Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • Cindy Perlin, Terry Johnson Esq and his friends, MIA, Eillien Griffin, Jean Merritt, Leigh Gage, Stella in Arizona, Julie and Lori, and the courageous individuals from IDHS like Terry Nichols, Dr Craig Jacque, Dr Luci Menezes, Dr Banerjee, Dr Obaide, Dr Bernice Paige and her experts Dr Toby Watson, Dr Fathom Paterno, Dr Gail Tasch( who is an incredible angel like Cindy) and Judge George Bakalis together have saved Marci’s life and given her hope of a future.
    Yet there are still others at Elgin that are experiencing abuse and torture that need a cohesive strong group to ignite an effective civil rights movement for the mentally ill. Please continue your support. Marci looks forward to her release in November. Marci says love one another and don’t hate. Perceptions are not the truth or knowledge. Just as dreams are not reality. Judge not lest ye be judged for it destroys our humanity.

  • I read some posts to Marci recently but when she heard the misinformed comment regarding Cindy Perlin she asked me to respond. Marci said comments like that don’t unify, they divide. This cause can bear no division no matter how small. Cindy did more for her than anybody. Marci’s heart breaks because she couldn’t show Cindy the appreciation she deserved, especially when they discussed differences involving the attorneys.