Thursday, January 20, 2022

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  • Embrace the absurdity of having been born, against yout will, into such a monstrously cruel species. Keep studying the endless history of human cruelty snd stupidity. Start with the Crime tag on Soon you’ll be cheering for climate change to wipe us out. We are not good enough for this planet, and the sooner we render ourselves extinct, the better. The planet can recover, but only if all of us die out soon.

  • False argument. The assumption that “connectedness” = “heathy” is a flawed premise which itself causes socially precarious children to be overdiagnosed as “mentally ill”. At school the only “connection” I ever experienced was being cruelly bullied by children as well as adults. Disconnecting from people/society who cause nothing but pain is a perfectly rational response to overwhelmingly negative stimulus; it is not a precursor nor a predictor nor a symtom of any mental defect to avoid people when all they do is cause pain.
    Fuck “belongingness”, I just don’t associate with monsters because I’m not a crazy masochist. I would have to be crazy to want to “belong” among people I know to be cruel, abusive hypocrites.

  • After WWII the US gave hundreds of Nazi scientists and doctors asylum to come over here and teach our government how to manipulate the population. Our whole mental healthcare industry was literally designed by Nazis. It’s not a metaphor. America is a Nazi country, but none of us are supposed to say so out loud. Admire the Emperor’s new clothes, citizen; it’s mandatory. If you admit he is naked, that’s “having a rigid belief outside of societal norms” which is grounds for forcible medical intervention (imprisonment). Repeat the correct propaganda or go to jail, citizen.
    “America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are nothing like the Nazis. The Emperor’s clothes are beautiful, the finest in the world.”
    Now you say it. Say it!

  • Conflict of interest laws would ruin the very lucrative scam they are running.
    On a somewhat related note, this will tell you a bit about patients’ rights around here. This obscures the issue by focusing on seniors, who are frequent targets due to their assets and isolation, but the real takeaway here is: it can happen to anyone, there’s minimal legal recourse, and the mental healthcare & disability care systems are pipelines for it. Even if you’re broke, you can always be a source of revenue to someone paid to institutionalize you.
    They aren’t helping anyone but themselves.

  • If you read the rules about informed consent, you’ll see that the mental health field is exempt from it for various different bullshit reasons. You are right Vitas, it is a huge scam. How was your health insurance? Usually involuntary commitment is like a kickback scheme similar to Cash For Kids (google it, it’s not a charity lol). The side effects you experienced so early after starting the med mean you were having a toxic/allergic reaction, psych meds supposedly have no effect for the first 8 weeks, yet they increased your dose at three weeks because you were already having an extreme reaction. Basically they poisoned you, and when your body reacted predictably to the poison, they used it as an excuse to pretend you were much sicker than your really were and to make you a source of revenue for the hospital by forcibly imprisoning you. This is common practice among all mental health workers/institutions.
    Step 1: provoke a negative response from patient either by chemical(medication) or behavioral stimulus (saying deliberately obtuse/annoying/contradictory things to patient, calling patient a liar, pretend not to understand patient when they speak, tell them to calm down when they are already calm, constantly interrupting, etc.)
    Step 2: when patient predictably responds negatively to negative stimulus by becoming annoyed, anxious, hopeless, suicidal, or paranoid, pathologize the medically induced symptom by insisting it is the patient’s permanently defective state of mind, requring urgent intervention (imprisonment).
    Step 3: PROFIT!!!

    There is no such thing as “medicine”. It’s all just a reflection of malice and other subjective emotional bias on the part of the frauds who practice it.