Thursday, February 27, 2020

Comments by Colleen2

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  • You seem to be ultimately asking at what point is psychiatric violence acceptable, and my answer is never. It is never acceptable to abuse another human being. Period. I don’t care about hypothetical scenarios at all. It is never acceptable to abuse another person. Alternatives to psychiatric violence? Peer support, peer-run facilities, Open Dialogue, etc. Don’t have them? Start advocating for change, so you don’t have to be complicit in violence. Raise up voices of psychiatric survivors, keep safe spaces for survivors, talk with your law-makers to provide funding for humane alternatives, etc.

    Secondly, I am concerned for the people whose histories you cite. You are not them, and as such, you have no idea how psychiatric violence affected any of these people, whose histories you casually cite, pseudonym or not, as if they are not capable of finding this site. I doubt they consented to any of this, and I’d advise you to consider just whom it serves when you cite people’s personal lives like that.

    Nothing about us, without us.