Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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  • Hi Michael, thank you for being so open about this. I am from Europe, but I have the feeling that overhere it is exactly the same. My husband has been prescribed SSRI, benzodiazepines and Zdrugs years ago. After a while he got addicted and we ended up in psychiatry world. We have lost everything due this addiction and due to the fact that doctors seem to have an endless box of Pandora with medication they are trying on him. I have only seen side effects which are much worse than the reason for prescribing. I have had 7 good years together with him before he was put on medication. This kind of medication changes the mind and is making things a lot worse in his case. In my case we also have small children who sadly cannot remember their father without being drugged and depressed by the medication. During all these years I thought we were alone in this situation with doctors who will not stop prescribing, but now I realize it happens to many patients all over the world. I hope a lot of colleagues in this field will follow your point of view.