Friday, December 9, 2022

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  • HI Sarah
    We made quite a large loss but paid this our selves. However we kept the costs very low for people and didnt have a huge mailing list. I think we could have doubled the cost and this still would have been very affordable for workers and kept the lower rate for non workers. It took about 9 months of planning. oregon would be a great place to hold a camp, there is at least one other person in Oregon interested in organising a camp

  • Hi Sandra
    a great piece of work, that is helpful to those of us who are involved with helping people reduce medication. When I am working with people to come off meds there are 3 things I look for , that people are willing to do the work on what has happened in their past, that they are willing to do the work on their emotions which come through very strongly as they reduce medication and that they have a plan of who they want to be and what they want to do with their lives med free.
    We have found a 3 month intensive piece of recovery work means that people can withdraw more quickly because they are working on all these things in a safe environment and for 8 hours a day, which is probably the equivalent of 5 years working with someone an hour a week. This environment is enhanced when it is in a beautiful place and peoples spiritual needs are also met. I think we need to turn services on their heads . If we id intensive work with the person , we find narrative approaches particularly helpful many people would not be stuck in a maintainance system that can go on for years, the savings both financially and socially would be huge

  • This is a wonderful reflective piece and resonates with me , from the odd incidents we had at the recovery houses, that fear & need to feel in control can temporarily take over. What saved me each time was to be able to sit down and reflect and talk it over, some workers especially in big institutions unfortunately don’t have the time or don’t see the importance of reflective practice also they are usually working in highly blaming cultures that has to find someone to carry the fault, which then also leads to such risk averse practice. Thank you Sera for such an honest piece of writing

  • I am sorry Olga but the hearing voices movement has not worked totally seperate from psychiatry even right from the beginning, it was founded by a psychiatrist, the very early movers and shakers in England were psychiatric nurses, development workers and voice hearers working together, and all the years the movement has carried on it has been the same, people from with in the system and without working together even funding groups and conference to spread the word, in Denmark this is true also , If both Jorn Ericson & Trevor Eyles had not dedicated time and resources to the movement in Denmark it would not be the same today, this is true in italy, Australa, NZ, france, scotland and most other countries I know who have started networks, it has always been about workers, and voice hearers together, If we distance ourselves from that we will again be sidelined. Workers are crying out to have a different skill set to enable them to work more effectively with voice hearers. if we ignore that need we can only ever change things on the periphery. Ye of course we have to watch out for colonisation, but I do believe that working together way out weighs that possibility. We are still only a tiny flea on a huge big dog, yes I believe we can change the world otherwise I would not be involved in this work, but please let us do this together as allies for change. Please dont make all workers into the enemy which this article is in danger of doing.
    in the early days ron used to celibrate every time a psychiatrist walked out of a presentation by him. Now he see’s it as defeat if this happens, as it is important to take people with us. Increasingly on our travels we are encountering an unease with intervoice as it seems to becoming more and more “anti” psychiatry. We had the lowest number of professionals at last world congress than at anytime in the past this may be due to economics but I am concerned that we are beginning to see a resurgence of almost a hate message. I just do not believe this is helpful. Olga you are both a voice hearer and a worker, you straddle both sides but i do not see this in this piece of writing, i am very clear about what is wrong about psychiatry, I am very clear about colonisation but that has never stopped Ron or I teaching and working with workers to try to make the difference, because it is the possibility to save lives that is most important, if we are seen as just another angry voice this will turn more & more potential allies away. Its not about becoming part of the system, but we do want the system to become a tuned and willing to promote hearing voices groups and individual ways of working with voices so that the majority of voice hearers can learn about our methods not the minority.
    I entered this conversation because i do believe intervoice is in danger. It worries me that there is a 2 tier system evolving , that you are only recovering properly if you dont take medication. Intervoice and the hearing voices movement has always about meeting people where they are at and being respectful of different views, so if a voice hearer thinks their voices are connecting to God that is fine, if another believes they have a medical condition called schizophrenia that is also fine, it doesnt mean we cant discuss different views but i think if we start sewing seeds of separation we are loosing our original values which are what made us successful in the first place which is working together and accepting difference, we are actually modelling how we would like to see services.
    I dont think it is so black and white , good against evil, there are much more shades of grey. At a recent event a voice hearer was happy for us to demonstrate voice profiling , the audience was nearly all professionals, many were very emotional , and one psychiatrist was in tears, because her own doubts about psychiatry had just been validated in front of her eyes by what was revealed by the voice profiling, workers are hungry for different effective approaches that are not medication driven we need to be more proactive in enabling them to understand and use our methods, yes some colonisation may take place but if the rest genuinely believe in what we do it will be a revolution of change that will impact on many voice hearers lives in a positive way. In fact will safe many lives