Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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  • I had been in fight or flight response for my entire life. It showed up as over doing everything the acceptable social behaviors while I was an alcoholic behind closed doors to deal with the stress. Just a few years ago my trauma showed up and I collapsed body mind and spirit. I’ve completely let go of all the doing and feel in my body and feel present. I’ve done somatic experiencing and embodiment work.

    The issue now is I feel no motivation to do anything. I don’t want to work, I don’t feel passionate about anything. I don’t feel depressed though. It’s just meh. I definately feel like I could never go back to a high powered job or stressful job or any kind of hustle. That is just out of the question.

    I don’t have any triggers anymore. My nervous system is calm and I avoid people and situations that would rev it up. Is this my new normal? Just Zen all of the time or is there something wrong? Is it possible I damaged myself permanently? I still feel like I should be doing something. I’ve always been a person that was motivated and took action. I haven’t really read much around this. I’m wondering if my system went in the extreme opposite direction now. Thanks for this article!