Saturday, March 25, 2023

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  • Interesting that i found this site today, as i have been thinking alot about this very subject lately. like, how come all the people i know that have been taking antideps/antipsychos do not get better? i am including myself here, as the same has happened to me. amd we go to the community mental health center 3 days a wk. for PSR groups, and almost no one contributes, or applies the info to their lives, and sometimes dont even know what group it is theyre in! so, that must not work, either. i dropped most of my meds, got a clearer head, and am learning how to cope with my symptoms. not saying im a genius at this. not at all. i also kinda despise the concept of ‘recovery’. i have suicidal ideation with/without meds. mental illness is what it is, whatever THAT is.