Monday, March 1, 2021

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  • Thank you Dr Berezin and “Duane.” In my third decade, and ten years since I’ve struggled to form empathy for myself- beginning from basket case to average loner, I have not made the world a better place and no-one stuck around on the other side of the tunnel. I wanted to address this situation by taking action, by reaching for those still struggling in my community. I want to justify the money spent on therapy (but my therapists would say there’s no need. There’s something untouchable about talk therapy when you’re deep inside. I understand now why psychiatrists don’t want to get involved with “characterological drama.” Dr. Berezin I’d never heard this term before.; is it Jungian?) Good gracious, what a tangled web we weave. To crudely identify myself, I thought I was the hero of my drama- a story that I never changed. A psychiatrist takes a failed hero, helps him see the end. A hero is usually bad at poetry, and a bad loser.

  • Do you mean anti-psychiatry as in ‘anti-dote’, antipathy, (or anti-bellum?!) I’m not for propaganda or kidnapping.

    I think as a new idea we have an opportunity to define our path, which I believe will be very long if we are to be successful. I think the numbers of any movement will be small- the general public would over time question first what we stand for, and thereafter the general orthodoxy, but mostly as Oldhead has said, there is much to learn and the temptation to meddle is strong.

    As noted below we continue to challenge our own basic assumptions and fail to define our terms. We must overcome our fear to achieve our goals and accept criticism as much needed feedback to guide us on our course. Blood will be on our hands if we simply take revenge on our gaolers.

  • There are some hard won stories of overcoming overwhelming circumstances that I admire, and there are wonderful advocates, some of them writing out of desperation here on MIA- however my story is “Dr. Strangelove, or how I learned to love the pill” – you can call people nazis but that doesn’t make them or you Hannah Arendt. Even nazis can live with themsleves.

    If I ever recover my full independence then I won’t feel ashamed for seeking psychiatric help. I will have moved on.

  • I don’t think of my psychiatrist as a drug dealer: I accept that she does all she can to talk with me (about MY problems mostly) but like it or not, at the end of the day, she’s not the junkie.

    Now, could I pay for my sessions out of pocket? No; even though I think they’re worth it, perhaps I’m just tilting at windmills, I can’t reconcile the fact that I believe in talk therapy with the fact that she is silent on my ‘habit,’

    my worry is that taking a pill is avoiding ‘disruption and vile intent’ that hide behind the veil of prescription drug use; thus I’m really feeding my ‘psyche’ with cowardice, lies and irresponsibility: what got me my diagnosis in the first place and; because I’m not independent enough of the people around me, I have never redressed.

    I am not a better person for having had a psychotic episode. However I was not alone for the journey, and for this I have forgiven those people who had to provide me with a drug and abandon me to myself.