Monday, October 25, 2021

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  • Yes, I had to be on a potent neuroleptic and found what Peter Breggin writes about them to be true. They are trainquilizers sometimes with a potent hypnotic. You haven’t solved a biochemical mystery by shutting down brain wave behaviors. They also create a highly suggestible subject and found that they are most often applied by bible belt parents, that truly believe the hippies go to the north west. Bizarre and wrong.

  • I’m not sure what fertility care is offered where your friend was seeking care, but where I am it is competent, nor disrespectful, offering home birth options, going somewhere on insurance and actually being helped with a home birth? or low wait times for planned parenthood as well. As far as the icarus project, I haven’t found access needs there. I have had some good experiences, but I have also found that because it is a free site, people do use it to further stigmatize the mentally ill, as sex workers, ex convicts, and pedophiles. In other words, people use it to justify criminal intentions, when what the mentally ill need most, is to finally be separate from moral concerns. Do people who are raped not come down with heart disease?

  • I remember being left in a cell at 16 because I reserved my right to not identify to a police officer, for which he could have given me a ticket and a court date, and instead had me arrested costing my family thousands of dollars, and attempting to ruin all my potential in life. this is something he has probably fled the country for, who knows, when they think they are a majority? I think that the work of Michael Foucault and first wave feminist has been seminal as it is suppose to be, to be able to think in certain ways, when a basic psychiatry textbook points out in lists the correct and humane way to treat a human being, and primes people for an ethical life, pre med can take people into many professions, yet the cognitive dissonance of realizing that the whole system is based off oppression? the random labeling of animals as dangerous, when we speak their languages? one false move and their back tendon is slashed, for no purpose other than a creepy sport. or to know that humans are to be superior? if it is a white man’s country and they understand their inferiority, it becomes very easy to be inferior by studying taboo, processes of torture are exceedingly simple. John Bowlby, humans attach, allowing a child to have to attach to a human simply because it came from it’s womb? It is the second sex, there are very practical and common sense reasons for divorce, you have no idea how many men’s lives have been saved. When men make it a war on everything for their continued ruthlessness?

  • Stockholm sydrome I think is evident in many places, I have seen female professors, come in with a sexual superiority motif and no class, and make fun of other women, while the males are left in silence, and everyone stares in this creepy way at the professor that must have the class run their way, and everyone leaves thinking the professor is still worth their money, and they start learning how to flash their tits to the class. So I think when we try to finally distinguish people’s thoughts of good, from anglo education, in other words, when we end ethnocentrism, than even dosed, they would have a much harder time, believing a smooth talker. For instance, my boss, is really snivelly and thin, he must be a greedy scrooge at the bank, this theif is young and attractive, think all the harm that must be being done to him. what is the good isn’t suppose to be embodied.

  • I find that interesting that they refer to him as developmentally behind. Coeliacs is something anyone can contract, and it is known for delayed intellectual development, because it creates a mind body disconnect, and inability to contact gut instincts essentially, relying on different types of intelligences, but plenty of people with degenerative disease are in intellectual professions, or president with severe spine difficulties. Food hasn’t cured my “psychosis”, though it will cure immunity, and allergy care greatly helps, if prison is sensory deprivation? I find it was more something depressives envy, as my intellectual potential greatly increased from the experience, and what lsd, was suppose to promise instead of many suicides. I like esoteric stuff from the 19th century, so I would be curious to know, if he could be qualified as a medium.

  • When I think of catharsis I think of foucault, on the usefulness of religion, and when that was about corruption–for instance the psychologist’s office became the confessional, and instead of elaborating sin, it was about some deep dark longing, for the dismissal and ignorance of relativity. meaning life is environmentally based, or there is a phenotype. but I appreciate your thoughts, as one, people still believe homicidal rage is a personality characteristic, instead of, anyone would hate that. or basic psychiatry which states, when doing polls, most people will state they have fantasized about deviant sex, or homicidality, from movie culture–they don’t act it out, nor do they feel it is apart of their personality.

  • I think that we are all very lonely, and with stigmas on race we all have to live with the idea that the bottom will fall out. We live with people who want war all the time. They want it all the time for any reason. They want sex trafficking, they want prisons, they want poor houses designed to make people look like less in a health illiterate and disempowered community and reconstruct their lives in a digitized format. Those that have health literacy, well they know where they get their money, and sometimes, I think it is reasonable to not expect everyone to be mother theresa? Does everyone need to put many people on stretchers the minute they see them, is tomorrow going to bring the end of industrial expansion and the promise of an agricultural, ecological and conversational culture going to develop, with language the highest human function truly respected? I am going to believe that, and avoid certain neighborhoods as is my right. You have no idea how many people I know that when they were drunk the other night, no one did the small thing that would help them out, instead they addicted them, and I am a bibliophile so I love these old psychiatry textbooks that will say, if it isn’t some time of toxi–sorry on the last part, addiction just doesn’t exist. It is more that dealers are regularly visiting, or there is bar after bar, just like psych meds, once those types of wittgensteinian constructions are gone?

