Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Comments by Phillip Hazleton

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  • Thank you so much for this article Philip. I am a psychologist in private practice in Australia. Via Twitter I am able to keep up with – and draw much sustenance from – the global moment of “creative anger ” about DSM 5, the system of diagnostic labelling, the myth of “mental illness” and psychiatry and Big Pharma et al as expressed here.

    However there is no hint of this in the publications of the Australian Psychological Society. Psychology is increasingly “mediated” to the public via our Medicare system by General Practitioners who even have the audacity to ignorantly prescribe the treatment modality . The medical model has the high ground and prescriptions abound but no anger – worse no laughter – in the corridors of the psychological establishment.

    Thanks again. I’ve already re-tweeted!

  • A great pleasure to read your article which is well articulated and hits the key issues in this debate.

    As an Australian psychologist who opposes the medical/biogenetic model as both flawed and failed, who finds DSM diagnostic labels and the terms “disease, disorder” to be misleading at best and pathogenic at worst, and opposes the cancerous growth in the v”chemical imbalances” myth – it is immensely encouraging to here like mindedness within the psychiatric profession itself.

    Thank you!