanity, does not leave me with much hope for the WHO’s proper future behavior.

    I hope you prove my now cynical, but well educated, self wrong. But I’m pretty certain you can’t.

  • As one who knows, from deciphering and researching into my medical records, that psychology and psychiatry are BS used to cover up child abuse for my former religion, and easily recognized iatrogenesis for the incompetent doctors … two illegal – but not remotely uncommon – functions of the “mental health” industries.

    I’d say, giving psychiatry absolute power has resulted in psychiatry corrupting itself absolutely.

    I think the best thing is for further psychiatric drugging to be abolished, by all doctors. The psychiatrists can train in other areas of medicine, as they work to wean people off the psych drugs, if they so choose.

    And the psychologists should be completely separated from the medical industry, get out of the child abuse covering up business for the religions, and actually start functioning as the non-medically trained “helpers,” that they claim to be.

  • In the US, a middle age woman cannot walk into a hospital – with a pulled muscle, and no complaints about depression – without being asked, “Are you depressed?”

    So indeed, antidepressants are being overprescribed.

    I think the best way to say no to an antidepressant is to tell the doctor you are not depressed, and are allergic to the anticholinergic drugs.

  • During my drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity manic psychosis, I did experience “expansive feelings of love.” Just like my favorite painter, Marc Chagall, I’ve got a love story within my dreams. It was an amazingly serendipitous experience, implying a connectivity and love story with all, within the “collective unconscious,” or dream world.

    But I will admit that “psychosis” created via anticholinergic toxidrome – with the antidepressants and/or antipsychotics – is a disgusting experience.

  • Cee, you know much more about Joan of Ark than I. However, a modern day “partnership” does exist between my childhood religion and the “mental health” professions. The ladies in my childhood church actually freely confessed that “partnership” exists, to me. And had me go see that they are teaching the DSM “bible” in a local seminary school.

    But I already had written proof, in my medical records that, that “partnership” is used by pastors of my childhood religion to “to demonize and silence people—mostly women—that threatened their power.” So this is a real societal problem today, even if it wasn’t in Joan of Ark’s day.

    More specifically, in my former religion, the psychologists’ primary actual function – for the pastors – is covering up child abuse. And this is commensurate with not yet corrected, systemic, problems within the “mental health” professions, and is by DSM design.

    And I know this is a problem in the Catholic religion as well, since I’ve met with Catholic child abuse survivors and their parents, and had to recommend Robert Whitaker’s ‘Anatomy of an Epidemic’ to them. Plus, a couple of honest Methodist pastors confessed to me this problem is known as, “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” so this may be a problem within all mainstream religions.

    Thank you for the book review, Megan. I appreciate a psych survivor pointing out the glaring omissions regarding, for example, the psych drugs (“pharmakia,” which the Holy Bible speaks out against).

    And forgive me for mentioning again, that the “schizophrenia treatments” can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. And they can also create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

    If the psychiatrists could just garner insight into these simple facts, then we could likely eliminate most so called “schizophrenia.”

  • I totally agree, what is called “psychosis,” can actually function as a transformative experience.

    But I don’t actually agree with those who believe in “psychosis,” since I know their belief system is scientifically “invalid.”

    Thanks, Robyn, for pointing out the invalidity of the “psychosis” theology.

    Let’s hope and pray more people choose to stand against defaming people with the made-up DSM “mental illnesses.”

  • Well, I pointed out a couple reasons to pick on the psychiatrists above. However, I agree … with this Covid thing, the lack of early treatment, and the bad in-patient treatment with Remdesivir protocols, which killed many. This is pointing out the abusive and criminal behavior of the entire medical industry.

  • “what went wrong?” Human (psychiatrists’) greed, pride, insecurity, ignorance, delusions of grandeur, lack of ethics, abuse of power …. Big Pharma’s scientific fraud, false – thus illegal – advertising. Criminality and malpractice on a massive societal scale … fraud and psychiatric ignorance – or more likely, since they were all taught about anticholinergic toxidrome in med school – intentional crimes, that have led to our very own, modern day, psychiatric holocaust.

  • My condolences on your daughter’s passing, jvalusek. Thank you for sharing your family’s story of extreme harm done by psychiatry. Forced treatment with the involvement of the police and/or paramedics is most definitely traumatic.

    I literally went into shock, as five large paramedics pulled me out of the comfort of my own bed in the middle of the night, as the sixth paramedic was telling them that what they were doing was illegal, since I was neither a danger to myself nor anyone else.

    I’d had a sleep walking/talking issue, once ever in my life, which most definitely did NOT require forced psychiatric treatment by the now FBI convicted V. R. Kuchipudi – an evil, evil, criminal doctor – and his psychiatric “snowing” partner in crime, Humaira Saiyed – an evil, evil, but still not arrested – criminal psychiatrist.

  • So true, especially given the fact that the antidepressants and antipsychotics can create “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome.

    And the ADHD drugs can also create “psychosis.”

