Friday, October 22, 2021

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  • Hi Douglas,

    A very interesting article, thank you for sharing your experience, I am sure will benefit to many more.
    Myself have suicidal thoughts and practicing mindful meditation helped me a lot, to pass through and see the damage that my uncontrolled mind is trying to do over me. More specific, I do practice the Buddhist meditation ( Vipasanna) which completely changed my life into GOOD. Although was practicing meditation my health condition got pretty bad and was lucky enough to discover that I can help myself, from not suffering, also by being careful with what I eat. Therefor have changed my diet, becoming a raw vegan ( more fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts – no cereals, no sugar, no eggs or no diary products.
    Pain can be a very good teacher in meditating but why keep it in my life the unnecessary one. There is enough torment cause by my negative emotions like hate, envy, anger, fear so I almost succeeded to restore my health through a proper healthy diet.
    Please look at this video about a person who was suffering of long time depression and got healed by changing his eating habits.

    I am sure you can find many more interesting articles and videos about healthy eating habits related to depression treatment and many more illnesses. If you want to make the diet transition, it will be one of the most difficult experiences, as many of your negative emotions will start surfacing. But meditation will defiantly help, I know it did for me. You will see that you will gain lots of benefits apart from health, like clarity of mind, a more lighter body, awareness, connection with nature and many more.