Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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  • Hello Dorothy. i’ve been thinking about doing the same thing, however they won’t leave me alone in the room with my file. it is really unfortunate as they have added unsigned undated entries to try and cover up what they did to me. Unfortunate this is used against me by a court of law by family who would prefer i don’t talk about my troubles. I have previously complained against this entries, they refuse to remove them, even though they admit they should not be there. I only have one choice. I’m disappointing that I did not do it earlier. i will do abit different than you, i will replace everything i take with information of the real state of psychiatry, evidence of the lies,corruption, bribery, murder, torture and abuse. As well as anonymous testimony from survivors like us if they want to try charge me for that theft, this will be evidence they have to provide to the courts.

  • I think a good chance is trying to get the feminist movement on side. If you can relate to them and the danger females patients face,especially the sexual abuse and exploitation, why they do as a result of the brain disabling medications (take the place of counseling and education) that leave patients vulnerable in the outside world and the atrocities inside psychiatric wards that it seems no one polices.