Friday, January 15, 2021

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  • Beautiful text but I tried to contact you several times without replies so even though you present yourself as a doctor and biologist you are not the one people can count on when they have problems, right?
    Psychiatrists who support a critical view HIDE their names and it is impossible to find them. Where do you get help?
    My conclusion is that doctors are not demons, unless they are using any kind of forced or violent treatment. Usually, they are just trying their best the way they were taught to help the dozens of people they meet every day to get out of their suffering and miserable lives and combine that with their own problems. At least, I hope.
    In Brazil we still have madhouses with forced manipulation for law offenders but I guess prisoners are subjected to all kinds of experiments pretty much everywhere. And if you have a bad family, bad luck for you. You can be forcibly admitted and injected too.
    Meanwhile, big pharma commits fraud and gets away with it, good for business, it’s an ironic world. They will say the delinquent is the poor boy with no food to eat selling marijuana at the favela.
    I don’t know about vaccines but I have my personal sorrow with psychiatry which doesn’t stop me from empathizing with the one who has life and death on his hands, dealing with suicidals, etc. Not an easy job for sure.
    In the end, I believe in the same as you: free science and listening to patients so that health care can improve and people no longer enter with a so called mental problem and die from a physical condition.
    No matter how much I was harmed by antipsychotics and other legal heavy drugs, I have no feeling of revenge. I only want to help to improve.
    I am sorry you were dismissed from Cochrane. I wish people learnt some democracy and debated civilized what they agreed with and what they didn’t. If their intention was to diminish your name, look at how many people calling you a hero.
    Easy to be only critics. What do you do when someone can’t sleep out of anxiety, don’t eat thinking they are being poisoned and is seriously disturbed by whatever distress?
    I asked for help from MadinBrasil in the past and got NONE. No return from anyone whatsoever. Easy to just blame others.

  • Thank you very much for spreading this information on this website. It is very useful for me.
    I personally decided to stop all psych drugs by myself as the psychiatrist said I can never heal and will need them for the rest of my life. I researched by myself a safe way to do it and I believe I made the right decision.
    No relapses of the problem that leaded me to being medicated at all and luckily, side effects from medications stopped some time after I quit.
    Still, I have a friend who is being permanently drugged and feels benefited from the treatment. She had very serious problems that put her life in danger (some of the most dangerous thoughts and behaviours that I have ever heard) so I don’t even risk to interfere by showing her this kind of information and even though I personally think that as long as she believes that she is sick and there is no way she will never get better, she finds meds are the safest she can do.
    She even says: since I don’t have a healthy brain, thank God for olanzapine, If I lived in the past I would be going through lobotomy. So she accepts and believes in the whole psychiatry speech and feels benefited by it, even though meds didn’t stop her from hearing voices that told her to break the mirror and cut her own throat. She almost killed herself on that day and it’s very serious.
    Her former doctor said when this kind of thing happens she should take a second antipsychotic and that is what she did. She fainted and had to be hospitalized because of it and the second doctor said taking so much antipsychotics like that was actually very dangerous. What to do?
    I believe in my recovery and it’s working, my life is better without drugs and I think one of the biggest problems in psychiatry is dividing groups of people with similar behaviours to give a same diagnose and drug treatment with no “brain abnormality” scientific evidation, so how to help someone like her case?
    Any safe helpful advise, even if it is just a complement to lifelong drugging, which she will probably do?

  • I am someone diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and put on antipsychotics from the beggining of 2017.
    I am aware I experienced what is called psychosis after a lot of stress and suffering and made some naive decisions related to money and personal choices about relationships. Maybe being medicated was the only choice at that time but it was never tried to take me away from the stressful factors, send me to a spa for example and see what happens.
    It was decided I am mentally ill from an uncureable disease and that was it. First I was told I needed to be on antipsychotics for at least 6 months. After 6 months I was told I needed to stay on antipsychotics for at least 1 year. After 1 year I was told I needed to be drugged for the rest of my life.
    I was recommended to a psychiatrist from a psychoanalyst I was seeing before, they worked together and since then everything I did and said was considered a symptom of the disorder. Once I said I was trying to do astral projetion, the psychoanalyst contacted the doctor and when I went to the appointment the doctor said it was necessary to increase the dosage of my antipsychotics because I was getting delusional again.
    I said I wanted to learn how to program to create something like a social network like Facebook and it was considered delusions of grandeur and lithium was introduced.
    Then I started to complain that I thought medicines were causing me memory loss, problems with concentrating so I couldn’t study and sexual dysfunction. The psychoanalyst would scare me and said: let’s see where you will end up without medication. And the psychiatrist said the problem was not medication and what happened was that I lost neurons because of psychosis so now I must take antipsychotics indefinitely to prevent more neurons loss. About the sexual dysfuction, she even asked me: which do you prefer, not having orgasms or going mad?
    Where is the lab test about my neurons loss? Ok, I made some stupid decisions about money but why all the other people who go bankrupt are not medicated for bipolar traits? What about people who are exorcised in religious cults? Why aren’t they considered psychotic for fainting and rolling on the ground thinking they are incorporating ghosts and demons?What about transgenders and homosexuality, why is it that not so long ago it was treated with electroshock and now it simply isn’t a disorder anymore? Where is the evidence for psychiatric diagnoses?
    I started to resent them for all of this and question the treatment I was receiving so I changed to another psychologist who I am seeing until now. She respects me, says I am absolutely conscious, takes seriously my concerns and believes I make sense.
    I also consulted a new psychiatrist for a second opinion and again without any MRI no exams made whatsoever he said he believed what I probably had was a psychotic depression, said I was very sedated and changed the dosage of the medications I was already taking and introduced antidepressants with the warning: be careful because antidepressants might cause suicidal thoughts in the beginning, What the hell?!
    I followed him and took the antidepressants for a few weeks but then I thought: if I am not depressed why on earth do I need this? Then I quit all medications about 3 months ago and I couldn’t feel better. I am back to studying, learning, reading and my sex life is getting awesome again. I feel alive and happy.
    I kept seeing the first doctor with her thinking that I was taking the medication she prescribed me because I was afraid of getting institutionalized. I said: I am fine and she would reply: yes, you are fine BECAUSE of medication (the medication I was not taking). Then I asked her if it was not possible to try to take off the medicines because they were giving me side effects (when I took medicines my brother said my lips were moving involuntarily sometimes and I became afraid of developing tardive dyskinesia) and she said no, that I was on the limit of acceleration and if she took off my meds I would have very serious problems (keep in mind again I was not taking the meds).
    What the hell is the limit of acceleration? She wants me as a sedated zombie?
    I decided to try to stay med free, my new psychologist knows it and said it is my right unless I were a threat to myself or others and I probably wouldn’t be doing this without her support.
    I don’t mean to influence anyone, I know people who feel benefited from psychiatric treatment and this is my unique story.
    I hope things will keep going well.