  • from what I have read it is from rice? or is that beriberi–but they try to sell refined wheat bread with niacin, and the same symptoms develop, in china they found that those fed on whole grains obviously gained alot of muscle, while those with a rice based diet became very ill. From what I have read of hunter gatherer, to find a pure ancient grain, unprepared can be somewhat difficult, most hunter gatherer lifestyles have become extinct. but it is your kitchen.
    we have a food surplus in the country, and they still cannot provide fresh food and veggies at community meals with every meal, without pesticides, methane one of our worst greenhouse gasses, they grow it, and then dump it, while people starve? they are insane.

  • I don’t particularly enjoy the stigma of schizophrenia, but a short excerpt from a basic intro to psychology textbook will state that when you starve human beings and stress them out? On the whole many people have invested interests in starvation, and so these odd harassment models develop out of a business scheme that doesn’t adequately reflect the current field. Pellegra, coeliacs, and beriberi, but people will hand out their old fortified bread and genetically modified corn, that is supposed to be used for energy. On the whole I see the label more as a testament of, yes due to many factors they have been deprived in life. And when I read most psychiatrists, I just don’t see them qualifying it as violent, or in need of institutionalization, but yes it is a complex of physical factors that if seen in a biological or genetic way, can be cared for in a somatogenic and environmental way. but if people think there is a big paycheck? that is where I start to believe in mental illness. I just can’t wrap my brain around people who are just allowed to eat and would still kill and mutilate others. I am so grateful to just be allowed a decent diet that doesn’t constantly put me at threat of medical attention. And all medical attention from emergency rooms, did they kill the asthmatic? to psychiatric settings are inhumane and deranged. foucault on the birth of the clinic. we still live under infectious ideas, instead of degenerative ideas. they won’t finally let us be free. so on the whole I actually do still believe that one we can believe in mental illness, and two don’t need to be cruel. it is these types that attempt dangerousness propaganda, that really get to me.

  • I am very sorry that you wanted to die. On the whole, it wasn’t until the baby boom that youth suicide was really considered a problem, with rates next to nill before it. I am a feminist and an anti-racist, and the only thing that works for me, to not feel like I want to die, is effective human communication, workouts make me feel dehumanized and fat, and I just don’t want to be around people who can’t talk to me, I feel are subtly berating me, and generally have a false sense of reality in the form of I came in with assumptions about a nationality called the united states. We are all narcissists and stavers and stupid, and responsible for the ecological crisis, all of which is not true. Yes are energy consumption is too high, yes these accusers are the same types that spend too much when recognizing their own faults and having some humility would easily relieve loans on impoverished countries so they could build better sanitation. On the whole I only find comfort in science, in ecology, in sincere linguistic technologies and modes of being which inspire me to look at an organism instead of a commodity. Instead of something that is going to be my next meal, or my next degree, or my next compliment. I don’t personally believe the desire to die is abnormal human behavior, but on the whole, it is sad, I think.

  • I think that exercise in general helps mood and thyroid, and meditation is far more environmentally sound than a bike, or a jog, would there be any risk of injury if there is no one being directive. How barbaric is football? I think most people in that age group want to die, because they come to the realizations of their own cruelty and there is no time left to ever be considered kind. Because white men are often the most likely to do it, it is because they may have to live life with the unfortuitous life of a woman, and to be a woman, would be a fate worse than death. When people lose everything and come to an existential crisis, often most of the people they have tortured and stole from are in fact not around, and the dreams are so puzzling. so puzzling.

  • I think that third wave feminism is often about the impulse to correct obvious wrongs–second wave feminism has turned into, women have to have the same responsibilities of men for less pay, or demeaning work, and often for the pursuit of other fields, like gender construction through ecology or women’s studies, people have stopped being able to look right at someone, point and say very forcefully at a quiet restaurant–Your a sexist. I have read old psychiatry textbooks from the republic of germany and they flat out state that most of these psychiatric opinions, are just plain, odd–they don’t qualify where they are getting data, like a private school college fraud, return to basic principles, if it is state funded? Not that everything in state institutions is perfect–but why don’t people qualify sometimes how they get patients or students?