Saturday, September 25, 2021

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  • Thank you so much Sean. You’re right. You could not be silenced and you should never be silenced. Listening, hearing, eventually this message must hit home. This biomedical model of so called mental disorder is being dismantled and discredited and I wish you continued courage and strength, shoulder to shoulder.

  • Very moving piece. Thank you. The day I escaped the clutches of psychiatry was the day I started to live again, to feel again, to dream again and to be me. We won’t be labelled, we won’t be diagnosed we won’t be told our condition is *biological* what, are we washing powder? We are humans and sometimes life’s traumas overwhelm us and we might become psychotic but there is nothing biological or genetic about this it is nuture, environment, life’s pitfalls. We don’t want to be medicated we don’t want to be silenced or ignored we want to be honoured as special beings and we want to recover in our own time, at our own pace, on our own terms. Let the clinicians prescribe and the pharma companies rake in the $ or the £ please leave us be. We’re ok you know.

  • I am deeply moved Dorothy. This hits a nerve with me. I had 6 treatments of ECT while sectioned under the Mental Health Act in the UK in 1993. Only later have I realised the true extent of the barbarism I endured and that brain damage occurs. The worst headache ever and the total loss of dignity and now the enduring anger and resentment. Later to add insult to my injury I developed cataracts in both eyes and the ophthalmologist asked me had I taken chlorpromazine (yes in industrial quantities ten years previously) he said the lens opacity he saw in my eyes was not the norm and he knew immediately how it had been caused. Thank you for this post Dorothy I send you my support and utmost admiration
    kind regards Judith Haire