    Given these facts, “treatment” with the psych drugs is likely the primary cause of most “psychosis.”

  • The article link leads to a Guardian article on “Mindfulness in schools does not improve mental health, study finds,” instead of Bruce’s CounterPunch article.

    “Should psychiatry be seen as a science? Or should it be seen—no different than organized religion— as simply a belief system with its own social constructs that are promoted by the ruling class to convince people that their suffering is due to individual defects, rather than a defective social-economic-political system that results in alienation from one’s own humanity, from others, and from the rest of the natural world?”

    The DSM “bible” believers are a part of a scientifically “invalid,” iatrogenic illness creating system. The ADHD drugs and antidepressants can create the “bipolar” symptoms. The antidepressants and antipsychotics can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. And the antipsychotics can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

    And the “mental health industries” are a part of a systemic child abuse covering up religion – by DSM design – as well.

    And the “pharmakia” forcing “mental health” industries are “partnered” with the mainstream paternalistic – to the point of being misogynistic and child hating, religions – who should have known better than to “partner” with the forced and/or coerced “pharmakia,” so called “professionals,” who claim to know nothing about the common adverse effects of the drugs they force and coerce onto innocent others.

    Most definately, it is the “social-economic-political” – bad banking, bad big Pharma educating medical, bad fraud based legal, and other fraud based governmental “systems” – that are the real societal problems.

    Ironically, they are the same “bad systems” that Jesus forewarned us about, over 2000 years ago. Let’s hope at some point, we will learn from history, and get rid of these scientific fraud based, and downright evil, systems.

  • “I think some religions have no patience with mystical contenders. I think the mystical will be oppressed by the religious wing of a future regime in world government.”

    The mystical is already being oppressed by some religions. An ELCA psychologist called my dream query about what it means to be moved by the Holy Spirit a “Holy Spirit voice,” and “psychosis.” It was neither, it was a dream query. But such ELCA blasphemy of the Holy Spirit was written right in my medical records, over 20 years ago.

    I must say, given my experience with the staggeringly greedy, Holy Spirit blaspheming US “mental health” industry, I’m shocked you could even find ANY non-clinical voice hearers (NCVHs) in the United States.

    My expert-by-experience view is that anticholinergic toxidrome (antipsychotic) induced “voices” are evil, albeit they were the “voices” of real child abusing criminals I had the misfortune of knowing. My drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity manic “voices” were many, but also the “voices” of real people I’d known in my life, who wanted to help save me. They were easily, quickly, and kindly controllable, too. The only voices that did not seem to know me were the Holy Spirit blaspheming psychologists and psychiatrists, who in the end declared my entire real life to be a “credible fictional story.”

    I do so hope that psychologists and psychiatrists – who are “partners” with the mainstream, supposedly Triune God believing, religions – will some day get out of both the child abuse covering up and Holy Spirit blaspheming businesses.

    Since the Holy Spirit is a benign and loving Spirit. But One who moves a person, more so than speaking to a person, in my experience.

  • “But the issue he faces is the corruption and rottenness of the courts. They’re secretly complicit and allowing this all across the country, protecting fraud, corruption, and crime of state actors like public defenders, court officers, police officers, hospital employees, and murderous physicians who work for the state under the color of law.”

    Indeed, we are officially living in a completely lawless – and un-Constitutional – America today.

    “The judges are misusing their authority committing what’s known as judicial fraud. The only way to solve the problem is to take away a judges power to decide the case, and force jury trials. Only a jury will ever decide against the state on a case like these, where gross abuse by government is alleged.”

    I think there may be an interesting way to end this “judicial fraud.” The guy on this website does a good job of describing the legal fraud currently going on in Western civilization, by the BAR (British Accreditation Registry) – and such legal fraud is technically un-Constitutional, thus unlawful, in the US.

    The information on that website describes a convoluted system, likely since that is what the “maritime law” legal system is. I’d suggest you first look at his “foundational knowledge.” And if you can garner insight into the staggering fraud of the BAR lawyers and judges – and understand that in the US this is an unlawful “legal system” – you might garner insight into how to get lawful jury trials.

    But the reality is … we’re dealing with the same bad systems that Jesus forewarned us about 2000 years ago. We have a bad banking system, bad “pharmakia” – which would involve the entirety of the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex – and of course also a bad legal / judicial system. We need to get rid of the bad systems, that have been imposed upon us, by the fiscally irresponsible service corporations calling themselves our governments.

    Oh, and yes, I was declared crazy for knowing 9/11/2001 should NOT have functioned as a call for never ending wars. Since I understood back then, that the US government could NOT afford never ending wars.

  • Thank you, Peter, for helping to educate “mental health professionals” about the benefits of exercise. I know they need to be educated regarding this because my “mental health” workers not only told me to quit exercising, but also “quit all your activities and concentrate on the meds.”

    I’m quite certain ignoring this bad advice was part of what allowed me to escape the insanity of the “mental health” system. Let’s hope and pray these “mental health professionals” will garner insight into common sense health basics some day.

