Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • Dorthy Dundas: Thank you very much for your harrowing story. Whats sad is you just needed someone to talk to. Your suicide attempt was a cry for help and you were castigated and tortured. Don’t you think we should be listening to people who have distress, especially when they are young? It seems to me the whole psychiatric establishment is about silencing people. I really needed help to cope with early childhood trauma and instead I was ignored and drugged. It felt so invalidating, because I wanted help to understand and prevent my troubling experiences and they offered nothing.

  • Indeed, COTS or ACTS don’t work because they are designed not to help but to monitor patients like objects and curiosities. Also, its all about the meds. In fact, my experience on an ACT order was dehumanizing and all smoke and mirrors. Imagine having dozens of people on a team coming to your home (you never know who) to see you take meds, watch your physical movements, and then make comments in your file? I read my MH records and it appears an ACT team workers (peer support specialists and social workers) are just judging your physical appearance, eye contact, and making wry comments about your life. Yup! Interestingly, you will never talk one on one with a qualified therapist on an Act team. In fact, you are lucky to get a person with a college degree. They hire people right off the streets. The whole thing made me paranoid and then they blamed me for being critical. I believe the whole thing is just a way to make jobs and force medications. It appears to be the illusion of help.

    Lastly, I was happy to read that its the Big Pharma funded research psychiatrists who have created this model of treatment where you never get to see a bona fide therapists or psychologist. Everything is quick but not painless.

  • Eric:

    Thank you for recognizing that early trauma can be a catalyst for a disordered adulthood. Throwing pills and vague labels at people is extremely dismissive and unduly harmful. In the US, at least where I am at, psychology hardly exists at all. It is completely bio-reductionist model. Personally, I suffered from the tragic loss of my father at an early age and the infighting between his family and my mother. It was deeply troubling for me when I became an adult when the stresses of life where caused me deep emotional pain. Not to go on and on, but I was never offered therapy just medication. I eventually never recovered and spent most my life struggling. What I needed was in depth psychotherapy because the loss of my father was never addressed. I think its the capitalist model that prefers quick fixes over talk therapy. Psychiatry even discourages therapy. I imagine it is a threat.

  • Lawrence:

    I think one of the under reported travesties of modern day Mental Health is that not only do they offer meds that harm people in the long run, but that people having serious issues get no treatment. There is only medication offered. Its like we went backwards in understanding of mental and emotional distress. It started with Freud and his talking cure and that was fascinating. However, now in MH clinics there is very little theory of the mind and what cause people to loose control of there inner lives. It truly a sad state of affairs that we have regressed in our understanding. The silencing of peoples voices in the modern day paradigm is only increasing the problems.

  • Where I live the local MH clinic, that serves mainly poor and marginalized people, slightly endorses religion in the form of 12 step programs and Celebrate recovery. In addition, half of the staff are marginally trained “peer” support specialist who are hired because they are in a 12 step program. Its this strange mix of psychiatry and religion. As I say, for your mental illness we have pills and for your addiction we have God. There are no psychologists or addiction specialists and only group therapy is offered. The lack of any expertise is astounding and sad. They seem to have no theory of the mind or trauma and appear to make profit off people’s suffering. Can you imagine going to a hospital and all the nurses were just ex-patients!? Why this is acceptable I have no idea.