Saturday, February 4, 2023

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  • “I saw the new Joker movie last night and I woke up feeling really uncomfortable in my own relationship to crazy.”

    Mentalism, ableism, classism and ignorance can do that.

    Conflating altered states of consciousness, a trauma history, not taking psychiatric drugs, being poor/disenfranchised, or a passion for social justice with “incurable” brokenness, violence and extremism can do that. Talk about fear mongering and victim blaming.

    Exploiting mentalism, ableism and classism to make a film seem “ground breaking” and “deep” is “the joke”. Only it’s not funny.

    Full disclosure I haven’t seen this film but I looked up the plot and wow. It would be quite the task not to internalize the underlying bigoted, disempowering, and harmful messages. I’d rather not spend time having to tease all that out and reject it. I work hard at perfecting my BS filter, but still. I could donate the money I would have spent on that film to an organization advocating for social change instead. Thank you for the warning and sorry to hear that happened to you.