  • I agree with Steve, psychiatrists “undermined your belief that anything COULD be done, and I find that unforgivable!”

    But, of course that is their goal with their claimed “life long, incurable, genetic illnesses” – which are not “life long,” not “incurable,” and not “genetic” illnesses … just lies.

    As to my Wellbutrin story, the common symptoms of Wellbutrin withdrawal were the etiology of my bipolar misdiagnosis. And since the current psychiatric treatment protocols for bipolar are staggeringly unwise – they recommend treating the common adverse effects of one anticholinergic drug, with more anticholinergic drugs – which can cause anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings.

    Suffice it to say, getting off all the psychiatric drugs was what helped me, too. And your “psychosis” may very well have been a result of anticholinergic toxidrome as well.

    At least I hope this little slice of info gives you more arsenal, when you feel the need to justify your “decision to go off meds.”

    God bless in your healing journey, Calvin. And thank you for sharing your story.

  • Recommend the book “The psychopath next door.” That’s what my actual family did for me, just after I politely escaped my first psychiatrist, almost drug free. Not to mention, my actual family then finally pointed out to me that I’d been gaslighted … or at least my husband had been gaslighted, by my former malpractice and child abuse covering up, Holy Spirit blaspheming, and misdiagnosing ELCA psychologist … which destroyed our marriage. All people should be educated about gas lighting at a young age, I unfortunately was not.

  • “Rather than focusing on the victim [as the “mental health professionals” do], it’s time for society [and especially the “mental health professionals”] to wake up to the abusive nature of their perpetrators.”

    I made a “wake up” piece of art years ago. And most definitely, the “mental health professionals” – who are systemically covering up child abuse for the narcissistic, sociopathic, and psychopathic religious child abusers – I experienced them as the worst gas lighters of them all.

    “At the end of the day, all abusers have issues with their sense of entitlement, their need for control, and their stunning lack of empathy.” Indeed. Wake up, gas lighting fools of the “mental health professions,” especially those “partnered with” the religions.

  • Thank you for your honest reporting about the scientific fraud of the psychological industry, Peter. And I totally agree, psychologists do have a big problem in regards to both making incorrect assumptions about people, and outright lying to people. My experience was they either threaten and lie to people, and/or they gaslight people, which is “mental abuse,” not “mental health care.”

  • Thanks for sharing your story, Sean. I’m still glad I was able to avoid being sent to EMHC – as the psychiatric “snowing” partner-in-crime psychiatrist, of the now FBI convicted Dr. V. R. Kuchipudi, had hoped.

    That criminal hospital psychiatrist, who spoke to me a max of ten minutes during a two and a half week stay, prior to my being discharged. At my discharge meeting, she proudly announced she had given me a test that, “proves you have millions of voices.”

    Well, I’d been given a written test by a different hospital worker, that likely proved I had common sense. But having common sense is not the same thing as having “millions of voices.” And since I didn’t have “millions of voices,” I said, “Wow, you’d think I’d know.”

    That comment made the psychiatrist want to punch me, thankfully she was held back by other doctors. And I was discharged, instead of being medically unnecessarily, and unjustly, incarcerated for life at EMHC.

    The criminality of the “mental health” / mainstream medical system is truly disgusting. But we all know, “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The psychiatric system is absolutely corrupt.

    Thus, the obvious solution is to take away the power of the psychiatrists and psychologists to play judge, jury, and executioner to anyone they please, for any nefarious reason (in my case covering up medical evidence of child abuse and a “bad fix” on a broken bone) … but including plain old greed, too.

    And it is the greed of most doctors, that is preventing the needed reform of the “mental health” system. A pediatrician actually confessed this to me … in a church.

    As to rape, since the primary actual function of the paternalistic “mental health” system is covering up child abuse and rape … and it’s all by DSM design.

    Of course, rape and rape cover ups are rampant within the “mental health” detention centers / “hospitals.” Reform – or better yet abolishment – of the scientifically “invalid” psychiatric system is needed.

    And for God’s sake, what kind of stupid does it take to think railroading both violent criminals and victims of violent criminals into the same system, is a good idea? The lack of common sense on the part of psychiatry boggles my mind, to this day.

  • Thank you, Amy and Jessica, for pointing out the misogynistic nature of the psychiatric system. A system that assumes stay at home moms, active volunteers, and self employed artists working on our portfolios are “unemployed” and “w/o work, content, and talent,” prior to even looking at my work – at least according to my medical records. That system, of course, also hates children, rebels, and basically anyone who doesn’t want to “maintain the status quo” of the “pedophile empire,” that we all find ourselves living in.

    And, of course, we find ourselves living in that evil empire, in part thanks to all the historic and continuing, systemic child abuse and rape covering up crimes of the DSM “bible” thumpers.

    And it’s all by DSM design.

