Thursday, February 9, 2023

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  • Thank you, Dr.Lacussan, for doing and highlighting this essential work. You truly are a psychiatrist, a word of Greek origin, meaning ‘healing of the soul and the mind’. Medication does serve a purpose in treating people with mental health conditions. But, it cannot stand alone and in many cases, when it has achieved a short term function (eg SSRI lifts the mood of a person with major depression to the point they can engage with psychological therapy), then it should be, but isn’t assessed for a gradual, monitored discontinuation.

    I have been taking SSRIs for the last 7 years, hospitalised 4 times. If the correct assessment, diagnosis and trauma counselling had occurred at the outset, I believe I would have had a less painful path to recovery, would not have had re-hospitalisations and would not be struggling now with meds. I have had three failed discontinuation attempts, which I can now see are linked to the dose drops available to the doctor/patient. Recent article in the Lancet journal by Horowitz and Taylor provide valuable information and guidance on withdrawal from SSRIs and has stimulated more discussion from various interested parties on this topic. I applaud and thank you and all medics who are willing to think and act outside the box for the benefit of humans. Good health to you and your patients.