Friday, September 18, 2020

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  • Hi Leah:

    I’ve been searching for resources to address suicidality “upstream” – before it occurs. Your post is enlightening.

    I used to blog about my search for care, support and resources, and although the blog is dormant from lack of interest, the reading list page might be of use as it is a compilation of resources which may address some people’s needs.

    If you are interested in expanding eastward toward the metro Boston area, please get in touch.

    And thank you, too, as always to Robert for hosting this website, as well as to the commenters who bravely share their experiences of distress and their journeys to alleviate it.

  • The reality is that if people seek “help” for suicidal ideation and psychache (unbearable psychological pain/distress), they will be subjected to any/all of the following: armed and dangerous police presence, public humiliation, incarceration/involuntary detainment, loss of civil rights, chemical and physical restraints, intrusive constant observation and no effective reduction of the causative distressors. The blog, Incompatible With Life (, chronicled this, investigated the research and clinical literature and proposed or endorsed treatment strategies and resources to reduce suicidality causes. The Reading List page of the blog contains references to suicidal theory, research and effective (evidence-based) treatment and care to reduce distress.

    It’s also salient to note that suicide/suicidality is not a psychiatric disorder, that there is no curriculum to teach any licensed professional about it, and there is no endorsed treatment for suicidality. Of course, the biggest risk factor for suicide is a previous suicide attempt. No one has studied the nature of this, but I’ll throw out a bone: an animal trainer once said that if you want a puppy to come to you again, you shouldn’t smack it on the nose when it does. Humiliating, degrading and imprisoning people who encounter “help for suicide” will fur darn sure make certain that they don’t willingly allow that to happen to themselves again.