    The psychiatric system is a sick, twisted, paternalistic, systemic child abuse and rape covering system. So one must ask oneself, does our society at large actually benefit – whatsoever – from such a system?

    I venture to say our world would be a better place without a child abuse and rape covering up group of scientifically “invalid” DSM “bible” billing industries … and that includes the paternalistic religions which have “partnered with” the DSM “bible” believers.

  • Well stated, Jenny. And my experience is perpetrating epistemic injustices is the backbone of what the “mental health” system does. Silencing those who stand against child abuse is the primary actual societal function of both the psychological and psychiatric industries, historically and today.

    And all this silencing of child abuse and rape survivors is by DSM design.

    And when a society has multiple industries that systemically cover up child abuse, which also functions to aid, abet, and empower the pedophiles. Well, we now all live in a “pedophile empire,” many thanks to the “mental health” workers’ systemic child abuse covering up crimes.

    I like the new photo and hairdo, by the way, Jenny.

  • Given the fact that the “mental health” industries are “partnered” with the mainstream religions. And some of them are drugging up people for belief in the spiritual realm and the Holy Spirit. And there are many people who’ve had “spiritual emergencies” or unusual spiritual experiences misdiagnosed as the DSM disorders, myself included.

    I find it odd that you are suggesting the “mental health” workers become MORE “agnostic,” and more material world only believing. Since I don’t think an industry that – literally in my medical records – blasphemies the Holy Spirit, and whose DSM “bible” is completely unscientific … yet the “mental health” industries are always begging for more money, even after confessing to having wasted billions on worthless research so far. I don’t think they could behave in a much more “agnostic” – and material world only believing – manner.

    Now, as one who has run into numerous “mental health professionals” and pastors who had God and/or Jesus complexes. Delusions of grandeur filled “professionals” who felt it was their right to play judge, jury, and executioner to a person they didn’t know. I do know that the god-complexed “mental health” and religious “professionals” should overcome THEIR “delusions of grandeur.” And stop believing they have a right to play God, and attempt to murder any one they please, for any reason … like covering up child abuse for greedy, unrepentant, deadbeat, pastors and bishops.

    I absolutely agree, however, the “mental health professionals” do need to garner insight into “the fact that DSM-5 is not based in science.” And I do hope and pray for a “new moral era of medicine.” Although I do not see such becoming close to a reality, until the entire medical community ends their belief in the “distorted belief system and the values of” the, forced and coerced drugging, DSM “bible” believing industries.

    As to “schizophrenia” … the “gold standard treatments for schizophrenia” can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. And the antipsychotics / neuroleptics can also create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome (NIDS).

    So most so called “schizophrenia” is likely an iatrogenic illness, created with the “gold standard schizophrenia treatments.” Just like “bipolar” is an iatrogenic illness, that can be created with the ADHD drugs and antidepressants.

  • I agree, psych drugging children is child abuse, Birdsong. And I’m quite certain that pediatrician was shaking in her seat because she was a part of the problem, unfortunately. She just didn’t expect some non-doctor in her church to be knowledgable about her sins. Since, no doubt, psychiatrists and psychologists have been quietly covering up the other doctors’ malpractice for … probably as long as those industries have existed?

  • “Less Than a Quarter of Those with Depression Respond to Treatment in Real Life” – so what percent of people recover from “depression” without any treatment at all?

    So a person is twice as likely to recover from depression within 3 months – without treatment – than if treated with an antidepressant, and without any of the common adverse and withdrawal problems.

    Gosh, maybe the doctors should stop handing out and forcing those antidepressants onto innocent others, and learn to leave people alone instead. Oh, but “that’s not profitable.”

    As a society, or world, is there a point at which we admit that “Fierce Pharma” and “Fierce Medicine” have become … way too greedy?

  • Actually, they’re going after our children, so I think that means they’re looking for the smallest fish to fry / destroy. Shame on the pediatricians.

    I did explain the neurotoxic nature of the psych drugs to a shaking pediatrician once (she was shaking out of embarrassment, since she knew I was right). I asked her if she would please help stop the pediatricians from defaming children with the “invalid” DSM disorders and neurotoxic poisoning them. She said, “it’s too profitable.” Shame on the greedy pediatricians.

  • Steve, we here all know for a fact that “it means the doctors are intentionally and knowingly lying to their patients in order to obtain compliance with [the psychiatrists’] ‘treatment plan.'”

    Since we here all know all doctors are taught that the antidepressants and antipsychotics can create “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome, in med school.

  • As one of the millions of people who had the common adverse and withdrawal symptoms of an antidepressant (in my case, disingenuously given under the lie that it was a “safe smoking cessation med”) misdiagnosed as “bipolar.”

    I will say the reason so many on MiA are justifiably angry with the psychologists and psychiatrists is because their nosing themselves into our private business can and does destroy our lives. My misdiagnosis destroyed my marriage, not to mention I was made ungodly sick, via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning – the typical result of today’s “gold standard bipolar treatments.”

