Friday, October 23, 2020

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  • Thank you Monica,

    I read through the blog at least once a day and did read your posting last Saturday. Community is what is helping me and knowing there are others out here in this crazy world working through these challenges and providing support amongst each other is the fuel for my own path towards recovery.
    I am a passionate cat person. I have four that are my life, but they are not able to stay in this apartment with me at the present time and thus are staying with my friend. They have always been there for me. They would sleep with us when we were in our houses and provided such loving comfort. I so miss that, but I am able to visit them on the weekends and it breaks my heart when I leave because they know and start meowing. I have never had children, but my animals have always served that purpose. I see your wonderful friend in your profile pic.
    Hope you are doing well during your solo time.

  • My life’s story is a 48 year tale of bitterness, suffering and sorrow trying to grow up in a dysfunctional family. Made worse by being whimsically prescribed Klonopin for a temporary sleeping disorder in 2008. I made the terrible mistake of not researching benzos because I was suffering so badly from lack of sleep that I just wanted some relief. HUGE life changing mistake! I don’t have the mental strength nor is the place to type out my horrifying journey through my hell.
    I will say that after 14 months of taking Klonopin I realized too late that my brain was rewired and I was so tranquilized I didn’t know what was happening? On December 26, 2010 I quit cold turkey and things from that point would never be the same. I have lost my relationship, my business, house, vehicles, all credit. I almost died three times from a stroke and two seizures. Experienced so many unexplainable body manifestations and aliments. My life is completely changed and I am trying with every ounce of my being to pick the pieces back up. Benzobuddies, Will Hall, Paul Gilmartin from the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast, Mad In America, Audio Dharma, Light’s House, Heather Aston’s manual, and your site Monica saved my life and gives me continued strength to seek full recovery. I was also very active and fit for most of my life leading up to 2008. Right now I continue to experience numerous problems with main issues being cognitive fog, tinnitus, loss of focusing vision, back and muscle pain, numbing circulation problems, and an over all haze – out of body feeling ALL stemming from protracted withdrawal syndrome. There are others, but I am trying to manage. I feel as though I am constantly walking through the valley of fatigue! BUT there is hope and I must maintain hope through my beliefs that the universe will enlighten me and i can grow further in this holistic spiritual path I am finding so incredible even though I suffer so terribly. I was never a religious person, but I have always been spiritual and earth loving. I hope I can harness the good side of Karma and make a full recovery before I get too old.
    Thank you Monica for your unending support and passion in this journey we are all on. I also believe good can and will come of all this insanity. Lets harness the energy out there that waits with open arms for all who seek it!
    I truly love all who care to be loved!!