Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Comments by Sarah Grace Yoder

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  • I’m so grateful you wrote about Keys’ study. It is such an important piece of research that many people do not know about.

    I wish you had made the connection between the findings in Keys’ work and the Maudsley Method for treating anorexia. Supported by research – including Keys – Maudsley holds, among other things, that in many instances weight loss causes anorexia nervosa, rather than anorexia nervosa causing weight loss. This is a subtle distinction, but it is incredibly important in terms of informing effective treatment.

    Maudsley is now recognized as the most effective treatment for child and adolescent anorexia nervosa. Much of its effectiveness stems from the fact that it recognizes that starving people are often not capable of making rational choices or using sound judgment, and as a result it removes all responsibility for making food choices (what, when and how much to eat) from the suffer. This is a radical departure from “old school” methods for the treatment of eating disorders that were often predicated on the suffered “wanting” or “deciding” to seek recovery for him or herself.

    Thank you MIA for introducing more people to the foundational research driving new developments in evidence based care!