    And to this day, I cannot do a show of my work – some of which visually documents my journey and escape from psychiatry’s iatrogenic bipolar epidemic – without being attacked by a “we want to maintain the status quo” psychologist, wielding a classic thievery/conservatorship contract, all dressed up disingenuously as an “art manager” contract. Since when is functioning as an attempted thief considered “professional”?

    And even being able to medically explain the malpractice, does not get one an apology, nor justice. Both the psychological and psychiatric industries should apologize – to all their clients and former clients for your bad protocols and outright scientific fraud and lies. And, since you’re all raping our economy for your malpractice insurance, your malpractice insurance should be used for what it was intended.

    The psychological and psychiatric professions have yet to apologize, make proper amends for the harm they’ve done to innocent others, or change from their evil ways. That’s why there is still justified anger.

    And the DSM “bible” thumpers do need to de-“partner” themselves from the mainstream religions, since too many psychologists and psychiatrists do function as systemic child abuse and rape cover uppers, for the mainstream paternalistic religions – a “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” which has totally corrupted my childhood religion.

    And given the reality of the iatrogenic etiologies of the two “most serious mental illnesses.” (The antipsychotics can also create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.) I’m not certain there actually are “people for whom waiting it out, or good social support, perhaps with the right psychotherapy as well, is not enough.”

    And, honestly, the unrepentant psychological and psychiatric industries don’t know either. Be honest, and end the “big lies.” And until the psy – “professions” repent and change from their evil ways, there will be people who are justifiably angry with them.

    Although, I guess it’s good that some – or maybe even “the majority of psychiatrists” are starting to wake up, Jim. But we do need all the non-medically trained, DSM deluded, “mental health professionals” to wake up to the systemic scientific fraud and lies of the psychiatric DSM, too. Which will require confession and repentance by the psychiatrists. And likely, the flushing of psychiatry’s DSM, billing code “bible.”

    Thank you, again, for all you are doing, Mr. Whitaker. Thank you for letting me share my disgust, get my anger out in writing as opposed to some non-productive manner, and letting me share my medical research findings … in as much as you’ve done.

  • “Hence, from a biological perspective, antipsychotics and antidepressants are not disease-modifying drugs.”

    Well, this is not true. Since it’s pretty well documented that the antidepressants can create mania, which then gets misdiagnosed as bipolar – thus the antidepressants are a “disease modifying drug.” All DSMs – prior to the DSM5 – pointed out this type of misdiagnosis was inappropriate.

    Plus the antidepressants and antipsychotics can create psychosis, via anticholinergic toxidrome. And the antipsychotics / neuroleptics can create the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome – thus the antipsychotics are also “disease modifying [creating] drugs.”

    As to the “invalidity” of all DSMs, “The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has acknowledged this problem, and no longer uses DSM criteria for biological research.”

    Is this true? I hope so. But I’ve noticed the NIMH has been taking all confessions of the “invalidity” of the DSM off the internet.

    Thank you, as always, Peter, for speaking the truth.

  • “Science has been waging war against subjective experience for a very long time, and it has taken its toll on Western culture. In the same way that organized religion makes us hesitant to trust personal spiritual truths….” I agree these usurpations of one’s subjective experiences – by the medical industry and/or the religions – is inappropriate human behavior.

    Although I will say my family had a really nice – and serendipitous – experience with a doctor a couple years ago. My mom was getting hip surgery and we were talking to the anesthesiologist, prior to the surgery.

    My mom wears a sweatshirt that says “I’m the grammarian about whom your mother forewarned you.” And she is a stickler for grammatical errors and typos. Nonetheless, she was complaining about all the grammatical errors and typos in the hospital’s vast paperwork. The anesthesiologist agreed, and we all were laughing and joking about it.

    But then we got told to stop chatting and move along, because she had to get to her surgery. So my mother started singing, “Get me to the surgery on time!” to the tune of “Get me to the church on time.”

    The anesthesiologist had bought his wife fabulous seats for “My Fair Lady” – which is a play about bad grammar/speech – but his wife didn’t like that gift. (“Get me to the church on time” is a song from “My Fair Lady,” by the way.)

    That anesthesiologist recognized the serendipity of the whole situation, and offered to give us his tickets to “My Fair Lady.” I was glad to meet a doctor who recognized, and appreciated serendipity.

    But because of COVID the show was put off until this past weekend. We finally had a really nice time at the show, with tickets given to us by a doctor who acknowledged and appreciated serendipity. So it’s not all doctors who disbelieve in serendipity, but it is a systemic problem of our medical – especially the “mental health” – industries when it comes to their disbelief in serendipity and spirituality. And I can say that, as one who was misdiagnosed by a Holy Spirit blaspheming psychologist, according to my medical records.

    “When science becomes an ideology, it is no longer science; it is scientism.” When a group of people call their list of scientifically “invalid” billing codes a “bible” – as the DSM “bible” thumpers do – I’m pretty certain that is evidence that it is an ideology, thus scientism.

  • As one of the “too truthful,” “insightful” – but misdiagnosed and defamed as – “crazy artists.” I do agree, “It is no measure of health, to be well adjusted to a sick society.”

    And living in a “pedophile empire,” with multiple systemic child abuse covering up industries (psychology, psychiatry, my former religion’s pastors and bishops, the CPS system, et al), would most definitely qualify as a sick society.

  • I’m pretty certain many Catholics believe that the Holy Spirit is mother Mary, thus why they pray to her. Although I could be wrong, since I’m not a Catholic (with the capital C).

    But I do know that the “partnership” between the paternalistic religions and their “invalid” psy-professions, social workers, et al is a faustian “partnership.” Since the primary actual function of the DSM “bible” billers is covering up child abuse and rape for their pastor “partners,” or more accurately described co-“conspirators.”

    And all that child abuse and rape covering up is by DSM design.

    And this “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions” is a problem with many mainstream religions.

  • Thank you for speaking the truth regarding the malfeasance and scientific fraud of psychiatry, Allen. I’m glad to see at least a few American psychologists acknowledging the need of the psychologists to distance themselves from the debunked DSM based psychiatry, rather than continuing to railroad their clients to iatrogenic illness creating psychiatrists.

    Please consider sharing my psycho-pharmaceutical findings with your fellow psychologists. The antidepressants and antipsychotics are both anticholinergic drugs, and the anticholinergic drugs can create psychosis and hallucinations – the positive symptoms of schizophrenia – via anticholinergic toxidrome. Plus, the antipsychotics can also create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

  • Thank you for your honest reporting on the harm of our children, by the psy-professions and “fierce Pharma,” Peter, et al.

    And I’ll add my sincere request, please stop psychiatric drugging our children … and everyone else, for profit. The psych drugs are neurotoxins. And intentionally poisoning anyone – for any reason – is attempted murder, doctors.

    And you were all taught about anticholinergic toxidrome in med school.

  • “The total failure of the much touted biological psychiatry has been documented numerous times, but the psychiatrists won’t give up.”

    Thank you for sharing my frustration, Peter.

    “I have read the five most used textbooks in Denmark and will soon publish my own where I discuss what is wrong with the official textbooks in relation to these issues and a lot more. The tentative title is ‘The truthful textbook of psychiatry.'”

    Many thanks to the well researched doctors – and particularly you, Peter – who are publishing the truth about psychiatry. Since the psychiatrists and psychologists assume their “clients” are “w/o work, content, and talent” – prior to even looking at our work – and “irrelevant to reality.” Then they attempt to steal our work – once they finally bother to look at it – since it’s “too truthful.”

    I do so hope you will include in your book, Peter, my research finding that the antidepressants and antipsychotics can create “hallucinations” and “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. And that the antipsychotics can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia” as well, via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

    The only symptom difference between anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning and the theorized “schizophrenia,” is the “patient” will be “hyperactive” instead of “inactive.” But the client will still be made ungodly sleepy by the neuroleptics, which makes it difficult for the psychiatrists to distinguish between anticholinergic toxidrome and their “invalid” DSM disorders.

    If, by any chance, you’d like to include artwork that visually describes psychiatry’s iatrogenic “bipolar epidemic” – as described by Robert Whitaker in his ‘Anatomy of an Epidemic’ – in your textbook. Please let me know, since I have a lot of rather disturbing artwork that visually depicts that modern day, iatrogenic psychiatric epidemic … and, thankfully, my escape from it.

  • This historian does a good job of explaining the history we Americans were NOT taught about in our “government” schools.

    Since, as everyone knows, “history is written by the victors.” And, unfortunately, as many now know … we, as a society, have been massively misinformed, by our own “government” schools and media. “Fake news,” anyone?

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

  • “I agree we do have serious problems in a capitalist world that turns literally everything and everyone into a commodity (to be bought and sold) for the almighty bottom line of profit. BUT I SAY, we DON’T need ‘a different psychiatry,’ – we need NO PSYCHIATRY and a new economic and political system.”

    I found this website interesting, and enlightening. It largely explains how, why, when, and by and for whom, we were all turned into a “commodity (to be bought and sold) for the almighty bottom line of profit.” It’s rather convoluted, and a complex subject to wrap one’s head around – the fraud, lies, and criminality are quite staggering – thus I’d start with his “foundational knowledge.”

    I think this guy describes the complex situation in an understandable manner, and with love and hope for our future.

    And I agree with Richard, we not only need to get rid of psychiatry, we need to get rid of the US service corporation’s (called the “US government’s”) entire business model. Particularly, since their business model is un-Constitutional, and intended to harm and steal everything from the men, women, and children of the United States.

    Thank you, Giovanni, for being a doctor who is speaking out about the reality of psychiatry’s iatrogenic illness creation problems. As one of the millions of people who had the common symptoms of antidepressant withdrawal, misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” by doctors who were apparently too stupid to read their own DSM-IV-TR “bible.”

    I will add that the antipsychotics can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.” And they can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome – meaning that both “bipolar” and “schizophrenia” are iatrogenic illnesses, created with the psychiatric drugs.

  • If we could get the truth out about the fact that the antidepressants and antipsychotics can create “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. Plus the ADHD drugs can also create “psychosis.” Then perhaps the stigma surrounding “psychosis” would end. The bottom line is, “psychosis” is something the psychologists and psychiatrists create, with their drugs.

  • “She wants these practices outlawed and replaced with crisis support that is ‘provided as a community service mobilized in response to an individual’s call for assistance’—never because a third party wants professionals to step in and act on the person’s behalf.”

    And given the “partnership” of the “mental health” workers with my childhood religion, and likely most of the other mainstream religions. The current psychiatric/psychological approaches are done specifically “because a third party wants professionals to step in and act on the [pastor’s] behalf.”

    This means the religion’s “partnership” with the “mental health” workers, “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” needs to end. Since the sole purpose of such “partnerships” is to have “a third party … step in and act,” in my case, for a child abusing pastor.

    “imposing one’s own meaning on” others is a huge problem for the “mental health professionals.” Especially given the fact that their DSM is scientifically “invalid,” thus their own belief system is insane.

    “like Minkowitz herself, I am living proof that the sort of crisis response provided by the mental health system is not only unhelpful but dangerous.” Me too, since I have medical proof of 14 different anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings – to cover up a “bad fix” on a broken bone and the rape of my child – written in my medical records.

    “Understanding that every person has the capacity for discernment,” … means “never giving up on anyone and never imposing one’s own meaning on them…. hard choices, risks and responsibility, intense pain, all can be witnessed and moved through.” I agree.

    “I particularly appreciate her idea that ‘the right to remain at home, to maintain one’s connections to the world and not be placed in a detention setting during a crisis, is crucial to re-situating crisis as part of the life we share in common.’”

    But, sadly, the criminal psychiatric industry have set things up such that people must move away from the states where their friends live. Since the criminal psychiatric industy fraudulently list non-patients, as “out-patients,” in hospitals they’ve never been in before. At least that’s what health insurance companies told me.

    “And trying to fix these problems through mental health legislation will never work, as it still leaves us ‘reacting against the status quo and replicating it rather than actually imagining something new.'” Well, if that’s all the fraud based legal system can do, I do agree it is worthless.

    “What, … would society have to look like, in order for crisis support to be integrated into ordinary social, cultural and economic life”; to “allow people to experience crisis without the baggage of exclusion and harm”?

    I, for one, had to leave my former religion twice. The first time, because a pastor wanted to cover up the abuse and rape of my children. The second time, because I stood against psychiatry’s harm of millions of children, as described in “Anatomy of an Epidemic.”

    Which the leaders and psychological and social worker “professionals” of my former religion, who handed over legal evidence, of the crimes they hoped to cover up. And the systemic, DSM inspired child abuse covering up crimes, of my former religion, and the social workers of my former neighborhood schools and CPS, are also provable, given the evidence I have.

  • “Eradicating fear eradicates euphoria. It is a deadening.” I don’t agree at all, Diaphanous. I believe fear – as opposed to hate – is the opposite of love. And a “No Fear” theology is important, if one is to understand what real love is.

    And if you’d ever dealt with a “drug withdrawal induced manic psychosis,” you’d know that being withdrawn from the psych drugs, can create a type of mania, in my case, a
    staggeringly serendipitous, “euphoria.”

    Perhaps your “Accumulated anxiety over many years about making ‘wrong’ choices, gives a sense that having any choice at all is dangerous?”

    But most decent humans, I don’t think, feel that way. We didn’t spend our life making bad choices, so we shouldn’t have been neurotoxic poisoned, in the first place … in my case, to cover up the sexual assault of my very young child, by the systemic child abuse and rape covering up “mental health professionals” and religious leaders, of my former religion.

  • “the suffering related to having a meaningless life causes stress.” Thus we should get the “mental health” workers out of the business of claiming people they do not know – and whose work they have not seen – are “w/o work, content, and talent” or “mentally ill.” Since such claims insinuate the person has a “meaningless life,” despite the fact that the person may not feel that way at all.

    I do agree “that a sense of meaning is not easily disrupted,” however. In my case, my sense of meaning came from my work as a mother raising two young children, my many volunteer activities, and my work on my art portfolio.

    But, apparently, when one is working to properly raise one’s children (an important, but non-paid job), and towards hopeful future profits, instead of functioning as a slave to some corporation in the here and now.

    Many “mental health” workers – some of whom barely even talk to their “patients,” like one of my psychiatrists – and instead get their misinformation about a person by illegally nosing themselves into a person’s private income statement or taxes – then claim the person is “unemployed.” Another insult, which totally ignores the very meaningful and important – albeit unpaid – work of raising one’s children, being an active volunteer, and working on my portfolio.

    “Our data show that enabling citizens to maintain meaning in their lives even under challenging conditions is an effective preventive measure against the emergence of mental health problems.”

    Well then we most definitely need to rethink the right or ability of any so called “professional” or government employee to ever steal a mother’s child. Since I would imagine for many mothers, it is raising their children, itself, that gives their life the most meaning. I love documenting history – even in a less than perfect society – via my art, don’t get me wrong.

    But I will also say, as those of us here know, defaming people with the “invalid” DSM stigmatizations and neurotoxic poisoning people, are appalling attempts to deny and steal meaning from people’s lives. And since both defamation and poisoning people are illegal activities, the “mental health” system should stop committing those crimes.

  • ‘depression and psychosis are mysteries that we have yet to figure out—incomprehensible mysteries!’

    Not really, since we here all know that the antidepressants, antipsychotics, and ADHD drugs can create “psychosis.” In the case of the antidepressants and antipsychotics, it’s via anticholinergic toxidrome.

    “I dare say that psycho ‘pathology’ always makes sense, and that we do know what it is (when actually looking at the individual’s current context and life story).” But some psychologists only deny people’s real life problems, like the psychologists who function as the child abuse covering up arm of their religions.

    “Furthermore, as emotions are usually meaningful reactions to current contexts or past events replaying in the mind, which psychotherapy is about figuring out, the emotionally numbing drugs may even interrupt the therapeutic process.”

    I absolutely agree, the psych drugs do interrupt the therapeutic process. Therefore the psychologists should un-partner with the psychiatrists, rather than functioning as psychiatry’s pipeline.

    “and various intrusive paranoid thoughts will naturally lead to psychotic episodes,” I consider that more of a psychological assumption. For example, as the mother of a child abuse survivor, and since I now know the psychologists have been in the business of covering up child abuse, since Freud.

    I know it is unwise for me to have anything to do with psychologists. But that knowledge – which theoretically could be called “paranoia” – has not resulted in “psychosis.”

    “modern psychology takes a transdiagnostic approach to psychopathology, focusing on the underlying mechanisms and causal treatment rather than symptomatic treatment.”

    So how do you bill without use of the DSM? And what exactly is “modern psychology?”

    “In therapy, we identify and challenge the problematic beliefs using various metacognitive techniques, experiential exercises, meditation, attention training, validation, by connecting the distress to the life story and the goals, values, or needs activated in the current context, and by unfolding the painful emotions in-session from a safe space to allow experiencing and navigating through the distress without terminating it or getting overwhelmed.”

    Well, that was not my experience with a child abuse denying and covering up psychologist.

    Psychologists are most definitely frequently not “a safe space.” My former psychologist’s medical records clearly state she had hoped to steal my children from me, thankfully she did not succeed in that satanic goal. But anyone who has the power to steal someone else’s children should not be considered safe. Which, I guess, is part of why our society has an enormous “medical kidnapping” problem.

    “the psychiatric solution and the psychological solution to psychopathology are fundamentally incompatible with each other.” I agree.

    So perhaps the best solution is for the psychologists, who are not medically trained, to divorce themselves from the medical community all together. And since psychiatry is nothing more than a gigantic iatrogenic illness creation system, which is pure evil, we end psychiatry all together. And the psychiatrists can retrain in other areas of medicine. Goodness knows, they’ve defrauded millions from their clients, and not paid for their massive on a societal scale, malpractice. So they most definitely can afford to retrain themselves.

    Although since they took known medical knowledge of how to poison people – all doctors are taught about anticholinergic toxidrome in med school – and used it to intentionally harm their clients. Most psychiatrists probably should be put in jail.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience, May-May. Most of my so called “psychotic” experiences were also of a spiritual nature. And I hate to tell you, but you should likely expect a “psychotic” experience, if you wean from the antipsychotics. Because withdrawing from that class of drugs can result in a “drug withdrawal induced manic psychosis.”

    I’ve been psych drug free since 2009, and my “drug withdrawal induced manic psychosis” culminated in a born-again type story, where I supposedly became “of the bride” of Christ. So it was – albeit a bizarre and staggeringly serendipitous experience – not bothersome to me, as a Christian.

    A fair warning, I had two of the “drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity manic psychoses,” and they both lasted for about three months. Likely, briefly going back on the antipsychotic, would have shortened those experiences. But I didn’t have any way of knowing that back in 2006 and 2009. And for me, they were a rather interesting experience, since they functioned as an awakening to the story of my dreams.

    I will also mention, that the antipsychotics (and antidepressants) themselves can also create “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. The neuroleptics/antipsychotics can also create the negative symptoms of ‘schizophrenia,’ via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

    I do recommend a very slow taper. My psychiatrist weaned me off the psych drugs over a period of about three years, but it is my understanding that the tapering strips may work well. God bless you on your healing journey. And isn’t it nice that patients, and former patients, have a place where we can share our hard earned wisdom?